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The History of Jihad: Proof Islamic Terror is as Old as Islam Itself

The History of Jihad: Proof Islamic Terror is as Old as Islam Itself Read Transcript

- [Narrator] Ever since911, we've been told

that Islam is a religion of peace.

But in The History of JihadFrom Muhammad To ISIS,

Islamic scholar Robert Spencershows that Islamic terrorism

is as old as Islam itself.

After all it was Muhammad who said

I have been madevictorious through terror.

The History of Jihad is thefirst one volume history

of it's kind in the English language

to tell the whole truthabout Islam's bloody history,

1400 years of Islamic waron the rest of the world.

- Robert Spencer isdirector of the Jihad Watch,

he's joining us now, his book is

The History of Jihadfrom Muhammad To Isis.

Robert thank you for being here.

- Thank you sir, great to be here.

- What is the deal on jihad,

what have they done over the years?

- Pat, it's been a 1400 year war

against non-Muslim countriesand non-Muslim individuals.

It's been characterized by terrorism

and it has been unremitting

and relentless throughout history.

There is no place in the world

where Muslims have come thatthey haven't started wars

against the non-Muslims.

And so I suppose the biglesson of the book is

why do we think we're gonna be different

in the United States today?

- Why, when I say this and they say,

well you're an Islamophobeand there's a protection

going on in the West about Islam,

they refuse to acknowledge the fact

that it's a bloody religion.

I remember George Bush said,

well Islam is a religion of peace

and I called him out, I said look,

you're the head politician

but you're not the head theologian

and Islam doesn't mean that.

But it means submission doesn't it?

- Yes, Islam means submission

and everywhere in theworld for 1400 years,

Muslims have made the non-Muslims submit

to the rule of Islamic law

or have at least attempted to do so.

What this book shows,actually, the last chapter

is called the West loses the will to live

and it starts with George Bushsaying that right after 911

and shows in all thechapters that go before that

how a-historical and contraryto fact Bush's statement was

and how disastrous it hasbeen for American policy

that he said that and thatit's become the basis for

our dealing with the jihad threat.

- Does the State Department buy that,

I mean, they still embrace that theory?

- Very much so, Obama made it even worse.

He in 2011, as I show in thebook, he actually scrubbed

all the counter-terror training materials

for the FBI and otheragencies of any mention

of Islam or jihad.

- Why?

- He was beholden, they demandedit, then he headed them.

Remember that Obama was veryclose to the Muslim Brotherhood

and when the Muslim Brotherhood

was thrown out of power in Egypt in 2013,

there were protestors in Egypt saying

Obama is supporting terrorism.

And he supported MuslimBrotherhood entities

at home as well,

the Council on American-Islamic Relations,

the Islamic Society ofNorth America and others

and they demanded that thecounter-terror training materials

be scrubbed of all mention of Islam.

- Did he have advisors whowere Brotherhood members

or people like that?

- There were people in the Brotherhood

who were in the Obama administration.

You remember MohamedElibiary, for example,

was linked to the Brotherhood

and was in the Departmentof Homeland Security

and there were others.

But when representativeMichelle Bachmann called

for an investigation, actually,

Senator John McCaindenounced her on the floor

of the Senate, called her an Islamophobe

and there was no investigation.

- Why, why?

- The only thing I canthink is that people

have political calculationsthat are all wrong,

that they think if we ignore this problem

it will somehow go away.

And if we speak about it honestly

that it will anger the Saudisand our other putative allies

who weren't real allies atall and they also may be paid,

some of them.

- What did Muhammad actually teach?

I mean, this is the heartof the root of Islam

was the teaching of Muhammad.

He is the so-called prophet.

What did he tell his followers?

- He told his followersto invite non-Muslims

to accept Islam, if they refused that,

then to invite them to accept Dhimmitude,

the second class status under Islamic law,

denied basic rights andif they refused both

then to go to war with them and kill them.

And Muslims, as I showin the book have acted

on that throughout history.

- Well, he had a concept thatthere was a world of peace

and a world of war.

The world of Islam was submitted

and the (speaks in foreignlanguage) was the world of war

and everything else was,

I mean, they're at warwith everybody then.

- Yeah, the name Islamictheologians have given

to the Muslim world is the house of war,

(speaks in foreign language)

and the imperative in Islamic theology

is that Muslims must wage war against the

(speaks in foreign language)

and bring it into the (speaksin foreign language) Islam.

- What about can you be a good Muslim

and not buy into that theory?

- You can be a good Muslim and not do it.

You might be engagingin jihad of the tongue

or jihad of the pen orjihad of the pocket book,

struggling in different wayswithout waging hot warfare.

But there is no mainstreamschool of Islamic theology

or Islamic sect that rejects the idea

that Muslims in the aggregate collectively

must wage war against andsubjugate unbelievers.

- Well, now go back in historyand give us some examples

of what they've done.

- It's the jihad in India, for example,

was devastating, absolutelyshockingly bloody.

And I detail it, this is oneof the first books in English

that gives the shocking detailsof the jihad against India

because the Hindus wereconsidered even lower on the scale

than Jews and Christians andwere thus treated more harshly.

And one of the things thatnoteworthy in the book

is that there was a Muslim leader

in the 16th century in India

known as Akbar the Great

and he became disenchanted with Islam

and the more disenchantedwith Islam he grew,

the more tolerant andmagnanimous and peaceful

he became to the non-Muslims.

And then his son, Jahangir,who was an Islamic hardliner,

because he believed in Islam,

was harsh again to the Hindusand the other non-Muslims.

And so people talk about Islamas a history of tolerance,

Obama used to say that.

The reality in historyis just the opposite.

When the rulers were lessMuslim, they were more tolerant.

- What about Spain, theypoint to that as the great,

peaceful era of Spanishand Muslim relation.

- That's another historical myth.

- [Pat] Is it?

- The Jews and I show in thebook, from primary sources,

the Jews and Christians onlyhad it good in Muslim Spain

when they knew their place,

they accepted their second class status

and the denial of the rights.

One time in the year 1066, a Muslim ruler

had a friend who was Jewish.

He placed him over the city of Grenada

and the Muslims in Grenada they knew

that Islamic law forbids a non-Muslim

to have authority over a Muslim.

So they rioted and killed 4,000 Jews,

including the new governorbecause they objected to this

and they objected toit on Islamic grounds.

- How does Spain come freefrom all that, was there war?

- 700 year war, 700 year(speaks in foreign language).

- [Pat] 700 years.

- That's right, the Muslimsconquered Spain in the year 718

and it was 1492 whenFerdinand and Isabella

conquered the lastMuslim kingdom in Spain.

- They had to fight that long?

- They did, they persevered.

They called them a littlesmall band of barbarians

perched on a rock.

The last Christian holdoutsin Spain in the year 718

and the Muslims didn'teven bother with them.

There were so few of them they thought

they would just die off.

But they became the lynchpin of the resistance

and grew and grew andexpanded their domains

and finally took 700 years

but they won back the whole country.

- Well what about the Battleof Torres, what about that?

- That was in the middle ofFrance, right in central France

in year 732.

Charles Martel, Charles the Hammer,

he defeated the Islamic jihadis

and drove them out of France.

And it's interesting tonote that many years later

there was a man namedAdolf Hitler who said,

isn't it a shame that theMuslims lost at Torres in 732

because if they had wonand conquered Europe

then the marshal GermanicSpirit would have been Islamized

and we would have beenmore war-like and fierce.

- Well, that was the preludeto Charlemagne, the great king

after Torres, it was Charles Martel.

- Yes, that's right, CharlesMartel was I believe,

Charlemagne's grandfather.

- [Pat] Okay.

- And so it was, if he had lost at Torres

there never would have been a Charlemagne

and France would have been Islamic.

- But still, I mean,what were the Islamic,

the forces were coming from out of,

- From Spain.

from Spain trying to conquerChristian Europe essentially.

- Oh absolutely, yes.

As a matter of fact, theinvasion of Spain started

in the year 711 when therewas a Christian Count,

Count Julian and he was angry

with the Visigothic king ofSpain who was also Christian.

Because of his personal anger with him,

he went to the Muslimrulers in North Africa,

said I'll help you get across the strait

and you can invade Spain.

And so he did and then theMuslims just kept going,

conquered almost all of Spainexcept for those barbarians

perched on a rock andthen went into France

and had gotten halfway across France

before they were stopped at Torres.

- If it hadn't been for Torres,the whole, I mean America

would have been a Muslim country then.

We all would have been.- Sure.

Because there was no other resistance.

There was nothing elsebetween them and Poland.

After Torres there wasno significant army,

no significant kingdom.

So they could have conqueredthe whole of Europe

and then of course, ifEuropeans settled America

then yes, would all be Islamic.

- What is the future ofsay England, for example?

They seem to be embracing Islamic law.

They're having courtsthat deal with Sharia law

and things like that butwhat are we gonna do?

- The only future that England has

is to either continue to submitand appease or to resist.

Either way it's gonna be bloody

because there are alwaysgonna be some people

who are gonna say I don'twanna submit to Islamic law.

But at the way they're going,

they're going to be an Islamic country.

- How about America?

- America has a better shot to resist it

because we don't have aslarge of Muslim population.

But we have to understand thatwherever there are Muslims

some of them are gonna be jihadis

and some of them are going to be

trying to impose Islamic law.

We have to come to grips with that,

call upon the American Muslim communities

to renounce the aspects of Islamic law

that are in variance with American law.

- The end game though of the Muslim world

is to conquer the world, is that it?

- That's right, absolutely.

The Koran says fight untilreligion is all for Allah.

That's a maximal statement,if you're gonna keep fighting

until religion is all for Allah

then they have to keep fightingus until we become Muslim

and everybody else in the world as well.

- That's funny, they believe in that Mahdi

who's gonna be the 12th Imam,

he's gonna come and actuallyJesus is gonna submit to him

and said I am wrong and youare the right one, is that it?

- Well, that's ShiiteIslam has the 12th Imam.

Most Muslims are not Shiites.

- [Pat] Oh they're not?

- It's about 15% are Shiites.- That's the Iranians.

- But they all do have, Muhammad said

that Jesus is gonna comeback, break the cross,

kill he pigs and abolish the(speaks in foreign language).

That means that he's gonna make war

against the true Christiansbecause they consider

that Jesus is a Muslim prophetwho did not die on the cross.

So, he's gonna come backand break the cross,

that is destroyChristianity, kill the pigs,

force the Christians to obey the food laws

that the Muslims and abolish the

(speaks in foreign language)

the tax that the subjugated Christians pay

so at that point it'seither be a Muslim or die.

And they think Jesus is gonna do that.

- You've got the manin Turkey now, Erdogan

who says that this is betweenthe cross and the crescent

there's gonna be a war.

He says it's already there doesn't he?

- Yes he really wants one.

He wants to be the next caliph,

the caliph is the leaderof all the Muslims

as the successor of Muhammad

and he's trying to set himself up to.

There hasn't been a caliph since 1924.

He's trying to set himselfup to restore the caliphate

and reclaim all the landsthat the Turks want to rule

as the caliphate, the lastcaliphate of the Ottoman Empire.

And so he's put Greece and the Middle East

and North Africa essentially on notice

that he's gonna try to reconquer them.

That may seem crazy and hemay never be able to do it

but he certainly not an ally of the U.S.

- That's for sure.

Robert, they say this isthe most comprehensive book

on jihad that's ever beenwritten am I saying it right?

- Well, I think so, yes.

This is the first book and only book

that covers all of jihad,not just against Europe

but against India as I said and also

shows how the Israeli Palestinian conflict

is all part of the largerglobal jihad, 911 much more.

- Fabulous.

The mission, The History ofJihad from Muhammad to ISIS,

where ever books are sold.

Thank you for being with us,that's extremely interesting.

- Thank you.

- God bless you.- You too.

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