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Grandparents Struggle to Feed Grandson

Nita and Rico did their best to provide for their grandson but struggled to give him enough to eat. Then they heard of a program with Orphan’s Promise that could help them. Read Transcript

- [Narrator] Four year old Ranzel

knows exactly how to cheer up his grandma

after a hard day's work.

- When she is tired,

I wipe her face.

- [Narrator] Nita hasbeen raising her grandson

since he was a year old,

after his father died

and his mother abandoned him.

Grandma gives Ranzelall the love he needs,

but most days, she can'tgive him enough to eat.

- He has very little energy.

- [Narrator] Every morningGrandpa Rico returns from fishing

with squid to sell.

On a good day they earnabout four dollars.

On other days,

they earn only enough for a little rice.

Then Nita heard aboutCBN's Orphan's Promise.

Working through a church,

we provide lunch for Ranzeland other needy children.

- Vegetables are good for my eyes.

- [Narrator] We also give Ranzel vitamins,

and regular medical checkups.

- He has gained weightand has more energy.

His skin looks better too.

- [Narrator] Finally, to bringin a little extra income,

we gave the grandparentsa pig to raise and sell.

- Once the piglet has grown,

we'll sell it and buy two more

to save for our grandson's future.

Thank you so much for allthe help you've given us.

(children laughing)


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