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Get all of CBN’s free PROTECT DVDs now: Protect Your Health, Protect Your Heart, Protect Your Brain, and Protect Your Finances. Read Transcript

- [Narrator] If youenjoyed Protect Your Sleep,

don't miss thee restof the Protect series.

From finances to health, leading experts

show you simple stepsto improve your life.

Protect Your Health.

- The most important thingthat feeds our defense system

is in fact food and food choices.

- [Narrator] Protect Your Heart.

- You might be on a dozen medications,

but trust me, there is hope.

And there are simplethings that you can do

right now to make your life better.

- [Narrator] Protect Your Brain.

- We all have more control than we realize

to keep our brains healthyfor the rest of our lives.

- [Narrator] And Protect Your Finances.

- People can do extraordinarythings on an ordinary income,

if they have the rightinformation and a good attitude.

- [Narrator] Take chargeof your health and finances

with the Christian BroadcastingNetworks Protect series.

Call now or go to today.

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