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The Author of the Final Solution: 'Operation Finale' Tells True Story of the Capture of Adolf Eichmann

The Author of the Final Solution: 'Operation Finale' Tells True Story of the Capture of Adolf Eichmann Read Transcript

- And this next storyfollows Jewish Nazi hunters

sent out to find and capturea former S.S. officer.

It's based on a true story.

Here's your Studio 5 first look

at the film Operation Finale.

- Hold it up, straight up.

- [Narrator] That'sfilmmaker Christopher White

at work directing Operation Finale.

It's a real-life historicaldrama shot in Argentina.

- We have our guy, it's Adolf Eichmann.

- Let's go.

- This is a country full of ex-Nazis,

- They're all over the city.

- Start the engine.

(rhythmic music)

- Adolf Eichmann wasless famous than Hitler

but equally lethal and horrifica figure in the holocaust.

- I'm offering you a fair trial.

- You want me to stand trialin place of an entire regime?

- Eichmann used to say I wasa small cog in the machine

but actually he was the machine.

- He was a very ambitious,manipulative person,

and the extent of his crimes are

not covered just by someonewho followed orders.

(dramatic music)

- What compels me to play Adolf Eichmann

is the true story of thecapturing of a monster

and honoring all that monster's victims.

(gun cocks)


- Eichmann, the architectof the holocaust,

has been found, a call comes into

the Mossad that he is in Argentina.

A group is assembledto go to Buenos Aires.

I played Peter Malkin, who wrote a book

called Eichmann in my Hands.

- If it is him, we need an elite crew.

- I'm not joining your hit squad.

- I play Rafi Eitan who was a Mossad agent

and organized the team of people who

went to extract Eichmann.

- Is this about the(inaudible) thing because

to be honest I've read maybe70 percent of the brief.

- No it is not.

- Okay good because it'smore like 30 percent.


(dramatic music)

- Aharoni's out there nowrunning reconnaissance

in Buenos Aires withour guy at the embassy.

Our contact's daughter, Sylvia Hermann,

has agreed to take us toKlaus Eichmann's family home.

If it is Eichmann, they will attempt

to get a positive photo ID.

- Why didn't you ask me?

Aharoni's an interrogator.

- Precisely, I wanted someone who would

interrogate the evidencerather than just shoot at it.

This is strictly catch and extract.

- Raf, if it is him, a bullet

would be easier than dragging him here.

- Eichmann will standtrial here in Israel.

- Trial? Nobody needs tohear what he has to say.

- The prime minister disagrees.

A trial will help put all of this to bed.

After all, not everyone's as emotionally

balanced as you are.

Peter, it isn't about you okay?

- Okay, I'm in.

- Everybody from the teamhas a major job to do.

- If you're feeling any kind of

danger whatsoever, you get out.

- Of course, nothing wentexactly how they wanted.

- Polizia.

- Hide him, quickly.

(dramatic music)

- The search for him, the hunt for him,

the terrible risks involved.

- We have to warn the others, let's go.

- All of this is absolutely thrilling.

- Do you recognize theman in this picture?

- I can't see him clearly.

(dramatic music)

- The man in this picture is you.

S.S. number 45381, am I correct?

Again, your number was 45381.

Your number was 45381, 45381, 45381.

- It was four-five-three-two-six.

Enough, I accept my fate.

My name is Adolf Eichmann.

- Operation Finale is in theaters today,

an excellent movie.

Stay with us, there's much more

CBN Newswatch coming up,

and it's coming up right after this.

(peppy music)

It is time now for your Wednesday's Word,

and today's word is a very personal one.

It comes from BeatriceGraham, my grandmother.

Growing up, she would often tell me:

what's done done, done done.

In her black southern phrasing,

it may not make sense to you,

but here's the bottomline of that sentiment

and the lesson she was teaching me.

What's already happenedhas already happened.

You can't change the past.

So stop wasting time trying to live in it.

Press forward and keep moving.

I share that word with you today

because it is Beatrice Graham's birthday

and she can probably say thattoday she is 100 years old.

Happy birthday, Grandma, you are

and always will be my personal hero.

That is gonna do for thisedition of CBN Newswatch,

remember you can find moreof our exclusive coverage

of the issues you care most about.

Always at, and we would

love to hear what you think about

the stories you've seen here today,

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And you can always reach out and touch us

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Hope you will join us again,right here, next time.

Make this a wonderful Wednesday.

We'll see you right back here tomorrow.

Goodbye and God bless.

(dramatic music)

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