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VP Pence  Explains President Trump's 'Violence' Comment To CBN News

VP Pence  Explains President Trump's 'Violence' Comment To CBN News Read Transcript

- The other night, President Trump,

you were there in the roomwith evangelical leaders,

where he talked about, look,

if Democrats take over in 2018,

that, indeed, there'll be violence.

He used the word violenceand the media is all

in an uproar over the word violence.

What do you make and whatis he saying exactly?

What does he mean?

- Well, what I heard the President say

was that if the Democratstake over the Congress,

that their goal is to turn back

everything that we've donefor the American people.

And everything that's created an economy

that's now growing by more than 4%,

that's bringing jobs back to states

like here in Michigan,and all over the country.

They wanna roll backeverything we've done.

Part of the reason why we're traveling

so much across the country,

and the reason why we hadan opportunity to talk to

some of the great evangelicalleaders in the country,

is to make sure that the American people

know that's the choice.

Our agenda is to continue tofocus on making America safe,

making America prosperous,

and a positive future for this country.

Democrats' whole agenda is simply

to undo everything thatthe President has done,

including prevent the President

from continuing to appointstrong conservatives

to our federal courts at every level.

That's the choice we face,

and that's what I tookthe President to say.

- Well, because he did mention ANTIFA

and some of these leftist groups, so.

- [Mike] Well, true.

- So what's the concern there,about some of those groups?

- Well, well, obviously wecondemn any examples of violence

on the streets of this country.

Zero tolerance for anyviolence against Americans.

But, the President's point as I took it,

from where I was seated,

was that the Democrat party in Congress

is absolutely committedto reversing everything

that we've been able to dofor the American people.

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