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700 Club Interactive - August 30, 2018

Is chronic pain keeping you from sleeping? Fitness expert Sue Hitzman shares self-treatment techniques for pain-free sleep. Read Transcript

- [Andrew] One out of threeAmericans loses 20 hours

of sleep per week because of pain.

- When you don't get arestful night's sleep,

you wake up the next day withan accumulation of stress.

After a while, you are ina state of chronic pain

and nothing you do makes a dent.

- Learn how to melt your painaway for the best nights sleep

ever on today's 700 Club Interactive.

Hi, and welcome to the show.

Here's Efrem Graham with this weeks

top five stories from Studio 5.

- [Efrem] At number five.

- Harvey pummeled East Texasfor days, inundating Houston

and leaving 125 billion dollars in damage,

making it the costlieststorm in US history.

- [Efrem] A year later, thatcostly storm is giving birth

to inspiring stories, likethe one behind this photo,

a fashion designer, O'RhondeChapman, in prayer with models.

Chapman lost everything in the storm,

including sewing machines and other tools

of his fashion trade.

- As I opened my door, water gushed in,

almost knocking me down.

I had to fight my way through the water.

- His survival

♪ I'm not gonna give up ♪

♪ I'm not gonna stop ♪

♪ I'm gonna work harder ♪

gave birth to his latest line.

It's the survivor collection,

inspired by last year's devastating storm.

- It's where I put my passion.

Anything negative, I tryto channel it and put it

into my passion and turnit into something positive.

- [Efrem] At number four.

- Do you see all thoseempty seats around you?

Those are missing brothers and sisters.

- [Efrem] It's your Studio5 first look at the film

God Bless The Broken Road.

- Love calls us

to bring them home.

- Directed by filmmaker, Harold Cronk,

it stars Robin Givens, Jordin Sparks,

and LaDainian Tomlinson,

in the story of a young mother who loses

her husband to war in Afghanistan.

- We know you're still hurting.

It's times like these you reallyneed to lean on your faith.

- I don't understand whyhe would do that to us.

If he wants me, he knows where to find me.

- [Efrem] This film is inAmerican theaters September 7th.

At number three.

- A plant even youcan't kill and something

to get your bar situation started.

- [Efrem] Just as HBObegins the newest season

of its hit series, Insecure.

- I'm so excited to get started.

- I thought these boxeswere going into storage.

- Your office is the storage.

- [Efrem] Actress Yvonne Orjiis sharing more of her faith

and revealing how the HolySpirit and scripture helped

her to overcome depressionat a time when she was

so broke she didn't even haveenough money to go to church.

- I don't subscribe tofear, 'cause what is fear?

Fear is false evidence appearing real.

That's all that is.

It's not real.

I believe in faith.

- [Efrem] And she's sharing that faith

with fellow Nigerian writer, Luvvie Ajayi,

in their podcast, Jesus & Jollof.

At number two.

That's filmmaker, Chris Weeks,

at work directing Operation Finale.

This story follows Jewish Nazi hunters set

out to find and capturea former SS Officer.

- We have our guy.

He's Adolf Eichmann.

- Let's go.

- This is a country full of ex-Nazis.

- [Male] They're all over the city.

- Start the engine.

- Operation Finale is onAmerican theaters August 29th.

- I'm offering you a fair trial.

- You want me to stand trialin place of an entire regime?

- [Efrem] At number one,big dreams come true.

- [Female] Guess what?

- What?

- [Natalie] It happenedtoday, you're getting a heart.

- [Female] Congratulations.

- I'm getting a heart, Mom?

- [Efrem] For Sofia Sanchez,

who underwent a successfulheart transplant Monday,

just one week after anotherbig dream came true.

- The 11-year-old heartpatient recorded a video

and asked to meet the artistwhile he was in Chicago,

and it went viral,

Drake answering the callto Sofia's big surprise.

- [Efrem] Sofia's favoriteGrammy award winning rap star

paid her a visit.

- Oh my God!


- You asked me to come; I'm here!

- So I'm in the Lurie Children's Hospital

and look who came to surprise me?

- Just for you, my dear.

- [Efrem] Now that's a perfect picture.

- Thank you so much, Efrem.

For all the latest in entertainment news,

you can check out hisweekly show, Studio 5.

You can watch it onlineat

It can be a vicious cycle.

You can't get to sleepbecause you have pain,

and because you can'tsleep, your pain compounds.

But what if you could melt away your pain

and finally get a good night's rest?

Here's Gordon Robertson with part four

of our Protect Your Sleep series

on how to have pain free sleep.

(lively music)

- Life can be painful.

If you've ever stubbed yourtoe or sprained your ankle,

you know what I mean.

Yet, millions of peoplesuffer with chronic pain.

It's more than just bumps and bruises.

It's crippling pain that turnslife into a daily struggle

and robs them of a good night's sleep.

The good news is you don'thave to let pain keep you

from enjoying your life any longer.

Here's how.

- When you are in pain, yourworld gets awfully small.

People don't realize thatas pain becomes chronic,

it really alters everything.

- Sue Hitzmann, New YorkTimes best-selling author

and creator of The Melt Method,

is no stranger to chronic pain.

She's lived it.

While rising to the top ofa promising fitness career,

she experienced a little ache

that turned her world upside down.

- In my late 20s,

I was at the absolutepeak of my fitness career,

I'd had a best-selling Boot Camp video,

One day I woke up and thebottom of my foot hurt me.

What started out as being something

that was just a littleache in my foot turned

into almost entire body-wide pain.

I really just thought that Ihad permanently damaged myself.

- [Gordon] According to theNational Institutes of Health,

one out of 10 Americansexperience chronic pain daily.

It affects the lives ofmore people than diabetes,

heart disease and cancer combined.

It comes with a big price tag too.

It's estimated to cost theUS hundreds of billions

of dollars in lost workplace productivity.

Chronic pain has also givenrise to the sky-rocketing use

of prescription drugs to manage pain.

The numbers suggest we arefacing a pain pill epidemic.

Whether we know it or not,

chronic pain is hurting all of us.

- Chronic pain is not selective.

It can happen to anyone at any age.

It doesn't matter ifyou're fit and healthy

and eating right.

That's, I think, a big wakeup call for a lot of people

is even if you do eat right and exercise,

it doesn't mean that you're not gonna walk

around in pain.

- [Gordon] What doeschronic pain look like?

It could be anythingfrom nagging back pain

that won't stop to intense migraines.

Pain becomes chronicwhen it continues to last

and doesn't go away.

But before pain turns chronic,there are warning signs.

A stiff neck in the morning,

or that sudden lower backpain that comes and goes might

be a sign you're heading for trouble.

Don't ignore it.

Pay attention to theselittle aches and pains

and become more aware ofwhat's going on in your body.

- When we have what wecall pre-pain signals

and we ignore them like most people do,

then you start getting those symptoms

that are a little bit moreaggressive, joint stiffness,

neck pain and all of these kind of things.

The thing about thosetypes of pains or aches

is that they seem so common.

People do one of two things.

They either take a painreliever or they ignore it,

and that causes more problems.

- [Gordon] One of theseproblems is lack of sleep.

According to the NationalSleep Foundation,

one out of threeAmericans loses an average

of 20 hours of sleep perweek because of pain.

If you are not getting the sleep you need,

then you're at a greater riskfor a long list of diseases

like diabetes, high bloodpressure and heart disease.

There is growing evidencethat a lack of sleep

could even contributeto Alzheimer's Disease.

- When you don't get arestful night's sleep,

you wake up the next day withan accumulation of stress,

a backlog of stuck stress that

now you're dealing with day in and day out

and it's just time over tension overload.

After a while, you are ina state of chronic pain

and nothing you do makes a dent.

- [Gordon] Balancing the demandsof life can be stressful.

If you feel like there aren'tenough hours in the day

to keep up, then you're not alone.

In a recent Gallup poll,

79% of Americans reportedexperiencing stress

during their day.

If you feel stressed out, so is your body.

Stress and pain are connected.

If you don't manage thestress in your life,

then you're setting yourself up

for a vicious cycle of chronic pain.

- If you're living in thatstate of stress all the time,

your nervous system kind ofthinks that's the balance place

to be at and it justtakes one thing to tip you

over the edge and thenyou're just down and out,

which is what's happeningwith most people.

- [Gordon] Slow down andtake a moment to relax.

Go outside and take a walk with a friend.

Write a gratitude list and thank God

for all the good in your life.

Remember, managing yourstress is another step

towards reducing pain in your life.

Growing research is suggestingthat the source of pain

in our bodies is rooted in theconnective tissue or fascia.

This long ignoredflexible network of tissue

is found throughout the body.

It was once thought thatits only role was to act

like a sort of packing material

and help give our bodies form and support.

But now, research is suggesting that

this fluid-filled network of tissue plays

an important part inkeeping ourselves hydrated.

There's even the ideathat it might also act

as a secondary nervous system.

These discoveries arechanging our understanding

of pain and giving usnew ways to treat it.

- So, connective tissue istruly the stability system

of everything, your skin,bones, nerves, organs,

every cell in your body relies

on this extra cellularmatrix to remain stable.

But if you kind of thinkof connective tissue

as the fluid-based architecturalmatrix like a river,

daily living is like layingsediment down in this river,

and scientifically, we callthat cellular dehydration.

- [Gordon] What Sue learnedradically changed her thinking

and helped free her from the chronic pain

she was experiencing.

Today she is helping othersfind relief with Melt.

This self treatment programfocuses on eliminating

stuck stress and keeping theconnective tissues healthy.

- The Melt Method is a simpleself treatment technique

to educate the generalpublic on how to rehydrate

their connective tissueand quiet the stress reflex

in the nervous system to essentially

deter all of the negative effects

that we would associate with daily living,

and to address the repetitivehabits and movements

and postures that we haveto manage and deal with

from day to day and to educate people how

to deter accumulativestress from our daily lives.

- [Gordon] Peggy has beenusing the Melt Method

for over 15 years.

Now it's just a part ofwhat she does to help ease

the aches and pains of every day life.

- I very often have pains inmy fingers and in my forearm,

particularly becauseI type and I'm texting

and I do all the things that

we weren't necessarily designed to do.

I find if I Melt my forearm,

it literally changesthe way my entire hand

and arm feels for theday, if not for longer.

I've had conversations with my doctor,

who's a big proponentof working on the fascia

and feels that it's a verybig part of our structure.

Every time I tell her,oh, I did this in Melt,

I did this, she's like, "keep it up.

"It is absolutely helping you."

- If we could all learnhow to treat the cause

of pain becoming chronicand allow our nervous system

to adapt to a new, nice environment,

I think people would live a more active,

healthy pain free life.

- The Bible says in Isiah,

those who hope in the Lordwill renew their strength.

They will soar on wings like eagles.

They will run and not grow weary.

They will walk and not be faint.

Let today be your new beginning.

Don't let chronic pain interfere

with getting a good night's rest or limit

your enjoyment of thelife God has given you.

- Thanks so much, Gordon.

We have a free ProtectYour Sleep DVD and booklet

with all this life-changing information

from the entire five-partseries and if you get it,

you'll learn how to geta great night's sleep,

stop insomnia, relieve pain,

protect against sleepapnea and a lot more.

So you just have to call800-700-70000 or visit

to request your free ProtectYour Sleep DVD or booklet.

Coming up,

the pastor of a 15,000member church in Los Angeles.

- If someone comes up to youand specifically asks you

how to become a Christian,and your first thought is,

I need to call my pastor,something is wrong with that.

- Dudley Rutherford joinsus with practical advice

on how you can share the Gospel.

Stay with us.

(lively music)

Sharing the Gospel isnothing more than mouth

to ear resuscitation, so saysPastor Dudley Rutherford.

He also says that anybeliever can share the Gospel

effectively with the proper training.

Take a look.

- If someone comes upto you and specifically

asks you how to become a Christianand your first thought is

I need to all my pastor,something is wrong with that.

- Dudley Rutherford is theSenior Pastor of Shepherd Church,

the 15,000 membercongregation in Los Angeles.

Over the years, he'sobserved that many Christians

feel uncomfortable sharing their faith.

He says the church is in need of people

who will share the life-changing message

of Jesus to a world thatis spiritually bankrupt.

In his latest book, Compelled,

Dudley gives practicalmethods to help you share

the Gospel effectively and with boldness

to those around you.

All right, and DudleyRutherford joins us now.

Great to have you here.

- Thanks you, boss; it'sgood to be here. (laughing)

- Appreciate you being with us.

I love, I want you to start our talk today

the way you start the book,

and that is the really powerfulstory at Dodger Stadium.

Tell us about it.

- True story.

I'm siting there at DodgerStadium and off to my left,

I see a boy, he's about 12years old, he's totally blind;

his eyes are rolled upin the top of his head.

He's sitting there with a baseball glove

like he's gonna catch a fly ball.

His mother is sitting nextto him and every play,

she's telling him whathappened with that play.

And again, I just keptlooking at him there.

He thinks he's gonna catch a fly ball.

Totally blind and sureenough, about the fourth,

fifth inning, there's afly ball, a foul ball--

- Yep.- That comes in our direction.

I think it's coming to me.

I see it curve towards him.

I never once thought it'sgonna land in his glove.

I'm thinking it's gonna hithim in the head and kill him.

And it just literallygrazes the back of his head.

It goes right behind him and I see a bunch

of people fighting forthe ball behind him.

And he's in his chair, doing this.

He doesn't know what's going on.

The ball rolls down about 12,

15 feet and there's alady sitting over there

with her boyfriend noteven paying attention

and looks down and picks up the ball.

- It's always the peoplewho don't pay attention

that get the foul ball.

- Yeah, and she's standingup there holding the ball

and I'm the one who says, "guys look,

"the ball's over there.

"The lady's got the ball over there."

I'm sittin' with a buddyof mine and I said,

I'm gonna go ask that ladyif she'll give me that ball

to give to that kid.

The kid's sitting there the entire game.

It's the greatest pictureof faith I've ever seen.

And my buddy said, "let me do it."

He wanted to do it.

- Who wouldn't give theyoung man the ball anyway?

- Well, I ended up givinghim 20 bucks and said,

"if she won't give it to ya,

"offer her some money for the ball."

She starts to hand the ball over,

and her boyfriend says, "no,we're not giving the ball."

And the boy says this.

"It's a once in alifetime opportunity to go

"to a Dodger game andto catch a foul ball.

"We're not giving it to anybody."

And when he told me that,I know I'm a Pastor,

I know I'm a Christian,

but I did not have Christian thoughts--

- Yeah.- When I heard that.

'Cause I wanted to say a oncein a lifetime opportunity

is not going to a Dodger gameand catching a foul ball.

A once in a lifetimeopportunity is going to

a Dodger game and catchinga foul ball and looking over

and seeing a 12-year-oldboy who has seen a thing,

never will see anythingand going over and putting

that ball in his glove and saying,

"there ya go, kid, there's the ball."

- But they refused and I kept waiting

for a happy ending to the story.

There wasn't one.

So how does that tie into your--

- It's a great construction- your construction

about sharing the Gospel.- It's a great question.

I believe that we're likethat lady that God's grace

has just fallen in our lap.

We didn't deserve anything

and God redeemed us, saved us.

We were blessed to have thisprecious gift called salvation.

And we have it.

If you look around, allaround us, people are blind,

people are empty, people are searching.

There's all kinds of peoplethat would love to have

this peace, this truth that we have,

and we keep it to ourself.

- [Andrew] Why do we do that?

- There's a lot of reasons,

but obviously I think the devildoesn't want you to share,

but we're afraid of a lot of things.

We're fearful, we thinkwe don't know what to say

if someone asks us aquestion that we won't

have the right answer.

- Well and that fearis a big one, isn't it?

You say in your book how fearis maybe the greatest tactic

the enemy has and whatdo you mean by that?

- I think there's thishurdle, it like almost a wall.

We know, I believe this, Andrew;

I think that every Christian deep down,

that we want to share our faith,

we know that we should share our faith,

but we just struggle in sharing our faith.

The biggest struggle is our fear.

It's the fear factor.

We don't know what to say, wehave the fear of rejection;

they're gonna reject us.

We're afraid that the wordsare gonna come out wrong

or that we're gonna beconsidered a crazy person.

- Or that we don't knowenough about theology.

All I maybe have it my testimony,

but your book kind ofsays that may be enough.

- I think the greatesttool is your testimony,

that story that you have,

that I have of what our life

was like before we weresaved, how we got saved,

and what our life has beenlike since we've been saved.

I encourage people to write it down.

It starts with that.

Write your testimony down.

You can take your time,take a week, take a month,

but write it down.

How did you find Christ?

Who invited you?

Did someone give you a Bible,did they invite you to church,

were you watching The 700Club, were you watching,

how did you find Christ?

Write it down.

And then read it.

Start to read your own testimony.

You just read it and read it and read it.

And then it will become familiar with you.

Then maybe share it withsomeone who is already saved.

Say, "okay, I just wannapractice my testimony."

And eventually, you'll be ableto share that with someone

that God opens the door for you to share.

- We need to be careful ofour walk, too, don't we?

You talk about tradespeoplewho are effective

at sharing the Gospel.

Just one little sentence thatyou have in there that I love.

You said, "look, if you're mean to people,


"you might not win many souls."

But I mean, we need to livea life of authenticity.

- Well, I think when you lookat Jesus in The New Testament,

he always befriend people.

Somehow, he had this reporte where people

wanted to be around him.

He was often found eatingwith quote, unquote, sinners.

I think he was someone thatsinners wanted to be around.

There was something abouthim that was engaging.

- Interesting.- And I think that we,

as Christians, need to havea little bit more of that,

that quality.

- What if we're flat our rejected?

We share the Gospel andwe're met with a harsh,

cold response?

What would you guide usto do in that situation?

Once we have the courage to share.

- I always share 1Corinthians 3:6 that we're

to either plant seeds or water a seed

and the God will give the increase.

And we don't, we all know,

the Bible never says how manyseeds we're supposed to plant.

You're just supposed to keep planting.

It doesn't say how long we'resupposed to keep watering.

Just keep watering.

You water, you plant, Godwill give the increase.

When you share with someone,

they might reject you at that time,

but that memory is a powerful tool.

They remember that invitation.

They remember that--

- That you care.- that moment.

And then someone else willcome along and God will build

on top of that and theystart to add all this up

and they start to see the changed lives

and I believe that they will one day come

to put their faith in Christ.

- Tell me briefly about this interchange

that you have in your bookthat happened on Instagram,

I believe, that--

- Yes.- I think

it's a really cool story that you

were following numerous people, right?

- Yes.

My son was running my-

- Yeah.- social media accounts.

- That's probably a smart move, right?

- And he follows and unfollows people,

hoping that they'll follow me back.

And this guy gets onthere and he start to talk

about that he's a homosexual--

- Atheist.- Atheist or something.

- Satanist.- Satanist is what he said.

I wanted, I asked my church,

what would you say ifyou got a question like,

a guy said that to you,how would you respond?

- What was his question?

Why are you following me,I'm a homosexual satanist?

- Yes, "I'm a homosexualsatanist" and I just skipped right

over the homosexual part and I said,

how did you become a satanist?

I kind of wanted to engagein a civil conversation--

- Yeah.- With him.

I could've just unfriendedhim, but I wanted to engage.

He spoke to me, I wanna engage.

He told me later he wasnot a homosexual Satanist,

that he was an atheist andso I said, I responded,

"you're a comedic atheist,you're a comedian atheist."

It just began to open up the door and he,

I encouraged him to readthe Bible and he said,

"I would never read the Bible.

It's a book full of fairy tales."

And then I said, "why don'tyou just Google James 1,

"just Google it."

- Why James 1--- Because--

- Out of all you could've led him to.

- Because James is the mostpractical book in the Bible.

And it also talks trialsand overcoming trials

and everybody in theworld has trials, right?

But he's never read the Bible,

thinks it's a book of fairy tales.

I'd say, "why don't youread James 1" and I said,

"if it means nothing to you,

"then I won't bring it up any more,

"but just give it a chance."

I don't hear a thing fromthis guy for several days,

and then I get this response that says,

"best read of my life."

Since then, we've engagedin further conversations

and I'm still--

- Yeah.- Still working on that guy.


- Civil conversation.

- Civil conversation.- Yeah.

- Which is what's missingin our country today.

We are a divisivecountry, we're polarized,

we're fighting with each other.

It seems like now,

members of Congress areencouraging us to fight.

We're so messed up right now.

We need Jesus now more--

- Yeah.- More than we've

ever needed him before.

- Love your approach.

It's a great book.

It's called Compelled,

the Irresistible Call to Share Your Faith.

It's available wherever books are sold

Thanks so much for being here.

- Thank you so much.

- Really appreciate it.

Great book.

We'll be back with more700 Club Interactive

right after this.

Stay with us.

(lively music)

Well here on the show, welike to take time to pray

for our viewers and wehave some prayer requests

that came in from oursocial media followers

and we're gonna startwith Jan, who writes,

"please pray for pastor Scott

"and his three beautifuldaughters who lost

"their mother unexpectedlyyesterday to pneumonia and flu.

"She was only 46 years old."

Here's one from Sherry.

"My daughter needs a miracle healing.

"She has autoimmunehepatitis and there's no cure

"and no new medicines to try."

And finally Kevin, who writes,

"pray for my wife.

"She has been in a stateof depression for months

"and will not seek help."

As you can see, there arepeople out in the audience

who are really hurtingand in desperate need

of a touch from God.

I'm not sure of your need today,

but I encourage you to seek God with me

or pray for those who have written in.

Father God, we pray for this pastor

and his three beautiful children

who now have lost their mom.

They are in great grief.

Father, there are manyin the audience right now

in a state of grief for various reasons.

We pray for this family and we pray

for those watching who are grieving.

Father God, we know your HolySpirit is a great comforter

and we pray right now for the Holy Spirit

to bring love and comfortand a touch from God

to this grieving family and others

who are also grieving now,

in the name of Jesus Christ.

Thank you for the loveof your Holy Spirit.

Father, for this healing of hepatitis.

In the name of Jesus,we rebuke this illness.

Thank you God for the workof Jesus on the cross,

for the resurrection of JesusChrist and it's in the power

of Jesus' name we rebuke this disease now,

in the name of Jesus.

For those in the audiencesuffering from diseases,

we rebuke them, in the name of Jesus.

And Father God,

for those sufferingdepression as we have heard,

right now, people with depression,

we cast it out in the name of Jesus.

We see the work on thecross and we have joy

and redemption and rescuethrough Jesus Christ.

Holy Spirit, do a work in the lives

of those who are in depression,in Jesus' name we pray.


Thank you for joining us todayand we will see you tomorrow.

Bye bye.

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