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Ines’s Story

Ines is a Holocaust survivor living in Israel, who still carries the physical and emotional pain of her experiences. CBN Israel was able to provide her with a heater, foot spa, food and company to help her fight her loneliness. Read Transcript

- [Narrator] Ines Gurskayaoften spends her days alone

in her apartment in Safed, Israel.

She's a Holocaust survivor from Belarus.

Her earliest memories are of Nazi tanks,

and her mother's last words.

- [Translator] Bombswere falling as we ran,

and the city was on fire.

A young boy was killedright in front of me.

I remember my mother stopped, hugged me,

and said, "I will not see you again."

I only understood what that meant later.

- [Narrator] Her mother was taken away

by Nazis shot, and killed.

She and her three siblings survived

as orphans in a ghetto in Minsk.

- [Translator] We were constantly hungry,

our clothes were rags,and we had no shoes.

To this day I still have problems

with pain in my feet from running

through the broken streets and the snow.

- [Narrator] She survived withthe help of a Christian man.

He smuggled her from house to house

in the back of a horse-drawn cart,

as the Nazi SS hunted Jews in hiding.

- [Translator] That man took a great risk.

He saved my life.

- [Narrator] Years afterthe war, Ines moved

to Israel to begin a new life.

When I met her, I could see she still

carries the pain ofeverything she went through.

- [Translator] It'sdifficult to walk sometimes.

And the winters are especially hard on me.

I'm cold and my feet ache so much.

- [Narrator] So CBNbought Ines a foot spa,

and soaking salts from the Dead Sea.

- [Translator] I love the foot bath.

It's very soothing, andhelps relieve the pain.

It was very sweet ofyou to give that to me.

I feel like I could run a marathon.

- [Narrator] CBN Israel also got Ines a

portable heater she can keepnext to her in the winter.

We take her groceries andmake sure she eats well,

and to keep her company.

- [Translator] The good foodhelps so much and it means

even more that it's broughtby people who care about me.

Thank you very much for all you do for me

and the other survivors.

You're keeping our memoriesalive so that our stories

are not just pages in a history book.



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