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Rica’s Story

Rica is a Christian single mother from Romania raising her two children in Israel. She has struggled to get by ever since she got out of an abusive marriage. CBN Israel helped her get certified as a teacher in Israel and provided food for the family. Read Transcript

- [Narrator] Rica and herhusband moved from Romania to

Jerusalem with their two children,

but her husband was abusive.

She and her kids have struggled to get by

ever since she was forced to leave him.

- He was very controllingand never allowed me to learn

Hebrew, so I had to work asa cleaner and a seamstress.

Any job I could get, I did,but the pay was never enough.

- [Narrator] Rica couldbarely pay the bills

and put food on the table.

Sometimes her children broughthome leftovers from their

school lunches and that'swhat they had for dinner.

Many nights, Rica didn't eat.

- I prayed and I prayed,but I got very depressed.

There were days I had no hope.

- [Narrator] Then a friendtold her about CBN Israel.

When we met Rica, we took her food and

helped with some of her bills.

We also learned thatshe worked as a teacher

when she lived in Romania.

So, we paid for Rica totake Hebrew classes and a

special course to get herteaching certification in Israel.

- CBN encouraged me to go out and do it.

They even got me thethings I needed for school,

like a computer and a printer.

I never could've imagined.

They helped me build myself up again

after everything I had been through.

- [Narrator] CBN Israelinvited Rica to our

Super Book club in Jerusalem.

Single moms bring theirchildren and take some time to

socialize while the kidslearn about the Bible.

- We all enjoy the SuperBook group so much.

It's become a family for us.

The cartoons are great because

they're so visual for the children.

Super Book helps them remember

the story and the versesof the stories really well.

- [Narrator] We found out Rica'soldest son is really smart,

just like his mom.

He was eligible foradvanced classes at school,

but Rica couldn't afford them.

So, we paid for the classes.

- CBN has made it so he cantake these special courses,

and it's already helped him so much.

He will be taking collegecourses in junior high.

- [Narrator] Thanks to CBN,Rica is teaching again.

- I never believed that anyorganization could do so much.

That they could help mebecome a teacher again.

It's like a dream.

I really appreciate all theChristians around the world

who are supporting us here in Israel.

I simply don't have the wordsto truly thank you enough.



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