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Yelena’s Story

Yelena is a Holocaust survivor living in Israel. Her husband recently passed away, and she could barely afford her apartment, and not much else. So, CBN Israel regularly takes her groceries and visits with her. Read Transcript

- [Narrator] Elena isa widow who lives alone

in her small apartment in Jerusalem.

Her hardships began when shewas born in a Ukrainian ghetto

during the Holocaust.

- [Translator] My mother gave birth to me

soon after the Nazistook over our community.

We were hunted by the SS from the start.

- [Narrator] Elena's mothertook her from house to house

looking for any non-Jewishperson willing to help.

They hid under the floorboardsas the SS conducted searches.

- [Translator] My mothertried to give me her milk,

but it was blood.

It was a miracle I didn't cry.

If we had been discovered,

we would have been shot right there.

- [Narrator] Elena and hermother survived the Holocaust.

Years later, she gotmarried and moved to Israel.

Her husband recently passed away

and she can barely afford herapartment and not much else

so CBN Israel regularlytakes her groceries

and visits with her.

- [Translator] I'm veryhappy when you come see me

and bring me the wonderful food.

It brightens my day.

- [Narrator] We also invite Elena

and other Holocaust survivors

to social events we host in their honor.

Christians play music for the survivors,

listen to their stories,and share a meal with them.

Elena and the others get canesor walkers if they need them.

- [Translator] Sometimes Idon't feel strong in my legs.

This cane helps keep mesteady so I don't fall.

I'm so grateful you gave it to me.

- [Narrator] Thanks to CBN Israel,

Elena is able to have a moreactive and fulfilling life.

- [Translator] I say from allof us Holocaust survivors,

thank you.

You give love and support

through this food and the events.

God bless you and may you havethe same peace in your heart

that you have given me.



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