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The Wagner Family’s Story

The Wagner family moved to Israel from the United States. They tried to start a cleaning business but got into debt and struggled with putting food on the table. CBN Israel met with them and put together a plan to manage their business and finances. Read Transcript

- [Narrator] Alon and HannaWagner are Messianic Jews

who immigrated to Jerusalem

from the United Stateswith their children.

- We really wanted to bein the center of God's will

And we knew that, that was His will,

for us to return to Jerusalem to His land.

- [Narrator] They tried tostart a cleaning business

like the one they had in America

but soon wound up in debt.

- In the beginning, Ithought it was gonna be

like in the States,but here it's difficult

because the money that Imake that was not enough.

- It was just a lot of stressadapting to the culture,

to the country, it wasa lot of mixed emotions.

- [Narrator] The Wagners kept working

and believing God would help them,

but there were days whenthey struggled to get by.

- There was a few timesthat we didn't have enough

for the food or to cover our bills.


- Sometimes my wife says wedon't have nothing to eat

so that was very hard for me.

- [Narrator] That's when a friend

from their Messianic congregation

told them about CBN Israel.

First we made sure thefamily had enough food

to make it through this tough time.

Then we met with the Wagnersand taught them how to manage

their business better.

We even got them aprofessional floor polisher

so they can even dolarger, better paying jobs.

- They buy me the machine and thank God,

I use the machine and I makemoney, we can live better

and we can give a testimony to the others.

- We are very grateful toCBN and to this ministry.

It has blessed us so much.

My prayer is that youwould receive 100 times

what you have put in and this ministry

and in this land to help the families,

that the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob,

would bless you abundantly.

(speaking in foreign language)




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