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Masha’s Story

Masha moved from Ukraine to Israel hoping to make a better life for her son, Daniel. When CBN Israel learned about Masha’s situation, we invited her to come live in a place where single moms who need some extra help can stay free of charge. Read Transcript

- [Narrator] Masha Poplavskimoved from Ukraine to Israel,

hoping to make a betterlife for her son, Daniel.

- [Translator] It's very hardto raise a child in Ukraine.

There aren't many jobs,

and the war has made things difficult.

Being a Jew, I had alwaysheard about Israel.

And it was my dream to come here.

- [Narrator] Masha and her sonstayed with Ukrainian friends

when they first arrived.

But the apartment was very small,

and the friends soon askedher and Daniel to leave.

- [Translator] I was very depressed.

I wanted to make it on my own,

but I didn't know the language

or how to find a job, or an apartment yet.

I was scared we would haveto go back to Ukraine.

- [Narrator] When CBNIsrael learned about Masha,

we invited her to come livein a place where single moms

who need some extra help,can stay free of charge.

- [Translator] I wasvery nervous at first.

But the CBN people spoke Russian,

and made me feel very comfortable.

I made friends with theother girls very quickly.

- [Narrator] We taught Masha

how to budget her financesand build a resume.

She learned the basicsof living in Israel,

and saved money whilestaying in the house.

We also provided Masha andDaniel with good meals every day.

- [Translator] The peoplethere really became my family.

And I learned so much in the house.

It was a great experience.

- [Narrator] Masha andher son recently moved

into their own apartment.

Today, Masha supports Daniel on her own,

but we still visit, justto make sure they're okay.

- [Translator] There is no way

we would have made it without your help.

The situation is Ukraineis terrible for my baby,

so going back would have been horrible.

We were only able to stay in Israel

because CBN helped usin every way possible.

Thank you for that.

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