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News on The 700 Club: August 30, 2018

As seen on “The 700 Club,” Aug 30.: Most Americans Side With Trump on Revoking Security Clearances of Fmr Intel Officials; The president has vowed to do something about the pervasive censorship of conservative ideas online; Farm school shows ... Read Transcript

- Welcome to The 700 Club.

Tensions are building betweenthe United States and Iran

for some time.

But it looks like we're getting ready

to really shut the whole country down.

And there's nothing short of war

that's gonna come out of it.

They're talking war over in Iran right now

because they've been at warwith us for decades actually.

And it's just heating up.

Very biting sanctions, thedramatic fall of the Rial,

riots in the streets.

I mean a lot of stuff going on.

And I'm sure the Trumpadministration is doing

what it can to hastenregime change as we call it.

So anyhow that's gonna come.

We're not talking about that anymore today

but that's something that shouldbe in the top of your mind

because they wanna shutoff the Straits of Hormuz

we may have a shooting warout in the Persian Gulf.

A lot of things are gonna happen.

Well the growth and power of social media

can be highly dangerous.

And now President Trump iscalling social media giants

to account for censorship,

especially censorshipagainst conservative voices.

He's even talking about taking action

at the federal level to stop it.

- Well the millions of users who keep

social media engines likeGoogle and Facebook going

are also taking notice of this bias.

And as Dale Hurd tells us,

they're addressing this censorship

in their own powerful way, by leaving.

- It's not clear whatPresident Trump can do to stop

big tech social mediacensorship of conservatives,

but it's also clear thathe's not letting up.

Late Wednesday thePresident tweeted this video

showing that while Google promoted

President Obama's Stateof The Union Addresses

on its homepage,

it has never promoted one of his.

Armed with numerous searchshowing Google search results

of his administration areoverwhelmingly biased,

the President has vowedto do something about

the pervasive censorship ofconservative ideas online.

- I think what Google andwhat others are doing,

if you look at what's going on at Twitter,

if you look at what's going in Facebook.

They better be careful becauseyou can't do that to people.

- [Dale] The new poll showsconservatives have already

begun to vote with their feet.

Two-thirds of conservative Facebook users

believe they're being censored.

And almost one third have left Facebook

or are considering it.

Tuesday, a senior Facebookengineer accused the company

of having what he called anintolerant liberal monoculture

that attacks conservativeemployees in mobs.

Countless conservative social media users

have found themselvesfiltered, banned, and blocked.

Islam expert Robert Spencer,the author of 18 books

was blocked from using thefunding website Patrion

by Mastercard forallegedly spreading hate.

He said it reminded him of Revelation 13.

When people cannot buy or sell

without the mark of the beast.

- It's clear that theentire political left

and the establishment of the media

which is on the left as well

wants to silence all dissent.

And they're particularlyenergetic in doing this

in the run up to the 2018 elections

because they wanna makesure what happened in 2016

doesn't happen again.

- [Dale] Evidence of socialmedia censorship is abundant.

But what can the President do about it?

- I love that the President'susing the bully pulpit

to make this an issue.

But regulation doesn't always play out

the way you want itparticularly for conservatives.

We don't have aConstitutional right to be on

some of these platforms.

Let's face it Facebook, Twitter,

these are private companies.

But what we want thesecompanies to embrace

is the goal and the idealof the First Amendment.

- And the Presidentdoes have some options.

Experts say he could call formore congressional hearings,

encourage investigationsby the Justice Department

or Federal Trade Commission,

or issue an executive order.

Dale Hurd, CBN News.

- Well in other news,

Vice President Mike Pence tells CBN News

that the liberal media

is quote no match for President Trump.

John Jessup has more on that.

- That's right Pat.

CBN's David Brody andJenna Browder spent the day

with Vice President Mike Pence

aboard Air Force Two andhad some time with him

inside his plane office cabin.

Pence made a campaign stop in Michigan

with Republican Senatecandidate John James.

Afterward he sat down with David and Jenna

and he had a blunt messagefor liberals in the press.

- The media, mainstream media,

you think they're in a way the best thing

that Donald Trump has going for him?

Because they work as a foil for him,

and quite frankly they are so 24/7

relatively anti-Trump that you just wonder

if that doesn't play right intothe administration's hands.

- Well all I know is fora lot of the liberals

in national media they met their match

in President Donald Trump.

He understands the Americanpeople elected this man

because he had a rightvision for this country.

But also because he's a fighter.

He's willing to fight every day

to move this country forward,

to see jobs created,

to see us reaffirm our commitment

to those timeless principlesin the Constitution,

to see our military standing tall again,

to see America respectedin the world again,

and to be able to take on his critics

one after another.

The only thing I know for sure

is that President Trumpis gonna keep on fighting.

And we're gonna keep on winning

for the American people.

- You can see more of our interview at and a full report right here

on The 700 Club next week.

The intelligencecommunity reacted strongly

when President Trump revokedthe security clearance

of former CIA Director John Brennan.

At least 175 former officials,

both Republicans andDemocrats denounced the move

in a public statement.

However a new poll shows that the majority

of American voters approveof the President's decision.

CBN national securitycorrespondent Erik Rosales

takes a closer look.

- President Donald Trump took to Twitter

to announce a new Harvard CAPS Harris poll

showing a majority ofAmericans support revoking

the security clearance offormer CIA Director John Brennan

and former FBI Director James Comey.

The President tweeted he's not surprised.

The poll released exclusively to the hill

found 60% believe formernational security officials

who become TV newscontributors should give up

their clearances.

59% felt Brennan deservedto lose his clearance,

while 64% said Comey and others at the FBI

should lose theirs.

The poll was taken oneweek after Brennan had lost

his clearance revoked by President Trump.

A move that some perceivedto be an act of retaliation.

- The bigger questionthat we need to focus on

in all of this is shouldJohn Brennan have had

a security clearance in the first place.

- [Erik] Frank Gaffney is the President

for the Center For Security Policy.

He believes Brennan'sharsh public criticism

of the President is enough torevoke his security clearance.

- John Brennan hasconducted himself in a way

that is totally withoutprecedence in terms of

how any former director

of the Central IntelligenceAgency has behaved.

And that raises real questions

about both his judgment and his character.

- [Erik] Gaffney says noone has the right to hold

their security clearancesand the President

was well within hisauthority to revoke them

under Article Two of the Constitution.

But some question if thePresident can do it unilaterally

without an appeal process.

- Without the detailsbeing listed out in writing

and issued to the individual,

without the opportunity to respond,

without underlying investigative materials

being provided this isan untested question.

- [Erik] Brennan claimsthe only news he's gotten

about his own clearance was when

White House Press SecretarySarah Huckabee Sanders

announced it had been revoked on TV.

- Whether or not myclearances have been stripped

I'm still uncertain about.

But she said it.

She read something from Donald Trump.

- White House spokesmanHogan Gidley assured CBN News

that President Trump didrevoke Brennan's security.

Hogan said that President Trump's order

went into effect immediately

and that Brennan lied twice to congress.

Erik Rosales, CBN News, Washington.

- Thanks Erik.

Pat I know you agree withthe President's decision.

But do you think thereshould be an appeals process?

- I don't think there should be an appeal.

I mean this having accessto the highest level

of intelligence is somethingthat can be granted

by the President orrevoked by the President.

You don't have to have anact of Congress to do that.

You don't have to have a judicial appeal.

I mean that's a privilegeand it goes along

essentially with holding an office.

If you hold an office,you've got to have access

to certain information so

you can make intelligent decisions.

Once you're out of that office,

we owe you no obligation whatsoever

to give you confidential information.

And I think all the wayfrom Hillary Clinton

all the way down,

there's no reason that these people should

be given access to highlyclassified information.

They are not any longer federal employees.

No business would do that.

You wouldn't give exVice Presidents access

to your highly classified information

as you go down the road.

'cause they may be workingfor some other company.

And these people are clearlyworking for the deep state.

They're working against the President.

And there's no appeals process.

There's no legal aspect of it.

I mean it's just one of those things

that goes along withthe job like a salary.

When you stop the job,

you don't get the salary anymore

unless you've got some kind of a deal.

I mean it's ridiculous tomake all this fuss about.

But Brennan particularlyhas gone on television

as an analyst for a moreleft leaning network.

Why would he have access tohighly confidential information?

You wouldn't give it to him.

Nor should you give itto about 30 or 40 others.

And it's time thePresident just wholesales,

says that's the end.

One stroke of the pen, they're gone.

All right John what's next?

- Pat, New Mexico authorities released

three defendants accused of child neglect

in a case involving a muslim sect

and suspected terrorist activities.

A judge dismissed thecharges after prosecutors

missed a deadline for more evidence.

The other two defendants remain in jail

on more serious charges.

Authorities raided the desert compound

earlier this month finding11 malnourished children

and the body of a deceasedthree year old boy.

Prosecutors say the groupfollows a radical Muslim

ideology and were training the children

to attack schools and other institutions.

Well the Centers for Disease Control

reports a shocking rise insexually transmitted diseases

in America.

As CBN medical reporterLorie Johnson explains

not only are the diseasesspreading faster,

they're getting harderfor doctors to treat.

- In the last five years,

a steep increase in Chlamydia,Gonorrhea, and Syphilis

cases have shattered previous records.

As if that's not bad enough,

experts say the 2.3million people diagnosed

is likely a fraction of

the actual number of people infected.

We are sliding backward,declared Dr. Jonathan Mermin

the Centers For Disease Control Director

of Sexually Transmitted Diseases.

He's talking about 76%increase in Syphilis.

Noting most cases aremen with male partners.

Chlamydia is the most common STD

with 1.7 million Americans diagnosed.

Nearly half of them, young women

between 15 and 24 years old.

Gonorrhea cases increased by 67%

nearly doubling among men.

And it's Gonorrhea that has health experts

particularly concerned.

Syphilis, Chlamydia, andGonorrhea are all curable

with antibiotics.

The problem is Gonorrheahas become resistant

to all but one and experts fear

it's only a matter of timebefore even it no longer works.

We expect Gonorrhea willeventually wear down

our last highly effective antibiotic

and additional treatmentoptions are urgently needed,

declared the CDC's Dr. Gail Bolan.

Who added, we can't let our defenses down.

The CDC calls onPresident Trump to declare

STDs a public health crisis.

But evangelist Franklin Graham tweeted

what America has is a moralcrisis and a spiritual crisis.

Lorie Johnson, CBN News.

- This trend is definitelygoing the wrong way, Pat.

- Well we've had what'scalled a sexual revolution.

We had the pill.

The women are now nolonger under the bondage

of getting unwanted pregnancies.

So they have the pill,

they have other types of birth control.

And they figure that thereforesexual activity is just okay.

And everybody thoughtokay I've got Syphilis

so I can take a shot.

I've got Gonorrhea I can just take a shot.

And I've got Chlamydia so I need a shot.

Well now they say thatthe shots don't work,

especially on Gonorrhea.

So all of the sudden you'relooking at the potential

of blindness, you're looking at sterility,

and all kinds of terrible things.

And frankly I agree with Franklin.

We've got a moral crisis in this nation.

Because there's no longer any strictures

against out of wedlock sex.

And that is going tolead to these diseases.

It used to be that was the penalty

for the out of wedlock sex.

Now the penalty is coming back

because the medicinesaren't working anymore.

At least especially inrelation to Gonorrhea.

So if you're watching this program,

please be warned yourlife may be in danger

if you think you canjust do what you wanna do

with as many sex partnersas you want to have

and do so with impunity.

It's not gonna happen.


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