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CBN NewsWatch: August 31, 2018

CBN NewsWatch: August 31, 2018 Read Transcript

- [Announcer] This is CBN Newswatch.

- And thank you so much forjoining us for CBN Newswatch.

I'm Efrem Graham.

Senator John McCain'slife of courage, honor,

and bipartisanship has strucka chord with the country.

Today he returns to the UScapital for one last time.

The American hero wasgreeted in Washington

by a military honor guard.

Today McCain lies in statein the capital rotunda.

Thousands lined thestreets in Arizona Thursday

to pay their finalrespects to their Senator

of more than 30 years.

And former Vice President Joe Biden

offered a heartfelt eulogy forhis friend of many decades.

- It wasn't about politics with John.

He could disagree on substance

but it was the underlying values

that animated everything John did.

Everything he was,

could come to a different conclusion.

But where he'd part company with you

if you lacked the basic values

of decency, respect.

- CBN News Senior Washington Correspondent

Jennifer Wishon iscovering McCain's memorial

and joins us now from Washington.

Jennifer how did Senator McCain and

former Vice President Bidenbecome such good friends?

- Well I really love this story Efrem.

When Joe Biden was becoming a,

he had just been elected to the US Senate

when he was barely 30 years old.

Around that time, shortly thereafter,

John McCain was released fromthe Hanoi Hilton in Vietnam

where he had been a prisoner of war.

He then became a liaison to

the Senate Foreign Relations Committee

of which Joe Biden was a member.

And the two ended uptraveling the world together.

Joe Biden as a US Senator from Delaware,

as a member of the committee.

And John McCain as a naval officer

before he ever joined the Senate.

And they became fast friends.

They were similar age and they

just developed this bond that surpassed

any type of politicaldifferences they have.

And of course now Bidencan be this tremendous

comfort to McCain'sfamily because of course

his son Beau died of the same disease

that claimed John McCain.

- Indeed.

There's a lot of talk about McCain's

attention to bipartisanship.

Do you think it will haveany impact in Washington?

- Well there is a lot bipartisanship Efrem

that we don't hear about on small issues.

Republicans and Democratswork together every day.

They are friends across the aisle.

However on the bigger issues it's tougher.

And so I think what we're seeing is

there is expanded conversation because

of what McCain stood for.

But as we see the partiesbecoming more polarized,

Democrats becoming more liberal,

Republicans becoming more conservative,

and we see the electorate

really applying these litmus tests,

it's harder for membersto work across the aisle

because they have to go home.

And for self preservation purposes,

the members who wanna comeback and be re-elected

they're responsible to their electorate.

And it's just harder and harder

for members to reach across the aisle,

but certainly it is being talked about

in Washington this week.

And it will be synonymouswith John McCain's memory.

- Jennifer, Senator McCain lies in state

at the US Capital Rotunda today.

What else is planned to honor his life?

- Well this weekend anotherdisplay of bipartisanship

on Saturday at the National Cathedral,

former President's GeorgeW Bush and Barack Obama

will deliver Eulogies of the late Senator.

Two men who of course kept John McCain

from becoming President.

And so another remarkabledisplay of bipartisanship

and good will.

After that on Sunday, JohnMcCain will be laid to rest

at the Naval Academy which is just outside

of Washington in Anapolis, Maryland.

And he will be laidbeside his good classmate,

Chuck Larson who went on tohave a very distinguished

career in the Navy.

They decided 20 years ago

that they wanted to be laidto rest beside each other

at the Naval Academy solots of very special moments

and more memories of JohnMcCain to come over the weekend.

- All right Jennifer Wishon.

Thank you so much for coverage of this.

Of course you can find moreon this throughout the day


Here now is a look at someof the other major headlines

we're following for you todayinside the CBN news room.

Organizers of ArethaFranklin's funeral insist

it will be a spiritfilled service not a show.

The invitation onlyfuneral takes place today

at Detroit's Greater Grace Temple.

Speakers at the funeral include

former President Bill Clinton,

the Reverend Jesse Jackson,

and Smokey Robinson.

Singers include StevieWonder, Ariana Grande,

Jennifer Hudson, FaithHill, and Chaka Khan.

The Trump administrationis planning to pull

all US funding toward theUnited Nations aid program

for Palestinian refugees.

Reports say the administration disapproves

of the way the UN Relief and Works Agency

uses its funds and wantsto reduce the number

of Palestinians who claim refugee status.

This all comes afterlast week's announcement

by the US State Department it will cut

more than $200 million in bilateral aid

to the Palestinian Authority.

The administration hasyet to confirm its plans.

The Supreme Court ruledagainst a Catholic foster care

non-profit in Philadelphia Thursday.

The Catholic's foster program was blocked

by a lower court for refusing to allow

same sex couples to be foster parents

out of religious objectionsto same sex marriage.

The Supreme Court let stand that ruling

ultimately halting the foster program.

Now for more on these stories and others

throughout the day, visit

And coming up here on CBN Newswatch,

meet a business tycoon who traded a job

on the oil pipelines forone inside Texas prison.

The amazing story is coming up next.

Skyrocketing incarcerationhas policy makers,

politicians, and religious leaders

all re-thinking the criminaljustice system in America.

A system that reliesheavily on locking people up

and some argue it'snot doing nearly enough

on rehabilitation.

Our John Jessup introducesus to a Texas business man

on a two fold mission to savesouls and to close prisons.

- It's line pipe for 36 inch line pipe.

- [John] David Howellknows a good investment

when he sees one.

- Taking pipe all over the place.

- [John] At 14 he startedworking in the oil industry.

Today he makes a livingbuying old underground pipes

and rehabilitating them,

giving second life to whatmany might consider waste.

- It is ultimate recycling to me and

like I said it's just tubular steel

that can be used and reused.

- [John] In a way David'scareer has come full circle

much like his life.

- If you can imagine atotal self centered life,

me, me, me, that was me, me, me.

And a lot of that centeredaround alcohol, sex,

all the things money

and just taking care ofmy own personal needs.

- [John] As a young husband and father,

he wanted to abandon hisdestructive lifestyle.

So he turned to Alcoholics Anonymous

and soon after found himself in church.

- I jumped into AA and became mister AA.

And when I became a Christian,

I said this is gonna be

an all or nothing deal for me as well.

- [John] Now sober for more than 35 years,

David's dedicated his newlife to sharing his story

with anyone who will listen.

- I would find people outside of a meeting

and we would go to lunch or go to coffee

and I would write stickfigures and show people

the story of Jesus.

- The AA crowd, being part of that

and that he used a lot there

and kind of experimented there.

I think that was sortof his testing ground.

- [John] Several years ago he wrote a book

called How To Be A Child Of God.

And that opened a new door.

- Even though he is agifted evangelist by gift,

he never had really seen this coming.

I never saw this coming.

- David's success has served him well.

But after 30 years in the industry,

he's spending less timereclaiming old pipes

on the oilfield and spending more time

on the mission fieldreclaiming souls for Christ.

In places like this,

behind wired fencing with armed guards

and under constant surveillance,

David Howell's book ismaking the biggest impact.

CBN News obtained rareaccess to talk with prisoners

about the value of David's52 page how to guide.

- Since I read thatbook, I changed my life.

- Kerith Gilstrap anxiouslyawaits his release

in September after servinga two year sentence

for aggravated assaultwith a deadly weapon.

Kerith how else have you changed?

Has there been a changein your personality

and your behavior?

- Yes definitely.

I've learned how to tame my tongue.

I've been reading my Bible more.

Doing a lot of Bible study.

So yes, definitely.

- Do you think others havenoticed the changes as well?

- Yes. My cell he's been telling me.

- What has he told you?

- He said you going allHoly on me ain't you.

- I'm like man I'mtrying to get right man.

When I get back out there,

I can't be who I used to be.

- [John] Jackie Beavers anger issues

landed him in prisonfor more than 20 years.

Serving time for aggravatedrobbery and kidnapping.

He wrote to David to tellhim his book was amazing

and opened his eyes toa lot he didn't know.

- Like I'm a truebeliever that Jesus Christ

died for my sins.

And when I read that book,

it's like a breath of fresh air.

It's like something took over me.

- [John] CBN News wasthere to record the moment

both men personally gotto thank the author.

For David the meetingonly confirms the call

to keep reaching out to the 2 million

American men and women behind bars.

- Here I am 77 and I'm aroughneck from South Texas.

What do I know about writinga book about salvation.

But I could identify withthose kinds of people.

I've roughnecked with'em, I've worked with 'em.

For all the things I did

and all those years ofthat hellish living.

He got caught and I didn't.

The only difference ishe's in prison and I'm not.

- [John] Prison volunteer Rick Pritchard

hands out copes of HowTo Be A Child Of God.

He says it's colorful, easy to understand,

and produces real changein a place of physical

and often spiritual bondage.

- They're free.

And you can tell when youJackie, the smile on their faces.

You know they're free.They're free inside.

- David wants to get600,000 copies of his book

into America's largeststate and federal prisons

and county jails.

All with the goal of helpingmen and women behind bars

experience spiritual freedom.

- That's what we say in prison evangelism

changing hearts and closing prisons.

So the return on investment is incredible.

- Reporting from the EasthamUnit in Lovelady, Texas

I'm John Jessup for CBN News.

- Still ahead we're gonnahear from a celebrity couple

who's been married for 30 years.

We're sitting down withDavid and Tamela Mann.

Stay with us.

Gospel music singers David and Tamela Mann

are celebrating 30 years of marriage.

We have this look atwhat they're doing now

to encourage others to pursuehappy and healthy marriages.

♪ God provides ♪

♪ It's hard to say when there's ♪

♪ No food to eat ♪

- [Efrem] Tamela Mann is famous for

that sweet and powerful voice.

It's earned her Grammy gold.

But the gospel recording artist

also graces magazine coversfor her longtime marriage

to fellow singer and actor David Mann.

- I love photo shoots.

Especially for a magazinelike Upscale that's

so family centered.

I'm really honored thatthey wanna do a piece

on our family.

- Are you sure they got the right family?

- It's a happy family life they've shared

on the hit reality series The Manns.

Now you've been married 30 years.

You're both here and stillin the Dallas Ft. Worth area.

Take us back to the very beginning.

When did you meet, how oldwere you, what happened?

- We first met when we were 18.

We were like 18 when we first met.

Actually my best friend introduced us.

See we were best friends from church

and we grew up together,

then she went to high school with David.

- Let me just add at the time we were

a pretty big deal on campus.

- Yes 'cause him.

- There was three of us.

- It was some guys that sang.

And my best friend hadchorus class with them.

And she was like y'all sing real good

but I know someone whocan outsing you guys.

- So we all thought we were the studs.

Because we was singing around town.

And the ladies just beoh y'all sing so good.

- So Nicole was like noy'all sing really good,

so let's see.

- They brought her to sing.

Blew us away.

- I just sang.

And I can't even remember what I sung.

- That developed into a friendship.

We were strictly just friends.

No han;

I had other

- You was about to say no hanky panky.

- No hanky panky.

I had other people on the side.

So I couldn't at the time.

I was involved in something.

And we were just strictly friends.

We were really good friends.

And that is what our wholerelationship is based off.

- The Manns have come a longway since those early years.

And they're celebrating

writing their first book,

Us Against The World.

Our Secrets To Love, Marriage, And Family.

So you decide to write a book

after 30 years of marriage.

What is it that happenedthat inspired you to do it?

- Well I think whathappened is we kept getting

a lot of people coming to us for advice.

And we kind of started out early because

we're people people.

You know we love people andpeople are always around us.

So that kind of pushed us andmotivated us over the years.

But we kept pushing it off.

But the Lord kept pressing andme really too in my spirit.

And I told David I said it'ssomething that we have to do

to encourage families to

and we're a super blended family.

So we just wanted toshare some of our stories

and some of our experiences with others

to kind of help with theirlives, their day to day lives.

- We sit down and just said look,

we've gotta put this book together.

So here we are.

Us Against The World.

Our Secrets to Love, Marriage, And Family.

- How would you say youmastered the secrets?

Was it trial and error?

What happened?

- I would say trial and error.

I mean just like, it's just like a job.

You know you have to work at it.

Marriage, you have to workat it, the relationship.

Because you know we took divorcewas not an option for us.

We took that off the table.

So whatever it came we decided

we were gonna work through it.

- You know you say it'sa work in progress.

We haven't discovered themaster secret to all of this.

What we tell everybody wedon't have a perfect marriage.

What we have is a marriagethat's a work in progress.

- We're not trying to painta perfect picture here.

There's no perfect couple.

Because everybody have disagreements

and we wanna talk about some disagreements

and just how we handle

some of the disagreements that we have.

- We do talk about some of our lows.

But we talk about a lot of our highs

and we share a little bitof my practical jokester.

Can I call it my practicaljokester in here.

- I like that.

Which he had a lot of practical jokes.

- You guys not only aremarried and have a family,

but work together all

from Meet The Browns to KirkFranklin and the Family.

- I'm Leroy Brown.

- Hi.

- My friends call me Leroy Brown.

You can just call me.

- Leroy Brown?- Yeah! Yeah! How you know?

- But you know that was always my prayer.

- [Efrem] Really?

- That was my prayer as a young girl

that I would have someonethat did the same things

that I did.

So I wanted someone whosang and was interested

in church and music

because that's my love.

My first love is singing, my passion.

And the Lord blessed me with someone

who love what I love.

So we've really built together.

And it went from thesinging to the acting.

Which the acting is what he loves.

- Lot of people askhow do you juggle this?

How you give it equalweight and balance it?

And I tell everybody,

I never give my marriagethe same weight and balance.

I never try to balanceit with anything else.

It far outweighs anythingelse I'll ever do.

Whether it comes to work,the career, kids, anything.

This is my first ministry.

And I never try to balanceanything against her.

So I tell people,

I was like look if this business

ever gets in the way ofthis, we'll disappear.

- It's the Lord first and then him.

- And that's why wecame up with the title,

Us Against The World.

Because at the end of theday, it's gonna be us.

The kids are gone. We're empty nesters.

And guess who it's left?

- Us. And we're having fun.

And we're enjoying it.

- Just one of manymarriage and family lessons

the Mann's are opening up to share.

And David and Tamela Mann'sbook will be released soon.

Stay right here to CBN Newswatch

and we'll let you knowwhen it is available.

Stay with us, we'll be right back.

(techno music)

- We have our guy.

It's Adolph Eichmann.

- Let's go.

- In the movie, Operation Finale

it's years after then end of World War II

and Israel's Mossad intelligence agency

launches a daring top secret raid

to capture the notorious Adolph Eichmann.

Also known as the architect

of the Nazi's final solution.

Eichmann was key to the genocidal murder

of six million Jews.

- Trail went cold in '46.

Latest intelligence suggest Buenos Aires.

This guy convinced rabbis toload the trains themselves.

- [Cheryl] He wasreported dead in the chaos

following Nazi Germany's collapse.

But Eichmann was in factliving with his wife

and two sons in a suburb of Argentina

under an assumed identity.

Monitoring his daily routine,

the Mossad operativesengaged in an intense game

of cat and mouse hoping that somehow

they might bring this evilman to justice for his crimes.

- A bullet would be easierthan dragging him here.

- Eichmann will standtrial here in Israel.

- For the first time in our history

we will judge our executionerfor the sake of the world.

Do not fail.

- Based on the real life story,

this cinematic version iscompelling and well acted.

Perhaps more importantis the fact that film

is able to communicate the horror

and aching loss of the holocaust

without actually showing usmany of its ghastly details.

And the movie leaves usto ruminate on the idea

of true justice, its value, its makeup,

and the sacrifices goodmen will make in its name.

For teens and older, I'llgive Operation Finale

a three out five for family friendliness.

For an in depth review of this film

or anything else at your local box office,

visit us at

Plugging you into the movies,

I'm Cheryl Wilhelmi

for Focused On The Family,Plugged In Movie Review.

- For teens and older.

Right now it is time foryour Friday Faithful.

So I leave you with this word

as we wrap the work weekand begin the weekend.

It is important that you do the work

to remain filled with the spirit.

The cares of life can drain you.

Spend time fillingyourself with his spirits,

singing songs and hymns and meditating

on God's word.

It will fill you repeatedly.

With that word, Iencourage you to make this

a fabulous Friday and awonderful, wonderful weekend.

That is gonna do it for thisedition of CBN Newswatch.

We thank you so much for watching.

Remember that you can always find more

of our exclusive coverage

of the issues you caremost about at

And of course we would love to know

what you think about thestories you've seen here today.

You can do that bye-mailing

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Hope you'll also reach out and touch us

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Again thank you so much for watching.

Have a fabulous Fridayand wonderful weekend.

We'll see you right back here come Monday.

Bye, bye everybody and God bless.


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