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Broncos Quarterback Case Keenum Looks to the Future

With lofty expectations in the Mile High City, Case Keenum is doing all he can to be successful while trusting God with the outcome. Read Transcript

- [TV Announcer] Case on a deep drop.

Steps up in the pocket.

- [Case] Sometimes the ball just comes out

of your hand just perfectly

and this one came out really perfectly,

really, really well.

- [TV Announcer] Are you kidding me?

It's a Minneapolis miracle!

- [Narrator] NFL quarterback Case Keenum

remembers the joy ofthe Minneapolis miracle,

a last second touchdown tobeat the New Orleans Saints

in the 2017 playoffs.

- It was so much fun. So cool.

And I remember getting grabbed

by the sideline reporter, Chris Myers.

He asked me if this has got to be

the best moment of your life, right?

But I said, "No, this is notthe best moment of my life.

"This is third.

"This is probably going to go down

"as the third best moment of my life.

"The first being when I gavemy life to Jesus Christ.

"The second when I married my wife.

"And this will be third."

- [Narrator] Case experiencedthe highest of highs

as a professional athleteyet manages to keep

every highlight in perspective.

- Those things that we have in this world

that are of the world,man they don't last.

You know, they're over and

if you count on those thingsto be everything for you,

they're just going to let you down.

Just like we had anincredible moment one week

and it let us down the next week.

But if you hold onto yourrelationship with Christ

and your relationship with your family

and those people that will bewith you, that care about you,

that's what's most important.

- [Narrator] Case's love for football

started with his father, a former coach

who modeled unconditionallove, win or lose.

- He started texting me,

"Pray hard, play hard,take care of the football,

"and have fun."

That's what I prayed before every game.

No matter what happens, I'mgoing to play as hard as I can

and I'm going to give the glory to God.

That's no matter what, God,

I want my light to shine for You.

- [Narrator] His NFL career faced

early disappointmentsas Case went undrafted

after a record-breaking college career.

Many people said hedidn't have what it takes

to make it in the NFL.

- Yeah, I heard all of those things.

You're not tall enough, strong enough.

You know, you can't throw it far enough.

You don't have a strong enough arm.

But for me it was a lesson in

you've got to listen tothe people in your life

that really mean something.

Your family, your friends, yourcoaches that believe in you,

but most of all you needto believe in your Savior,

in Jesus and His identity for you.

- [Narrator] In hisbook, Playing For More,

Case talks about theimportance of trusting God

with his life in themidst of the pressures

of professional sports.

- He has carried methrough those tough times.

And He has been theremore than anybody else

could possibly have even tried to be.

- [Narrator] Thisoff-season Case was traded

to the Denver Broncos andnamed the starting quarterback.

- To have John Elway say and introduce me

as the starting quarterback

of the Denver Broncos is incredible.

And to remember that, as a kid,

I was John Elway for Halloweenthree Halloweens in a row.

And I had my little sevenjersey and I rocked it.

I know that God has meright where He wants me

and He's equipped me for thetime that He has me here.

- [Narrator] Case looks to the future

with high expectations

knowing he's doing allhe can to be successful

and trusting God with the outcome.

- I hold myself to avery, very high standard,

that I want to give everything I've got

every single play that I play,

every single time I workout.

Everyday I come into my office here

I'm giving it everything I've got.

I'm holding up my end of thebargain as well as I can.

And I know that God, weknow through His promises,

through His word thatHe's going to hold up His

end of the bargain so I canrest easy in the results

and know that I'm doing everything I can.

I going to give Him the glory for it.

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