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'He Was America's Hero': McCain Makes Final Trip to Washington as Nation Remembers His Life, Legacy

'He Was America's Hero': McCain Makes Final Trip to Washington as Nation Remembers His Life, Legacy Read Transcript

- [Narrator] One last tripto the city where Senator

John McCain made such an impact.

The American hero greetedby a military honor guard.

Friday, McCain lies in statein the U.S. Capitol rotunda

before a final funeral service Saturday

at the national cathedral.

♪ Amazing grace ♪

♪ How sweet the sound ♪

- [Narrator] The Senator'sdeath and reflections

on his life have captured the nation.

In Arizona, thousands lined the streets,

some holding campaignsigns to pay last respects

to their Senator of more than 30 years.

- He was America's hero.

- [Narrator] At his homechurch, North Phoenix Baptist,

his former Chief of Staffexplained how McCain's

Christian faith sustainedhim during the years he spent

as a POW at the Hanoi Hilton.

- He said, "Ya know, onChristmas Eve, we celebrated,

"and we got togetherunder this bare light bulb

"and we sang Christmas carols

"and we quoted Bible versesthat we could remember

"and we told the gospelstory to each other."

- [Narrator] ArizonaCardinal's wide receiver,

Larry Fitzgerald sharedmemories of his unlikely

friendship with McCain.

- He ran for president.

I run outta bounds.


- [Narrator] And formerVice President Joe Biden,

McCain's friend for decades,

delivered a heartfelt eulogy.

- I always thought of John as a brother.

We had a hell of a lot of family fights.

- [Narrator] McCain'scode of conduct, he says,

was timeless.

- It wasn't about politics with John.

He could disagree on substance,but the underlying values

that animated everything John did,

everything he was could cometo a different conclusion.

Or where he'd part company with you.

If you lacked the basicvalues of decency, respect.

- [Narrator] And withMcCain's Christian faith,

the promise of eternity toconsole his grieving family.

- We will grieve, we will mourn, Father,

but we will do so with a different hope

because of the faith hehas placed in Jesus Christ

that we can, with confidence,

grieve with the hope toknow that this very moment,

he is spending eternity with Jesus Christ,

his Lord and savior.

- On Saturday, anotherdisplay of bipartisanship.

Former Presidents GeorgeW. Bush and Barack Obama,

once McCain's political foes,

will share their thoughtsabout the Senator's

life and legacy.

On Sunday, McCain will be laid to rest

at the naval academy.

Jennifer Wishon, CBN News, Washington.


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