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News on The 700 Club: August 31, 2018

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- Hello, and welcome to The 700 Club.

Senator John McCain returnsto the United States Capital

one final time today.

His casket will rest in the Rotunda

for admirers to pay their respects.

On Thursday, family andfriends celebrated the senator

at his home church in Phoenix,

and as Jennifer Wishon shows us,

his life of courage and service

has struck a chord with the nation.

- [Jennifer] One last trip

to the city where Senator JohnMcCain made such an impact.

The American hero, greetedby a military honor guard.

Friday, McCain lies in state

in the US capital Rotunda,

before a final funeral service Saturday

at the national cathedral.

("Amazing Grace" by John Newton)

The senator's death andreflections on his life

have captured the nation.

In Arizona, thousands lined the streets,

some holding campaignsigns to pay last respects

to their senator of more than 30 years.

- He was America's hero.

- [Jennifer] At his homechurch, North Phoenix Baptist,

his former chief of staff explained

how McCain's Christian faith sustained him

during the years he spent asa PoW at the Hanoi Hilton.

- He said, you know, onChristmas Eve, we celebrated,

and we got together underthis bare lightbulb,

and we sang Christmas carols,

and we quoted Bible versesthat we could remember,

and we told the Gospelstory to each other.

- [Jennifer] And FormerVice-President Joe Biden,

McCain's friend for decades,

delivered a heartfelt eulogy.

- I always thought of John as a brother.

- [Jennifer] McCain's code of conduct,

he says, was timeless.

- It wasn't about politics with John.

He could disagree on substance,

but it was the underlying values

that animated everythingJohn did, everything he was.

He could come to a different conclusion,

but were he part company with you

if you lack the basicvalues of decency, respect.

- [Jennifer] And withMcCain's Christian faith,

the promise of eternity toconsole his grieving family.

- We will mourn, father,

but we will do so with a different hope

because of the faith hehas placed in Jesus Christ

that we can, with confidence,grieve with the hope

to know that, this verymoment, he is spending eternity

with Jesus Christ, his Lord and Savior.

- On Saturday, anotherdisplay of bipartisanship.

Former Presidents GeorgeW. Bush and Barack Obama,

once McCain's political foes,will share their thoughts

about the senator's life and legacy.

On Sunday, McCain will be laid to rest

at the Naval Academy.

Jennifer Wishon, CBN News, Washington.

- Senator John McCain, a true hero,

and a reminder to all ofus of the significance

of our nation, who we are as Americans,

and we say thank you tohim for a life well lived.

What a great legacy.

Well, in other news,

a secular group wants toend White House access

for Christian leaders whosupport the President.

John Jessup has more on that story

from our CBN News Bureau in Washington.


- Thanks, Terry.

The secular group,

Americans United for theSeparation of Church and State,

is going after the groupof Christian leaders

who pray and share theirviews with President Trump.

The President hosteddozens of Christian leaders

who support his administration

this week at a White House dinner,

often called theEvangelical Advisory Board.

It meets from time totime with the President

in the Oval Office.

Now the secular activist group

says those meetings violate federal law,

and wants them shut down

until a full disclosure of activities

and White House meetings is released.

The problem is, no official board exists.

That's according to evangelicalleader Johnny Moore,

who told the Washington Post,

"There is no formal Faith Advisory Board

"of any sort at the White House."

And legal experts toldthe post it's unlikely

the group's activities violate the law.

Well, a Catholic foster care service

must consider same-sexcouples as potential parents

even though it violates thegroup's religious beliefs.

The Supreme Court ruled againstCatholic Social Services

in Philadelphia Thursday.

The non-profit receives city funding

for placing children with foster families,

and a lower court ruled

the program could nottake on new applicants

until it abides by state rules

requiring it to accept same-sex couples.

The group appealed to block the ruling,

but the high court let it stand.

Well, confirmation hearings

for Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh

begin next Tuesday.

A key line of attack against him

will be his stance on the ruling

that legalized abortion in America.

Paul Strand shows ushow those on both sides

are hoping he'll respond.

- Make no mistake about Judge Kavanaugh.

He was put on a list-

- [Paul] Senatorsquestioning Brett Kavanaugh

will likely try to pin 'im down

on how he might rule on specific cases.

Nominees throughout the history

of these confirmation hearings

try to politely fightthat line of questioning.

- We don't know whatJudge Kavanaugh would say

on an issue like abortion,

because that question is notanswered by judicial nominee

and the senate judiciaryconfirmation hearings.

- Here at Americans United for Life,

Steve Aden and others are heavily involved

in the fight over the BrettKavanaugh confirmation.

The reason: abortion and Roe v. Wade.

Aden suggests those senators

leaning against Kavanaugh'snomination will go this route:

make him pledge he'll respectsettled law or precedent.

They believe that wouldprevent a confirmed justice

from moving to overturnlaws such as Roe v. Wade

without breaking that promise.

- For abortion activists,precedent is like a shibboleth.

They want a nominee to agree to conform

to what the Supreme Court has said before

on an issue like Roe versus Wade.

- [Paul] Aden says Kavanaughhas shown great respect

for settled law.

- Precedent does play a role.

Judge Kavanaugh has acknowledged that

in his judicial writings.

- [Paul] But as someoneknown as a constitutionalist,

he sees that renowned document differently

than activists who seekto put their own mark

on the Constitution.

- Roe versus Wade is the paramount example

of judicial activism inrecent Supreme Court history.

We know that Brett Kavanaugh

is a dyed-in-the-woolconstitutional originalist,

he doesn't believe in findingnew rights in the Constitution

that didn't exist, likethe Supreme Court did

in Roe versus Wade.

- [Paul] Aden points out the court itself

has reversed its rulings whenit comes to bad precedent,

like the 1857 ruling that backed slavery.

- Dred Scott is probably the best example.

There are many, many instances

where the Supreme Court has made

what a lot of folks thoughtwas a final pronouncement

on very important issues,only to reverse itself

decades later.

- [Paul] For instance, justiceswere said to regret later

that they backed imprisoningJapanese Americans

in camps during World War II.

Paul Strand, CBN News, reportingfrom Arlington, Virginia.

- [John] And you can follow full coverage

of the Kavanaugh confirmation

at our special SupremeCourt Showdown page.

You can find that at

Well, the Trump administration is planning

to pull US funding from aUnited Nations Aid program

for Palestinian refugees.

According to the Washington Post,

the administration disapproves

of how the UN Relief andWorks Agency uses its funds.

It also wants to reducethe number of Palestinians

who claim refugee status,

effectively ending theclaim of a right to return

for most Palestinians.

The administration is expectedto make an announcement

on cuts to the UN fundingin the coming weeks.

Well, the Bible is thebest-selling book of all time,

and still going strong.

A recent version quicklyrose to number one on Amazon,

and as CBN's Chris Mitchell shows us,

this unique book of Scripture

is designed to appeal toboth Christians and Jews.

- The Israel Bible is the only Bible

that's exclusively dedicatedto the land of Israel,

the people of Israel,and the God of Israel.

- [Chris] Rabbi Tuly Weisz of Israel 365

saw the 70th anniversary ofIsrael as a great opportunity

for a special version of this kind.

- The Bible has had such agreat impact on civilization,

yet it's also been the greatest source

of friction and divisionbetween Jews and Christians,

who both claim to love the Bible,

and so now the vision for the Israel Bible

is that we're gonna have the opportunity

to use the Bible as a source of unity

between Jews and Christians,

and everybody who loves the Bible.

- So this is the Hebrew Scripture,

it's not the New Testamentor the Brit Hadashah.

So why would Christians wanna be able

to read the Israel Bible?

- Well first of all, youknow, and I'm not a Christian,

but I know that for Christians

who want the Bible that Jesus read,

so he read the Hebrew Bible, the Tanakh.

That's something that my Christian friends

have pointed out to me,

that this is the Bible that Jesus read.

I think that there'sanother aspect as well

that the prophets talked about,

how in the future, Isaiahsays in the future,

in the end of days,

the non-Jews are going tosay to the Jewish people,

teach us the Torah, teach us the Bible.

- [Chris] It comes with special features

in the 929 chapters.

- Number one is that it opens

in the way of the format of a Hebrew book,

it opens backwards.

A lot of our customers aresaying, hey, wait a minute!

My Bible opens backwards!

It's not a mistake, we did it on purpose.

All of the verses about Israel

have been highlighted and transliterated

so that anybody could actually read

the Hebrew for themselves.

And then, of course, on thebottom of every chapter,

we have study notes.

Weisz feels this versioncomes at an important time,

because of the inaccuratecriticism directed at Israel.

- More than any other time in history,

the world's eyes are focused on Israel.

You have world leaders who are saying

that Israel is occupying this land,

and this Bible shows thatwe're not occupying this land,

this is the land that God gave to us.

And everybody needs to bemore educated in God's word,

and especially if you'reconfused, if you're not familiar,

you know, which side to take,to be supportive of Israel,

to be on the fence, to be anti-Israel,

just read the Bible.

- [Chris] Chris Mitchell,CBN News, Jerusalem.

- Thanks, Chris.

Terry, I don't know about you,

but I wanna get my own copy.

- I'm out for mine as well.

You know all of us do need

to be more educated on the Scripture,

and how wonderful thatthis is all put together,

consolidated and highlighted

in a way that we really can study it.

So it's the Israel Bible, get your copy.


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