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After Calls for Civility at McCain Memorial, Nation Looks Ahead to Nasty Kavanaugh Confirmation Battle

After Calls for Civility at McCain Memorial, Nation Looks Ahead to Nasty Kavanaugh Confirmation Battle Read Transcript

- [George] The Vietnam Warhero's casket was taken

in a horse-drawn cart and laid to rest

at the U.S. Navel Academyin Maryland on Sunday.

Overhead, four F 18 fighterjets flew a missing man

formation to honor the Navypilot who was shot down

in Vietnam and held fiveyears as a prisoner of war.

Saturday, at the NationalCathedral in Washington,

family, friends andone-time political opponents

took the pulpit to rememberMcCain's larger than life

influence on America's political life.

Former president BarackObama highlighted McCain's

willingness to reachacross the political aisle

and suggested that Americansshould follow his example.

- So much of our politics

can seem small, and mean, and petty.

John called on us to be bigger than that.

He called on us to be better than that.

- [George] However, itwas the senator's daughter

who drew the most attentionwhen she took a jab

at President Trump who famouslyfeuded with her father,

and was not invited to the service.

- The America of John McCain has no need

to be made great again, becauseAmerica was always great.

- [George] PresidentTrump didn't seem to agree

and took to social mediashortly after the service

tweeting in all caps:make America great again.

- She is her father'sdaughter, if you say something

bad about her dad you willknow it, whether you are

the janitor or the presidentof the United States,

she is grieving for the father she adored,

and I think most ofAmericans understand that.

- [George] As the week begins,a new battle on Capital Hill

as a Senate Judicatory Committeeholds its first hearing

Tuesday with Brett Kavanaugh,President Trumps second

nominee to the Supreme Court.

- Look, I've known BrettKavanaugh for a long time,

I think he was an inspiredchoice, I think he'd make

a great justice on the Supreme Court.

- So just let me start withBrett Kavanaugh in this way,

he is the most unpopularSupreme Court nominee

in the last 40 years.

- [George] Still, mostanalysts expect the 53 year old

nominee to be confirmed andon the bench when the court

begins its new term October 1st.

George Thomas, CBN news.


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