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Even Before Kavanaugh Spoke, the Fireworks Were Flying

Even Before Kavanaugh Spoke, the Fireworks Were Flying Read Transcript

- [George] The fireworks erupted

moments after Kavanaugh and his family

entered the Senate'sJudiciary Committee room.

- I welcome everyone tothis confirmation hearing

on the nomination of

- [Harris] Mr. Chairman

- Judge Brett Kavanaugh.

- Mr. Chairman, Mr. Chairman

I'd like to be recognizedto ask a question

before we proceed.

- [George] For the next two hours

- This is a travesty of justice

we will not hold back.

- [George] Interrupted numerous times

by protestors in the room.

Democrats waged an all out effort

to delay the nominationof Judge Brett Kavanaugh

to the Supreme Court.

- And we believe thishearing should be postponed.

- [George] Their contention?

On Monday night the White House released

some 42,000 documentsrelated to Kavanaugh's work

with previous administrations.

Democrats argued they needed more time

to look through all the paperwork.

- The committee received just last night,

less than 15 hours ago,

42,000 pages of documents

that we have not had anopportunity to review

or read or analyze.

- [George] Democratsalso wanted to know why

the administration was blocking access to

tens of thousands ofKavanaugh's documents.

- What are we trying to hide?

- [George] The White House shot back

with the administration'sDeputy Press Secretary tweeting,

by my count in the opening30 minutes and this

Democrat tantrum wellover a dozen references

to documents and zero referencesto Judge Kavanaugh cases,

votes or record as a judgefor the past 12 years.

Still Democrats say theyparticularly want to know

how a Judge Kavanaugh on the Supreme Court

would possibly rule oncases that might involve

investigating the President.

Like in the ongoing Mueller probe.

- He chose the candidate who he thought

would best protect him fromthe Mueller investigation.

- [George] Despite theirrepeated objections,

Senator Chuck Grassley theJudiciary Committees Chairman

wasn't budging and proceeded with

the day's openingstatements from both sides

of the political aisle.

George Thomas, CBN News.

- Judge Brett Kavanaugh.

- Mr. Chairman, Mr. Chairman

I'd like to be recognizedto ask a question.


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