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Trump Blasts Jeff Sessions Saying Investigations Could Jeopardize Midterm Election

Trump Blasts Jeff Sessions Saying Investigations Could Jeopardize Midterm Election Read Transcript

- Well President Trump took to Twitter

to take yet another jab

at his Attorney General, Jeff Sessions.

His latest attack comes astwo Republican congressmen

find themselves in some legal troubles.

CBN News national security correspondent,

Erik Rosales, explains.

- President Donald Trump has accused

Attorney General Jeff Sessionsand the Justice Department

of damaging the reelection chances

of two Republican representativesby prosecuting them.

The president tweetedthe move to file charges

against the men jeopardizes "easy wins"

in the midterm elections.

But all this has sparked criticism

that the president is illegally seeking

to interfere with the justice system.

- [Narrator] The presidentthen took another shot

at Sessions in a tweet.

He said, "The Democrats,none of whom voted

"for Jeff Sessions, must love him now."

Paul Berman is a professor of law

at George Washington University.

- It is certainly crossing the line.

The president is essentiallyasking the Justice Department

to take a partisan positionthat would benefit Republicans

in an election, which is precisely not

what we want our federal lawenforcement entities to do.

- [Narrator] Last month,authorities charged

Representative Christopher Collins

with participating in aninsider trading scheme.

Later in August,Representative Duncan Hunter

and his wife were indicted

for allegedly using campaign funds

to pay for personal expenses.

Some believe a change will take place

in the attorney general'soffice after the midterms.

- As a new attorney general,supposing he lets Sessions go,

who actually takes actionand gets things to happen

on these investigationsand brings them to a close,

I think the American peoplewill be grateful for that.

- [Narrator] President Trump

has publicly criticizedSessions for his leadership

in the Justice Department

starting when Sessions recused himself

from the Russian investigationallowing it to go forward.

Now the president's viewappears to be gaining traction

on Capitol Hill.

- The bottom line is that thisrelationship is not working.

It's not good for theDepartment of Justice.

- [Narrator] In an interview last week,

Senator Graham said the immigration issue

was poorly handled.

And the zero-tolerancepolicy that split families

and created an uproarblindsided the president.

- I hope they can repair these problems,

but I don't see thathappening anytime soon.

The Department of Justice needs a voice

that people in the WhiteHouse will listen to,

and the president needs acabinet he's confident in.

- A lot of people say theyneed a strong voice out there

as we heard from PresidentTrump just last week.

He says that his AG is at least safe

until the midterm elections.

- Erik, with everything goingon between the president

and the attorney general,this is got to be demoralizing

for the department.

So what's it like?

What's the climate like inside DOJ?

- You know, I spoke to anumber of my sources over there

at the Department of Justice,

and they're frustrated right now.

They say that they don't know what more

that they can do.

They've already taken careof taking the rule of law

to a new level.

They've gone after drug offenders

in giving 'em harsher penalties.

They've supported the police department.

They're frustrated.

They say, "I don't know how much more

"that we can be able to do this stuff

"and still be able to doour job and be criticized

"on a daily and weekly basis."

- But just not thedepartment, but its leader,

it has to cripple theleadership in his ability

to lead the rest of the department.

- It certainly does.

And he says, you know,Jeff Sessions I spoke with.

He says, "The one thingthat will not happen,

"that this department will notbe influenced by politics."

And he says, plain and simple,he is gonna follow the rule

of law, but he's not gonna be influenced

by President Trump

or by politics.- Drawing the line.


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