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'I Am a Pro-Law Judge': Kavanaugh Stands His Ground against Democratic Onslaught

'I Am a Pro-Law Judge': Kavanaugh Stands His Ground against Democratic Onslaught Read Transcript

- Those expecting a showdown

throughout Judge Kavanaugh's nomination

were not disappointed Tuesday

with a steady stream of protesters

interrupting oftencontentious opening statements

from both sides of the aisle.

(audience shouting)

- Mr. Chairman, I think we ought

to have this loud mouth removed.

- [Abigail] The long awaited hearing

kicked off with about 90 minutes

of Democrats complainingabout the availability

of documents from Kavanaugh's time working

for the administration of George W. Bush.

- What are we trying tohide, why are we rushing?

- [Abigail] Democrats called for a delay

until thousands of those pages

are available for them to fully review.

- The fact that we cannottake a few days or weeks

to have a complete reviewof Judge Kavanaugh's record

is unfair to the American people.

- [Abigail] Republican Senator, Ben Sasse,

told CBN News there is a record amount

of information alreadyavailable on Judge Kavanaugh.

- Judge Kavanaugh hadmore papers submitted

to our judiciary committee

than the last five judicial nominees

to the Supreme Court combined.

- [Abigail] Dozens were arrested,

and during one outburst,Senator John Cornyn called

for members to take a deep breath

and treat the process with respect.

- I am disappointed

that despite his exemplary qualifications

and outstanding record,so many of our colleagues

across the aisle haveannounced their opposition

even before he was nominated.

- [Abigail] Case and point,

Democrat Kamala Harris, who came down hard

on Kavanaugh saying she's deeply concerned

that he's too guided by partisanship.

- This nominee hasdevoted his entire career

to a conservative Republican agenda.

- [Abigail] Judge Kavanaugh

finally got his chancelate in the afternoon,

making his case as aneutral, impartial judge.

- I do not decide cases based on personal

or policy preferences.

I am not a pro-plaintiffor pro-defendant judge.

I am not a pro-prosecutionor pro-defense judge.

I am a pro-law judge.

- And in a positive developmentfor the razor-thin majority,

Arizona Governor, Doug Ducey,

announced former Senator John Kyle

will fill the late SenatorJohn McCain's seat.

They plan to swear him in Wednesday.

Judge Kavanaugh will be

in the hot-seat the rest of the week,

fielding questions from bothsides on topics like abortion,

executive privilege, and gun control.

Republicans remain hopefulthey'll have him confirmed

before the Supreme Courtconvenes October first.

Reporting from Capitol Hill,Abigail Robertson, CBN News.


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