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Against All Odds, Man Wakes From Coma

After a massive stroke, doctors didn’t know if Stephen would ever wake from his coma. Stephen’s wife and family didn’t stop praying until the miraculous happened, 6 weeks later. Read Transcript

(gentle music)

- [Narrator] Easter morning 2009,

the worship team at Family Life Church

in Newburg, Oregon wasdoing a last run through

before the service.

53 year old worshipleader and guitar player,

Stephen Anderson, saidhe wasn't feeling well.

His wife, Kathy, was in the choir.

- He asked the choir pray forme, something's not right,

I have a headache.

So I thought well that's kinda strange.

So we prayed for him, and thenI noticed as he was sitting

there he started to kind of wobbling

and he was trying to play his guitar,

and his fingers weren'tdoing what they should.

(light dramatic music)

- [Narrator] Then momentslater, Stephen collapsed.

Someone called 911 as Kathyand others ran to his side.

- [Kathy] Shock, you knowshock, so I started praying.

- [Narrator] By the timethe rescue squad arrived,

Stephen was drifting inand out of consciousness.

- The ambulance guysturned to me and they said

okay, we're gonna get him in right away.

He's had a stroke.

- [Narrator] They tookhim to Providence Newberg

Medical Center where hewas put on life support.

Kathy along with the pastor'swife arrived moments later.

Not only had Stephensuffered a massive stroke,

spinal fluid was leaking into his skull

adding pressure to his brain.

It was a deadly combination.

- The doctor came out and hesaid this isn't gonna be easy

for you I know, but I gotta tell you

he's probably not gonna makeit within the next 12 hours.

Not hardly anybody makesit in a stroke like this,

he's had the worst strokeyou could ever have.

I talked to the Lord and Isaid not another one Lord,

this can't happen.

- [Narrator] Years before,

Kathy had lost herfirst husband to cancer.

- So I knew this was not the time to fear,

but to put my trust in God.

So I had to take authority right away

and I just walked up and down the hall

and I started speaking the word of God,

and I said no, Steve you willlive and you will not die.

- [Narrator] Stephenwas stabilized and taken

to St. Vincent MedicalCenter in nearby Portland.

There doctors inserteda shunt to help drain

the spinal fluid off his brain.

Kathy was told the firsthours were critical,

but the odds were not in his favor.

- Another doctor came inand said we just don't know

if he's gonna make it or not.

And so we don't wannagive you any false hope.

- [Narrator] Back at church people prayed

as friends and familygathered at the hospital.

- We would all grab hands and pray,

and there was like almosta hundred of us out there.

It was just unbelievable.

And then we would comeagainst every negative thing

that they would tellus, and we'd said okay,

these are the facts, we hear the facts,

we hear what they're saying

but we're gonna hang ontoGod's word because it's truth.

- [Narrator] After 24 hoursStephen was still alive

but in a coma.

Doctors told Kathy theydidn't know whether or not

he would ever wake up.

Even if he did, he'dlikely need nursing care

for the rest of his life.

- They said they didn'tgive him much hope at all.

But one doctor came inand he says you know,

we never say never until the end.

And he said we're gonna keep believing

and we're gonna justkeep doing what we can do

to see if he comes out of this.

- [Narrator] Kathy wouldhave to cling to that hope.

- I didn't have any fearof him being paralyzed

or never being able totalk again or whatever,

I guess God just gave me that faith

to just keep believing.

- [Narrator] Kathy rarelyleft her husband's side,

playing recordedscripture and praise music

around the clock.

Then finally after six weeks,Stephen began to show signs

that he was conscious.

- I wasn't gonna let the devilsteal this husband from me.

And whatever it took, I meanit was pretty important to me.

You know, so I just knewthat I had to be strong

and had to be strong for him,

and he'd take my hand and squeeze it

and I'd squeeze it back.

- [Narrator] Stephenbegan showing more signs

of awareness, speakingand answering questions.

Kathy remembers one morning when a nurse

came into his room.

- And he said I want you toknow that this is a miracle.

He should not be here right now.

And I go I know, I know,this is totally God.

- [Narrator] Stephen wouldspend another six weeks

in rehab before he finally went home.

- The next memory that I know is mine

and not just a photograph, is checking out

of the last hospital.

- [Narrator] It tookover a year but Stephen

completely recovered from his stroke.

Today he's back to leading worship

and playing his guitar.

(light guitar music)

- And even though it wasa miracle that he's alive

and doing as well as he is today,

it was a process, I callit a healing miracle.

It didn't just happen overnight.

- I was checked out, I was gone.

And it was simply God who lifted me.

Not only did the stroke occurin an atmosphere of praise,

but I was surrounded bythat praise and worship

during recovery with thepeople that were coming

to the hospital and Ibelieve God has honored that

because he was glorified evenin the midst of all this.

- And I think some people, they give up

and they think oh it's taking too long

and they listen to the doctorsand they don't see it through

with just no, come on, let's persevere.

Let's just keep praying,let's resist the devil,

let's go, let's take care of this.

And let God raise him upto be a mighty miracle.

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