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The 700 Club - September 5, 2018

Hear why new Denver Broncos quarterback Case Keenum is, “playing for more.” Plus, you may not be in prison, but you’re likely guilty of violating some law here in our, “nation of criminals.” Read Transcript

- [Announcer] The following program

is sponsored by CBN.

- [Correspondent] Coming up,you may not be in prison, but,

- [Voiceover] There is noone in the United States

over the age of 18 who cannot be indicted

for some federal crime.

- [Correspondent] Wehave laws for everything.

- [Man] It is literally a crime

to misuse the Smokey the Bear logo.

- [Correspondent] Andyou're guilty of something.

- 400 or 500,000 regulations

that carry criminal penalties.

- [Correspondent] How we'vebecome a nation of criminals.

Plus, the man behindthe Minneapolis Miracle

is taking his talentsto the Mile High city.

- God has me right where He wants me.

- [Correspondent] WhyBronco's quarter Case Keenum

says he's playing formore, on today's 700 Club.

- And I'm gonna give Him the glory for it.

(grand orchestral music)

- Well welcome folks, tothis edition of The 700 Club,

it looked like the Senateconfirmation hearing room

was turned into a zoo yesterday,

fingers pointing at theSenate's top Democrat

of reportedly organizingsome of that chaos.

Protests, heckling, andconstant interruption,

44 interruptions during the first hour,

attempts to delay the proceedings

of this very important nomination.

- It was quite a showPat, despite the chaos

Judge Kavanaugh finally had thechance to speak for himself.

CBN Capitol Hill'scorrespondent Abigail Robertson

takes us inside the hearings.

- Those expecting a showdown

throughout judge Kavanaugh's nomination

were not disappointed Tuesday,

with a steady stream ofprotestors interrupting

often contentious opening statements

from both sides of the aisle.

(loud shouting)

- Mr. Chairman, I think we outta have

this loudmouth removed.

- [Abigail] The long-awaitedhearing kicked off

with about 90 minutesof Democrats complaining

about the availability of documents

from Kavanaugh's time workingfor the administration

of George W. Bush.

- What are we trying tohide, why are we rushing?

- [Abigail] Democrats called for a delay

until thousands of thosepages are available

for them to fully review.

- The fact that we cannottake a few days or weeks

to have a complete reviewof Judge Kavanaugh's record

is unfair to the American people.

- [Abigail] Republican senatorBen Sasse told CBN news,

"There is a record amount of information

"already available on Judge Kavanaugh."

- Judge Kavanaugh hadmore papers submitted

to our judiciary committeethan the last five

judicial nominees to theSupreme Court combined.

- [Abigail] Dozens werearrested, and during one outburst

Senator John Cornyn called for members

to take a deep breath andtreat the process with respect.

- I am disappointed

that despite his exemplary qualifications

and outstanding record,so many of our colleagues

across the aisle haveannounced their opposition,

even before he was nominated.

- [Abigail] Case in point,Democrat Kamala Harris,

who came down hard on Kavanaugh

saying she's deeply concerned

that he's too guided by partisanship.

- This nominee hasdevoted his entire career

to a conservative Republican agenda.

- [Abigail] Judge Kavanaughfinally got his chance

late in the afternoon, making his case

as a neutral, impartial judge.

- I do not decide cases based on personal

or policy preferences,I am not a pro-plaintiff

or pro-defendant judge,I'm not a pro-prosecution

or pro-defense judge,I am a pro-law judge.

- [Abigail] And in a positive development

for the razor-thin majority,Arizona Governor Doug Ducey

announced former Senator Jon Kyl

will fill the late SenatorJohn McCain's seat.

They plan to swear him in Wednesday.

Judge Kavanaugh will be in the hot seat

the rest of the week, fieldingquestions from both sides

on topics like abortion,executive privilege,

and gun control.

Republicans remain hopefulthey'll have him confirmed

before the Supreme Courtconvenes October 1.

Reporting from Capitol Hill,Abigail Robertson, CBN News.

- It's really disgraceful,

but that's the way thegame's being played.

The Wall Street Journal was suggesting

maybe that if the Democratswalked out of the committee

the committee wouldn't havethe appropriate quorum,

I don't know if that's the case,

and I don't know if thatwould shut them down,

but it's a pre-planned thing.

The idea that they have toget the sacred documents

that were made when Kavanaughwas a short-time counsel

for President George Bush is just absurd,

he has written hundreds ofvery important decisions,

they're all on public record,

the Democrats have allthe information they need,

and this is just a, it's an outrage.

Well CBN Chief Political Analyst

David Brody's joining us now,

David, have you found evidence

that somebody actuallyplanned this demonstration,

did it come from the top?

- Well, here's the evidence;Dick Durbin actually saying it,

when asked in thejudiciary committee hearing

he actually said yeah,we had a phone call,

Chuck Schumer on the phonecall along with Dick Durbin,

the two top Democrats in the Senate,

and a lot of these advocacygroups on the left,

so this was coordinated.

It was funny Pat, when Iwas watching this hearing,

which by the way, kinda feltlike a Jerry Springer show

run amok without the flying chairs,

there were no flying chairs,

but beyond that it feltlike a Jerry Springer show.

But I have to tell you thatthe protests were coming

eventually once every 10,12 minutes, eventually,

through the hour-and-a-half or so,

in that first hour-and-a-half,so this was coordinated,

not even a question.

There were some folks dressedup in this Netflix show,

or it's not Netflix,it's some sort of show,

The Handmaid's Tale, we're talking about,

anyhow, the point is isthat it was out of control,

and this is all Democratscan do at this point

'cause they can't stop Kavanaugh,they don't have the votes.

- Well, what's the deal,

what is this showing the American people?

Do these people running forpresident actually think

it's gonna enhance their chances?

- Yeah, they do, KamalaHarris, Cory Booker,

both expected to run for president,

Cory Booker saying the word traversed,

I traversed the country,

it was like it was his nominationspeech at the convention,

that's what it sounded like

in the judiciary committee hearing.

As a matter of fact, he actually sent out

a fundraising email whilethe confirmation hearing

was going on, which Ben Sasse,

Senator on the Republicanside, took him to task for that

and said how dare you,you don't go fundraising

during a committee hearing,so this was all coordinated.

There's been talk, by theway Pat, I wanna clear up

something about this Senate rule

that Democrats could've walked out,

or at least at twoo'clock in the afternoon,

there's a Senate Rule26 that basically says

if the majority leaderand the minority leader

don't come to an agreement,

then there should be nocommittee meetings after 2 p.m.

Technically that's true,

technically the Democrats could've said

there is no agreement,we're gonna be done.

A Senate judiciarycommittee spokesman told me

just this morning thatif they had done that,

Grassley would've justcontinued on on Thursday,

or excuse me, Wednesday, with the hearing

and there would've been noopening statements at all

for Democrats, so Democrats had to choose.

They could've stopped the hearing

but they wouldn't have hadany other opening statements,

so clearly soliloquies were more important

than anything else.

- So the truth is, they can't really block

the confirmation of this splendid man,

and it's just strictly for show.

Again, is their base happywith these shenanigans?

- Well, the base is happy,but that's an asterisk happy,

in other words they're gladthat the Democrats did something

but quite frankly there's aliberal wing, as you know,

of the Democrat party thatwanted these Democrats

to walk out, but a Senatejudiciary committee spokesman

also told me today that indeed

if Democrats decide to walk out,

and play all their shenanigans,and stop the hearings,

it doesn't matter because technically

there doesn't need to be a hearing,

and Grassley could justtake the whole thing

right to the Senate floorand that would be that.

- Is the rule they have to have a vote

of the judiciary committeebefore they take it

to the floor of the Senate, is that--

- No.

Technically no, what I'vebeen told by the Senate, no,

what I've been told by theSenate judiciary committee

is that technically, and once again

we're into arcane Senate rules,

but technically they can take this thing

right to the floor if they need to, Pat.

- The governor of Arizona has appointed

a guy who I've known, he'sa splendid Senator, Jon Kyl,

to fill out the term of thelate Senator John McCain.

He will be a reliable votefor Kavanaugh, won't he?

- He will, and we knew JohnMcCain would vote for Kavanaugh,

and obviously Kyl'sgonna vote for Kavanaugh,

but here's the difference going forward,

Jon Kyl has about a96% conservative rating

from the American Conservative Union,

John McCain had about an 82%,

so you're getting a moreconservative Arizona Senator,

that'll bode well forthe Trump administration,

obviously that'll bode well

for conservatives overall,so there's that at play too.

But let me just say one last thing

about the Kavanaugh hearings,

because it really hasbecome the Kava-no hearings

for the Democrats, and onceagain, they don't have the votes

so just to be clear, whateverybody needs to watch now

is is there a smoking gun,

which it doesn't appear thereis any smoking gun out there,

and whether or not SusanCollins and Lisa Murkowski,

the two pro-choice Senators, will go ahead

and somehow decide togo with the Democrats,

there's no indication that'sgoing to happen at all,

so at this point, and quite frankly Pat,

even if they did side with the Democrats,

and no one's expecting that,

you got the red state Democrats,

in other words the JoeManchin in West Virginia,

and Joe Donnelly in Indiana,

and Heidi Heitkamp inNorth Dakota, all Democrats

that are in red states that Trump won.

I have to tell you, they'vegot some pressure on them

because it's all aboutself-preservation for them,

if they vote for Kavanaugh

they'll have a betterchance at re-election,

they vote against Kavanaughand all bets are off.

- It looks, what do you figure,

they're talking October the 1

so they've gotta get this thing done,

do you think there's anyquestion, there's no question

that the Senate won'tvote for him, is there?

- No, this is gonna go on as scheduled,

once again, Senatejudiciary committee sources

telling me that Grassley'sgonna keep it moving

Wednesday, Thursday, Friday,

even if it has to go into the weekend,

but they're gonna get this thing done.

And look, it's funny,

the Democrats want all of these documents,

they already have a halfa million documents,

but they want, I don't know, 100,000 more,

and it's really interestingbecause they already

pretty much are saying they'regonna vote no on Kavanaugh,

so why do they want100,000 more documents,

to really vote no?

It just doesn't make any sense to me, Pat.

- David, thank you very much

for that insight.- You bet.

- And it's interesting, Wendy.

- Boy, it was tough towatch yesterday though.

- Oh, it was horrible.- Just with the animosity,

and the visceral.- You know,

the Supreme Court is supposedto be an all-gus body,

and with learned jurors,

it's supposed to be an impartial forum,

and now they have politicizedit like, it's just disgusting,

and Kavanaugh says, I'm not political,

I'm not conservative or liberal,

I'm going to interpret theConstitution as it's written,

which is what we're looking for,

alright?- Amen.

Well coming up, in theU.S. there's a good chance

you'll commit a crimewithout even knowing it.

- It's probably more like400 or 500,000 regulations

that carry criminal penalties,

it is literally a crime tomisuse the Smokey the Bear logo

or the Woodsy the Owl logo,it's a crime to write a check

for under $1.

- [Wendy] More on thecountless federal regulations

that Americans break everysingle day, after this.

(grand orchestral music)

- Ladies and gentlemen, thisnext feature's gonna shock you.

You see, the Democrats andthe liberals are this way;

if you don't agree with mewe're gonna put you in jail,

if you don't do exactlywhat we tell you to do

we're gonna lock you up.

Now, this is the kindof government they want,

and those who areconservative want freedom,

they want freedom from rules,

and especially unelected officials.

But unelected governmentbureaucrats are crafting rules,

hundreds of thousands of them,that have the power of law,

and they're putting unsuspectedcitizens behind bars,

that's the shock, andevery one of us has found

that if you think back abouteverything you've done,

I think breathing, andyou're breaking some law.

Jennifer Wishon brings us, therules are often so outlandish

that millions of people inAmerica without even knowing it

are committing a crime everysingle day, watch this.

(upbeat, intense music)

- [Jennifer] If you get out of bed today

there's a good chanceyou will commit a crime.

There is no one in the UnitedStates over the age of 18

who cannot be indictedfor some federal crime,

that is not an exaggerationsays John Baker,

a retired law professor from LSU.

Here at the Library of Congress,

this is the Federal Criminal Code,

its pages hold some 5,000criminal laws passed by Congress

and signed by presidents.

That's a lot, but it'sonly a drop in the bucket

when you consider thereare hundreds of thousands

of federal regulations thatcarry criminal penalties.

- I've seen the estimateof at least 300,000,

it's probably more like400 or 500,000 regulations

that carry criminal penalties.

For instance, it's literally a crime

to misuse the Smokey the Bear logo

or the Woodsy the Owl logo,it's a crime to write a check

for under $1, it's acrime to label malt liquor

pre-war strength.

- [Jennifer] Federalagencies are often given

tremendous power by Congressto create regulations

that carry criminal penalties,

and can drastically affect people's lives,

power that's been upheldby the Supreme Court.

Unelected bureaucratsare making regulations

that can land you in jail.

- Sure, and it's a huge number.

We all have one thingin common, me included,

which is at one time or another

we have probably violatedsome criminal regulation,

we just don't know it,and we were lucky enough

not to get caught and prosecuted.

- [Jennifer] So how does this happen?

Political gridlock and lack ofpolitical will in Washington

is actually empowering bureaucrats.

In order for members of Congressto get legislation passed

to reach compromises whileavoiding political pitfalls,

they're often vague, leaving the details

up to the agencies in chargeof the subject matter.

- There are so many of these regulations

no one knows how manythere are, where they are,

and of course these can includetraps for the unwary people

who are going about their business,

engaging in conduct thatthey would've had no idea

violated any law, muchless a criminal law,

and they can get trippedup and possibly prosecuted

for violating those laws.

- [Jennifer] And when thegovernment has a hammer,

Malcolm says it tends to use it.

This Twitter account tweetsa federal crime each day.

The project started in 2014and will not be completed

until the year 2848, that's aspan of more than 800 years.

And it's not just the federal government,

state agencies writecriminal regulations too.

- Feeding the homelessis a crime in many places

where people are doing it for a ministry.

- [Jennifer] John Whitehead,author of Battlefield America,

has spent decades representing people

in trouble with the lawfor simply exercising

their Constitutional rights.

- We had a case in Arizona where a pastor

wanted to have a Bible study in his home,

the regulation, as Iremember, was for 10 people,

he had 12 or 13, some neighbors called,

seven policemen entered his home.

He was finally arrested,

he ended up serving 60 days in jail,

this is for a Bible study,

and he was put on house arrest after that

with an electronic ankle bracelet.

- [Jennifer] Critics of federal agencies

crafting criminal penaltiessay most of the time

these violations could simplybe handled with a fine.

They're also skeptical many of the crimes

aren't actions most peopleconsider morally wrong,

instead they're crimes

because the government says they are,

which is why so many peopleunwittingly break them.

- If we end up criminalizing conduct

that your average personwould never have recognized

was wrong, then people willall of a sudden lose respect

for the rule of law.

By the way, did you know it's illegal

to walk your dog on federal land

on a leash that exceeds six feet?

- How's the Constitution start?

We the people, whoa, thinkabout that for a second,

we the people, that meanswe're the government.

The reason this is happening

'cause we're not taking action.

- You say the change isgonna have to trickle up

from local governments.

- I'm telling people get downto that local city council,

get these things changed,I mean, arresting a pastor,

60 days in jail for having a Bible study

with a few extra people in his home?

Is that a danger to society?

Well, I don't think so.

- It's all a contributing factor

to the United States havingthe largest prison rate

in the world.

Jennifer Wishon, CBN News, Washington.

- We're gonna talk toProfessor James Duane

about some of these things,but ladies and gentlemen,

this is horrible, andit's got to be stopped.

You know the presidentcould stop all this,

the acts of Congress, that's one thing,

a few thousand laws passed by Congress

signed by the president into law,

these other are unelected,and the president

by a stroke of the pen, couldexonerate everybody from them

and also cancel them.

I don't think that the actionof these federal agencies

could withstand a presidential veto,

they could all be eliminated,

and I think it's time the president,

he could step up and do it,think what it would mean,

how much do these things cost?

How much money are we wastingby putting people in jail,

innocent people, like that pastor,

two more people, two extrapeople in a Bible study

and he's suddenly labeled a criminal?

- What was wrong withthe judge in that town

to okay that?

He should've had more sense.

- Well, he should've had more sense,

but nevertheless hemaybe is under the law,

he's got to abide by what's written,

and we've got these three strikes

and you're out kinda thing,

and all this business ofgetting tough on crime,

but it's not just tough on crime,

these bureaucrats want to force people

to do what they want you to do,

and if you don't do it, I mean,

Smokey the Bear for heaven's sakes,

or writing a check under a dollar?

I didn't know that was a law.

- And you know people have done that.

- Well, there's stocks on the market

that sell for less than a dollar,

and if you wanna buy one of 'em

you're gonna have to write acheck for less than a dollar.

I mean, the whole stock market,

they've got all these pennystocks, lots and lots of them,

and lots and lots of pennystocks, all that illegal.

Ladies and gentlemen, it is appalling,

and it's time the American people rise up

and notify the president, for example,

and I don't know the cost,

but it must be absolutely astronomical

how many people we're putting in jail,

and what it costs in human capital,

what it costs to put thesepeople, incarcerate them,

and those jails become schools for crime,

and they come out ofthere not better people,

they come out of there marred for life

because some crazy bureaucrat decides

he doesn't like their conduct.

That's outrageous, and it'stime we do something about it,

Wendy, I'm worked up

on this.- Yes, Amen,

we better change the subject.

Well, up next the quarterbackthat John Elway named

as the starting quarterbackfor the Denver Broncos.

- [Case] Kid, I wasJohn Elway for Halloween

three Halloweens in a row,

and I had my little 7jersey and I rocked it.

- [Wendy] Case Keenum talksabout the three best moments

of his life, right after this.

- Miraculous Blessingscoming up September the 17th,

you can get it then, but this is something

you really wanna have,you really do wanna know

how you're gonna get blessings,

and what I was readingabout David, he said,

"You've blessed me, Lord,sovereign Lord You've blessed me,

"and with Your blessingsI will be blessed."

And God said I'm gonnabless you and your children

beyond you, and David was thinking about

the miraculous blessing of God.

When God speaks a blessing,nothing in heaven and earth

can stop it, how do youget those blessings?

Well, we'll tell you September the 17th,

it's gonna be part of whatwe're gonna be doing, fun.

- It reminds me of thatsaying, one day of favor

is worth a lifetime of labor.

(both chuckling)

- That's great, I like that.

- It's not mine, but I like that saying.

- I don't know where you got that.

(both laughing)

- Alright, Case Keenum, he isthe former Viking quarterback

who threw what's knownas the Minnesota Miracle

to beat the Saints in the 2017 playoffs,

but that incredible feat isonly the third best moment

of his life so far.

So what are the first and the second?

Take a look.

- [Football Announcer]Case on a deep drop,

steps up in the pocket--

- [Case] Sometimes the balljust comes out of your hand

just perfectly, and this one came out

really, really, really, really well.

- Are you kidding me?- What a miracle finish!

- It's a Minneapolis miracle!- No way!

- [Correspondent] NFLquarterback Case Keenum

remembers the joy ofthe Minneapolis Miracle,

a last-second touchdown tobeat the New Orleans Saints

in the 2017 playoffs.

- It was so much fun, so cool,

and I remember getting grabbedby the sideline reporter

Chris Meyers, he asked me,

"This has gotta be the bestmoment of your life, right?"

But I said no, this is notthe best moment of my life,

this is third, this isprobably gonna go down

as the third best moment of my life.

The first being when I gavemy life to Jesus Christ,

the second when I married my wife,

and this'll be third.

- [Correspondent] Caseexperienced the highest of highs

as a professional athlete,

yet manages to keep everyhighlight in perspective.

- Those things that we have in this world

that are of the world,and they don't last,

they're over, and if youcount on those things

to be everything for you,they're just gonna let you down.

Just like we had anincredible moment one week

and it let us down the next week,

but if you hold onto yourrelationship with Christ

and your relationship with your family

and those people that will be with you,

that care about you, that'swhat's most important.

- [Correspondent] Case's love for football

started with his father, a former coach

who modeled unconditionallove, win or lose.

- He started texting me,pray hard, play hard,

take care of the football, and have fun.

That's what I've prayed before every game,

no matter what happens I'mgonna play as hard as I can,

and I'm gonna give the glory to God,

that no matter what God,

I want my light to shine through You.

- [Correspondent] His NFL careerfaced early disappointments

as Case went undrafted

after a record-breaking college career.

Many people said hedidn't have what it takes

to make it in the NFL.

- Yeah, I heard all those things,

you're not tall enough,strong enough, your arm's,

you can't throw it far enough,

you don't have a strong enough arm,

but for me it was a lesson

and we gotta listen tothe people in your life

that really mean something,your family, your friends,

your coaches that believe in you,

but most of all you needto believe in your Savior,

in Jesus and His identity for you.

- [Correspondent] In hisbook Playing for More,

Case talks about the importance

of trusting God with his life

in the midst of the pressuresof professional sports.

- He has carried methrough those tough times,

and has been there more than anybody else

could possibly have even tried to be.

- [Correspondent] Thisoff-season Case was traded

to the Denver Broncos andnamed the starting quarterback.

- To have John Elway introduce me

as the starting quarterbackof the Denver Broncos

is incredible, and to remember that,

as a kid, I was John Elway for Halloween

three Halloweens in a row,

and I had my little 7jersey and I rocked it.

I know that God has meright where He wants me

and He's equipped me for thetime that He has me here.

- [Correspondent] Case looks to the future

with high expectations,knowing he's doing all he can

to be successful, andtrusting God with the outcome.

- I hold myself to avery, very high standard,

that I want to give everything I've got

every single play that I put up,

every single time I workout,

every day I come into my office here,

I'm giving it everything I've got.

I'm holding up my end of the bargain

as well as I can, and I know that God,

we know through Hispromises, through His Word,

that He's gonna hold upHis end of the bargain,

so I can rest easy in the results

and know that I'm doing everything I can,

I'm gonna give Him the glory for it.

- Amen, what a successfullife, such an inspiration.

Case Keenum just releaseda new book yesterday,

it's called Playing for More;Trust Beyond What You Can See,

and it's availablewherever books are sold.

Still ahead, we've got your email,

John says, I borrow moneyfrom private investors

to flip houses, should I tithe

on the total amount that I borrow?

Your questions, honestanswers, coming up next.

(intense orchestral music)

- And welcome back to The 700 Club.

Tropical Storm Gordon slammedinto the Gulf overnight,

just barely under hurricane strength

with maximum sustainedwinds of 70 miles an hour

and heavy rains.

It's now downgraded toa tropical depression

as it moves northward.

The National HurricaneCenter said the storm

would bring life-threatening conditions

to parts of the region,

including a three tofive-foot storm surge.

Gordon turned deadly when atree fell on a mobile home

in Pensacola and killed a child.

The National HurricaneCenter forecasts Gordon

to quickly weaken as it moves inland

across Mississippi,Louisiana, and into Arkansas

through Thursday.

Executives from majortech companies are set

to go before the SenateIntelligence Committee today.

Facebook and Twitter execsare likely to face questions

about political content,antitrust concerns,

and consumer privacy.

Google's Larry Page issending written testimony.

Lawmakers from both sideswant the tech giants

to explain how theircompanies are protecting

the 2018 midterm election process

from interference from Russia.

Conservatives contend Facebookoften censors their messages.

Remember you can always get the latest

from CBN News by going toour website at

Pat and Wendy are back withmore of today's 700 Club,

it's coming up right after this.

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- As you just heard,next week we invite you

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We'll also be praying foryou and your personal needs.

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I like the bumper sticker,I think I'm gonna put this,

I have a red car,

so it'll match.- Let's pray for America,


You know ladies and gentlemen,

there's just nothing thatwon't be done with prayer,

God will answer prayer, and if His people

who are called by His namewill humble themselves,

and pray, and seek His face,

and turn from their wicked waysthen He'll hear from Heaven,

and He'll forgive theirsins and heal their land.

We've got a lot of problemsin America, we really do,

and one answer, the one answer,is the anointing of God,

God can do it, so don't hesitate to pray.

Now, there's a note of sadness

for all of you eagerbachelors in our audience.

This beautiful lady isno longer on the market,

she has been taken, andshe's wearing a gorgeous

piece of jewelry on her finger.

If you'd give me a closeup,please, on that hand.

- Wait, where is it?- Boy, that thing

is a sparkler.

May I find out what that means?

- Well, this means thatI am an engaged woman.

- And you're no longer available,

and all these guys are gonnabe sad across this nation,

who were hoping one day thatthey might win the fair lady.

You're gonna get married,

that's what it means.- Wow,

I actually hadn't heardsomeone say it just like that.

- Well congratulations,

that's beautiful.- Thank you so much,

yeah, I'm very excited, itwas a really fun proposal,

I was completely shocked,

it happened--- I hear you were climbing

the Old Rag Mountain here in Virginia,

which is a--- We were just hiking,

it was a foggy, veryhumid, we were sweaty,

we got rained on, we gotto the top of the mountain,

we were eating our sandwich.

I was just thinking about,it started to thunder,

I was thinking about let'sget down the mountain,

and he said, "I thinkI'll lighten my backpack

a little bit," and I'm not even thinking,

it's really the last thing on my mind,

and I look back and he'sholding it in his hand

and he said, "Could you carrythis down the mountain?"

and it was very romantic.

- I'll tell you, thatguy, that says a lot,

I really like that, I mean, sweaty hot

on top of Old Rag Mountainto propose, that's wonderful.

- Well, he said he knew thiswas one of my favorite places,

and of course it is, so.

- You'll make a very beautiful bride

and I congratulate you, that's nice,

we've been praying a long time, Wendy.

- Yes, I remember years ago I said, Pat,

pray for my left hand, he's like,

"What's wrong with your left hand?"

I said, nothing, but it needs a ring.


- Now you've got it.- And now it's happened,

so praise the Lord.- Well, congratulations dear.

Okay, let's take some questions.

- Yes, this one's from John, he says,

I borrow money from privateinvestors to flip houses.

Should I tithe on thetotal amount I borrow?

I get extra funds to live on

while houses are being rehabbed,

so I am taking some ofmy profit ahead of time.

Should I tithe on thewhole amount or at the end?

- I think it's your call,

you give according towhat's in your heart,

but I honestly believe, ifyou wanna get technical,

it's the profit, it'scertainly in the whole amount

that you borrow in order tobuy a house and then turn it,

I don't think that would be appropriate,

unless you wanna do it,

God'll bless whatever's in your heart.

But normally speaking thetithe would be on the profit,

not on the whole amount.

- Here's one from Gina,she says, hi Mr. Pat,

I'm an eighth grader in high school.

Recently my favoritesinger released a new song.

I like the beat to it, however,

I know the lyrics are sacrilegious.

Her music really helped methrough my parents' divorce

and I feel a special connection,

but I do not wanna go to hellfor listening to her music.

I also respect her advocacy for charity

and I don't want her to go to hell either.

What should I do?

- Well, I think you'renot under any obligation

to listen to anybody's music,

and if they're singing sacrilegious lyrics

you don't need to listento them, and I just think,

I don't understand why thissinger is singing stuff,

but some of the things that are out there

are really terrible, and youdon't wanna listen to them.

You're not going to hell

'cause you listen to somebody'smusic, you really aren't,

but nevertheless itwill destroy your faith,

and the stuff that hasbeen out on rock music

is just beyond measure,it's been horrible,

I don't know if this iswhat you're talking about,

but I don't care how blessed you were

by this particular artist's music,

I think that it's timemaybe to flip the dial

and go to something else.

- And there are so many greatChristian artists out there

with wonderful musicthat you can dance to,

so lotta choices.

Okay, Reba writes, I attend a church

where many speak in tongues.

I have prayed for God tobless me with this gift

because I've been toldthis is God speaking

directly to you.

Why can't I receive this gift?

Maybe I'm not Spirit-filled like others.

I wanna be close to God.

Does speaking in tonguesmean God is speaking to you?

I'm confused.

- This is an expression of your spirit,

your spirit is speaking to God

and your understanding is not active,

so it's a communicationbetween you and the Lord.

The Bible says they spoke

as the Spirit gave utterance,

the Spirit gives the utterancebut you do the speaking,

and very frankly, you can'tspeak in the vernacular

and speak in anotherlanguage at the same time,

so if you continue to sayLord, bless me, bless me,

bless me, bless me, you arenot going to be speaking

in another language,you're gonna be speaking

in your vernacular.

So you wanna know the secret,is just shut your mouth

and let the Lord comeand give you the Word,

and then you speak as theSpirit gives utterance,

you wanna know what itis, that's what it is.

- Amen.

Jeremy says, what exactly is fasting?

- Well, fasting is doing without something

for a period of time.

You're withholding one meal a day,

you're withholding sweets,

you're withholding, whatthey say, pleasant bread,

you're withholding several meals,

you're only existing onwater, there's a lotta ways,

but it means you're giving something up,

and whatever that is thatyou say unto the Lord

I am giving this to You, Lord.

And David said, "I afflictedmy soul with fasting,"

and so if you're denyingyourself food, for example,

you're afflicting your body

so that your spirit can be free.

- Alright, Janet says, canyou not believe in Jesus

after you have acceptedHim into your heart,

is it possible to go back?

- Well yeah, people,the term is backsliding.

I remember my dean in seminary said,

"I belong in a denominationwho believes in backsliding

"and practiced it,"- Oh dear.

- But yes, you can go back,that's the terrible thing.

The Bible has a thing, a fear to fall,

we're walking with the Lord,

and there should always bein our heart a fear of God.

We walk with Him, we loveHim with all our heart,

but at the same timethere's a Godly reverence,

and we don't wanna presume on God,

I think of the idea of, Paulsaid that their condemnation

is just those who thinkthat they can get away

with all kinds of thingsand still know the Lord,

so the answer is keep your eyes on Jesus,

keep your eye on Him everyday, you're serving Him,

you're loving Him, andyou're surrendering to Him

every day, alright?

- Amen, thanks Pat, greatanswers and some great questions.

Well, let's move on to thisstory about Sukhwinder,

a single mom who makes a meagerliving in India by sewing,

but when her eyes beganto develop cataracts

she couldn't see how to thread a needle.

Without the help of people just like you

she would've lost her onlymeans of supporting her family.

- [Correspondent]Sukhwinder is a single mom.

Since her husband left two years ago

life has been very difficultfor her and her kids.

- [Translator] We had to moveback to my parents' house.

They are poor too andbarely have enough money

to take care of themselves.

After my father left noone did anything for us.

Our school fees were due butwe had no money to pay them,

so we were forced to drop out.

- [Correspondent] She earneda little bit of extra money

knitting sweaters and otherclothes she sells in the winter.

When I was in India itwas over 110 degrees,

and no one was buying sweaters.

To make matters worse she told me

she had a hard time knitting

because she was slowlygoing blind from cataracts.

- [Translator] I could not see the thread,

I knew something was wrong with my eyes.

I went to the hospital and they told me

I needed an operation.

I wanted the operationbut I could not afford it.

- [Correspondent] A nearbyhospital partners with CBN,

that's where Sukhwinder went

and got the surgery sheneeded free of charge.

Soon she was back homeand able to see again,

but we knew she stillneeded help earning money,

so we surprised the family witha brand new sewing machine.

- [Translator] Thank you, she can now work

the whole year round.

- [Correspondent] With a steady income

she can help her parentsand provide for her children

who are now able to go to school again.

- [Translator] I'm verythankful to you all

for giving me this machine.

I can see and I canwork, may God bless you.

- Sukhwinder can now see and she can work

thanks to you, if you're a CBNpartner you made that happen.

And maybe you're not apartner but you wanna be,

great, go to your phonesright now and just say yes,

I wanna join The 700 Club,CBN, it's just 65 cents a day,

$20 a month is all it takes,

and when you do, ask for Pledge Express,

that means that your giftwill go automatically to CBN

from your checking account,and when you do that

you save us some paperwork.

And we wanna send you this,

this is Pat and Gordon's monthly teaching

called Power for Life,

these teachings will reallyencourage your walk of faith,

this is yours when you join The 700 Club.

Well up next, a horse lover hurts her arm

moving bales of hay.

- I couldn't lift it up like this,

and I definitely couldn'tput it behind me,

it was a whole lot of pain.

I knew I couldn't come out here

and throw a saddle on a horse.

- [Wendy] Watch how shegets back in the saddle

after this.

(bright, uplifting music)

- Well, you're watching The 700 Club,

and I'm so happy to have you all with us.

Right now I want to show you something

that I think will warm your heart.

There's a lady whosename is Roseann Lobser

and she owns an Arabianhorse farm and riding school.

So when Roseann injured whatis known as the rotator cuff

she was at a loss of how tocare for the horses she loves.

Two weeks later Roseann was watching

the story of a man on The 700 Club

who had been supernaturally healed

from a rotator cuff injury.

That's when she said, yesLord, I want one for me.

Take a look.

- [Correspondent] Caringfor her seven horses

is a labor of love for Roseann Lobser.

In the fall of 2017 she was dragging

65-pound bales of hay into thebarn getting ready for winter

when something happened to her shoulder.

- And a couple of them,I felt a twinge of pain

because the bale was so heavy.

That evening though, Inoticed when I went to pick up

a pan to do something in the kitchen

there was a great deal of pain

and I had no strength in that shoulder,

and then I couldn't lift it up like this,

and I definitely couldn'tput it behind me,

it was a whole lot of pain.

The next day I went to my chiropractor

and he said it was partially out of joint

and there was a greatdeal of inflammation,

the rotator cuff was inflamed,

and actually when I wouldmove it it would pop.

Every time I tried to fastenmy seatbelt in the car

I was well aware thatthere's still a lot of pain

in that shoulder, and so I basically

had to just stop using it.

I was crying out to the Lord for healing

'cause it was quite painful,

I knew I couldn't come out here

and throw a saddle on a horse,

it just wasn't gonna happen,

lifting something with thisarm just wasn't happening.

- [Correspondent] Roseannbegan trusting God for healing.

- And that whole week I was going over

the healing Scriptures in the Bible,

and I had prayed forother people to be healed

and they'd get healed, butit was my turn to receive.

And so it was about a week later

I was watching The 700 Club,

and then Gordon had this word of knowledge

about a shoulder.

It was a testimony ofanother man's healing

of a rota-cuff shoulder injury,

and I perked up immediately,

and he was talking about how painful

the gentleman's shoulder wasand how long he'd been injured.

- There's someone, you'reasking please say rotator cuff,

you have a rotator cuffinjury in your right shoulder.

- And I thought, well,if it's a word of God

it never falls to the ground,

it's always active and energetic,

and there's power in a word from the Lord,

and so I did, I grabbed it, praised God,

I didn't want that pain any longer.

Well, after I grabbed thatword of knowledge by faith

and started praising God,

and I actually could raise it up like this

and there was no pain, and within an hour

all the pain was gone.

- [Correspondent] Roseann hasbeen pain free ever since.

- I can throw a saddle on ahorse, I can go riding again,

well I just rejoice thatGod loves me so much

He wants me pain free.

- Here's another one,her name is Paulette,

she lives in Griffin, Georgia.

She said she was diagnosed with cancer

that had spread to her uterus,

and she was having treatmentat Emory University,

and one day she and herhusband heard Wendy say, quote,

"There's somebody, you'vebeen diagnosed with cancer,

"you've found it hasspread to your lymph nodes,

"and God says, quote, 'Do not fear,

"'I'm going to stop thatcancer in its tracks.'"

Paulette and her husbandsaid that's for us,

we take it by faith,

she called our prayer center last month

and she is now cancer free.

- Praise God, that's awesome.- Isn't that wonderful?

- [Wendy] Wow.

Patricia of Deltona, Floridawas diagnosed with Lupus

in 2015 but had been sufferingfrom the symptoms since 2006.

One day she heard you givea word of knowledge, Pat,

saying, "Someone isbeing healed of Lupus."

Patricia felt an immediate response

and believed God was speaking to her.

After a few weeks her symptoms cleared,

her doctor did theblood work and confirmed

Patricia no longer has Lupus, praise God.

- Do you all have any ideahow the Word of God works?

How did it come about, howdid this world come to being?

God said let there belight and there was light,

let the earth comeforth and it came forth,

let the animals be on theearth and they were so.

He spoke and it was done,

that's how His Word iscommunicated, He speaks the Word,

you shall eat good, bythe fruit of your lips

you confess His goodness.

Now, we're going to confess for you,

we're going to pray for you right now.

Please join with us, and I'mgoing to join with Wendy,

the two of us are gonnahold hands together

and we're gonna greet with you.

Please pray with us right now,

there's nothing impossible.

Father, I hold before youthese people in our audience

who are suffering.

Lord, there are many people,they don't have enough money,

they've lost their jobs, thatthey're crying out to You,

they don't know what to do.

There's some women whohave been abandoned,

they've got children andthey've been abandoned,

and they don't know whatthey're going to do,

and they're crying outto You for the answer,

even as we're praying right now

their tears are coming down their cheeks.

And You Lord, have heard their prayers,

and we speak the word now

that the anointing of theHoly Spirit will come down

and the blessing of Godwill surround these people.

In the name of Jesus, receive an anointing

and a blessing from God,

receive an answer to your prayer,

may His touch be upon you.

And right now a uterus is being healed

by the power of God,you shall bear a child,

and the child will grow up in the wisdom

and the knowledge of theLord, in Jesus' name.

- Yes.- Wendy.

- Someone with symptomsof Lyme Disease, God,

is touching You right now,

and you are being restored completely

in the name of Jesus.

- Somebody has a broken pelvis,

and just reach down and touch that area,

it's a fracture, God will heal that,

in Jesus' name you'llfeel the power of God,

Amen.- Amen.

- Well, we leave youwith today's Power Minute

from the Book of James.

Confess your sins to one another

and pray for each otherso that you may be healed.

Well, that's all the time we've got.

For Wendy and all of usthis is Pat Robertson,

we'll see you tomorrow, bye bye.


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