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'The Trump Prophecy' Hitting Theaters: How God Told This Firefighter His Plan for America

'The Trump Prophecy' Hitting Theaters: How God Told This Firefighter His Plan for America Read Transcript

- [Fireman] My job as afireman was to react calmly.

But what I saw last night,

scared me so much.

- The Trump Prophecy movie is the story

of former firefighter Mark Taylor,

who says received a specialmessage from God in 2011.

That then business man Donald Trump

was headed for the White House.

Producer Rick Eldridgesays, he wasn't sure

he wanted to do the film.

- I knew it was going to be controversial.

I knew it was not gonnabe an easy movie to make.

But I also knew that we had a nation that

really needed to hearsome messages of God's

intervention in our country.

- [Wendy] The movie relives the night

Mark Taylor received what he calls,

the commander in chief prophecy.

- I didn't know a lot about Donald Trump.

I just knew he was a verypowerful business man,

had to built this empire.

So I'm listening to him on an interview,

and all of a sudden I justheard the voice of the Lord

say you're hearing thevoice of a president.

- [Wendy] Mark went into his office,

got out a pen and paper,and started to write

what he says the Holy Spirit told him.

- He was saying thatbasically that America

was gonna prosper like never before.

Israel, and America,the ties between the two

countries would bestronger than ever before.

The dollar would be thestrongest it was ever been.

It was very detailed as faras what God was showing me.

- [Wendy] Chris Nelson, anactor and film professor

at Liberty Universityplayed the part of Taylor.

- People hear the title, and they

think it's all about Trump.

It's really about a commonman hearing from the Lord

and being given wisdom and advice from

fellow believers to pray about that.

- [Wendy] One of thosebelievers was Mary Colbert,

wife of Dr Don Colbert, who was

treating Mark for an illness.

After hearing Mark's prophecy,

she started a nationwide prayer movement

for the presidential election.

A movement that becamea key part of the movie.

- There's a mandate for us as believers

to pray for those in authority over us.

And so that's a deepermessage that we really

emphasize in the movie.

- Action.

- [Wendy] The film was made with the help

of Liberty University film students.

Despite the fact thatthousands of students

signed a petition sayingthey didn't want the movie

made, Facebook also was not a fan.

And temporarily blockedall promotional ads.

Claiming the movie was too political.

But Nelson says mostpeople were just reacting

to the T word.

- They get squirmy when they hear

the words Trump and God together.

Because they think thatsomehow it's lessening

I think, who God is by evenmentioning his name with Trump.

And I think well goodness,aren't we all glad

that that's not how wefeel about ourselves.

- [Wendy] Despite the controversy,

Eldridge believes thismovie needed to be made.

- We have such a divided nation right now.

So I hope this film insome way can be maybe

a point toward healing.

- [Wendy] Wendy Griffith, CBN News.

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