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Vice President Mike Pence 'Very Confident' Republicans Will Keep Control of Congress  

Vice President Mike Pence 'Very Confident' Republicans Will Keep Control of Congress   Read Transcript

- Vice President MikePence on the road again,

crisscrossing the country

campaigning for Republican candidates

in the days leading upto November's mid-terms.

And this time, we're right there with him

on board Air Force Twoheading to Michigan.

The Senate candidate he's stumping for,

John James, a combatveteran and businessman.

You have been out on the campaign trail

stumping for candidates.

Do you think Republicans will keep control

of the House and Senate?

- I really do.

The President and I are very confident

that, if we get out and tell the story

of the progress that we'remaking in this country,

progress that's creatednearly four million jobs,

rebuild our military, hasAmerican standing tall

in the world again, being respected again.

We tell that story allacross this country,

we're gonna make history in 2018

just the way we made history in 2016

by re-electing and expanding

Republican majorities on Capitol Hill.

- [Jenna] Out of the 35 Senate races,

nine are toss-ups.

That's about 25%.

In the House, 43 of 435 racesare toss-ups, about 10%.

In other words, it's going to be close

and history is against them.

Typically, the President's party

loses seats in his first term.

- Part of the reason why we're traveling

so much across the country,

the reason why we hadan opportunity to talk

to some of the great evangelicalleaders in the country,

is to make sure thatthe American people know

that's the choice.

- [Jenna] President Trumpechoes that sentiment

and ruffled more than a few feathers

when he said there would be violence

if Democrats take control of Congress.

He made the comment ata White House dinner

for evangelicals, which Pence was at.

- Well, what I heard the President say

was that, if the Democratstake over the Congress,

that their goal is to turn back

everything that we've donefor the American people.

- Well because he did mentionAntifa and some of these

leftist groups- Well, sure.

- So what's the concern thereabout some of these groups?

- Obviously, we condemn any examples

of violence on thestreets of this country.

Zero tolerance for anyviolence against Americans.

- [Jenna] And when it comesto impeaching the President.

There's a lot of talk about impeachment

if Democrats do take control of the House.

Do you think Nancy Pelosiis already plotting

an impeachment strategy?

- Well, they're all talking about it,

and so, you know, I'dtake them at their word

even though some of them have decided to

not talk about that quite so much.

- [Jenna] Many Democrats are banking

on the Russia investigation

and want to make thiselection about corruption.

- We've been fully cooperatingwith the special counsel

since the very beginning.

Literally tens of thousands of documents.

The White House hascooperated with testimony

and we'll continue to do that.

But I just have to tell you, Jenna,

as I travel around the country,

people just aren't talking about it.

- [Jenna] One thing that's for sure,

the fight over the control of Congress

is going to get nasty,

and Pence is already feelingsome of it personally

with a new book outthat attacks his faith.

- The Bible says count it all joy

when you endure trials of many kinds.

Anytime I'm criticized formy belief in Jesus Christ,

I just breathe a prayer of praise.

- [Jenna] Republicans hope to be able

to breathe their ownsigh of relief this fall.

Of course, they have to fend off

the so-called blue wavesome are predicting.

Aboard Air Force Two,

the Vice President remains hard at work,

determined to not let that happen.

Reporting from Air Force Two,

Jenna Browder, CBN News.


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