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Lawmakers Face Off With Twitter

Lawmakers Face Off With Twitter Read Transcript

- Well the Kavanaugh Confirmation

wasn't the only big hearingtoday on Capital Hill.

Top leaders from social media sites

like Facebook and Twitterface some tough questions

from law makers.

- That's right, Jenna,

and they wanna knowwhat the sites are doing

to stop foreign interference

in the upcoming mid-term elections.

- CBN News National Security correspondent

Erik Rosales has more from Capital Hill.

- This is the third timesocial media experts

testified before the SenateIntelligence Committee,

and the third time appears to be the charm

as top brass from Facebook and Twitter

said they're more determined than ever

to stop adversaries frommeddling in upcoming elections.

But they admit, they can't do it alone.

- We were too slow to spotthis and too slow to act.

That is on us.

- We acknowledge the realworld negative consequences

of what happened.

And we take the fullresponsibility to fix it.

We can't do this alone and that's why

this conversation isimportant and why I'm here.

- [Erik] While Facebook'snumber two executive

Sheryl Sandberg and Twitter'sCEO Jack Dorsey testified,

an empty chair sat where theCEO of Google's parent company,

Alphabet, was expected to be.

Senators say that thecompany refused to send

CEO Larry Page,

a move which drew sharp criticism.

- 'Cause I know our members

have a series of difficult questions

about structural vulnerabilities

on a number of Google's platforms

that we'll need answers for.

- [Erik] Executivestestified policy changes

have caught and bannedmillions of malicious accounts

over the past year.

Facebook came under firefor being at the forefront

of Russia's interferencein the 2016 election.

During that campaign,actors set up fake accounts,

organized protests, and spread memes

as part of an effort todisrupt the election.

Sandberg says artificialintelligence machine on machine

is making it easier.

- In the first three months of 2018 alone,

over 85% of the violentcontent we took down

or added warning labels to

was identified by our technologybefore it was reported.

- We're now removingover 200% more accounts

for violating our policies.

We're identifying andchallenging 8-10 million

suspicious accounts every week.

And we're thwarting overa half million accounts

from logging in toTwitter every single day.

- And a very important message

that came out of these hearings, too

that nothing is ever free, you know,

they were talking abouttheir business model

and what they wanna do.

They want to try and keepas many people as they can

for as long as they can

and to get as muchinformation about you and I.

So any time you fill out that free survey

and things like that,

nothing is ever free.

- That's the lesson in life.

Now you mentioned Russian hackers and bots

targeting social mediawebsites during the election,

are there other actors at play

that we need to be concerned about?

- Most definitely.

You know, we got NorthKorea, we got China.

But I tell you, the one actor

that's really the foreign adversary

that's really stepping uptheir game, that is Iran.

Iran is actually, especiallywith the new sanctions

that are being put into place on Iran,

a lot of them are going after

and they're creating thismalware that's going out there.

Recent survey ended upfinding five new malwares

that originated in the country of Iran.

Iran is using that to disable computers,

and then you have to end up paying bitcoin

in order to get your computer access back.

- Dorsey, he followed the Senate hearing

with another hearing.

- Yes, he did.

- This one addressed algorithmsand content moderation

for Twitter.

What did he say in that one?

- Well, as we remember you know,

Twitter was actuallythought of as taking apart

the conservatives anddropping some of their tweets

and things like that,and going after them.

Well, he actually admittedthat the algorithm

that they had in placehad about 600,000 users

that actually were droppedas a result of that.

So he says the problem has been fixed now.

But when Republicans were actually saying

wait a minute, especially in Congress,

a lot of our tweets are being dropped

and dropped from Twitter, that is correct.

They certainly were.

- So they were right?

- Yes they were right.

- We'll see if the problemgets, if it improves.

- Sure.

- Erik Rosales, thank you so much.

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