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Kavanaugh Grilled on Roe v Wade, Stolen Emails: Here Are His Responses

Kavanaugh Grilled on Roe v Wade, Stolen Emails: Here Are His Responses Read Transcript

- It was a marathon dayfor Judge Brett Kavanaugh

on day two of his confirmation hearing,

with Senators asking everything

from his view on the document debacle.

- That's, in my view, adecision for the committee

in consultation or discussionwith the Executive Branch.

- [Abigail] To what hiskids thought of the hearing.

- They gave me a big hugand said, "Good job, Daddy."

- [Abigail] Judge Kavanaugh, though,

worked to keep his part all business.

- My personal beliefs are not relevant

to how I decide cases.

- [Abigail] Senators likeDianne Feinstein, however,

wanted to nail him down onhot topics such as abortion,

and learn exactly what he meant

when he called Roe vs. Wade settled law.

- It's important precedentof the Supreme Court

that's been reaffirmed many times.

- [Abigail] And Kavanaugh's stance

on whether presidents should be protected

from criminal investigations.

- Can a sitting president be required

to respond to a subpoena?

- I can't give you an answeron that hypothetical question.

- [Abigail] The mostcontentious questioning

came from Senators PatrickLeahy and Dick Durbin.

They wanted to know if JudgeKavanaugh knew about emails

in the early 2000s thatprovided Republicans information

during the confirmation process

of some of PresidentBush's judicial nominees.

Leahy tried to tie Kavanaughto former Senate aide

Manny Miranda, whohelped obtain the emails.

Senator Lindsey Grahamquickly gave Kavanaugh

an opportunity to providea straight answer.

- [Lindsey] Did you everknowingly participate

in stealing anything from Senator Leahy

or any other Senator?

- Uh, no.

- [Lindsey] Did you everknow that you were dealing

with anything that was stolen property?

- No.

- [Abigail] And Mirandahimself provided cover

during CBN's Faith Nation,

when he emailed an exclusive statement

to Chief Political Analyst David Brody.

- "I can confirm that BrettKavanaugh knew nothing

"of the source of anyinformation that we obtained,

"nor did I ever meet with him privately

"or publicly to discuss it."

- [Abigail] Brody saysDemocrats are trying

to twist this into an opportunity

to paint Judge Kavanaughin a negative light.

- Republicans will call itcharacter assassination,

but this is what you do

when you really don't havethe goods on a nominee.

- Senators will have 20 minutes each today

to ask Judge Kavanaughanother round of questions,

and Chairman Grassley threatenedto go into the weekend,

if needed, to finish this hearing.

Reporting from Capitol Hill,Abigail Robertson, CBN News.


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