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News on The 700 Club: September 6, 2018

As seen on “The 700 Club,” Sept 6.: 'TREASON?' Trump Strikes Back at 'GUTLESS' NYT Anonymous White House Insider; Kavanaugh Confirmation Hearing Continues; Trump and Pence prepare for midterm elections in November, and more. Read Transcript

- Welcome folks, I want to tell you a saga

of what used to be a great newspaper.

There was a family called the Ox family,

they owned the Chattanooga Times.

And they moved fromChattanooga to New York City,

back in the 19th century, and they married

with a family known as the Sulzberger's,

and they bought the New York Times.

And they made it into thegreatest newspaper in America,

it was the paper of record.

So for example, the TV News people,

before they got underway,they would read the Times,

they'd pick out thestories they wanted to,

then they would amplify for TV that night.

So what happened?

There was a guy named Punch Sulzberger

who had been a marine veteran,

he was a real fine person.

And he ran the show, did a good job.

They had some breaks, Ihad a little counterpoint

with their editor namedKeller and I questioned

his journalistic credentials,but never the less,

his, Punch's son, tookover the New York Times.

He is a diagonal level,very pro-homosexual,

and the Times no longeris a respected newspaper.

It is a propaganda sheet, the editorials,

the news is all blurred together.

Instead of being the great paper of record

for America, it's justbecome a left wing rag.

Now it's unprecedented, they would print

an op-ed by a so calledanonymous senior official.

And I was talking to Terri, and we suspect

the possibility that the Times actually

made up that editorialbecause it isn't attributed

to anybody, but it's the sorriest example

of left wing journalism I think

that we have seen in America.

And the writer claimsthose around the President

are trying to frustrate his agenda,

but have anybody who would take a job,

earn a salary, supposedlysupport the agenda

of his boss, and turn againsthim in such a fashion,

that is the worst kind ofbetrayal and is the kind

of person that no businesswould possibly want to hire.

Well, that's the situation that Trump

was finding himselfin, and I don't buy it.

You talk about fake news,it's really disgusting

and to think the mizeof a great newspaper,

this was a great newspaper.

It's not great anymore, it'snothing but a left wing rag.

- Well, as you can imagine,Trump and most of the country,

would like to know who wrotethat piece, if someone did.

The President is alsotweeting the deep state,

and the media are going crazy.

He says the real storiesare the booming economy,

and the likely confirmation of

a second Supreme Court nominee.

Dale Hurd has more.

- The Trump administration,and many in the media,

are trying to figure outthe identity of anonymous.

A person claiming to be a senior member

of the White House staff,who wrote an op-ed piece

portraying the Presidentas a danger to the nation.

Published by The New York Times,

it describes a President who is impetuous.

Saying "his impulsivenessresults in half-baked,

"ill-informed and occasionallyreckless decisions

"that have to be walked back.

"Like-minded colleaguesand I have vowed to

"thwart parts of his agendaand his worst inclinations.

"American's should knowthere are adults in the room.

"We are trying to do what's right even

"when Donald Trump won't."

President Trump called the writer gutless,

and blasted the New York Times.

- When you tell me aboutsome anonymous source

within the administration,probably who's failing

and probably here forall the wrong reasons,

now, and the New York Times is failing.

- [Dale] Trump later tweeted treason,

and followed that up withthe extraordinary demand

that "if the gutlessanonymous person does indeed

"exist, the Times must, forNational Security purposes,

"turn him/her over to government at once."

The newspaper saidWednesday that revealing

the person's identitycould cost them their job.

Republican Senator Lindsey Graham defended

President Trump on CNN.

- To those who believethat this man is a fool,

it's just the people aroundhim, they keep us safe,

you don't know what you're talking about.

- [Dale] White House PressSecretary Sarah Sanders,

called on anonymous to resign.

Even the Washington Post, nodefender of the President,

called the op-ed old news, and a PR stunt.

It comes on the heals of BobWoodward's new book Fear,

Trump in the White House, which claims the

Chief of Staff, John Kelley,called the Commander in Chief

an idiot, and that he'sgone off the rails.

Kelley responded, callingthe book total BS.

And Woodward does not mean his sources.

- Look, he may havehundreds of hours of tapes

but I think most ofthose probably come from

some disgruntled former employees.

- [Dale] Media critic, Dan Gainor said the

National News Media is all too willing

to believe any source thatslings dirt on the President.

- And of course, the BobWoodward is out there,

Bob Woodward has beencriticized in the past,

and now is criticized inthe present for basically

fictionalizing stuff here.

They've got lots of peoplein the Trump administration

saying it's not true, and everylies in anonymous sources.

- So who is anonymous?

It could be any one ofhundreds of officials.

But some believe the pressure will simply

be too much to keeptheir identity a secret.

And we may know sooner, rather than later.

Dale Hurd, CBN News.

- You know, we've gotto recognize one thing

the President has done.

We have the strongest economy in decades,

we have the lowestunemployment probably ever.

The lowest black unemployment ever.

We have a booming stock market.

It's incredible, thePresident has rolled back

in countless numbers ofdangerous regulations

that were put in place bythe Obama administration.

And he's essentially unleashed

the economy of this great nation.

And just to smear a man who'sdoing this is just ridiculous.

We've got a tax cut, we'vegot all kinds of things

going on and it's remarkablethe average American

is much, much better off financially

than he was a few years ago.

And the optimism inthe country is soaring.

So to say that this man is some kind

of an unhinged idiot is just insane.

This man is as good as we've had,

and he's making wonderful decisions.

And not to mention, whathe's doing with the course,

he's reshaping the federal judiciary

with conservative, I shouldn'tsay conservative judges,

judges who are true to the constitution.

And the last judge that he put in place

has been a superb pick.

Judge Kavanaugh is a superb pick.

When I look at him in the questioning,

and to think of his recall,his incredible knowledge

of the facts of all thesethings, it's just simply amazing.

And I want to point out too,

the democrats, this CamellaHarris, is one of the most

obnoxious human beingsthat I have ever seen

in public life, Terri, haveyou ever seen anything like it?

- Well there seem to beseveral on the front, but.

- Well I mean really, I mean, they're

asking for documents that were produced

when he was Secretary of the Cabinet

or whatever in the Bush administration.

He wasn't doing policyhimself, he was trying

to perfect the materialthat is being produced

by the members of the administration.

And that is all executiveprivileges from the Bush

administration, executiveprivilege, and Trump

can't lift the executive

privilege of the Bush administration.

And for the democrats todemand that is just ridiculous.

It's nothing but astunt, so in other news,

Senate democrats tried totrip up the President's

nominee to the SupremeCourt during the second

day of those confirmation hearings.

John Jessup has more on that.

- That's right Pat, SupremeCourt nominee, Brett Kavanaugh

is back on Capital Hill afterenduring nearly 12 hours

of grilling by the Senatejudiciary committee Wednesday.

Democrats have not onlybeen pressing him on

potential decisions, someeven question his integrity.

CBN Capital Hill correspondentAbigail Robertson reports.

- It was a marathon dayfor judge Brett Kavanaugh

on day two of his confirmation hearing.

With senators askingeverything from his view

on the document debacle.

- That's in my view, adecision for the committee,

in consultation or discussionwith the executive branch.

- [Abigail] To what hiskids thought of the hearing.

- They gave me a big hugand said good job daddy.

- [Abigail] Judge Kavanaugh,though, worked to keep

his part all business.

My personal beliefs are not relevant

to how to I decide cases.

- [Abigail] Senators likeDianne Feinstein, however,

wanted to nail him down onhot topics such as abortion.

And learn exactly what he meant when he

called Roe versus Wade settled law.

- It's an important precedentof the Supreme Court

that's been reaffirmed many times.

- [Abigail] And Kavanaugh'sstance on whether Presidents

should be protected fromcriminal investigation.

- Can a sitting President be

required to respond to a subpoena?

- I can't give you an answeron that hypothetical question.

- [Abigail] The mostcontentious questioning

came from Senators PatrickLeahy, and Dick Durbin.

They wanted to know ifjudge Kavanaugh knew about

emails in the early 2000'sthat provided Republican's

information during theconfirmation process

of some of PresidentBush's judicial nominees.

Leahy tried to tie Kavanaughto former Senate aid

Manny Marenda, whohelped obtain the emails.

Senator Lindsey Grahamquickly gave Kavanaugh

an opportunity to providea straight answer.

- Did you ever knowinglyparticipate in stealing

anything from SenatorLeahy, or any other senator?

- No.

- [Lindsey] Did you everknow that you were dealing

with anything that was stolen property?

- No.

- [Abigail] And Marendahimself provided cover during

CBN's Faith Nation, whenhe emailed an exclusive

statement to Chief PoliticalAnalyst David Brody.

- I can confirm that Brett Kavanaugh knew

nothing of the sourceof any information that

we obtained, nor did I evermeet with him privately

or publicly to discuss it.

- [Abigail] Brody saysdemocrats are trying to twist

this into an opportunityto paint judge Kavanaugh

in a negative light.

- Republicans will call itcharacter assassination.

But this is what you dowhen you really don't have

the goods on a nominee.

- Senators will have 20minutes each today to ask

Judge Kavanaugh anotherround of questions.

And chairman Grassleythreatened to go into

the weekend if neededto finish this hearing.

Reporting from Capital Hill,Abigail Robertson, CBN News.

- Thanks Abigail, Pat, back to you.

- Well I want to say, I've said it before,

that the republicans have the votes,

the democrats don't have anything,

it's just a delaying tactic.

And the more theycontinue, the more they are

looking ridiculous, some of these people

are running for President,as a matter of fact,

half of them are perhapsrunning for President,

it's the biggest fieldI think I can imagine.

They're all trying to go for President.

So this thing, ChuckGrassey may well wrap this

thing up this weekend,I would hope he does.

And they'll take a vote,the vote will clearly,

it'll be on party lines, but the

republican's have the majority.

It'll be, so Kavanaugh's nomination will

be cleared out of theSenate Judiciary committee,

it'll go to the full Senate.

And without question,the vote will be there.

There may be a few delaying tactics,

but Harry Reid, whenhe was majority leader,

killed what's called a nuclear option.

He used it before, withMagela strata and others,

to the circuit courts, and having done so

he opened the doors for the republicans

who took control to run these judges

through on a simple majority.

That there's no longer that 30 vote margin

they're looking for, justa simple majority will

be sufficient for the advice and consent

that's needed out of the constitution.

So Kavanaugh's going in,it'll give the President

a tremendous boost in hislong term approval rating.

And then of course, a numberof other circuit and district

court judges are waiting in the wings,

they will confirm a large number of those

as fast as they can.

They'll be on the bench,but the out of here,

is before the Supreme Courtgets into its next session,

judge Brett Kavanaugh will besitting among the justices.


- Pat, the midterm electionsare just two months away.

And the Trump administration is focused

on keeping a busy, actually rather,

keeping a Capital Hill majority.

Part of that strategyinvolves a busy campaign

scheduled for both the Presidentand Vice President Pence.

CBN's David Brody, andJenna Browder traveled

with the VP on Air Force two

and talked about what lies ahead.

- Vice President MikePence on the road again.

Criss crossing the country,campaigning for republican

candidates in the days leadingup to Novembers midterms.

And this time we're right there with him,

on board Air Force two,heading to Michigan.

The Senate candidate he's stumping for,

John James, a combatveteran and business man.

You have been out on the campaign trail,

stumping for candidates,do you think republican's

will keep control of the House and Senate?

- I really do.

The president and I are very confident

that if we get out and tell the story

of the progress that we'remaking in this country,

progress that's creatednearly four million jobs,

rebuild our military,has America standing tall

in the world again, being respected again.

We tell that story allacross this country,

we're gonna make history in 2018,

just the way we made history in 2016

by reelecting and expanding republican

majorities on Capital Hill.

- [Jenna] Out of the 35 Senateraces, nine are toss ups,

that's about 25%.

In the House, 43 of 435 racesare toss ups, about 10%.

In other words, it's going to be close,

and history is against them.

Typically the President's party loses

seats in his first term.

- Part of the reason why we're traveling

so much across the country, the reason why

we had an opportunity totalk to some of the great

Evangelical leaders inthe country is to make

sure that the American peopleknow that's the choice.

- [Jenna] President Trumpechoes that sentiment

and ruffled more than a few feathers when

he said there would be violence

if democrats take control of Congress.

He made the comment ata White House dinner

for Evangelicals, which Pence was at.

- What I heard the President say was

that if the democratstake over the Congress,

that they're goal isto turn back everything

that we've done for the American people.

- Well because he did mention in TIFA,

and some of these left to scripts, so,

what's the concern thereabout some of those groups?

- Well obviously we condemn any examples

of violence on thestreets of this country.

Zero tolerance for anyviolence against American's.

- And when it comes toimpeaching the President,

there's a lot of talk about impeachment

if democrats do take control of the House.

Do you think Nancy Pelosiis already plotting

an impeachment strategy?

- Well, they're all talking about it.

And so I take them at their word,

even though some of them have decided

to not talk about that quite so much.

- [Jenna] Many democrats are banking

on the Russia investigation,

and want to make thiselection about corruption.

- We've been fully cooperatingwith the special council

since the very beginning.

Literally tens of thousands of documents,

the White House hascooperated with testimony,

and we'll continue to do that.

But I just have to tell you,Jen, as I've traveled around

the country, people justaren't talking about it.

- [Jenna] One things that's for sure,

the fight over the control of Congress

is going to get nasty,and Pence is already

feeling some of itpersonally with a new book

out that attacks his faith.

- The bible says count itall joy when you endure

trials of many kind.

And any time I'm criticized,for my belief in Jesus Christ

I just breathe the prayer of praise.

- [Jenna] Republican'shope to be able to breathe

their own sigh of relief this fall.

Of course, they have to fendoff the so called blue waves

some are predicting.

Aboard Air Force two, the Vice President

remains hard at work.

Determined to not let that happen.

Reporting from Air Forcetwo, Jenna Browder, CBN News.

- Thanks David and Jenna, Pat,

people on both sides of the equation see

this as quite a consequential election.

- Well, it certainly is.

If the democrats takecontrol of the House,

there will be unending investigations.

Every committee you canthink of will suddenly

be forcing the Presidentto release documents

and to have the staff members appear

for hearings and so forth.

It'll be a zoo in Washington,

as if it isn't bad enough now.

It'll be horrible, nothing'll get done.

The American people will bepresented with a slaughter.

And therefore, keepingcontrol of the House is pretty

significant, and to seeany those House democrats,

I guess I should say,any House republican's up

for election, the President,and Vice President

can do everything they can to see

that they hold control of the House.

Because as far as an impeachment goes,

the Senate is wherethe decision gets made.

You can have an impeachment,but look at what

happened to Clinton,the House impeached him,

but the Senate, they had to get 2/3 vote,

and they couldn't get it,and the same thing here.

You couldn't impeach thispresident in a million years.

So that's, it's just somethingthat would smear him.

Anything they can possiblydo to hurt this man,

because what he's doneis take power away from

Washington and give it,essentially, to the people.

And the bureaucrats and thedeep state don't like it.

And you and I have got torecognize what the game is

they wanted to feed him andeverything that he's doing

because they hate the factthat they've lost power.

That's the game, the power,the control of this nation

was in the hands of thesepeople and it's been

taken away from them,and they don't like that.


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