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'God is Pouring Out His Spirit:' Tennessee Tent Revival in 21st Week, Nearly 700 Accept Christ

'God is Pouring Out His Spirit:' Tennessee Tent Revival in 21st Week, Nearly 700 Accept Christ Read Transcript

- Spiritual revival continuesin Northeastern Tennessee

as the Greeneville Awakeningis now in its 21st week.

Nearly 700 people haveaccepted Jesus Christ

as their Lord and Savior so far.

The evangelist leadingthe revival services,

D.R. Harrison, joins us now bySkype with more information.

He's also accompanied by his wife, Laura.

Welcome, guys.

- Thank you for having us on.

- Hello.- First of all,

yeah, welcome.

First of all, the revival is in week 21.

D.R., tell us what's going on.

- God just continues to move, Mark.

Each week the crowds continue to build.

People continue to comefrom all over the country.

As far away as India were people

were in the services this week,

that came all the way from over in India.

There's people coming from asfar west as Oregon, Arizona.

And God just continues to draw people.

Souls continue to be saved,

and we're just amazedat what God's doing here

in Greeneville, Tennessee.

- Laura, how did all this begin?

- Well it started in a church

in Greystone.

It started out what wasgonna be just a week revival.

And the crowds began to grow,

and the excitement began to grow.

And people were getting saved,

and lives were being changed.

And so it has just continued from there

and has expanded until peoplewere standing room only

in the church.

And so it expanded into the tent.

- D.R., did you ever thinkit would last this long?

- Never in a million years, Mark,

would we have ever ofdreamed what God had planned.

And that's why it's all God,

'cause no man can takeglory for what He's doing

in this town.

This past week, we were able to broadcast

through BPN Radio,

and we were able tobroadcast around the world.

And there were 27 countriestuning in live each night

in the services to whatGod's doing in Greeneville.

- [Mark] Wow, so this is notjust there in that region

and in our country.

This is going around the world.

What does this revival say about the times

that we are living in, Laura?

- [Laura] I believethat people are hungry.

People are hungry forsomething that is real.

People are desperate forsomething that is real.

There's so much hurt and so much tragedy

all around us every day.

And I believe everyone issearching for something

that is real.

- [D.R.] I believe it, yep.

- Do you think, D.R., that this shows

that we're in the end times here

and God is pouring out His Spirit?

- I believe Joel, chaptertwo is coming to life

right before our very eyes.

I believe God is pouring out His Spirit.

And I believe that we areliving in the last seconds

of the last minutes, of thelast hours, of the last days

before Jesus returns.

- And D.R., what would yousay would be the primary goal

of the revival services?

- The goal is simple.

We wanna reach as manypeople with the gospel

as we possibly can.

And we want people thatare saved to be revived

and to be awakened out of their sleep

and to realize that we don'thave a whole lot of time.

And there's people dying andgoing to hell all around us,

and we have the answer.

We have the hope, andthat hope is Jesus Christ.

And what God did for my wifeand I, God can do for them.

- And Laura, I'm gonna begin with you.

Do you have a message for those at home

who are going to see this interview

and might not be able to attend?

- Yes, don't give up, there is hope.

There is hope, and theone hope that we do have

is in Jesus Christ.- Amen.

- And it doesn't matter whatthe world may throw you,

or what you're going through,

or what you may be addicted to.

But there is one hope,and that is Jesus Christ.

- Amen.

- And quickly, D.R., what wouldyou say would be a message

to those at home?

- I would ditto that samething, that Jesus is the answer.

Whether it's drugs, alcohol, pornography,

whatever you're facing in life,

Jesus can wash it all away with His blood,

and He can change yourlife like He did ours.

- Amen, well tell us whenand where the services

are being held, D.R.?

- The services are at1005 Quaker Knob Road

in Chuckey, Tennessee.

If you can't attend in person,

you can tune in live everynight at 7:00 p.m. Eastern Time



You can listen from yourmobile device, laptop, tablet.

Wherever you are aroundthe world you can tune in.

And just pray for us andbeg God to continue to move

in this day and this hour.

- And it is Monday through Friday.

You guys take a break onthe weekends, correct?

- Yes, sir, Monday throughFriday, 7:00 p.m. Eastern Time.

- Okay, all right,evangelist D.R. Harrison

and his wife, Laura, thankyou so much for your time

and blessings to you both.


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