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CBN NewsWatch: September 7, 2018

CBN NewsWatch: September 7, 2018 Read Transcript

- [Announcer] This is CBN News Watch.

- Thanks for joiningus for CBN News Watch.

I'm Charlene Aaron, on today's show,

the possibility of a showdownbetween the US and Iran,

while the chances of peace withNorth Korea may be growing.

We'll have a behind the scenes look

at the confirmation hearings

for Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh

and we'll hear about anongoing revival in Tennessee.

And we begin with the growing tensions

between the United States and Iran,

which could be leadingto a possible showdown

between the two countries.

The latest developmentcame when Iran's president

called US sanctionsagainst Iran's oil industry

quote, "the front lines of confrontation."

Chris Mitchell brings usthe story from Jerusalem.

- [Chris] President Trumpsays Iran is on the ropes.

- If you look at the firstday that I got to office,

or let's look at it differently,

a day before I got to office,everybody was saying Iran

would be taking over the Middle East,

it was just a question of when.

Now they're just looking to survive.

- For months demonstratorson the streets of Tehran

and other cities have defied the regime.

Protestors blame their leadersfor the crumbling economy

by spending Iran'streasure on foreign wars

throughout the Middle East.

Iran's currency is plummeting

and reached its lowest rate on record.

- There is no glimmering ofhope that the situation changes.

Up till now, seen no kind of practical

and effective way of,practical way of solutions

on behalf of the governmentsto solve this problem.

- [Chris] It's part ofthe administration's plan.

- I get the logic of itand there is, I think,

there is a logic to it,

is that through economic sanctions

that then produce internal unrest

and therefore pressure on the regime,

The regime has to start thinking twice

about its ability to maintain

these far flung commitmentsacross the region.

- [Chris] The US fannedthe flames by pulling out

of the Iranian NuclearDeal, reimposing sanctions,

and there's more to come.

- Remember that in November,

we have the beginningsof oil sanctions on Iran,

the intention to end Iran'sability to export oil.

So we have very major new blow.

So we're just at the beginningof this, to a certain degree,

the beginning of realWestern pressure on Iran.

- [Chris] Iran'sPresident Rouhani promises

further defiance.

- We will continue by all means to produce

and export our oil.

Oil is in the front line of confrontation.

- [Chris] Iran alsowarned it could shut down

the straights of Hormusethrough which much

of the world's oil passes.

Another front line is thisongoing war in Israel's

regular air assault on Iran'sgrowing military presence

inside Syria.

The IDF says it has hit morethan 200 Iranian targets

in the past two years.

- So there's a wholebunch of potential tools

in the box, so to speak,

to continue to put pressure on the regime.

Economic, political, and military.

I think what we're gonna beseeing in the months ahead

is an increasing usage of those,

and an increasinglycoordinated usage of those

to try to roll backIran across the region.

- And Chris Mitchell is withus live from Jerusalem now.

Chris, what is the Trumpadministration's plan

to deal with Iran?

- Well, Charlene, Secretaryof State Mike Pompeo

outlined that earlier this year.

In May, he had a speechat the Heritage Foundation

in Washington, D.C.

He talked about unprecedentedeconomic pressure

against Iran, we saw that in the piece.

Working with the Defense Department

to halt and stop Iran'saggression in the area,

and also to work with the Iranian people,

and that goes back to say,an attempt in the Cold War,

when the United Stateswould speak to the people

on the other side of the Iron Curtain.

So I think there's a definite pressure

to try to speak the Irani people.

We see that playing out right now

in the streets of Tehran.

- [Charlene] Indeed, andhow would you compare

the way that the Trumpadministration has dealt

with the Iran, with Iran the way

that the Obamaadministration dealt with it?

- Well, Charlene, it's nightand day, day and night.

You could argue that theObama administration's

Middle East policy was Iranian-centric,

and I think the crown jewel of that

was the Iranian nuclear program.

But that really upset a lot of people

here in the Middle East,and many people thought

that was a dangerous plan.

The Trump administration

has really reversed that dramatically,

where they have confronted Iran,

rather than appeasedIran, and that has made

such a difference here in the Middle East.

- And what kind of reactionhave Israeli leaders

and leaders in theregion had to the new way

that the Trump administrationhas dealt with Iran?

- Well, I think they'rerelieved, and I think gratified

for the first time in, well, eight years

of the Obama administration,

when the Iranian nuclear position,

by the Obama administration,

was probably the main sticking point,

between the Netanyahu government

and the Obama administration.

Now they're on the same page.

If you talk to Iranian leaders right now,

you talk about the three maindangers or enemies to Israel,

they'll say Iran, Iran, Iran.

So, finally, they seethemselves on the same page.

The other thing is that manyother nations in the region,

Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Egypt,

many of the Gulf states as well,

they see for the firsttime in a long time,

that the United States isstanding with them as well,

and that goes directly to oneof the main divisions here

in the Middle East, whichis the Sunni Shiite divide.

And many of these Sunninations see Shiite Iran

as their number one enemy,

and actually theirdrawing closer to Israel,

so you see that the maximhere in the Middle East,

the enemy of my enemy is my friend,

and you see that playing out right now.

And also, I would just add this, Charlene,

that many here in theMiddle East saw Obama,

they perceived him as a weak leader,

they perceive Trump as a strong leader,

and that really makes a differencehere in the Middle East.

- Huge difference.

Chris Mitchell, Middle East Bureau Chief,

thank you so much for joining us today.

Well, President Trump'sSupreme Court nominee,

Brett Kavanaugh, haswrapped up his testimony

during his confirmation hearings.

After day three turned intoone of the rowdiest yet.

Democratic Senator Cory Bookertook a controversial swing,

coming out announcing he publicly released

committee confidential documents

that he thought thepublic deserved to see.

- I am ready acceptthe full responsibility

for what I have done, the consequences

for what I am done, and I stand by

the public's right to haveaccess to this document.

- [Charlene] Texas RepublicanSenator John Cornyn

then pointed out Booker could be expelled

from the Senate for his actions,

which led to this defiant response.

- Then apply the rule,- [Man] Mr. Chairman,

- And bring the charges.

- [Charlene] Well, as it turns out,

what Booker called his Spartacus moment

was all just for show, as formerPresident George W. Bush's

records' representativequickly released a statement,

saying they were surprised

to learn about Booker'shistrionics because,

"We had already told him

he could use the documents publicly."

But the chaos of the day was not limited

just to the hearing room,

as opponents of Kavanaughexpanded their protests

around the Hill, and intoChairman Chuck Grassley's office.

And our Capital Hillcorrespondent Abigail Robertson

is with us now from Washington.

Abby, what can you tell usabout Cory Booker's actions?

- Well, it was a very funnymoment in the hearing room,

because this fight wenton for about an hour,

and then a lot of Republican Senators

were then surprised to learn

that Senator Bookeralready had permission,

and he knew that when he kind of started

talking about it in thebeginning of the day,

at the beginning of the hearing,

saying that he was preparedto be potentially expelled

from the Senate over this,and, as it turns out,

he knew that he had permissionto release the documents

before he did.

So, it was very interesting.

A lot of the Republican Senators commented

throughout the day that theyfelt like this was just him

setting up for a 2020 Presidential run,

and we'll see how that plays out for him.

- Indeed, and have you learned anything

about the protesters atthe hearings this week?

- Oh, yes.

One is that they are loud,and what you hear on TV,

they are much louder when youhear them in the hearing room.

And the other thing is,

I've learned from talking to some folks,

that they are actually pretty organized.

There's a group led by Dutch Sheets,

that's been prayinginside the hearing room,

they've had a lot ofinteraction with the protesters

throughout the week, and they've told me

that members of theirteam have actually seen

the protesters being paid this week,

and they've seen them signing paperwork.

And they also, when you waitin line for the hearing room,

there's been people in front of them,

that have been holding,paid to hold their spots,

get a ticket, and thengive it to the protesters,

who then go in and interrupt the hearing.

So, it seems like it'sa lot more orchestrated

and organized than people realize.

- Wow.

Looking at some of thepeople's faces is amazing.

- Yes.

- Well, despite the Democrats objections,

and the protests, doesit look like Kavanaugh

will be confirmed?

- Yes.

Things are looking very goodfor Judge Kavanaugh right now.

He has strong support from Republicans,

and that did not changeafter the hearing this week,

and I would not be surprisedif he gets at least,

maybe three or four ofthose red state Democrats

to vote in favor ofhis nomination as well.

- Excellent.

Capital Hill correspondent,Abigail Robertson, thank you.

- Thank you.

- Here is a look at some ofthe other major headlines

we're following in the CBN newsroom today.

Billionaire and Christianphilanthropist Rich Devos

has died at the age of 92.

Devos was the co-founder of thedirect selling giant, Amway,

and owner of the NBA's Orlando Magic.

Devos and his late wife, Helen,

also donated to Christianchurches and ministries

and various other causes

through their Richard andHelen Devos Foundation.

Family spokesman said Devos died Thursday,

at his Western Michiganhome, due to complications

from an infection.

India's top court haslegalized homosexual acts,

doing away with a 158 year old law.

That law had stated that intercourse,

between members of the same sex,

was against the order of nature,

and punishable by upto 10 years in prison.

But five petitioners challenged the law,

saying it was discriminatory,

and used to harass the gay community.

The Supreme Court's decision Thursday

to legalize homosexualitystill does not permit

same sex marriage.

A presidential candidate in Brazil

was stabbed at a campaign event Thursday.

Jair Bolsonaro was beingcarried through the crowd,

at his rally on theshoulders of supporters,

when he was attacked andstabbed in the stomach.

The candidate sufferedsevere abdominal injuries,

and had to undergo surgery,

but is currentlyrecovering in the hospital.

And for more on these and other stories,


Up next, could we be onthe verge of eliminating

the nuclear threat from North Korea?

The North says its ready to start up

nuclear negotiations again.

We'll have that story right after this.

(fast paced music)

After a recent cold spell,

North Korean dictator KimJong Un says he's willing

to revive stalled nucleartalks with the United States.

As CBN National Securitycorrespondent Erik Rosales reports,

Kim even offered a timeline,on getting started.

- Could denuclearizationof the Korean peninsula

take place before President Donald Trump

finishes his first term in office?

That's in early 2021.

Well, that's what NorthKorean dictator Kim Jong Un

told a South Korean delegationhe hopes to accomplish.

Kim also said he has unwaveringfaith in President Trump.

The praises came during a meeting

with a South Korean delegationin Pyongyang on Wednesday.

The news traveled fast, asPresident Trump thanked Kim,

vowing in a tweet, "Wewill get it done together."

North Korean experts sayKim desperately wants

some move toward peacewith the United States.

- I think if we're able to do that,

I think we can very logicallygo back to Kim Jung Un,

say okay, we'll give youthat peace declaration,

we all know that war is over,

it's not a concession on our part,

but the same time, you need to give us

some sort of declaration ofthe size, scope and scale

of your nuclear weaponsand missile programs.

- [Erik] Weeks ago,President Trump stopped

Secretary of State Mike Pompeofrom making a planned trip

to North Korea, sayingthe timing was not right.

Pompeo says he likes what he hears,

but remains cautiously optimistic.

- It is the case that thereis still an enormous amount

of work to do.

We haven't had any nuclear tests,

we haven't had any missile tests,

which we consider a good thing,

but the work of convincing Chairman Kim

to make the strategic shiftthat we've talked about

for a brighter future

for the people of North Korea continues.

- [Erik] Meanwhile, theJustice Department announced

computer hacking chargesagainst a North Korean spy

for his role in the 2014attack on Sony Pictures,

and the film The Interview.

The satire depicted the assassination

of the North Korean dictator.

- North Korea's economyis the size of Vermont.

It's worth 11 billion dollars.

They can barely feed their own people,

yet their cyber capabilitiesare world class.

(bombastic music)

- [Charlene] Up next, anup-close and personal look

at an ongoing revival in Tennessee,

where hundreds of people have proclaimed

their faith in Jesus Christ.

Spoke with the evangelists

who's leading that revival service,

and we'll have that interviewfor you, right after this.

Stay with us, you don't want to miss it.

(fast-paced music)

A spiritual revival is still underway

in northeastern Tennessee,as the Greenville Awakening

is now in it's 21st week.

Nearly 700 people haveaccepted Jesus Christ

as their Lord and Savior so far,

and CBN news continuesto follow the revival.

On Thursay, CBN's Mark Martin spoke

with the evangelists leading the services

under a big tent, D.R.Harrison and his wife, Laura,

by Skype, to get an update.

- Revival is in week 21.

D.R., tell us what's goin' on.

- God just continues to move, Mark.

Each week, the crowds continue to build.

People continue to comefrom all over the country,

as far away as India,

where people were inthe services this week,

that came all the way from over in India.

There's people coming fromas far west as Oregon,

Arizona, and God justcontinues to draw people.

Souls continue to be saved,and we're just amazed

at what God's doin' herein Greenville, Tennessee.

- Laura, how did all this begin?

- Well, it started ina church in Graystone.

It started out, what wasgonna be just a week revival,

and the crowd's began to grow,

and the excitement began to grow,

and people were getting saved,

and lives were being changed,

and so it has just continued from there.

It has expanded until peoplewere standing room only

in the church, and so, itexpanded into the tent.

- D.R., did you ever thinkit would last this long?

- Never in a million years, Mark,

would we have ever dreamedwhat God had planned,

and that's why it's all God,

'cause no man can take glory

for what he's doin' in this town.

This past week, we were ableto broadcast through BPN radio,

and we were able tobroadcast around the world,

and there were 27 countriestunin' in live, each night,

in the services, to whatGod's doin' in Greenville.

- [Mark] Wow.

So this is not just there inthat region, in our country,

this is going around the world.

What does this revival say about the times

that we are living in, Laura?

- [Laura] I believethat people are hungry.

People are hungry forsomething that is real.

- [D.R.] Yeah.

- [Laura] People are desperatefor something that is real.

There is so much hurts,and so much tragedy,

all around us every day,

and I believe everyone is searching

for something that is real.

- [D.R.] I believe it, yeah.

- Do you think, D.R., that this shows

that we're in the end times here,

and God is pouring out his spirit?

- I believe Joel chaptertwo is coming to life

right before our very eyes.

I believe God is pourin' out his spirit,

and I believe that we areliving in the last seconds,

of the last minutes, of thelast hours, of the last days,

before Jesus returns.

- And, D.R., what would yousay would be the primary goal

of the revival services?

- The goal is simple.

We wanna reach as manypeople with the Gospel

as we possibly can, and wewant people that are saved

to be revived, and to beawakened out of their sleep.

And to realize that we don'thave a whole lot of time,

and there's people dyin' andgoin' to hell all around us,

and we have the answer, we have the hope,

and that hope is Jesus Christ.

And what God did for my wife and I,

God can do for them.

- And, Laura, I'm gonna begin with you.

Do you have a message for those at home

who are going to see this interview,

and might not be able to attend?

- Yes.

Don't give up, there is hope.

There is hope, and theone hope that we do have

is in Jesus Christ.

- Amen.

- And doesn't matter whatthe world may throw you,

or what your going through,

or what you may be addicted to,

but there is one hope,and that is Jesus Christ.

- Amen.

- And quickly, D.R., what wouldyou say would be a message

to those at home?

- I would ditto that same thing.

That Jesus is the answer,

whether it's drugs, alcohol, pornography,

whatever you're faced in life,

Jesus can wash it all away with his blood,

and he can change yourlife, like he did ours.

- Amen.

Well, tell us, when and where

the services are being held, D.R.

- The services are at1005 Quaker Knob Road,

in Chuckey, Tennessee.

If you can't attend inperson, you can tune in live

every night at 7:00pm Eastern time,

on, or

You can listen from yourmobile device, laptop, tablet,

wherever you are aroundthe world, you can tune in,

and just pray for us, andbeg God to continue to move

in this day and this hour.

- And it is Monday through Friday,

you guys take a break onthe weekends, correct?

- Yes, sir.

Monday through Friday,7:00pm Eastern time.

- Okay.

All right, evangelists D.R.Harrison, and his wife, Laura.

Thank you so much for your time,

and blessings to you both.

- That is so encouraging,

to see so many people comingto the Lord Jesus Christ.

Praise God for that.

Well, up next, a family friendly review

of a new movie out this weekend.

It's called God Bless the Broken Road.

That's coming up in just a moment.

(fast paced music)

Yesterday, we told you about a new film,

that pays tribute to America'smilitary men and women,

and real life veterans will actually enjoy

some of the box office profits.

God Bless the Broken Road tells the story

of a young mother who loses her husband.

It opens this weekend, and our friends at

Focus on the Familybrings us this look at it.

(techno music)

(symphonic music)

- In the movie, God Bless the Broken Road,

a woman named Amber Hill,lost her heroic husband,

to an ambush in Afghanistan.

Now, two years later,she's left with memories,

and the fragments of his presence,

a beautiful eight year old daughter,

and a certain emptiness.

As the former director ofthe local church choir,

Amber was known in townfor her angelic voice,

and her love for God.

But, she doesn't sing any more.

When her husband lost his life in battle,

she lost her voice, andher faith in the almighty.

- I tried putting my faith in God.

I don't understand whyhe would do that to us.

If he wants me, he knows where to find me.

- Now the only hope forresurrecting her dreams,

and her future, seems to lie in the hands

of an unlikely friend,and in the innocent heart

of a young child.

This faith-focused film, is a story

of eventually reaching for redemption,

despite the burdens oflife-crushing trials.

It also depicts scenes ofbravery, and self-sacrifice.

But frankly, the weight ofAmber's loss of faith struggle,

isn't always an easy one to bear here.

Add in some scenes of war and violence,

and I'll give God Bless the Broken Road

four praise choruses out offive for family friendliness.

For an in-depth review of this film,

or anything else at your local box office,

visit us at

Plugging you into themovies, I'm Bob Waliszewski

for Focus on the Family'sPlugged In movie review.

- Looks like a great film.

And you can find more ofour exclusive coverage

of the issues you caremost about, at,

and tell us what youthink about the stories

you've seen here today.

You can do that byemailing

or talk to us on Facebook,Twitter and Instagram.

We hope you'll join us next time.

Have a great day.

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