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Whodunit? Denials from Key Officials Pour in as Hunt for Anonymous NYT Op-Ed Writer Begins

Whodunit? Denials from Key Officials Pour in as Hunt for Anonymous NYT Op-Ed Writer Begins Read Transcript

- And more fallout fromthe bombshell Op-ed

published by the New York Times reportedly

written by a senior Trumpadministration official.

It takes direct aim at the President.

Many on the President'steam are coming forward

to say they didn't do it.

As CBN's Jenna Browdertells us the administration

reportedly has a list of suspects.

- Everyone includingPresident Trump wants to know

who wrote this anonymous op-ed.

Last night, he was on the campaign trail

in Montana, venting about it.

- But for the sake ofour national security,

the New York Times shouldpublish his name at once.

I think their reportershould go and investigate

who it is, that wouldactually be a good story.

- [Jenna] In the piece, theunnamed Senior administration

official says there's"quiet resistance within

"the administration."

And that many "are working diligently

"from within to frustratethe President's agenda

"and his worst inclinations."

The White House reportedly hasa list of about 12 suspects

as denials from keyadministration officials pour in.

- Well look, anyone whowould write an anonymous

editorial smearing thisPresident who's provided

extraordinary leadership to this country

should not be workingfor this administration.

They oughta do the honorablething and they oughta resign.

- [Jenna] Among others,Secretary of Defense

James Maddis, attorneygeneral Jeff Sessions,

and Secretary of StateMike Pompeo also deny

writing the piece.

- I come from a placewhere if you're not in

a position to executethe Commander's intent,

you have a singular option,

and it's to leave.

- [Jenna] First lady MelaniaTrump is also speaking out.

And accuses the writer ofsabotaging the country.

Former Trump campaign aid Michael Caputo

tells CBN News there's a simple way to get

to the bottom of it.

- Look at the departmentsof your government

Mr President, find thedepartments that have purged

all Trump supportersfrom those departments.

That's where you'll find this culprit.

- [Jenna] He also saysthe timing of the op-ed

shouldn't be lost, andencourages the President

to not let it distract himfrom the midterm elections.

- It's designed to depress the turnout

of the President's baseso that the democrats

will win the House of Representatives.

In the end, this op-edis about impeachment.

- A lot of ideas are being thrown out.

One that seems to be sticking is from

Senator Rand Paul, who says the President

should force administration officials

to take lie detector tests.

In Washington, Jenna Browder, CBN News.

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