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Praying For Your Needs: September 7, 2018

Terry prays for you and delivers words of knowledge through the power of the Holy Spirit for your healing. Read Transcript

- I want to share acouple of other stories

with you that I believe will encourage

you before we pray today.

This is Darlene who livesGrand Ridge, Illinois.

She called our prayercenter for her son, Curt.

He'd been suffering with esophagus issues

for six years and could barely swallow.

She called back later toreport he's swallowing

without any problem,doctor confirmed that he is

completely healed.

And then Barbara ofDuffy, Colorado received

a diagnosis of stage three kidney failure.

So she began calling CBN's prayer line

and no matter the time of day, we read

healing scriptures and prayed with her.

Then on August 26, this August 26,

she called the prayer center again,

this time with a praisereport that her doctor

had taken her off dialysis.

Let's pray right now for you,

whatever your need might be.

Let's just go to the footof the cross together,

father, you know the hurts and the needs

of every person who isbowing before you now

saying God I need you.

Would you invade their need, their hurt,

their pain, their loss.

Jesus with your healingpeace and with your presence,

holy spirit, come and wash away all

of the anxiety, all ofthe pain, all of aloneness

and the emptiness, andbring your light into

the midst of their darkness.

Shine within them God,bring them hope and peace

and trust and the knowledgethat you are the God

who see's them, in Jesus name we pray.


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