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News on The 700 Club: September 7, 2018

As seen on “The 700 Club,” Sept 7.: Dutch Sheets Warns of 'Intense Spiritual Warfare' Surrounding Kavanaugh Hearings; Denials from Key Officials Pour in as Hunt for Anonymous NYT Op-Ed Writer Begins; Why the 'Booming' Economy Could Be the ... Read Transcript

- Hello everyone, welcome to the 700 Club.

President Trump has takena number of hits this week,

from a book depictinga chaotic White House

to an op-ed in the New York Times by

an anonymous senior staffer.

One story you won't hear much about,

however, is the positive economy.

New numbers out today show21000 jobs were added in August

and that's a message thepresident's team wants to get out

because they believe it could affect

the upcoming midterm elections.

Heather Sells has more.

- If Republicans hold thehouse this Novemember,

the economy could be a big reason why.

It is a key talking pointfor the president right now,

he brought it up again lastnight at a Montana rally.

- We've created over 4 millionnew jobs since the election.

- [Heather] It's not a terribly hard sell,

consumer confidence is soaring;

recently hitting an 18 year high.

Unemployment is at near record lows,

and business investment helped push

the second quarter GDPbeyond expectations.

Still, the mainstream mediadoesn't talk about it,

much less give any credit tothe president or his tax cut.

Media watcher, Dan Gainor,says it's no surprise.

- When you find out the economy's growing,

not even at 4.1%, but 4.2%,

for GDP there's barelyany coverage at all.

When you get all timerecord low unemployment for

African-Americans, barely any coverage.

- [Heather] Hearkeningback to Bill Clinton's

famous quote, "It's the economy, stupid."

Conservatives like RalphReed believe most people

are focused on what'shappening in the country,

not inside the beltway.

- I don't believe that the voters care

about what the media cares about.

That was amply demonstrated in 2016.

I think for the average American,

that is not ideologically motivated,

they're not really

hard right or hard left,

they're interested inkitchen table issues.

- [Heather] That's why many inside the GOP

want to emphasize accomplishments

such as new approachesto North Korea and Iran.

Plus more conservativefederal court judges

and a likely supreme court justice.

- I would ignore the articleand I would ignore the book,

and I would tell the Americanpeople what I've done

and what I'm gonna do.

You've got an incredible story for less

than two years of being president.

- [Heather] Many people believe,

with a strong positive message like that,

the GOP will lose seatsbut keep the house.

Heather Sells, CBN News.

- We live in amazing days, don't we?

You wanna say, that it's like Nia Mya:

Mr. President, justkeep building the wall.

Well, in other news, it lookslike the on-again, off-again

talks with North Korea aremoving in the right direction.

Charlene Aaron has more from our

top stories in the CBN news room.

- That's right, Terry.

New reports that Kim Jong Un wants

to revive stalled nucleartalk with the U.S.

North Korea's dictatorreportedly laid out a timeline

saying he wants to get rid of all

his nucs during President Trump's term.

Talks had broken down,with the president even

canceling a summit between Kim

and Secretary of State Mike Pompeo.

Now the two leaders areexchanging compliments.

Kim says he has faith in the president

and Trump tweeting back "Wewill get it done together."

And more follow-up fromthe bombshell op-ed

published by the New York Times,

reportedly written by a seniorTrump administration official

it takes direct aim at the president.

Many on the presidentsteam are coming forward

to say they didn't do it.

As CBN's Jenna Browder tells us,

the administration reportedlyhas a list of suspects.

- Everyone, including President Trump,

wants to know who wrotethis anonymous op-ed.

Last night he was on the campaign trail

in Montana venting about it.

- But for the sake ofour national security,

the New York Times shouldpublish his name at once.

I think their reporters shouldgo and investigate who it is.

That would actually be a good scoop.

(audience claps)

- [Charlene} In the piece,

the unnamed senioradministration official,

says there's "quiet resistancewithin the administration."

And that many "are workingdiligently from within

"to frustrate the president's agenda

"and his worst inclinations."

The White House reportedly hasa list of about 12 suspects,

as denials from keyadministration officials pour in.

- Well look, anyone who wouldwrite an anonymous editorial

smearing this presidentwho's provided extraordinary

leadership for this country,

should not be workingfor this administration.

They ought to do the honorable thing,

and they ought to resign.

- [Charlene] Among others,Secretary of Defense

James Mattis, AttorneyGeneral Jeff Sessions,

and Secretary of State Mike Pompeo,

also deny writing the piece.

- I come from a place whereif you're not in a position

to execute the commanders intent,

you have a singularoption, it is to leave.

- [Charlene] First Lady MelaniaTrump is also speaking out,

and accuses the writer ofsabotaging the country.

Former Trump campaign aidMicheal Caputo tells CBN news

there's a simple way toget to the bottom of it.

- Look at the departments ofyour government Mr. President.

Find the departments that have purged

all Trump supportersfrom those departments.

That's where you'll find this culprit.

- [Charlene] He also says that timing

of the op-ed shouldn't be lost,

and encourages the presidentto not let it distract him

from the midterm elections.

- It's designed to depress the turnout

of the president's base so that

the democrats will win theHouse of Representatives.

In the end, this op-edis about impeachment.

- A lot of ideas are being thrown out,

one that seems to be stickingis from Senator Rand Paul,

who says the president shouldforce administration officials

to take lie detector tests.

In Washington, Jenna Browder CBN news.

- Political grandstanding atthe Brett Kavanaugh hearings

has many claiming they're more about

the next presidential election

than confirming a supreme court justice.

However, some in the hearing room

are looking beyond politics,

even as the partisan dramagoes on all around them.

CBN Capital Hill correspondent,Abigail Robertson, explains.

- Day three of Judge Kavanaugh's hearing

turned into one of the rowdiest yet.

Democratic Senator Cory Booker

took a controversial swing coming out,

announcing he publiclyreleased committee confidential

documents he thought thepublic deserved to see.

- I'm ready to acceptthe full responsibility

for what I have done, theconsequences for what I have done,

and I stand by the public's right

to have access to this document.

- [Abigail] Senator JohnCornyn then pointed out,

Booker could be expelled fromthe Senate for his actions.

- I just think it's importantthat we remind one another

that there are clearrules about the discussion

of confidential material andthat there can be consequences

to the violation of those rules.

- [Abigail] To which, Booker responded...

- Apply the rule, bringthe charges. Bring it.

- [Abigail] As it turnsout, what Booker described

as his Spartacus momentwas all just for show.

As President Bush's records representative

quickly released a statement saying

they were "surprised to learnabout Booker's histrionics

"because we had already told him

he could use the documents publicly."

The chaos of the day was not limited just

to the hearing room, however.

As opponents of Kavanaughexpanded their protest

around the Hill and, in determent,Chuck Crowsley's office.

- (chanting) Chuck Crowsley come out,

we have some things to talk about.

- [Abigail] Evangelist Dutch Sheets,

whose lead a prayer team inthe hearing room this week,

told CBN news his grouphas interacted often

with the protestors and learned

they're more organizedthan people realize.

- Some of my friends haveseen them being paid,

it's an orchestrated effortto try and make a statement

and convince the nationthat they're the mainstream

and this is what people want.

But it's not true andwe know it's not true.

- [Abigail] Sheets told CBN he has felt

an intent spiritual warfare this week.

- For so long I feel like the enemy

had been making such progress,

that he's now just kind of amped it up,

you know I've gotta stopthis shift that's happening.

And so, I think the warfare iseven more intense than ever.

- [Abigail] As for JudgeKavanaugh, he spent his last day

in the hot-seat answeringmany of the same questions

as the day before and reaffirming Senators

he will be a fair justiceon the Supreme Court.

- I'm on the sunrise side of the mountain

and I'm an optimist about the future.

- Witnesses supporting anopposing Judge Kavanaugh,

will be the next to testify.

It will be an opportunityfor the committee

to hear unique perspectivesbefore making the decision,

whether to send thenominee to the full Senate

with a favorable recommendation.

Reporting from Capital Hill,Abigail Robertson CBN news.

- Anne Graham Lotz is praising God

despite a recent breast cancer diagnosis.

The evangelist andauthor announced the news

in a statement on her website this week.

Lotz says she is holdingfast to the promises of God

and that he has given her wisdom

and clear guidance through this journey.

Lotz will undergo surgeryscheduled September 18th

at North Carolina CancerHospital in Chapel Hill.

She continues to ask for prayers.

And we will definitely bepraying for her, Terry.

- Well that is true, Anne Graham Lotz an

inspiring teacher of theWord and someone for whom

we are so grateful as we watchher live her faith out loud.

Be praying for her please.


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