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Jerusalem Dateline: 9/7/18 Paraguay Shocks Israel with Jerusalem Embassy Re-Move

Paraguay delivers diplomatic blow to Israel with Jerusalem embassy withdrawal; and Trump defunds UN Palestinian refugee body hitting the core of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict; and Jews worldwide celebrate Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year. Read Transcript

(sound of shofar blowing)

- This week on Jerusalem Dateline:

Paraguay delivers adiplomatic blow to Israel

over its embassy in Jerusalem.

Where will it end?

And President Trump stops all funding

to the United Nations body

responsible for Palestinian refugees.

It hits the core of theIsraeli-Palestinian conflict.

And Jews worldwidecelebrate Rosh Hashanah,

the Jewish New Year.

All this and more thisweek on Jerusalem Dateline.

Hello and welcome to thisedition of Jerusalem Dateline.

I'm Chris Mitchell.

Thanks for joining uson this special edition,

since it marks the firstshow of our eighth season.

We appreciate you watching our program

and we love bringing you the news

from Jerusalem, Israel,and the Middle East.

Well Paraguay delivered adiplomatic blow to Israel

when it said it will return its embassy

from Jerusalem to Tel Aviv.

The move shocked and angered Israel

and Paraguay's presidentsaid Israel is overreacting.

- [Reporter] Israeli PrimeMinister Benjamin Netanyahu

instructed his foreign ministry

to close its embassy in Paraguay,

following Paraguay's announcement

that it's moving itsembassy out of Jerusalem

and back to Tel Aviv.

(speaking Spanish)

- [Translator] The governmentof the Republic of Paraguay

considers it pertinent to reestablish

the seat of the Embassyin the State of Israel

to the location previous

to the communique dated May 9th of 2018.

- [Reporter] Netanyahu'soffice said in a statement

"Israel views with extreme gravity

"the unusual decision of Paraguay

"that will cloud relationsbetween the two countries."

Less than four months ago,

Paraguay became the third country

to move its embassy to Jerusalem

after President Trump's historic move

of the U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem,

and Guatemala followed suit.

At the time,

Netanyahu hailed deep friendshipbetween the two countries.

- A great day for Israel,a great day for Paraguay,

a great day for our friendship.

And this follows the example

and I would say the practice of Paraguay

for many, many years.

Paraguay helped Jews escape Nazi Germany.

We will never forget this.

- Paraguay's move is adiplomatic blow for Israel.

Israel had hoped to create momentum

for countries to both recognizeJerusalem as its capital

and move their embassies here.

Paraguay said it made the move

because it wanted to intensifyregional diplomatic efforts

to achieve a broad,fair, and lasting peace

in the Middle East.

The Palestinians hailed the move

as a Palestinian diplomatic achievement.

The move came after Paraguay

swore in its new President Mario Abdo,

the grandson of a Lebanese immigrant.

Netanyahau sent Jerusalem mayor Nir Barkat

to the inauguration.

Barkat tweeted "I will trvelto the ends of the earth

"for Jerusalem and Israel,

"just as I visited Paraguay

"at the request of PrimeMinister Netanyahu.

"Their decision is wrong andonly strengthens our enemies.

"I will continue to fightfor united Jerusalem,

"Israel, and the truth, inevery place, in every way."

Paraguay's foreignminster Luis Castiglioni

said Israel shouldn'tbe bothered by the move.

(speaking Spanish)

- [Translator] Our brothersand friends in Israel

should not be upset.

There are over 85 countries

who maintain their embassies in Tel Aviv,

and we are friends andhistoric allies of Israel.

It should not be forgottenthat Paraguay's vote

was the decisive vote forthe creation of Israel.

- In what some call a historic decision,

the Trump administration has moved to stop

all funding for UNRWA,

the UN agency that providesaid for Palestinian refugees.

The decision goes to the core

of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Here's our report.

Protests popped up in Jordan and in Gaza.

Palestinian leaders condemn the action,

calling it a path to destruction.

- What is the Americanadministration doing?

They are preempting,

prejudging issues that isthere for permanent status.

They're undermining the moderate forces

in Palestine and Israel.

Those elements who want toachieve peace peacefully

based on a two-step solutionare being destroyed.

- [Mitchell] Israeli PrimeMinister Benjamin Netanyahu

applauded the decision.

(speaking Hebrew)

- [Translator] The United States

has made a very important thing

stopping the funds for the agency

perpetuating refugees called UNRWA.

The U.S. is finally beginningto solve the problem.

- It's historic.

I think it's very brave.

I think that for thefirst time in decades,

we are really touching the core issues

and, therefore, I'm very hopeful.

- [Mitchell] One core issueinvolves the right of return,

which goes back to 1949.

It's the idea that theoriginal Palestinian refugees

and their descendants shouldbe allowed to return to Israel.

That number now totals about five million.

- I think President Trump istouching on the core issue.

The issue is not how large Israel will be

or how much territory it will cede,

but the question is if Israel will stay.

Israel obviously wants to stay,

but the Palestinians, unfortunately,do not accept this yet.

- [Mitchell] Author Adi Schwartzsays the right of return

means the end of Israel.

- The right of return means

that an infinite number of Palestinians

could legally, and by agreement,

enter and resettle the state of Israel.

So obviously, the realmeaning of the right of return

is to undo the state of Israel,to kill the state of Israel

and to make it into an Arab state.

- [Mitchell] U.S. Ambassadorto the UN Nikki Haley agrees.

- About five million ArabMuslims are concerned,

they are not coming back,

get the right of return off the table,

it's not to be negotiated,it's not gonna happen,

once it's accepted it's not gonna happen

and you say okay, how do we come to terms

so we have a two state solution.

Do you agree that the right of return

should be off the table?- I do agree with that,

and I think we have tolook at this in terms of

what's happening in Syria,what's happening in Venezuela,

what's happening inother parts of the world,

and how we treat refugees

and how we're gonna look atthat going in the future.

So I absolutely think we haveto look at right of return.

- In my view, this is thefirst time for decades

that the American administrationis saying the truth.

- [Mitchell] In the meantime,

millions of Palestinianslanguish in limbo.

- You have this UNRWA agency,

which is giving them refugee camps

and they're giving them housing

and health care and education,

they have no incentive tocreate their own lives.

This is a very bad message to peace,

and of course to their lives as well.

I think Palestinians cannotgo on with their lives

as long as UNRWA stays.

- One of the main problems with UNRWA

is that some say its education system

perpetuates theIsraeli-Palestinian conflict,

and they say it's even raising up

the next generation of terrorists.

- [Reporter] This ladywith a Palestinian scarf

appears harmless, right?

- But who is this?

Dalal Mughrabi, wholead a terrorist attack

and murdered 38 people,including 13 children

on the Coastal Road of Israel in 1978.

- [Reporter] Her picture appears

in the fifth gradeArabic language textbook.

It's part of a four page lesson

that hails Mughrabi as

"A martyr who painted with her struggle

"a picture of challenge and heroism...

"The text in front of us provides a glance

"on the path of her struggle."

- In these four pagesthey're praising her,

and saying what a hero she was

and how the youngergeneration needs to act

exactly the same as she did.

- [Reporter] Israeli Knessetmember Sharren Haskel

and David Bedein of theIsrael Resource News Agency

spoke to journalists about reforms

they believe need to happen.

- Some of the major problems with UNRWA

are perpetuating the conflictand perpetuating the hatred

and the violence betweenPalestinians and Israelis.

- [Reporter] CBN News askedUNRWA about the textbooks

and education system.

In a written statement,

spokesman Christopher Gunness told us:

"UNRWA teaches in accordancewith UN values and principles.

"By convention we teach thecurriculum of host countries

"i.e the PA curriculum inthe occupied territory.

"We review every book we use.

"We check for genderbias, age appropriateness

"and political neutrality.

"On average we have found less than 3%

"of the pages we havereviewed to be problematic.

"We have frameworks and procedures

"for supporting our teachers

"in dealing with thesepassages in the books."

- There are 515000 Palestinian children

in the UNRWA school system.

Bedein says if even 2% takeup the terror challenge,

that would create morethan 10000 terrorists.

Bedein sees other issues with UNRWA.

- UNRWA is different from anyother refugee organization,

'cause other refugee organizations

help people get on with their lives.

UNRWA as a policy teaches the concept

of the right of return by force of arms.

- [Stahl] That so-called rightof return is also exaggerated

by the very definitionof Palestinian refugees.

- UNRWA's got a completelydifferent refugee definition

than any other international organization.

In UNRWA, a refugeestatus can be inherited,

which means that they do notfulfill their basic agenda

for what they were created for.

It continues to build biggerand bigger refugee camps,

give them permanent housing,

give them permanent health care,

give them a permanent education system.

This is the role of acountry, not a relief agency.

- Haskel and Bedein

hope that President Trump'saction to cut funding

will force UNRWA to make changes.

Julie Stahl, CBN News, Jerusalem.

- Tension is growing betweenIran and the United States

that could be leadingto a possible showdown.

The latest came when Iran's president

called U.S sanctionsagainst Iran's oil industry

"the frontline of confrontation."

Take a look.

President Trump says Iran is on the ropes.

- If you look at Iran,

the first day that I got to office,

or let's look at it differently,

a day before I got to office,

everybody was saying

Iran would be taking over the Middle East,

it was just a question of when.

Now they're just looking to survive.

- For months,

demonstrators on the streetsof Tehran and other cities

have defied the regime.

Protestors blame their leadersfor the crumbling economy

by spending Iran'streasure on foreign wars

throughout the Middle East.

Iran's currency is plummeting,

and reached its lowest rate on record.

- There is no glimmering of hope

that the situation changes.

Up to now,

I've seen no kind ofpractical and effective

way of solution onbehalf of the government

to solve this problem.

- [Mitchell] It's part ofthe administration's plan.

- If I get the logic of it,

and there is a logic to it,

is that through economic sanctions

that then produce internal unrest

and therefore pressure on the regime,

the regime has to start thinking twice

about its ability to maintain

these far-flung commitmentsacross the region.

- [Mitchell] The U.S fanned the flames

by pulling out of theIranian nuclear deal,

reimposing sanctions,and there's more to come.

- Remember that in November,

we have the beginningsof oil sanctions on Iran,

the intention to end Iran'sability to export oil,

it'll be a very major new blow.

So we're just at the beginningof this to a certain degree,

the beginning of realWestern pressure on Iran.

- [Mitchell] Iran's president Rouhani

promises further defiance.

- [Translator] We willcontinue by all means

to produce and export our oil.

Oil is in the frontline of confrontation.

- [Mitchell] Iran alsowarned it could shut down

the Straits of Hormuz,

through which much ofthe world's oil passes.

Another frontline is this ongoing war

in Israel's regular air assault

on Iran's growing militaryprisons inside Syria.

The IDF says it has hit morethan 200 Iranian targets

in the past two years.

- So there's a whole bunch ofpotential tools in the box,

so to speak, to continue toput pressure on the regime,

economic, political, and military,

and I think what we're gonnabe seeing in the months ahead

is an increasing usage of those

and an increasinglycoordinated usage of those

to try to roll backIran across the region.

(upbeat rock music)

- [Mitchell] Coming up,

the special role thePhilippines has played

in the history of Israeland the Jewish people.

(upbeat rock music)

Filipino president Rodrigo Duterte

became the first Filipinopresident to visit Israel

when he came for a four day state visit.

Duterte met with Israel's top leaders,

visited Israel's Holocaustmemorial Yad Vashem,

and signed joint agreements

between the Philippines and Israel.

During his meeting with President Duterte,

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu

reflected on the special role

the Philippines has playedin Israel's history.

- We remember the exceptionalrole of the Philippines

that received Jewish refugeesduring the Holocaust.

We remember that the Philippineswas the only Asian country

that voted for the establishmentof the State of Israel

in the U.N Resolution in 1947.

Mr. President, we remember our friends,

and that friendship hasblossomed over the years.

- [Mitchell] Duterte said

now Israel is helping the Philippines.

- So Prime Minister, I canonly thank you so much,

especially the critical help

that you have extended my country,

in the time when we needed it most.

- Filipino flags line Jerusalem streets

in honor of President Duterte's visit.

During his visit,

he signed a number ofagreements with Israel,

including trade, science, and care giving.

- There has been a remarkablephenomenon in Israel,

where thousands and thousands of families

have taken heart from the support given

by Filipino careworkers to the elderly.

- Thank you for hostingalmost 20000 Filipinos.

They have been very happy working here,

taking care of the aging citizens,

and I have heard

that they have beentreated as human beings,

unlike in other places whichI am not going to mention now.

- [Mitchell] Duterte also visited

Israel's Holocaust museum Yad Vashem.

- Never again.

May the world learn the lessons

of this horrific and benightedperiod of human history.

- [Mitchell] Israel'spresident also greeted Duterte

during the first visitof a Filipino president

since the countries establisheddiplomatic relations

in 1957.

- We have so many things in common.

We read the same Bible,

and so that explains thebond that exists between us.

- [Mitchell] CBN News

spoke with one of themembers of the delegation,

who hopes the visit marks agreater level of cooperation.

- We would like

to create a relationshipof economic partnership,

exploring what businesses can be done here

as we explore what businesses can be done

in our part of the world.

We are also here to explore

the strength of the Israeligovernment and people

in relation to security,

in relation to protecting your sovereignty

and your land senior rights.

- [Mitchell] Some protestorscriticized Duterte's visit

because of human rights abuses,

and his crackdown on drug dealers

and controversial statements,

but Israeli leaders greeted him warmly.

(upbeat rock music)

Up next, a trip to a shofar factory

where they make the biblical ram's horns.

(upbeat rock music)

We're entering a specialseason of biblical holidays.

These Jewish holy daysbegin with Rosh Hashanah,

the traditional New Year,

and include Yom Kippur,the Day of Atonement,

and there's more to this season,

and the Bible points the way.

(sound of shofar blowing)

Rosh Hashanah literallymeans head of the year,

the New Year,

but biblically it's much more than that.

In the Book of Leviticusit's called Yom Teruah,

the Day of the Blowing ofTrumpets, or ram's horn:

The Judgment Day.

- The only commandmentduring Rosh Hashanah

is actually to hear thesound of the shofar.

And so everybodygathering in the synagogue

to hear the sound of the shofar.

It's something that peopleconnect to their soul,

to hear the sound of the shofar.

(sound of shofar blowing)

- [Mitchell] The piercingsound of the shofar

is meant to remind the hearersto repent of their sins

and to make things right withtheir brothers and sisters.

The rabbis say thatreconciliation with God and man

confounds the enemy.

- The shofar is a musicalinstrument made from a horn.

This is the oldest musical instrument,

and the Jewish Orthodox who have committed

to hear the sound of theshofar during the New Year,

our judgment day.

- [Mitchell] As part ofa two family business,

Eli Ribak is athird-generation shofar maker.

- The process is grinding, polishing,

then we drill, open a mouthpiece.

This is quick, but it'sa lot of experience

and a lot of handiwork

because each horn is a differentsize, different thickness.

So you have to be experiencedto make a good shofar.

- [Mitchell] The ram's horn is used

as the traditional shofar

because when Abrahamshowed his willingness

to sacrifice his son Isaac,

God provided a ram tobe used in his place.

- Actually all types of hornsare kosher except of the cow.

- [Mitchell] That'sbecause the Jewish people

don't want to remind God of the time

Israel worshiped the GoldenCalf in the wilderness.

Besides the distinctivetones of the different horns,

there are three different blasts sounded.

The shofar is blown in synagogues

and at the Western Wall each morning

for a month before the holiday

to get plenty of time for repentance.

- You and I both know

that we need a lot ofreminders in our daily life

to repent, to think of the things of God.

It's like an alarm clock for the soul.

- [Mitchell] Ribak saysit's not just Jewish people

who blow the shofar.

- We sell the shofar all over the world.

We sell it to Jewish, to Christian,

Messianic people, Evangelist people.

- [Mitchell] Rosh Hashanah

is the feast of the seventh month,

but in Jewish traditionrepresents the new year.

- At the coronation ofthe kings of Israel,

the shofars would blow.

They would announce the new king

or they would announcethe coming of the king.

Oftentimes in the Christian world,

shofars are blownthroughout the entire year,

but in Judaism and in Jewish practice

the shofars are only blown

for a very limited timethroughout the year,

during this time, the monthof Elul, at Rosh Hashanah.

- [Mitchell] Boaz Michael,

founder of First Fruits of Zion,

says that's a foreshadow

for those who believe in Yeshua, Jesus.

- And they tell us something,they're speaking to us,

they're reminding us of something,

and one of the thingsthey're reminding us of

is the creation of the world,the coming of the king,

King Messiah one day at this time,

the coronation of Hiskingdom here on earth.

This is what the shofar is to remind us of

and it speaks to us everyday when we hear that sound.

(upbeat rock music)

- [Mitchell] Coming up,a look at what you need

to celebrate Rosh Hashanah,the Jewish New Year.

(upbeat rock music)

We just saw how shofars are made

and how important they areto this holiday season.

Here's a look at what else you need

to celebrate Rosh Hashanah,

and what you can find onour social media channels.

(sound of shofar blowing)

(relaxed instrumental music)

(sound of shofar blowing)

(sound of shofar blowing)

(speaks foreign language)

Well that's all for this edition.

Thanks for joining us.

Remember, you can followus on Facebook, Twitter,

Instagram and YouTube.

And for all of our Jewish viewers,

shana tova u'metuka, agood and sweet new year.

I'm Chris Mitchell.

We'll see you next timeon Jerusalem Dateline.

(upbeat rock music)


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