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'Flooding of Biblical Proportions' Predicted as Hurricane Florence Takes Dead Aim at East Coast

'Flooding of Biblical Proportions' Predicted as Hurricane Florence Takes Dead Aim at East Coast Read Transcript

- And joining us nowwith more on Florence,

where it's headed, is Joe Bastardi.

He is the chief forecasterfor WeatherBELL Analytics.

So Joe, where do you think Florence

is most likely to makelandfall as of right now?

- Well, there's nothingwe can say different

from the Hurricane Center.

In fact, Wednesday on WeatherBELL,

we put out a forecast 10 days away or so,

that this was gonna hit in those areas

because of the type ofpattern that we were in.

In fact, on August 23rd,the Japanese-generated

computer model showed that we were

going to get into a real big burst,

and I was on here on theChristian Broadcast Network

setting up Gordon withthat a couple weeks ago.

So this is all part of atwo- to three-week burst.

Once we get to September 20th and beyond,

it's all done, essentially.

So Florence, to me, is a done deal.

By that, I mean this.

Folks, if you follow us on WeatherBELL,

I'm not trying to bepompous or egotistical.

Ego means edge God out, by the way,

so I'm not trying to do that.I'm just trying to recap

that this has been a long time coming,

and so I have no changes,

no difference from what theNational Hurricane Center has.

It's gonna be a storm comparable

in intensity at landfallto Hugo and Hazel.

Those are the benchmark stormson the Carolina coastline,

strong category four hurricanes.

But the difference with thisis it's not gonna move fast.

It's gonna go inland, sit overthe southern Appalachians,

and lead to three to four feet of rain

in parts of SouthCarolina, North Carolina,

perhaps even into southwest Virginia.

So when this is all said and done,

this is probably goingto be the costliest storm

in the history of the Carolinas

because not only are you dealingwith a major hurricane hit,

but you're dealing with floodingof biblical proportions.

Not only that, you folkson the Texas Gulf Coast,

we think you're gonna get hit by

a tropical storm later this week.

This is gonna develop out of the

western Caribbean and come at Texas.

We have a couple more out there.

Isaac is gonna get into the Caribbean,

it looks like, this weekend.

It'll probably be a hurricane when it

gets there, then it will weaken.

Helene will stay out at sea.

This whole end game withFlorence, by the way,

is that the storm stalls, dies,

but tries to come backsoutheastward early next week

into a large area of low pressure

off the southeast coastof the United States,

which in and of itself, maybe something to watch too.

So we've got 10 days ofwild weather in the tropics

and then, as fast as it came up,

you're gonna see it calm down.

- All right, well, JoeBastardi, thank you so much.

We will certainly be checking in

with you as this gets closer.

Much appreciated.

- Thank you, Thank you for having me.


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