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Anonymous Fallout: As Admin Rallies Around Trump, Obama Breaks Precedent in Ballot Battle

Anonymous Fallout: As Admin Rallies Around Trump, Obama Breaks Precedent in Ballot Battle Read Transcript

- Midterm elections areless than 60 days away

with control of the House at stake.

Both sides are rollingout the biggest voices

in their parties to sway voters.

CBN Washington reporter Amber Strong

looks at how the battle for the ballot

may come down to thepresident and his predecessor.

- [Amber] Two presidents.

- If it does happen, it's your fault

'cause you didn't go out to vote.

- We have a chance to restoresome sanity in our politics.

- [Amber] Both on the campaign trail,

neither on the ballot.

Former President Barack Obama

breaking his silence and tradition

to publicly criticizethe sitting president.

- It did not start with Donald Trump.

He is a symptom, not the cause.

- Former President Barack Obama

hitting the campaign trail in California

on behalf of a handfulof democratic hopefuls.

Vice President Pence expressed his disdain

for the former president's decision.

- It was very disappointing

to see President Obamabreak with tradition

of former presidentsand become so political.

The American people in 2016

rejected the policy anddirection of Barack Obama.

- [Amber] But membersof the Democratic Party

say desperate times callfor desperate measures.

- Because of the ways inwhich President Trump,

over the last 18 months, has challenged,

has broken some of ourlong-standing traditions

about respect for the rule of law,

the independence of the judiciary,

the independent media,that he felt compelled

to speak out at this point.

- [Amber] Some of those issues are brought

front and center in aNew York Times op-ed,

where a senior memberof the administration

claims they are workingagainst the president's agenda,

and his "misguided impulses."

The fallout over the identityof the anonymous author

gave way to severaladministration officials

lining up to say, "It wasn't me."

- Should all top officialstake a lie detector test,

and would you agree to take one?

- I would agree to take it in a heartbeat.

- UN Ambassador Nikki Haley condemned

the writer in her own op-ed.

"By throwing gas on a fireof endless distraction,

"the author and the frenziedmedia reaction to the od-ed

"have hurt all of us trying to do our jobs

"for the country," Haley wrote.

Now supporters of the president say

this is just one more distraction

from some of the positive news

coming out of the White House,

like a booming economy,and the likely confirmation

of a second Supreme Court justice.

Amber Strong, CBN News, Washington.

- Campaign trail heating up, Pat.

- Thanks.

You know, I hate to say that

President Obama is anarcissist of the first order,

and he says "I, I, I,I," over and over again,

talking about himself.

I think if he had setout to destroy America,

that was his desire andhe couldn't have done

a better job than thepolicies he put in place.

They have destroyed the ability

of this great nation to move forward.

And under the policiesof the President Trump,

the taxes have been lowered,

the regulations have been eased,

business has been unshackled,

there's been a boom in the stock market

and the labor market.

The unemployment ratehas hit historic lows,

and there is no way that we can get away

with listening to the president say,

"Well, I wouldn't havemy justice department

"involved in politics."

Oh, really?

Loretta Lynch didn't meetwith President Clinton

to try to help his wife's campaign?

He didn't spend time ina plane on the tarmac

talking about that?

Your previous attorney general

didn't get involved in politics?

Are you sure?

And you never told a lie when you said,

"If you like your plan, you can keep it"

when you lied boldfacedlyto the American people

repeatedly about Obamacare?

And we've got to sitthere and listen to that

and I guess people are so gullible

that they'll take any lie,but this is a past president.

I mean, he is an incredible practitioner

of the art of prevarication.

I think that's a nice way of saying it.

(laughing)All right.


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