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On 9/11 Anniversary, a Grim Reminder: Threat from Radical Islamic Terrorists Is Greater Than Ever

On 9/11 Anniversary, a Grim Reminder: Threat from Radical Islamic Terrorists Is Greater Than Ever Read Transcript

- Since that fatefulSeptember morning in 2001,

Islamic jihadists havelaunched more than 33,000

deadly terror attacks.

The movements and ideologies that drove

and justified that attack

and the thousands ofother attacks you name,

that still remains verydynamic, very vibrant,

a major force in the world.

And these terror groups have hit targets

nearly everywhere aroundthe world since 9/11,

from Iraq and Afghanistanto Finland and California.

Experts say Islamic fighters have shown

that they are far fromexhausted, discouraged,

or under-funded.

- [George] Our jihadistenemies, Sunni or Shia,

they still seem very prepared to fight,

not ready to put down their weapons,

not ready for a diplomaticprocess or a peace process.

ISIS, an offshoot of Al Qaeda

born in the desertsands of Iraq and Syria,

is much weaker, but by nomeans out of the fight,

The group has carriedout more than 150 attacks

in 29 countries, killing thousands.

Its affiliates or supporters

are now spread around the world,

including here in the homeland,where the FBI's Director

told congressional officials this summer

that his bureau was trackingan alarming number of cases.

- We have about 1,000 investigations

into exactly the kind ofpeople you're describing,

covering all 50 states, asI'm sitting here right now.

- [George] And let's not forget Al Qaeda.

Even though the group has not succeeded

in launching anotherspectacular 9/11 style attack,

it is still a threat.

Despite the death of its leader,

Osama bin Laden, in May 2011,

Al Qaeda, which just had afew hundred fighters on 9/11,

now has between 10,000 and 20,000

battle-hardened fighters in Syria.

4,000 are operating in Libya

and another 9,000 are in Somalia.

Hundreds more are scatteredacross North Africa

and Southeast Asia.

And according to western intelligence,

there are about 50,000jihadists living in Europe,

including recent combatantswho have returned home

after fighting alongside ISIS, Al Qaeda,

and other terror groups in Syria and Iraq.

- And let's be honest aboutthis, they are faith driven.

They have an ideology thatis derived from a theology.

- [George] 17 years on, despitetrillions of dollars spent

and countless American lives lost,

the threat from radicalIslam is more widespread

than ever before.

May says the world shouldprepare for a long war

against an enemy that isn't backing down

and believes time is on its side.

- We should look back in history

and recall that we've had wars,

such as in the Arabian peninsula,

between Christians and Muslims

that lasted close to 800 years.

Other wars lasted 700 years, 200 years.

We don't know how longthis war is gonna last.

Our enemies don't carehow long it's gonna last.

If we are not prepared for such a war,

then we will for sure lose such a war.

- [George] George Thomas, CBN News.


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