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The 700 Club - September 11, 2018

A burst appendix sets off a chain of events that put one family’s little boy in grave danger. Plus, Fox News author and analyst Greg Jarrett exposes the “deep state plot” that’s targeting President Trump. Read Transcript

- [Announcer] The followingprogram is sponsored by CBN.

- [Host] Today, is theRussia investigation

just a big hoax?

FOX News author and analystGregg Jarrett exposes

the deep state plot that'stargeting President Trump.

Plus a boys appendix bursts.

- This feels more seriousthan what I thought it was.

- [Host] And that was only the beginning.

- We're watching ourson fight for his life.

- [Host] Parents and doctorsrally to save a child.

- It's what you hear butit's also the unsaid.

- [Host] On today's 700 Club.

(upbeat music)

- Well, welcome folks.

We had a crew down inFlorida for hurricane Andrew

which also had a tornadoalong with the hurricane.


We were also down in Charlestonafter Hugo devastation.

I remember we were setup on the main street

of the downtown of Charleston

and next to us was agreat big ball of metal.

Just like you'd take a pieceof paper and crush it up.

It was the roof of one ofthe commercial buildings

that had been torn down by Hugo,

so, if one of those thinghits it can be very strong.

Florence is coming at us andit looks like it's intensified

to a category four but it'saiming now for North Carolina

and the predictions aredire, 140 mile an hour winds,

20 foot storm surge and soaking rain

but I'm praying and we'vebeen talking about later.

I just believe God isgonna spare this area and

I want everybody to pray and pray for

North and South Carolina as well

because they say one of these things,

a category four hits theland becomes uninhabitable,

so, it's a serious matterthat we're dealing with and

the Governor Harry McMaster down there at

South Carolina has ordered an evacuation,

has closed the roads going in,

all the roads are open going out

from the coast, North Carolina equally

emergency and the government of Virginia

has declared a state of emergency

and ordered an evacuation ofthose people near the coast

so, we'll see but we'll talk about

a prayer meeting we had yesterday

later on in this program.


- Well, North and SouthCarolina are bracing

for the worst with morethan one million people

on the move to escape that coming storm.

Caitlin Burke has the story.

- Forecasters are clear.

Hurricane Florence israpidly getting stronger.

It will likely hit the east coast

as a category four possibly five hurricane

and it's impact is expectedto be life threatening.

- We still believe it'sgoing in at Cape Fear

or around Cape Fearplus or minus 50 miles.

Most hideous aspect ofthis may be the track

is hitting perpendicular.

This is not an arching storm.

This is coming right in at 90 degrees

and those are the worst storms

as far as keeping near intensity.

- We do know that we're in the bullseye.

North Carolina is takinghurricane Florence seriously

and you should too.

Get ready now.

- [Caitlin] Governor's inNorth Carolina, South Carolina

and Virginia have alreadyissued evacuation orders

for those closest to the coast.

The most sweeping orderscoming from South Carolina

where the entire coastline was given

until noon on Tuesday to leave.

More than one million people on the move.

- It's gonna be inconvenient but

we do not want to riskone South Carolina life

in this hurricane.

- Here in Virginia Beach local stores

are already selling out of basic supplies.

If you are not planning to evacuate

here are some of the mostimportant items to have on hand.

Eight bottles of water likethis per person per day,

at least three days offood that won't spoil,

batteries, a battery poweredradio, and a flashlight.

Besides the power of this storm

the other major concern is its speed.

- This is gonna crawl west north westward.

It will hit very late Thursday night

and Saturday night only be near Charlotte

and Sunday night and Mondaynight may only be near Asheville

and that means it's gonna rain itself out

and every river I thinkfrom the Savannah River

which is on the SouthCarolina Georgia boarder

all the way up to all therivers in North Carolina

could break record flood stages

when this is all said anddone from the amount of rain

that is gonna occur with this.

- [Caitlin] Monday night president Trump

tweeted about the stormasking those along the coast

to be careful and promising the support

of the federal government.

Caitlin Burke, CBN news.

- Well, it's one of thosethings you just pray.

We're praying here, we'll tellyou about how we're praying,

we'll tell you how God'sspirit in this area

back in 1960 it was an amazing miracle

and we've had miracles ever since,

so, we'll tell you about what God has done

but Terry also has somethingabout how to be prepared.

- That's right.

We wanna tell you how totake care of yourself,

your family, your home.

We have a plan and being prepared can help

you and your family staysafe during a hurricane

or other natural disaster.

We have a disaster readiness guide.

It's available to helpyou, you can download

your free copy at

If you'd like this hard copycall us at 1-800-700-7000.

Just request the free copy,we'll get it out to you

as quickly as possible.

Very practical information on here

and something that youcan still have time to do,

so, get ahold of it.

You know the stores, the food has,

has been depleted.- They really have.

I mean, people are just buying like crazy.

A lady came and saidthere are no more bananas.

I said what do you meanthere's no more bananas,

well, the stores are out of bananas,

well, we don't really need bananas anyhow

but I mean it's just kind of like

they've got water, they'vegot everything they just-

- They're replenishing thestores now I understand but

yesterday the water was gone.

- I remember in one ofthose stores that we had

the power went out and of course

the frozen or the meatarea of the grocery stores

like power and so, itwas one of those things

I didn't have much money andI was looking for bargains

and man, they were selling wonderful meat

for pennies on the dollar and it was-

- Filet day.(laughter)

- Instead of soy beans I couldget some really good steaks,

so, as they say weatherbrings nobody any good.

There was something good out of it.

Well, a more serious note

17 years ago we were on thisprogram and we were watching

a beautiful Tuesday morningterrorists struck America

in New York and Washington

at the Pentagon and the siteof the world trade center

victims gather to remember the loss.

President Trump is attending a service

in Shanksville Pennsylvania at a memorial

for the victims of flight 93.

That attack kicked off a war

that regrettably we'restill fighting today.

George Thomas has more.

- Since that fatalSeptember morning in 2001

Islamic Jihadists havelaunched more than 33000

deadly terror attacks.

- The movements and ideologies

that drove and justified that attack

and the thousands ofother attacks you name,

that still remains verydynamic, very vibrant.

- [George] And these terrorgroups have hit targets

nearly everywhere aroundthe world since 9.11

from Iraq and Afghanistanto Finland and California.

Experts say Islamic fighters have shown

that they are far from exhausted,

discouraged or under funded.

- They still seem very prepared to fight.

Not ready for a diplomatic process.

(gun shots)

- Isis, an off shoot of Al-Qaeda

born in the dessertsands of Iraq and Syria

is much weaker but by nomeans out of the fight.

The group has carried out more than

150 attacks in 29 countrieskilling thousands.

It's affiliates or supporters

are now spread around the world

including here in the homeland

where the FBI's directortold congressional officials

this summer that his bureau was tracking

an alarming number of cases.

- We have about a thousandinvestigations into

exactly the kind ofpeople you're describing

covering all 50 states.

- [George] Despite the deathof it's leader Osama bin Laden

in May 2011 Al-Qaeda whichjust had a few hundred fighters

on 9.11 now has between 10000 and 20000

battle hardened fighters in Syria,

4000 are operating inLibya and another 9000

are in Somalia, hundredsmore are scattered

across North Africa and South East Asia

and according to western intelligence

there are about 50000Jihads living in Europe.

Including recent combatantswho have returned home

after fighting alongside Isis, Al-Qaeda

and other terror groups in Syria and Iraq.

- They are faith driven.

They have an ideology thatis derived from a theology.

- [George] Seventeen years on

despite trillions of dollars spent

and countless American lives lost

the threat from radicalIslam is more widespread

than ever before.

May says the world shouldprepare for a long war

against an enemy that isn't backing down

and believes time is on its side.

- We don't know how longthis war is gonna last.

Our enemies don't carehow long it's gonna last.

If we are not prepared for such a war

than we will for sure loose such a war.

- George Thomas CBN news.

- You know the Quran has two spheres

and one is called Dar Al-Harb

and the other's called Dar Al-Islam.

The word Dar Al-Harbmeans the world of war.

Dar Al-Islam means that part

that is under the submission of Islam.

Now, that's the fundamentalteaching of the Quran.

In other words we're at war constantly

because of the teachings of Mohammad.

Remember they tried to sell us on the

theory that Islam was a religionof peace, that's baloney.

It was no such thing.

Islam does not mean peaceit means submission.

it's what the word means,not peace but submission.

There's got a word it's called Salam

but Islam does not mean peace.

Salam means peace, Islam means submission

and there's either the world of war

or the war of Islam accordingto fundamental muslim teaching

the rest of the world is at war with Islam

and so, what is being donewith Al-Qaeda is not a outlier

it is right at the coreof Islamic teaching.

Now, there are many people who they say

well, they're muslims,they're peace loving

and all that and I'm sure that'strue but the core teaching

put out by the so called prophet Mohammad

is that you must struggle and fight

and Jihad is struggle,it's not an inner struggle

it's the struggle toovercome this so called enemy

and what Cliff May wassaying in that piece

and others have said, if we just recognize

this is a long term struggle.

They want to take over the world.

It is based on global domination.

They do not wish to live at peace,

they wish to live

as the superior being and everyone else

is going to be either converted,dead or a so called demi

as a subject to Islamic authority.

That's the regime and it'shorrible to contemplate

that we've got to go through 9.11

over and over and over againand thousands of people

as George Thomas pointed out,

thousands of places whereit's not just Al-Qaeda,

it's not just Osama bin Laden,it's the whole bunch of them,

Terry.- Well, coming up

the real story about Russianinfluence in the 2016 election.

Fox news Gregg Jarrettexposes the Russia Hoax

after this.

(adventurous music)

- It's just amazing ladies and gentlemen

what is called the mainstreammedia, whatever that is

I've (mumbled speaking)believe that we're mainstream

and they are not but the left wing,

whatever the media, NewYork Times, Washington Post,

most of NBC, CBS and CNN, these others.

They just can't accept the idea

that America didn't votefor Hillary Clinton.

They just can't believethat a guy named Trump

who came out of nowhere, he was

a real estate developer and

he had been on a showcalled the apprentice,

it was rather popular.

They couldn't believe that a guy like that

could possibly be the president.

It had to be Hilary, so,they have come up with a

theory, he didn't winon account of the fact

the people voted for him,

he came to power becauseof Russian collusion

and there was collusion with the Russians

in his campaign and that'swhat got him to win.

Well, there's a new book out and it showed

that not only is Russian collusion a hoax,

the real story is how officialsof the justice department

tried to keep DonaldTrump from being elected,

it's a shocking tale.

- [Narrator] What's the realstory about Russian influence

in the 2016 election.

It's not what has been widely reported.

The Russia Hoax by fox newslegal analyst Gregg Jarrett

reveals how persons within the FBI

and Barrack Obama's justice department

abused their positions of power

to subvert our system of government

and undermine the democratic process

to help elect Hilary Clintonand defeat Donal Trump.

Those same people appear to have pursued

a contrived investigationof President Trump

in an attempt to undo the election results

and remove him as president.

- Well author and journalist Gregg Jarrett

is joining us now from New York.

Gregg it's a terrific book,it's called the Russian Hoax.

How come you wrote this book?

What got you going on it?

- Well, I'm a lawyer by trade

but I have been ajournalist for three decades

and as I watched all of this unfold

I knew that there were people at the FBI

the rebarbative justice who were abusing

their positions of power totry to influence the election.

Not so much the Russiansbut our own government.

People like James Comey, Peter Struck,

Lisa Page at the FBI, Andrew McCabe and

Bruce Ohr the department of justice.

You know James Comey on the very day

that he wrongfully acleared Hillary Clinton

his FBI was meeting secretly in Europe

with the author of this fabricated dossier

and armed with that document the FBI

and the department of justice

tried to frame Donald Trumpfor so called collusion,

crimes he never committed.

- Well, let me ask you,

that dossier was written by a man

who has been discreditedbut he was on the payroll

of the FBI wasn't he?

- He was, he received 11 payments pad

and he was also on thepayroll of Hilary Clinton

and yet when they went to FISA judges

to spy on the Trump campaignthrough a wire tap warrant

they concealed that evidenceand deceived the judges

committing a fraud on the court

and that fraud went on for afull year and it also involved

the current Deputy AttorneyGeneral Rod Rosenstein

who signed off on thatfinal FISA renewal warrant

without the properevidence required by law.

- Well, there's so manythings in your book

that I want to bring up but

Comey apparently had ameeting with the President

taped some comments, went out

and then gave those comments to the press.

Comment on that, that apparently is the

violation of law isn't it?

- It is and I point out the various

violations of law andfelonies that James Comey

appears to have committed.

For example, he stolethose government documents.

Those presidential memos arenot his to keep and take away

from the Hoover building in Washington DC

and used for his own personal purposes.

That's a direct violation ofthe law and then he leaked it

to the media for the solepurpose of triggering

a special council to investigate

the man who had fired him Comey and

who gets picked as the special council?

Comey's long time friend,ally and partner Bob Muller

who should never have accepted the job

because of multiple conflicts of interest

as I write in the book.

- What relationship didComey have with Muller?

- Comey and Muller were longtime friends and partners

in fact it was a protegeementor relationship.

These two had handled cases in the past

and as I point out in the book,

the most notorious case wasthe anthrax case in which they

so badly bungled it itcost American tax payers

$6000000 in damages to anindividual they falsely accused

so, these guys go back decades together

along with Rod Rosensteinwho also should have

recused himself because he'sa key witness in the case

and yet he's Mueller boss.

You can't be a prosecutor anda witness all rolled in to one

so, all of this is acesspool of corruption

at the FBI, the Departmentof Justice as well

as the special council investigation.

- You pointed out very conjunctly

that in order to have aspecial council appointed

he has to be pursuing a crime.

They have to designate a crime.

Was there a crime designatedwhen Rod Rosentein

appointed him or setout the mandate for him?

- No, absolutely not, you're right Pat

there must first underthe law be a stated crime.

Look at the authorizationorder appointing Muller,

there's no crime stated there.

It says look in to linksbetween Trump and Russia

during the 2016 election,the so called collusion.

Collusion's not a crime foundanywhere in the criminal codes

except antitrust law and it's

no other relevant felony as well

including honest services fraud

or conspiracy to fraud the government.

So, this was always aninvestigation in search of a crime

and that is turning the law

and the federal regulations upside down.

It was an illegitimateinvestigation to begin with.

- Rosenstein just kind ofkept expanding the mandate

didn't he if what Mullerwas doing didn't fit the

mandate he expanded the mandate didn't he?

- He did and without authorization

and in violation ofthe federal regulations

and you know Rosenstein also issued

a secret authorization order,

but for the lawyers of the Manafort case

we still wouldn't even know about it.

That is also in violationof federal regulations

in the spirit of the law.

You know Rosensteinhas a lot to answer for

and one of the reasons why he has been

obstructing lawful subpoenas from congress

is because he has beeninvolved in this illicit scheme

and he has a motive to cover it up Pat.

- Well, let me see, they said that Trump

obstructed justice when he fired Comey.

He was legally authorizedto do just that wasn't he?

If he wanted to, he's president.

- He was.

Article two of the constitution gives him

complete and un-federated authority

to fire somebody who's the head of a

federal executive agencylike James Comey and

Robert Muller has no legal basis,

no legal right to question the President

about exercising hisconstitutional authority.

I think we know now that Muller

doesn't even wanna question the President

about obstruction of justice

because he knows thelaw does not support him

pursuing the president on that,

so, all he's got left is collusion

and there was neverany evidence that Trump

colluded with the Russiansto win the election.

- Gregg, you know the president,

whether the people like it or not,

has turned this economy around.

It is booming like wecan't remember in decades.

The unemployment rate is down to

the lowest level we could imagine,

everything, the GDP is up.

What is this business about impeaching?

What has President Trumpdone that would justify

some kind of impeachment, the democrat's

calling for impeachment?

- Absolutely nothing but remember

impeachment is not a legal process.

Yes, treason, high crimes, misdemeanor,

bribery and so forth but itreally is a political mechanism

that the founding fathersestablished in the constitution

and Jerry Ford probably said it best

back in the day when he was a congressman

before he became president and he said

impeachment is anythingcongress says it is

on any given day

but I think it's a terriblemistake for democrats

like Nancy Pelosi orMaxine Waters certainly

to be arguing for impeachmentbecause like it or not

the economy is doing great,peoples wages are up,

manufacturing's up, unemployment is down,

just look at the long listof consumer optimism and

people may disagree withDonald Trump's personality

or his approach or his tweets

but you can not object tohis performance on policy.

Especially the economy.

- Gregg, one last question.

When I read this book I get in my head

and I'm sure a lot of people do this,

there's gotta be some way ofcalling this justice department

to account, how can we do it?

- You need a new attorney general

and deputy attorney general and I'm

convinced that after the midterm elections

Jeff Sessions and Rod Rosenstein

will be relieved oftheir duty and bring in

somebody else, somebody likecongressman John Radcliffe

the house traditionary committee

A strong legal background,former US attorney,

former top DOJ official.

This is a guy who would not only reopen

the Hilary Clinton emailcase as it should be

but I think he wouldpresent all of this evidence

of corruption by the FBI andthe department of justice

to a grand jury, so, an honest prosecutor,

an honest and legitimate attorney general

I think would present this to a grand jury

and I think if that happenedthere would be indictments.

- You think they have committed crimes,

there's no question about it right?

- I'm convinced they are and I lay out

a wide variety of crimesthat I believe were

committed by people at the FBI

and the department of justice.

Obstruction of justice, abuse of power,

perjury, the list goes on and on.

- Shocking ladies and gentlemen.

Gregg it's a terrific book,it's called the Russian Hoax

the illicit scheme to clear Hilary Clinton

and frame Donald Trump.

I hope you sell a lot of them.

Are they going well?

- Thank you, you know it'sbeen the number one book

on the New York Timesfor three weeks in a row.

My liberal friends have read it

and said you know what Greggyou've totally turned me around

and convinced me, so,I hope people read it.

- Well, it's a brilliant work

and I commend it to our readers.

Thank you very much for being with us.

- My pleasure Pat, thank you.- Terry.

- Unbelievable.- [Pat] Isn't it.

Can you believe that?- Just unbelievable.

Yeah, I mean-

- Larry Struck, LisaPage texting one another

how could we beat this guy

and all the way up-- [Terry] All the way up.

- Yeah, this guy Rosenstein,

I would have fired himbut a New York second

but apparently the President is waiting

but as Gregg points out

after the election I think theattorney generals got to go.

He has ill served the presidenthowever much you like him,

he's ill served the presidentby recusing himself.

He really left the president naked and

under the dominion if you willof domination of Rosenstein

who in turn brings Muller out and

to harass the presidentwith this illicit lawsuit.

The Russia Hoax, amazingbook, Gregg Jarrett.

Okay.- Well, up next

a ten year old loosingthe battle for his life

and his doctors run out of options.

- Doctor's saying that there'snothing else that we can do

and that is a very solemn reality.

- I think at that pointin time it really hit

that the thing that'sapparent at that moment

you really had to give it to God.

- [Terry] See how a miracle unfolds

through the power of prayer.

(upbeat music)

Well, yesterday we kickedoff 40 days of prayer

for America and for theindividual prayer requests

that many of you have sent to us.

CBN and Regent Universitystaff gathered together

in the Regent University chapel

where Pat led us in a powerful prayer

to turn the path of hurricane Florence

away from out coastlineand back out to sea.

Take a look.

- We're facing rightnow a killer hurricane,

it's called Florence.

They said if a categoryfour strikes the mainland

the land will be quote "uninhabitable."

Now, I don't believe Godwants Regent University or CBN

or this area that has been good to us

to be afflicted by a storm like that.

I want God himself to dowhat he did back in 1960

where he reached his handdown in to the Atlantic ocean

and told that hurricane youwill not go any further.

The Bible says where twoof you agree on Earth

as touching anything that they will ask

it'll be done for them by myfather which is in heaven.

Now, this is the same Jesus who commanded

the wind and the waves,he said peace be still.

Well, I'm going to ask you right now

put your hand out toward the Atlantic

and let's speak a word right now.

You hurricane Florence we speakto you in the name of Jesus

and we command the storm tocease it's forward motion

and go harmlessly in to the Atlantic.

Be out to sea.

Thank you, let's praise God.(applause)

Bless, Amen.

Thank you Lord.

- Well, we also prayedfor your needs yesterday,

and you're invited to joinus every day this week

because we're praying for America.

All you need to do just log in to

at noon eastern time.

You can join the live streamof our chapel service.

We have one happening every day.

In fact today's featured speaker

is best selling author Mark Rutland

who is also a guest comingup later on today's program.

- You know Terry I've sharedwith the staff what happened.

It was 1960, we hadn't gone on the air

and we had this little station,

it had a one story brick building

and inside was a one kilowatt transmitter.

We had about a 300 foot tower

and then on top of that was an antenna

and I knew if that greathurricane then was called Ester

hit it would destroy, the whole tower

would come down on top of building

which would put us out of business.

There wouldn't have been a CBN,

there wouldn't have beena Regent University,

there wouldn't have beenan operation blessing,

there wouldn't have been a world race,

there wouldn't have been all these

hundreds and millions of people saved.

That storm could havewiped us completely out.

Well, I was with the full gospelbusinessman, we were in the

top floor of a downtown hotel in Norfolk

and we had a full gospel breakfast

and at that breakfast I askedpeople to pray and we prayed

and we commanded thatthing to stop forward

and it was heading right for us

and like a big dumb beast,and I mean that was literally

it just stood there in the water

and it just churned around

and all of a sudden slowly, slowly, slowly

it turned around and went back down south

and this area was sparedand God has placed a,

like a shield of protectionaround us ever since,

so, this thing is coming at as

but we're gonna believe Godfor a shield of protection

and wherever you arefolks you need to pray

but if you're not in thepath of these hurricanes

you don't understand what it's like.

I mean they are horrible things.

I went down as I said to Andrew,

that was devastationlike you can't believe.

The church's torn up, the houses torn up,

rooftops torn up, it was awful.

Hugo, Carolina the pine trees

were just like somebody went through

with a saw and just cutdown thousands of trees

and the downtown of thearea was devastated,

so, this thing is serious business

but we're gonna believe Godand there's nothing impossible,

so, wherever you are you pray

and God is the one who I've seen him do it

over and over again.

Not just a few times, over and over again,

he has stilled the stormsthat have headed right at us

to destroy us and thatparticular storm in 1960

would have put us out of business

and we would not be heretoday because it would all

have been over if that thing had hit

and our tower had fallen and the building

would have been crushedand it would've happened.

God is good, now our next story

is an amazing answer to prayer.

Kelly and Jacob Bonnema

thought their son Boone was in the clear

after doctors removedhis ruptured appendix

but instead of improvingBoone's vital signs got worse

and after three separate surgeries

doctors still could not stopthe aggressive infection

that was stealing that poor child's life.

- We were out for dinner with some friends

and when we came homehe was not feeling well.

- [Narrator] The night of July 17 2010,

Jacob and Kelly Bonnematen year old son Boone

began having severe abdominal pain.

- At the house he had trouble standing.

We were thinking itmight be food poisoning,

might be the flu, mightbe something like that

but when he had trouble standing

I thought this might be more server,

so, I knew it at that point

that it was time to getto children's medical.

They were willing to call the ambulance

to move him down there.

We just got in the car and we headed.

We could get there faster thanambulance could get there.

- [Kelly] And then rightaway they realized,

let's take him right in heneeds to get his appendix out

right away.

- [Narrator] Boone's appendix had ruptured

and he was rushed to surgery to remove it.

All indications were it had gone well

but later complications arose.

- His vital signs were not improving

and when they're not improving you

get concerned which was

extremely emotional andit causes you to think

where are we, what is going on?

This feels more seriousthan what I thought it was.

- [Narrator] When theyrealized that infection

from the appendix wasspreading doctors performed

a second surgery on Boone.

- When they went in tovacuum out the infection

it caused some lacerationsin different places

inside his abdomen and that's bleeding

and that ends up clottingup and being a hematoma.

The hematoma that they'remost concerned about

was literally the size of a can of coke

and that was in a positionthat it obstructed his colon.

After a number of daysof not seeing him improve

they came in and made the recommendation

that they go back in anddo a blood transfusion

because they felt likethe infection was not only

inside cavities all around his abdomen

but also in his blood.

- [Narrator] The bloodtransfusion was done

but Boone was still not improving.

- You start seeing specialists come in

to try to figure outcocktails of antibiotics.

- There were three surgical interventions.

Thy just couldn't quiteget ahead of the infection

and it was very aggressive

- The doctors came outand said Mr. Bonnema

we cannot go back in again.

This is our finalopportunity to help Boone.

He has to beat it this time,

and when a doctor says something like that

it's what you hear butit's also the unsaid.

We're no longer in the land of the normal

with a burst appendix,

but we're actually in a situation where

we're watching our son fight for his life

and doctors saying that there'snothing else that we can do

and that is a very solemn reality.

- I think at that pointin time it really hit

that the thing that isapparent at that moment

is you really had to give it to God.

- [Narrator] The Bonnema'sthen begin asking their friends

and community to pray.

- I knew and could feel thatpeople were praying for me all

around the the country basically.

- In that moment you just say God

is this truly your storythat you're writing

cause I don't wanna loose my son.

I love him

and you say God I submithe's yours he's not mine

if it be your will wewanna finish raising him.

Please let us have that opportunity.

If you take him we understand he's yours.

That is a really quietconversation between

a father and a heavenly father.

- [Narrator] Boone wason morphine for the pain

and went in and out ofconsciousness for several days

as his parents continued to pray.

- The grace of God was definitely heavy.

I think God gives you thatstrength when you can't,

you don't have it in yourself.

It's not a human strength.

It's a strength thatonly can come from Him.

- On a daily basis peoplewere giving us scriptures.

Whenever you're going through something

the scriptures come to life in a new way.

A way that you maybe hadnever read it before.

- [Narrator] Then fiveweeks after being in ICU

he began to stabilize.

The doctors cautioned his parents though

that due to the damage to the colon

Boone would probablynever lead a normal life.

- But we were just so grateful

that he was gonna have a life.

We started seeing so muchmovement in the right direction.

He was waking up, he wasable to talk to us again,

and I can't tell you what it's like

to not be able to speak toyour child for days on end,

and a little bit of food,a little bit of water,

he was being fed through a feeding tube.

At ten years old when you loose 40 pounds,

you don't have 40 pounds to loose.

- [Narrator] It took nearlya year but Boone went on

to make a full recovery.

Eight years later Boone isa healthy active young man.

Showing no evidence of thetrauma he went through.

- One of my favorite versusis out of Isaiah and it's

do not fear for I am with you

and do not be dismayed for I am your God.

God is there with you even though

it doesn't seem like it at the moment.

People who don't think that God is real

or things like that is

pretty difficult for me to hear because

of the amount of thingsthat God has done for me.

There's so many blessings.

- [Narrator] He evenstarted playing football

and recently accepted a full ride

to play for Western Michiganin the fall of 2019.

- Truly miracles are on top ofwhat all the doctors had said

was going to be his new reality.

That God wasn't gonna have that for Boone.

God was gonna do somethingdifferent with Boone.

He didn't just get healed a little bit

he got healed completely.

He is the most active youngman out there on the field.

- I think going throughthis whole experience

is you really appreciate andrealize that prayer is real

and it is powerful.

- There is a person who'sa greater physician then

all that have MD degrees.

Gods a great physician.

- God spared me to I think help others

in the long run to share mystory like I am right now

and to help give hope to other people

that might be goingthrough the same hardships.

- But he's fully restored andonly the Lord can do that.

Only the Lord can do what man can't.

- What a marvelous testimony.

God is able folks, he's able,

and we have some veryserious prayer requests

and we've been asking for prayer requests

and thousands of them are coming to us.

Now, this one says, "Ineed to be healed of

congestive heart failure."

That's kind of couldbe the end of the line,

it doesn't have to be but it can be.

"That my husband will behealed of prostate cancer."

"Pray for the rapid sell of our farm."

and somebody, this is a good one.

"That our president and his cabinet

will be lived by the lordand given divine wisdom."

We need to pray for our president,

and pray for those in authority.

What do you have?

- Well, here's someone saying "please pray

that my 48 year old nephewwakes up from the coma

he has been in for five years."

"pray for restoration ofmy relationship with my son

and daughter in law, thestress has made me ill."

"Pray for the blood clot inmy left leg to dissolve."

and someone saying "Iam asking for salvation

for my seven children, 25 grandchildren

and nine great grandchildren."

- None of them saved?- I don't know.

- Apparently not if she wantssalvation for all of them.

Alright, we're gonna join hands,folks you pray with us now.

There's nothing impossible.

Father I join withTerry and we believe God

there's nothing impossiblewith the lord we serve.

Lord with you all things are possible

and Lord there's a child thathasn't waked up in some years,

There are these congestive heart troubles,

there's prostate cancer, thereare all kinds of troubles,

there's financial problems.

People lord sufferthroughout this universe Lord

and throughout this world we live in,

people are suffering, there's disease,

and there's poverty andthere's this oppression.


they suffer and we cry outto you in their behalf.

Lord reach out to the suffering.

Reach out we pray and do miracles

and while we pray we think of this

as the greatest nation on Earth,

and we have a president and his cabinet

who are leading this nation

and we're told to prayfor those in authority

and we pray for them.

We hold up before you ourpresident and his cabinet

that they might have the wisdom of God

and the congress thatmakes the legislation,

Lord in the legislators wherever they are

give them the wisdomof God and the humility

to know you're in charge.

Terry, you have anything?

- Let me just ask that inall of these situations,

whether they're personal or

whether they're of national concern God

that you would take whatthe enemy has meant for evil

and work it to good Father.

Let your kingdom come onEarth as it is in Heaven.

In Jesus name.

- There's somebody, you'vegot a digestive problem.

I think you got what'scalled a leaky gut and

he is putting poison in to your system

and we pray right now forhealing of that intestine

that you might be wholein the name of Jesus

you will feel fire in the middle of your

body right now and God hasreached down and touched you

and throughout this audience right now

we speak the word inthe name of Jesus touch-

- Something else with eczemathat's been very scarring

on your legs, your arms, your neck,

it's very embarrassing for you.

God is not only healing that condition

but slowly you're gonna see those scars

actually disappear.- Do it Lord.

Amen, do it, Amen- [Terry] Amen.

- Thank you very much.

Thank you for your prayer.

We're surrounded by thousands of prayers

and let me tell youthis is a week of prayer

and if you need prayer don't hesitate to

call or write and it's

or you can call 1-800-700-7000.

Pray for America, we'repraying for our nation.

This 40 days we're seeking God

for this great nation andbeing election coming up

and the people need to hear from the Lord.

Alright.- Well, still ahead,

a candid look at the real King David.

Not the one you heardabout in Sunday school.

New York Times bestselling author Mark Rutland

breaks down the man after Gods own heart.

That's later on today's 700 Club.

(adventurous music)

- Well, welcome back to the 700 Club.

Iran is warning thatit is plotting strikes

against the regimes enemies.

The Washington Free Beacon is reporting

a top military leader said quote

"If enemies of the Islamic revolution

make aggression against the Islamic Iran

we will chase and punish themnot only outside the boarders

but also beyond the seas."

Those comments come daysafter Iran's military

launched a missile strike in Iraq.

US officials have warnedIran spy operations

expand far beyond it's boarders

adding that it has the capability

of launching terroriststrikes across the globe.

- Well, house republicanshave introduced a bill

to make their tax cuts,their new tax cuts permanent.

The current tax cuts are set to expire

at the end of 2025.

House republican's couldstart work on the new measure

this week with a potential vote

on the house floor by the end of the month

but the measure has very littlechance of passing the Senate

before the mid term elections.

- Well, you can always getthe latest from CBN news

by going to our website at

Pat and Terry will be backwith more of the 700 Club

right after this.

(upbeat music)

- David, he's the largerthan life biblical character

with a gigantic fall from grace

but what else do you really know

about the life of king David?

That's the question raised by a new book

on Israel's most famousleader, take a look.

- [Narrator] New York Timesbest selling author, pastor,

speaker and former collegepresident Doctor Mark Rutland

believes that it's time to tell

the whole story of King David,

not just the Sunday school version.

- So, this guy points hisfinger in the king's face

and says you're the man.

I denounce you, adulatory and murder

and David shocks the whole nation.

David says, you're right, I did it.

God give us leaders that are able to say

Alright, I did it.


- [Narrator] In his newbook David the Great

Doctor Rutland peels backthe controversial layers

of King David's life and shares the key

that made him a man after God's own heart.

- Please welcome back to the700 Club Doctor Mark Rutland.

It's always great to have you here.

- Thank you, nice to be back.

- You know David is one ofthose figures in the Bible

that everybody that hasbiblical knowledge knows about.

Why did you decide tochoose to write about him?

- That's a really good question actually,

because the challenge is howmuch he has been talked about

and preached about and written about,

and so, one asks oneselfdo I have anything

unique or new ordifferent to say about it.

What convinced me to write about it,

I had lectured, taught and preached at,

I served as the president oftwo different universities

over a period of 16 years,- [Terry] Yes.

- And the fascination of millennials

is actually what convinced me.

- [Terry] Really?

- They would pack auditoria, classrooms,

special lectures and then faculty,

so, I would have a PhD in his 70's

sitting next to a freshman in 17

and they were both intrigued with David

and I began to be inundated literally

with letters and emails, pleasewrite a book, write a book

and I decided there is,there are some aspects

of this complicated multifaceted genius

that needed to be explored in a new book.

- Pages are so flat.

We read this story butwhen you dig in to the life

you say in your bookthat for every Goliath

in the life of David there was a Bathsheba

around the corner.

What do you mean by that?

- Well, David's life is anabsolute roller coaster.

- [Terry] Yeah.

- The itinerations ofhis life and history are,

they are shocking but at the same time

they enable us to relate to him,

so, at our points of success

we say oh, I fit there.- [Terry] Yeah.

- Which of us is perfect.- [Terry] Yes.

- So, we also find someidentification at his failures

and you will read a purelife Joesph or Daniel

and there are times where you just say

yeah, that guy's so far beyond me.

- [Terry] I could never be that.

- I could never be Joesph but

- [Terry] But David.- you can say David

now okay David I'm there.(laughter)

- So, is that the reasonthat it's so important for us

to examine the, if youwill, dark side of David

because it's relatable?

- Well, on the one hand it is.

Another and more important aspect

of the reason for that examination

is the grace of God.- [Terry] Yeah.

- David is, certainlyhis sins are majestic

but we daren't use David's sins

to justify or rationalize our own.

Instead we use hisrepentance to inform our own

and Davids repentance always led him back

not simply to remorse but to God himself

and that's the critical issue.

- Yeah, I think in David's story how

it wasn't just one choice,

but one bad choice can lead to another

can lead to another and he finds himself

in such a terrible situation and yet

God says he's a man after his own heart.

How do you reconcile thedark side of David's life,

the choices he made with astatement like that from God?

- Yeah, not only is that statement made

by Samuel before we really meet David

but a thousand years later Saint Paul-

- [Terry] Yeah.- Layers that statement

and Paul says and God testified of him.

- [Terry] Wow.

- He is a man after mine own heart, so-

- Hope, there's hope.- There's hope,

and what I came up with,that's the conundrum of David

isn't it?Why is he called,

why isn't Joesph calleda man after my own heart?

Certainly, this is what I've come up with.

David was like one of thesepowerful running backs

in American football, theycrash through the line

and they come at you, okayyou may bring him down

but they're gonna fall for 3.5 yards

and they're gonna get,you know you've only

got them down temporarily.

They're gonna get upand come again and again

and they're gonna punish youall the way to the goal line

because they are so fastened on that goal

and I think that's the thing.

David fell but if he werespeaking in to the camera

right now he'd say, okay, you fell,

fall forward, fall atthe foot of the cross,

get up and go again.

David was fastened on the goal line.

- And you were talkingabout some of the things

that happened that were so dark

in the latter part of his life but

David waited on theprophecy that was given

the anointing that was calledforth in him for a long time.

What can we learn fromhim about waiting on God?

- Good, I'm really glad youasked that because I don't wanna

just talk about the darkthings in David's life.

David is a majestic man of God

who accomplished incredible things.

The founder of a nation,

the founder of the city of Jerusalem

the eternal capital of the Jewish people

and a complex genius, a poet.

His poetry has endured for 3000 years

and he was a musical genius,

he was an administrativegenius, a builder, a construct,

so, all of those things, so, I think that

when we look at the life of David

we need to not just concentrateon those darker areas

but on the wonderfulaccomplishments of King David.

- It's the combination of the two

that makes his story so compelling

and gives us such foodfor though and such hope.

Mark's book is called David the Great,

Deconstructing the ManAfter Gods Own Heart.

It's an amazing book,it's available nationwide.

Be encouraged in your ownwalk and inspired as well

by this man from the word of God.

Mark's also the featured speaker at our

Let's Pray For America Chapel today.

You will be live streaming thatservice at noon eastern time

if you wanna join us or justlog on to to do that.

He's a powerful speaker,you don't wanna miss it.

We're gonna be back withmore right after this.

Thank you so much, great book.

Wonderful word.

(upbeat music)

Well, we wanna take a quick question

and from all of you that have written in.

This is from Karen Pat who says,

"I am a cancer survivorand health conscious.

I love herbal tea and founda good premium source.

The problem is that the owner

of the tea company is Buddhist.

My husband says I can't order from them.

What do you think?"

- Nonsense.

Paul says if I can't dealwith these unbelievers

these must go out of the world.

I mean, there's just no question

if the guys got goodtea then drink the tea.

Okay.- my words exactly.

Okay this is Kris who says,

"I'm trying to do theright thing before God,

so, when my 35 year old stepsoncomes home from out of state

with a new girlfriend each time

I request and prepareseparate rooms for them.

Last time he visitedthey stayed at a hotel,

so, we didn't visit much.

Am I doing the right thing?

Or should I invite them into our home

and let God deal with them?"

- No, I think you'redoing the right thing.

You're setting a standard.

He realized what the standard is

and he keeps having multiple girlfriends.

I mean, look if he reallywants to have a girlfriend

why didn't he get married to her

but he wants to have allthe benefits of marriage

without the commitmentand all you're doing is

being an enabler and you sayno I'm not gonna be an enabler,

so, standards are good, no problem.

- [Terry] Absolutely.

- Well, we'll leave you withtoday's power minute from

1 Thessalonians, "Rejoicealways, pray without ceasing,

in everything give thanks;for this is the will of God

in Christ Jesus for you."

Well, tomorrow we're gonnatalk about essential oils.

Do they really work?

We've got a wonderful healthreporter Lori Johnson.

She's gonna answer that question

tomorrow's 700 Club,you don't wanna miss it,

so, for Terry and all ofus this Pat Robertson.

Thanks for being with us,we'll see you tomorrow.

Bye bye.


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