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News on The 700 Club: September 11, 2018

As seen on “The 700 Club,” Sept 11.: Read Transcript

- [Pat Robertson] Welcome folks.

We had a crew down inFlorida for Hurricane Andrew,

which also had a tornadoalong with the hurricane.


We were also down in Charlestonafter Hugo. Devastation.

I remember we were setup on the main street

of the downtown of Charleston,

and next to us was agreat big ball of metal,

just like you take a pieceof paper and crush it up.

It was the roof of one ofthe commercial buildings

that had been torn down by Hugo.

So one of those thingshits, it can be very strong.

This Florence is comingat us and it looks like

it's intensified to a category four.

But it's aiming now for North Carolina

and the predictions are dire.

140 mile and hour winds,20 foot storm surge,

and soaking rain.

But I'm praying, and we'dbeen talking about it later.

I just believe God'sgonna spare this area,

and I want everybody to pray,

and pray for North andSouth Carolina as well

because they say one of these things,

a category four hits, theland becomes uninhabitable.

So it's a serious matterthat we're dealing with.

The governor, Henry McMaster, down there

in South Carolina hasordered an evacuation.

He's closed the roads going in.

All the roads are opengoing out from the coast.

North Carolina, equally emergency,

and the governor of Virginia has declared

a state of emergency andordered an evacuation

of those people near the coast.

So we will see, but we'll talk about

a prayer meeting we had yesterday

later on in this program.


- [Terry Meeuwsen]North and South Carolina

are bracing for the worst

with more than onemillion people on the move

to escape that coming storm.

Caitlin Burke has the story.

- [Caitlin Burke] Forecasters are clear,

Hurricane Florence israpidly getting stronger.

It will likely hit the east coast

as a category four,possibly five, hurricane,

and its impact is expectedto be life threatening.

- [Joe Bastardi] We still believeit's going in at Cape Fear

or around Cape Fear,plus or minus 50 miles.

Most hideous aspect ofthis may be the track

is hitting perpendicular.

This is not an arcing storm.

This is coming right in at 90 degrees,

and those are the worst storms

as far as keeping their intensity.

- [Gov. Roy Cooper] We do knowthat we're in the bullseye.

North Carolina is takingHurricane Florence seriously.

And you should too. Get ready now.

- [Caitlin] Governors inNorth Carolina, South Carolina

and Virginia have alreadyissued evacuation orders

for those closest to the coast.

The most sweeping orderscoming from South Carolina,

where the entire coastline was given

until noon on Tuesday to leave.

More than one million people on the move.

- [Gov. Henry McMaster]It's gonna be inconvenient,

but we do not want to riskone South Carolina life

in this hurricane.

- Here in Virginia Beach, local stores

are already selling out of basic supplies.

If you are not planning to evacuate,

here are some of the mostimportant items to have on hand:

eight bottles of water, like this,

per person, per day;

at least three days offood that won't spoil;

batteries; a battery-poweredradio; and a flashlight.

Besides the power of this storm,

the other major concern is its speed.

- [Joe] This is gonnacrawl west-northwestward.

It will hit very late Thursday night,

and Saturday night,only be near Charlotte,

and Sunday night and Monday night,

may only be near Asheville.

And that means it's gonna rain itself out,

and every river, I think,from the Savannah River,

which is on the SouthCarolina-Georgia border,

all the way up to all therivers in North Carolina,

could break record flood stages

when this is all said and done

from the amount of rain thatis going to occur with this.

- [Caitlin] Monday night,President Trump tweeted

about the storm, askingthose along the coast

to be careful and promising the support

of the federal government.

Caitlin Burke, CBN News.

- Well, it's one of thosethings, you just pray.

We're praying here. We'll tellyou about how we're praying.

We'll tell you how God sparedthis area back in 1960.

It was an amazing miracle.

And we've had miracles ever since.

So we'll tell you about what God has done.

But Terry also has somethingabout how to be prepared.

- That's right. We want to tell you how

to take care of yourself,your family, your home.

We have a plan and being prepared

can help you and your familystay safe during a hurricane

or other natural disaster.

We have a disaster readiness guide.

It's available to help you.

You can download yourfree copy at

If you'd like this hard copy,call us at 1-800-700-7000.

Just request the free copy.

We'll get it out to youas quickly as possible.

Very practical information on here

and something that youcan still have time to do,

so get a hold of it.

You know the store is, thefood has been depleted.

- They really have.

I mean people just buying like crazy.

So they came and said thereare no more bananas there.

What do you mean thereare no more bananas?

Well, the stores are out of bananas.

Well, we don't have bananas anyhow,

but I mean it's justkind of like (laughs).

They've got water, they've got everything.

It's just the...

- They're replenishing thestores now, I understand,

but yesterday, the water was gone.

- I remember one ofthose storms that we had,

the power went out and,of course, the frozen,

or the meat area of thegrocery stores lacked power

and so it was one of those things,

and I didn't have much money,

and I was looking for bargains,

and, man, they were selling wonderful meat

for pennies on the dollar,and it was (laughs).

Instead of sewing beans,

I could get some really good steaks.

So, as they say it's an illwind that blows nobody any good.

There was something good out of it.

Well, a more serious note, 17 years ago

we were on this programand we were watching

a beautiful Tuesday morning,terrorists struck America

in New York and Washington.

At the Pentagon and the siteof the World Trade Center,

victims gathered to remember the lost.

President Trump is attending a service

in Shanksville, Pennsylvania at a memorial

for the victis of Flight 93.

That attack kicked offa war that, regrettably,

we're still fighting today.

George Thomas has more.

- [George Thomas] Since thatfateful September morning

in 2001, Islamic Jihadists have launched

more than 33,000 deadly terror attacks.

- [Cliff May] The movementsand ideologies that

drove and justified that attack,

and the thousands ofother attacks you name,

that still remains verydynamic, very vibrant.

- [George] And these terror groups

have hit targets nearly everywhere

around the world since 9-11.

From Iraq and Afghanistan,to Finland and California.

Experts say Islamic fighters have shown

that they are far from exhausted,

discouraged, or underfunded.

- They still seem very prepared to fight,

not ready for a diplomatic process.

(guns shoot)

- [George] ISIS, an offshoot of Al Qaeda

born in the desert sands of Iraq and Syria

is much weaker, but by nomeans out of the fight.

The group has carried out

more than 150 attacks in 29countries, killing thousands.

Its affiliates, or supporters,

are now spread around the world,

including here in the homeland

where the FBI's director told

congressional officials this summer

that his bureau was tracking

an alarming number of cases.

- [Christopher Wray] Wehave about a thousand

investigations intoexactly the kind of people

you're describing, covering all 50 states.

- [George] Despite thedeath of its leader,

Osama bin Laden, in May 2011,

Al Qaeda, which just had afew hundred fighters on 9-11,

now has between 10,000 and 20,000

battle-hardened fighters in Syria.

4,000 are operating in Libya,

and another 9,000 are in Somalia.

Hundreds more are scattered

across north Africa and southeast Asia.

And according to western intelligence,

there are about 50,000Jihadists living in Europe,

including recent combatantswho have returned home

after fighting alongside ISIS, Al Qaeda,

and other terror groups in Syria and Iraq.

- They are faith-driven.

They have an ideology thatis derived from a theology.

- [George] 17 years on, despitetrillions of dollars spent,

and countless American lives lost,

the threat from radical Islam

is more widespread than ever before.

May says the world should prepare

for a long war against anenemy that isn't backing down

and believes time is on its side.

- We don't know how longthis war is going to last.

Our enemies don't care howlong it's going to last.

If we are not prepared for such a war,

then we will for sure lose such a war.

- [George] George Thomas, CBN News.

- You know, the Quran has two spheres

and one is called Dar al Harb,

and the other is called Dar al Islam.

The word Dar al Harbmeans the world of war.

Dar al Islam means that part that is

under the submission of Islam.

Now that's the fundamentalteaching of the Quran.

In other words, we're at war constantly

because of the teachings of Muhammad.

They try to sell us on a theory

that Islam was a religion of peace.

That's baloney. There was no such thing.

Islam does not mean peace,it means submission.

That's what the word means.

Not peace, but submission.

There's a word, it's called shalom,

but Islam does not mean peace.

Shalom means peace.Islam means submission.

And it's either the worldof war or the world of...

So according to fundamentalMuslim teaching,

the rest of the worldis at war with Islam.

And so what is being done with Al Qaeda

is not an outlier, it is right at the core

of Islamic teaching.

Now there are many people who they say,

oh well, they're Muslims, they'repeace-loving and all that,

and I'm sure that's true,

but the core teaching put out

by the so-called prophet Muhammad,

is that you must struggle and fight,

and Jihad is struggle,it's not an inner struggle,

it's the struggle to overcomethis so-called enemy.

And what Cliff May wassaying in that piece

and other have said if we just recognize,

this is a long-term struggle.

They want to take over the world.

It is based on global domination.

They do not wish to live at peace,

they wish to live as the superior being

and everyone else is going to be

either converted, dead,or a so-called dhimmi,

as a subject to Islamic authority.

That's the game.

And it's horrible to contemplate.

We've got to go through 9-11over and over and over again

and thousands of people, asGeorge Thomas pointed out,

thousands of places whereit's not just Al Qaeda,

it's not just Osama bin Laden,

it's the whole bunch of them.


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