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700 Club Canada: September 12, 2018

Watch the 700 Club Canada for September 12, 2018 Read Transcript

(inspirational music)

- Welcome to The 700 Club Canada, I'm Brian Warren.

- And I'm Lorie Hartshorn.

What a week it's been so far.

We've seen some amazing stories

of the power of prayer and today is no different.

- Absolutely.

You'll see how one woman's faith and prayers defied doctors

and gave her the miracle she'd always wanted.

- If you've been waiting for your breakthrough,

Natalie's story of perseverance will encourage you

to keep on believing and keep on praying.

- It certainly did me.

Now, today you'll see how perseverance can pay off,

and we'll be spending extra time in prayer today

for more breakthroughs

and more miraculous stories like this.

Meet Natalie.

- I had been having pain in my stomach

and it'd be so bad that it would kinda put me to the floor.

- [Narrator] Doctors couldn't find the source

of Natalie Valcarcel's occasional

but intense bouts of abdominal pain.

In 2005, two months before her wedding,

one of those attacks sent her to the ER

where an ultrasound revealed

a three centimeter fibroid tumor on her uterus.

- She assured me that women have this all the time

and that it's not a big deal.

So since she didn't worry about it,

I didn't worry about it either.

- [Narrator] But the tumor started causing

more and more discomfort.

So, months after her wedding to Paul

she went in for surgery to have it removed.

Thirty minutes later,

the surgeon came out to tell Paul the tumor had grown

from three centimeters to 15.

- She showed me two photos

and it looked like the size of,

maybe like a cantaloupe,

and she points to this little bump

on this cantaloupe looking tumor,

and says do you see that little bump,

that's actually her uterus.

The tumors completely encompassing the uterus,

so she's says there's just no way to be able

to remove the tumor without havin' to move the uterus.

- [Narrator] They start the procedure

and the couple went to discuss whether

to go through with the hysterectomy.

A few days later her doctor called insisting

that it was her only option.

- Don't hold onto any hope for having children.

It isn't possible.

And this tumor needs to be removed,

it's very dangerous,

we just need to do this hysterectomy.

Right when she told me that, I hung up,

and I was mad, I was angry.

I didn't like that that was being taken away from me.

I went to the Lord right away and I said,

God, what is your will in this?

What do you want?

What do you want to do?

- I told Natalie, I said, you know,

I can believe the Lord will

take this tumor completely away,

however he wants to do it,

however he's gonna do it,

you have to decide for yourself

what you're able to believe for,

and I'm gonna believe with you.

- [Narrator] Natalie says,

God reminded her of Psalm 128,

the blessing that was read at their wedding.

She looked it up, and one verse stood out.

- Your wife will be a fruitful vine

in the innermost parts of her home,

and she will see her children around her table

like olive plants.

And then I was like,

that is for me, and I held onto it,

and I didn't let it go.

- [Narrator] Natalie declined the hysterectomy.

For the next five years,

the couple tried to get pregnant

as the tumor continued to grow.

It got so large, people thought she was pregnant.

- I would just say, no I'm not pregnant,

it's a fibroid tumor.

And they're just like,

oh I'm so sorry, I'm so sorry.

And I said, no, I know what I look like,

I am believing for a miracle and I'm waiting for a promise.

God has promised me that I would have a child.

- [Narrator] Meanwhile, doctors kept insisting

she have the procedure

because now the mass was pressing into her organs

and could cause kidney or heart failure.

With the prayer and support of family and friends,

Natalie and Paul constantly asked God for guidance.

- I asked him specifically,

do I do the hysterectomy or I don't?

He said no.

And every time I went to Lord regarding it,

he told me no.

I had times where it was really hard,

and I just went on my face before the Lord

until I got peace back again.

And when I got that peace,

I was so confident that the Lord was in this.

- It's not easy, it never is.

When it's walking by faith

and really just the Lord doing it through you,

the less and less you really consider your abilities

and just rely on his.

- [Narrator] Then one Sunday at church,

Natalie stopped to great her pastor

before taking her seat.

Later in the service,

he announced that God had revealed something to him.

- He said that this girl doesn't even know

that I'm talking about her right now,

and he says, but when I shook her hand,

the Lord says pregnant.

And he turned to me and he said,

Natalie, this is you.

And he says, and the Lord says to you right now,

nothing's impossible with him.

- [Narrator] Then in April, 2011,

while out with Paul on her birthday,

Natalie believed the impossible had come true.

- To think, you know, I think I wanna go home.

As a matter of fact,

let's go stop by the Rite Aid and get a pregnancy test.

And I'm like, what?

(giggles) Pregnancy test?

- [Narrator] Just as Natalie suspected,

the test was positive.

- I was ecstatic,

I was just like, I knew he would

(giggles) follow through.

- [Narrator] But with the tumor putting Natalie

and the baby at risk,

she starting seeing Dr. Douglas Montgomery,

who specialized in high risk pregnancies.

He made sure the couple understood

what those risks were.

- We would lose the baby,

or have an extreme premature birth of the baby,

or have a medical complication of Natalie

where we can't continue the pregnancy,

her life's in jeopardy, the baby's previable,

we need to deliver the baby to save Natalie's life.

- [Narrator] Then at 28 weeks,

one of many possible complications arose.

Natalie developed a blood clot in her leg.

- And it was at that point

that I was concerned for her life,

because if that blood clot were to break off

and go to her lungs,

it was large enough where she could die

from what we call a saddle pulmonary embolism.

And so, that was very concerning to me at that time.

- So even though, I'm getting in the natural,

all these things are going to happen to you,

you're gonna die, it doesn't look good,

it doesn't...

The Lord's telling me, no,

you're not going to die,

you are healthy, you are whole.

- [Narrator] Dr. Montgomery decided to transfer Natalie

to the ICU at Los Angeles medical center,

where she would be monitored 24/7

in case the clot broke loose.

For now, he put her on a mild blood thinner

to keep it from getting worse.

- He told me that he didn't want me to die,

but that's what it's looking like.

And I told him, Dr Montgomery, I'm not going to die.

I did not come this far for this to end this way.

The next time you'll see me,

I will be holding my baby, tumor free.

- [Narrator] Once there, Paul stayed by her side,

fasting and praying for his wife and unborn child.

- I have to get before the Lord

because I don't know what to do.

I know what I feel the Lord is saying,

I know what the doctors are saying,

and then I feel, you know,

the tug and pull of faith versus fear.

- [Narrator] After two weeks,

one of Natalie's doctors came in

with results from an ultrasound.

The clot was gone.

- So when she told me,

oh that hepper must have worked, and I said,

but you told me that it would not take the blood clot away,

you told me it would just keep it from getting bigger,

and she's like, I don't know, I don't know what happened.

And I said, I know, it was God.

- [Narrator] On October 19th, 2011,

Heaven Faith Valcarcel was born by a c-section,

weighing three pounds 13 ounces.

- She was so real and it was so God,

It was very surreal.

This has been done completely by his promise,

it was impossible in the natural,

but, in the spirit, it was possible.

- Just being a first time Dad,

being with a little girl,

it was, you know, it was awesome.

- [Narrator] Two months later,

Natalie had the hysterectomy to remove the tumor,

which had grown to 18 pounds.

- The real remarkable part of this is Natalie's faith,

not through one pregnancy, but through five to six years,

and then to take on all of the negative comments

that come on with all the risks that she had to face,

and I really am struck by how God worked through her

and brought that, she built my faith during this.

- [Narrator] Heaven is a healthy little girl

who loves Jesus.

For Natalie and Paul,

she's living proof that God hears their prayers.

- We believe in a God who has done greater

and he did it in Jesus

and he just says, just believe me,

just trust me, see me, know me,

because we can't do it all on our own.

- Jesus is the answer to everything

and because I know I can trust in his promises,

I trusted him all the way.

He's the only one

who can pull you through something like this.

- I love what Dr. Montgomery had to say,

that in the face of all the negative reports

that she was receiving,

that Natalie even bolstered her faith

by just how she stayed the course.

- Oh man, I honestly, I don't know how she did it Brian.

- Yeah.

- I think any woman would feel like giving up,

and certainly not wanting to even the physical,

like she had to carry these tumors

and she even physically was uncomfortable

and it was evident,

and I just so admire her perseverance.

- You know, I do to.

And what I believe right now,

because I've seen in pastoring,

when I first went back to Pope administry,

after traveling around through conference ministry,

I heard the Lord say in Job chapter 14,

there's hope for a tree if it is cut down,

at the scent of water, it shall bud again.

And I've been able to see over 40 babies come forth

where people who could not conceive.

You might have fibroids right now,

there might be some rejection issues,

but I believe God want's to heal you today as well,

to make you a fruitful vine

as it says in Psalms 127 or 128.

- Yeah, you know, and I love..

I was reminded of Isaiah 26:3 says,

you will keep in perfect peace

those who's minds are steadfast

because they trust in you.

You know it's turbulent when you're going through

a time of persevering and waiting on God

and wondering will you get your miracle,

will, you know, God come through.

But this steadfastest that we see in Natalie's life

comes of a place where her mind was steadfast

because she trusted in God.

- [Brian] Amem.

- And I just want to pray for someone

that they would have a steadfast mind.

Okay well Father, we bring and stand in agreement together

that the one, maybe the many who now are struggling,

which has turbulent thoughts,

struggling to trust you,

struggling to have hope in the middle of their pain,

I pray for a steadfast mind that trusts in you,

would you settle their thoughts,

like you did for Natalie,

would they just steadfastly follow you, trust you,

and would you be see a miracle come out of their womb,

and out of their life,

and of a place where it seems like it's barren

that you would bring fruit,

in Jesus name. - in Jesus name.

- Amen.

- And if feel like the Lord said

he's just opened up the window,

so that may be you, you'd been wanting to conceive,

it is so, right now.

Call us, I'm excited for you.

Up next, another break through as Elizabeth

overcomes years of chronic pain.


(menacing music)

- I prayed to all of the other spirits

that I've been working with.

I said, thank you so much for all that you have taught me,

but from now on, I'm just going to be working with Jesus.

All of a sudden I felt terror, and hate, and evil.

And the Lord brought to mind versus

that I hadn't thought of in a really long time.

Satan himself masquerades as a angel of light,

and I knew it.

(inspirational music)

- [Narrator] When Elizabeth Chutker was young

she was taking skiing lessons

when she noticed something wrong with her balance.

A visit to the doctor brought a disturbing diagnosis.

- This disease is called FSH,

which is facioscapulohumeral muscular dystrophy.

So it causes weakness in your face,

in your shoulders and your hips.

The muscle tissue just atrophies and it doesn't regrow

like it does in normal human biology.

- [Narrator] Elizabeth also learned

that the disease was hereditary.

As she got older,

Elizabeth began to experience symptoms

similar to her mothers.

- I always had pain, I thought it was normal.

I always had sore shoulders, I always had pain in my hips,

those kinds of issues and this incredible fatigue,

so I'd have to watch my rest

and when everybody would be out and about,

I'd be ready for bed,

so that I could function in my job the next day.

- [Narrator] Elizabeth and David married

and had two children.

As time passed, her symptoms grew worse.

- It was always daily adaptations

and thinking around how to get around.

- I had to get her up out of bed in the morning

towards the latter years to get her into a shower

to have hot water come on her.

We were trying to figure out

if we should sell our home to eliminate steps.

I knew that the later years of my life

were gonna be pushing a wheelchair

unless the Lord healed her.

- [Narrator] Elizabeth was raised a Christian

and often prayed for healing.

However, by her late 40's,

both she and her husband began to doubt it would happen.

- My mother had a saying that this is our cross to bury,

and she made it almost like a family thing,

that probably was a part of my thinking.

- There comes a moment where you pray

and you pray and you pray,

and it was a 20 year prayer.

Well you just stop.

And, we did.

- [Narrator] One Sunday in 2009,

the couple attended a Sunday service

at their home church in Canada.

A guest pastor was preaching.

- The guest speaker was speaking about his sermon topic

and then he sort of simply stopped.

Someone here has weakening face muscles,

is extremely fatigued, has shoulder pain,

sagging shoulders, sagging back, her hips are weak,

and that person will end up in a wheelchair

if the Lord doesn't intervene.

And that person I am to say, is healed,

in the name of Jesus.

Well my husband looked at me and I looked at him,

there's this gentleman,

had just completely described my symptoms.

- [Narrator] The guest pastor returned to his sermon.

- And as the sermon finished,

there was this beautiful pray song,

and at that moment I found myself able

to lift my arms above my head to praise the Lord.

- To see her arms go in the air, my jaw dropped,

I was in awe, I was flabbergasted.

And then of course the whole church watched it.

- I was in awe, in thankfulness.

And it was a great joyful day.

- [Narrator] Elizabeth went home that day

to prepare a meal for her family and some guests,

with no pain.

- I was in the door first and headed off to my kitchen

and started to prepare lunch

and get the final hot food out on the table,

pulling things out of the fridge.

- She started picking up heavy objects

and putting them on top shelves.

You are in absolute suspended belief,

followed by a marvel.

- [Narrator] Since that day,

Elizabeth has been pain free and has complete mobility.

- I don't understand it, it's mysterious.

Physical healing has an element of holy mystery to it

that I don't think we're ever going to really understand.

I always believed that the Lord,

his power was there to heal.

Experiencing it yourself,

places things on a totally different level.

I understand his grace in a more powerful way

than I even have before.

And I know that I know that he did this,

that can't be shaken, and that's a gift,

that's a great gift from my savior who loves me.

- That's our God.

And when you look at Elizabeth,

you recognize that God is able to do all things but fail.

You know, so many times we go through a season

of protracted suffering, and seems like Elizabeth said,

what her Mom told her, this is just our cross to bear.

But I've learned that what we need to do

is until God says otherwise,

believe that we will be healed,

believe that it will be turned around,

believe that you're going to be a testimony,

because if there's no test, there's no testimony.

And God is going to give you a testimony out of this

and it's going to be for his glory and his honor.

I feel this in my spirit so strong right now.

And I hear when they were talking about the doubt

that came in because it was so long

that it says in Numbers, chapter 11,

and it says this also in the 23rd verse,

and he was talkin' to Moses

and God asked that man of god,

he said, has the Lord's arm been so shortened,

and is it too short to save, or his ears to dull to hear.

No, I say in emphatic, absolutely no.

His arms are not too short, he can reach into you.

And this is not the US, this is not in Africa, India,

in Asia, this is in Canada, and this is right in Alberta,

and some of you who are just sitting in your home right now,

I want you to put your hand on that area of your life

and I wanna pray with you,

but I also wanna get something into your hands.

Can you be healed, absolutely, you can be healed.

Jesus speaks today.

Call the number on the screen 1 855 759 0700,

prayer partners just standing by.

Father, we take authority now,

by the blood of the land in the finish work of the cross,

your word says we're overcomers by the blooded land

the finish work of the cross,

that we do no love our lives so much

this is shrink from death.

But we're asking you, not because we're so good,

but for your name's sake,

would you heal right now that inner ear problem,

in Jesus name, that blood disorder,

in Jesus name, shrink that tumor,

in Jesus name,

we call for that heart to come into alignment,

that pulmonary issue,

In Jesus name.

If you receive that,

call the number on the screen 1 855 759 0700.

It's the week of prayer,

and I feel the power of God saying

it's yours, receive it.

Well, we'll be right back,

and our time of prayer is going to continue,

don't go away.

(sad music)

(inspirational music)

- Welcome back.

You know it's let's pray for Canada.

And we really need prayer.

This is a time where I've never seen,

in modern history,

where we're being confronted as a generation

with some many things.

And Lorie, I know we were talking off camera,

and there were some things God put on your heart,

I mean, I'm so grateful for our partners

who have sent in their prayer requests,

but also, where we're praying into specifically

some needs that are hot topics.

- Well certainly, I mean,

not only from what I read in these prayer requests Brian,

but even from my own life,

I've experience of being in the education system,

being a teacher, and of course I'm a mom,

and now I'm a grandma,

and I'm seeing these generations

of children moving though an education system,

and there's so much turmoil,

and just to have a real heart to be praying

for the safety of our children.

And I mean emotional, physical, spiritual,

mental safety in our education system.

The polarization of view points,

whether it's about curriculum, and what should be used,

and the models, all the many models of education,

of course I've seen the change over time,

but that our children would feel a sense of safety,

protection, there would be unity in our schools.

I just really feel we need to be praying for our children

and all those generations that are following.

- I believe that,

and something that's really been stirred on my heart

is I've been going through the scriptures,

something that has been illuminated over and over,

unless the Lord builds the house,

Psalms 127, they labor in vein that build it,

and it goes on and it says that, in verse three,

behold, and it's a kinda,

something new that we've not even understood,

children are a heritage from the Lord,

the fruit of the womb is a reward.

And I believe that it's not just this generation,

but it's successive generations

that what we're seeing in the school system,

and what we're seeing on the school yards,

that they be safe,

and walking home that no straight bullets would get them.

But I believe the enemy is after our heritage.

- Yes.

- Our progeny, our children, our next generation.

- It's a battle for their minds.

- Yes. - Too right,

and certainly as believers,

we know that the helmet of salvation

is a protection over our minds,

we just need to pray for the salvation of our children.

So their minds will be protected.

- Absolutely.

- And just, you know, you have a big responsibility

when you're leading a classroom, and you're leading kids,

- It's huge.

- It's huge.

- It's shaping your leaders.

- Or those who work in youth, right.

- Yes.

- In all kinds of levels of our culture.

You're shaping leaders, you're shaping children.

You know I was reminded of this verse in Luke 6, it says,

Luke 6, verse, now I gotta find it,

it's there, it's on my page, here it is,

Can the blind lead the blind,

will they not both fall into a pit.

- My goodness.

_ I feel like there's a lot of blind leading the blind.

But the next verse, Brian,

says the student is not about the teacher

but everyone who is fully trained

will be like their teacher.

And we need our teachers,

and those, whether you're formal teaching,

you're influencing youth,

you're working in culture with youth,

you're employing youth,

we need to be wise, we need to be training them up,

we need to be...

- Why don't you lead us in that

and as we pray for that, let's touch and agree.

- Okay, well father,

we bring to you the children of our nation,

not just the children of this generation,

but the generations to come,

the youth and the children, both now and coming,

that you would be their refuge,

that they first of all would find salvation,

we pray for the salvation of our children in the nation.

Lord, I know you love kids,

and you often reach families through kids,

so I pray that you would draw children to yourself,

make churches affective places of ministry to children,

and enable teachers

and those working in our culture with youth,

give them wisdom, give them discernment, give them love.

And I pray for the safety of our children,

emotionally, mentally, sexually, spiritually, mentally,

keep them safe our father.

We ask for your rule and your rein

over the children in our nation.

- In Jesus name. - In Jesus name.

- And father, I touch and agree,

and I also, Lord, pray and include,

unless the Lord builds a house,

they labor in vein that build it.

It said that David knew the Lord,

Solomon knew of the Lord,

Raya Baum knew not the Lord.

Lord, we're asking that there would not be a gap

in the knowing of their God,

for your word says that people who know their God

shall be strong and carry out great exploits.

That we would now Lord focus on you,

and that we would no longer be distracted

by, Lord, the noise around us,

but we would even now cover our children,

Lord, we're asking that you would give us now clarity,

that you would give us wisdom,

that you would help us now as mothers and as fathers,

Lord, to be armed with understanding,

that we would know not only there friends and their peers,

and those that their connected with,

but we would know what they're being taught right now,

and that they would be taught of the Lord.

We will not give our children,

we won't raise them up, Lord,

in the church and give them to the world.

But we position ourself, we take on,

with our face like flint,

and we ask you for this nation oh God,

and those that are yet to be born,

and for your word declares that one generation

will praise you to another generation.

So we're asking now Lord,

that the baton would not necessarily just be passed,

but we would light the fire of this next gen...

Oh God, would you allow this next generation.

And Lord help now leaders and help pastors

and help now the teachers, Lord,

and those in our political, Lord, places of authority,

the laws that are being made now

that will effect our children, we're asking God,

that you would not cause, Lord, decepture of wickedness

to land on a land of the righteous,

for we do not stretch our hand out to inequity,

but to you our God, in prayer,

in Jesus name we pray. - In Jesus name.

- Amen. - Amen.

And can I say, father, would you raise up leaders,

leaders in these children, these youth,

in every generation, raise up wise leaders that love you,

that love righteousness, that love truth,

that love your ways,

so we just ask you again Lord,

to go after the generation of youth and children,

and raise them up to positions of leadership in our country,

in Jesus name.

- In Jesus mighty name. - Amen.

- Wow, and the people said, Amen.

You know it's just the third day,

but we want you to keep praying for us,

we're praying with you,

we love you,

we wanna leave you with a power verse.

Let all who take refuge in you be glad,

let them ever sing for joy.

- Spread your protection over them,

that those who love your name

may rejoice in you.

- Psalms 5:11.

Until next time, keep praying,

we're praying for you.

God bless you.

- God bless.

- To contact us, phone 1 855 759 0700.

You can email us at

You can now like us on Facebook

and follow us on Twitter or Instagram.

(calm music)

(inspirational music)


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