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The 700 Club - September 12, 2018

A grim prognosis is met with a host of prayers to change the outcome for one stroke victim. Read Transcript

- [Announcer] The followingprogram is sponsored by CBN.

Coming up.

- [Announcer] As Florencebears down on the Carolinas,

CBN News has the latest updates.


- They were gonna get him in right away.

He's had a stroke.

- [Announcer] A grim prognosis--

- He's probably not gonna makeit within the next 12 hours.

- [Announcer] Is metwith a host of prayers.

- We're gonna hang on to God'sword, because it's truth.

- [Announcer] Watch himmake a full recovery.

- [Steven] He was glorified,

even in the midst of all this.

- [Announcer] On today's 700 Club.

(exciting music)

- Well, welcome to the 700 Club.

You know, we've had someinteresting days over the years.

We've seen a tremendousnumber of hurricanes.

This is called Hurricane Alley,

and we've seen many, many,many prayers being answered.

We prayed together andour staff a few days ago,

and asked the Lord to movethat hurricane's course

away from this area, and fromwhat we gather right now,

the storm track hasshifted south of this area,

and we no longer are under the threat

of a serious hurricane here.

I know people have beenasking what we're doing,

and what we're doing iswe're just fine. (laughs)

For that I'm grateful,but at the same time,

that storm is moving into South Carolina,

and possibly Georgia.

And it's surprising theweather forecasters,

but nevertheless,

we're grateful to the Lord.

But at the same time we wanna let you know

that Operation Blessingis gonna be operating

in South Carolina, and Georgia,

and wherever this thinghits, wherever it needs.

But the latest word is that this storm

may hit the coast and thenstall, and if it does,

it won't be inches of rain,it'll be feet of rain.


- Well, righ now Florence is

packing 130 mile per hour winds,

and threatens to drop as much as

three feet of rain in some places.

Millions are being toldto evacuate the Carolinas.

Now Georgians are taking notice.

Mark Martin has the story.

- [Mark] Already a category four storm,

the National HurricaneCenter predicts the storm

will strengthen Wednesday night

as it moves toward the Carolina coast.

A hurricane hunter with the

National Oceanic andAtmospheric Administration

flew through the eyeof Florence this week,

capturing this video.

It is expected to weakensomewhat on Thursday,

but still predicted tobe an extremely dangerous

major hurricane when itnears the U.S. coast.

- If it does slow up,

storm surge is going tobecome a bigger problem.

And also it's expected to make

landfall as a major hurricane.

Our track here is showing itas a category three still.

We're thinking Fridaylate or Friday night,

into the start of the weekend,

notice how it kind ofmeanders here off the coast.

And then once it does comeon shore, it is slow-moving.

It goes down to a tropical storm,

and then a tropicalrainstorm here, and still,

Sunday and Monday, sitting hereover parts of the southeast.

So we could be dealing with historical,

catastrophic rainfall,

especially in coastalparts of North Carolina.

- [Mark] NationalWeather Service officials

warn of the potentialfor unbelievable damage

from wind, storm surge, andinland flooding with this storm.

North Carolina's governoralso did not mince words.

- The waves and the windthis storm may bring

is nothing like you've ever seen.

- [Mark] The governor urged locals

not to hunker down, but to leave.

- We need people to evacuate.

They're putting their own lives at risk,

as well as the lives ofthe first responders.

- [Mark] On the ground, millionsof people are evacuating.

CBN News reporter, Eric Rosales,

is headed for the storm zone.

- We're just outside ofDurham, North Carolina,

and a number of commuters who are

heading out of town are finding this.

Gas stations are simplyrunning out of gas or are low.

We did see a steady streamof people as we made our way

from Washington D.C. out to the Carolinas,

as they are continuing to make their way,

and heeding the warningabout this historic storm

that is going to pound the Carolinas.

Many are relying on their faith.

- Oh, yeah, I trust him.

He always has us and I'm sure

he's gonna keep us throughout this.

My grandma's been praying,

and she's been calling from New Jersey,

and so the kids are prepared.

- [Mark] Thousands ofdisaster response crews

prepare for the worst.

In Virginia Beach, battalionchief, Chris Ludford,

with the Virginia Beach Fire Department,

told CBN News people near Sandbridge Beach

appear to be heedingthe evacuation orders.

- Absolutely, overall.

I get the sense.

Especially the visitors.

- There are several threats associated

with Hurricane Florence.

Chief Ludford says hebelieves the biggest threat

for Sandbridge Beach andthe Back Bay Wildlife Refuge

is tidal flooding.

- And that coupled with standingwater, due to heavy rains,

those are gonna be the two things

that we worry about most here.

- [Mark] The National Hurricane Center

predicts as much as twoto three feet of rain

in parts of North and South Carolina,

which could lead tocatastrophic flash flooding.

Mark Martin, CBN News.

- With us now via Skype is Joe Bastardi.

He's the Chief Forecasterfor WeatherBELL Analytics.

And Joe, have you got any take on

where that thing is headed now?

- Well, we've been forecasting this since,

actually since September second,

we alerted our clients to this threat.

September fifth we had jumped on this,

to do overall pattern inthe Northwest Atlantic.

There's something going oncalled the Newfoundland Wheel.

It's a big high-pressure system there.

The old-timers know about it.

That's why we had so manyhurricanes back in the 50s,

hitting the eastern seaboard,

because you addpredominantly high pressure

over the northwest atlanticduring the hurricane season.

So we've seen this generaltype of pattern before.

Of course, every storm isa little bit different,

and so every storm hasa different twist to it.

This is taking what myfather, who's a meteorologist,

and he's 89 years youngnow, called the shortcut.

In other words, instead of coming west

and then turning north,

this is coming directlyin from the southeast.

And there have been storms

like this that have done this before.

Isabel, for instance, in 2003, did this.

We also saw Gracie in 1959 do this.

So this storm, as far asthe track to Cape Fear,

which is what my company hashad since last Wednesday,

is not unprecedented in the general sense.

What happens after that though,

and where we change ourforecast this morning was,

when it gets to Cape Fear,it stalls around there,

and then starts southwest.


Because the high in theAtlantic breaks down,

and a new upper air ridgedevelops over the Great Lakes,

so it literally pushesit back to the southwest

to a point where even though this

would weaken in the coastal waters,

moving southwestward towardSavannah and Charleston,

it would still be a big hurricaneand batter those places.

Now let me talk to folks directly

around Wilmington, Cape Fear.

You've got to get out of there,

because this is not likeHugo, not like Hazel,

not like these stormsthat just move through.

Floyd, remember it movedthrough in 12 hours.

This is gonna stay for two days,

and you're gonna be under siege there

from tomorrow afternoon into Friday night,

perhaps Saturday morning,

where there's nothing but a relentless

pounding of wind, and heavy rain.

So you have to heedthese evacuation orders.

This is where this isunique in that it's stalling

in that particular area,and then backing southwest.

We've seen storms backsouthwest before, for instance,

the Yankee storm in 1935originated in Bermuda,

wound up hitting at Miami.

So we've seen storms that done that,

but not in close to thecoast like this, so this is--

For the areas that get hit directly,

this is your Harvey, your Katrina,

and you should take it that way.

- Joe, well, how long is this Florence

going to affect the eastern U.S.?

- Well, I still think--

Our track takes it inlandbetween Savannah and Charleston,

believe it or not Sunday night,

and then we have it backtoward Atlanta Monday,

and then try to loop back around,

and the remnants of this maycome off the mid-Atlantic

or south Atlantic coast in about 10 days.

And when it gets there,there may be a lot--

The rain threatened Virginia.

Up in Virginia is probably when

this gets up into the mountains,

and that's six, seven days away,

but it's going to loop all the way

through the southeastern states,

come up the west side of the mountains,

and then trying to come across.

I'm sure you remember what Camille did.

Even at Camille in '69 hit,

and then it hit those mountainsin Virginia, West Virginia,

you had 20 to 30 inches of rain up there,

three days after the storm hit.

So we're concerned about that option, too.

You gotta realize, folks, this has brought

all this moisture, all theway from Africa across.

Those sea surface temperaturesin the western Atlantic

are warmer than normal, sothere's an immense amount

of water coming in, and this storm,

we're gonna have to watch it

till the very end a week from now.

We may still be talking aboutthe remnants of this storm.

- Joe, I appreciate you so much.

Please come back and keep us up to date.

Thank you so much.

If you invite me back, I'm coming back.

Thank you.

- (laughs) Joe Bastardi,isn't that terrific?

Well, the thing that I wanna point out,

you know, this is a lot of rain,

but somehow God has answeredprayer in relation to us here

at Regenct--

- We will probably still--

We won't get the eye, but we'll still have

tremendous flooding here, I think.

- Well, we'll have flooding,but it won't be anywhere near

what's gonna happen down inGeorgia and South Carolina.


has a free resource

you can download.

It's called

Plan. Prepare. Protect: 3Steps to Keep Your Family

Safe When Disaster Strikes.

We'll give that to you andwe'll be talking about the fact

that Operation Blessing ispreparing to help people,

so Hurricane Florence isstill a few days away,

but Operation Blessing nowis talking about water.

They're talking about storing food.

They're talking about emergency shelters,

and so forth, so HeatherSells has more on that.

- Disaster relief groupslike Operation Blessing

are positioning themselves up and down

the east coast right now,

waiting to get more of a senseof where Florence will land.

- We'll hold some back here

in the Virginia Beach areaif it's highly impacted here,

and we'll pre-deploy somewherein southeastern Virginia.

We haven't chosen a place yet.

- [Heather] Virginia Beachbased Operation Blessing

is one of a number of faith-based,

humanitarian groupswatching Florence closely,

and getting ready tohelp those most in need.

It plans to serve meals tovolunteers and provide everything

from emergency relief supplies,

to construction tools for rebuilding.

Mercy Chefs spent Tuesday loading

two of its mobile kitchens,

each of which can produce upto 15 thousand meals a day.

- That's our goal, is to be onsite

within eight hours of a disaster,

and feed these incrediblydedicated men and women

that give so much totheir local communities.

- Mercy Chefs is preparing

to serve meals to first responders,

and those in shelters,in its hometown area,

in Hampton Roads, Virginia,as well as North Carolina.

- Mercy Chefs is usedto running to the fight.

We always run where the greatest need is.

We're sort of a little backon our heels this time,

because the fight's coming to us.

- Other faith-basedgroups like World Vision,

Samaritan's Purse, and Convoy of Hope,

spent Tuesday loadingsupplies and sending trucks

to states where Florencemay hit, and then unload.

Some areas are getting readyfor two feet of rain or more.

The challenge right nowpositioning resources

in the most strategic locations.

Florence is so wide,

and the surge over theweekend could be so great,

the disaster relief groups are

still waiting to make final decisions.

- You wanna put those folks in a place

where you kinda catch the falling knife.

You don't want them tobe victims in the storm,

but you want them to be able to get

into the high impact areasas quickly as possible.

- Still, all eyes are onNorth Carolina for now.

Florence is expected toslam the coast there harder

than any hurricane since 1954.

Heather Sells, CBN News.

- Well we still say, Ithink, that North Carolina

is going to be spared morethan we realized in Virginia.

The coastal area is not gonna get hit--

I mean, you're talkingabout the major hurricane,

category four hurricane,this is disastrous stuff.

We won't have that.

But South Carolina and this rain,

we don't know what's gonna happen,

but the fact that it'sgonna be going to Georgia,

then as Joe Bastardi said,if it hits the mountains,

there's no catch area, soyou've got tremendous flooding.

We had a hurricane back in the,

whenever it was, a few years ago,

that started flooding allthe way up past the Roanoke,

and throughout Covington, Clifton Forge,

and on down toward thewater, toward the ocean.

I mean, it was devastating,and, you know, those runoff.

The area doesn't havethe ability to absorb

all that moisture, and it just,

it means you've got huge rivers running,

and huge gashes in those hilly areas.

- Well we've had so muchrain this summer, too.

- Oh, man.

Well, this is gonna be--

That'll be a killer, but all I can say is,

thank the Lord that we at this point,

sitting here with CBN, raging universe,

and all the things we do here,has been spared once again.

And people have been praying,and I hope you will pray,

those of you in Georgia, South Carolina,

North Carolina, wherever you live.

Seek God and he is able togive you relief, all right?

- Well, coming up, youmay have heard friends

hawking the benefits ofessential oils, but is it legit?

- You know, the Bible saysthe leaves of the trees

are for the healing of the nations.

I can think of no othersubstance on the planet

that epitomizes that like essential oils.

- See why drops of these natural extracts

are being used for practically everything,

from cleaning supplies to curing anxiety.

That's next.

(uplifting music)

- I have learned somethingthat is very helpful.

There is something called oil of oregano

that is the best bacteria killer

that is known to man.

It doesn't have any deleteriouseffects on human beings,

and it is just fantastic.

Have you ever heard of oil of oregano?

- Well, I have a littlebottle of it, actually.

I have a little bottle of it actually.

- Do you?

Well you mix it, you know,

I put about eight drops in some water,

and one that I had an intestinal problem,

I think we had it around here, you know,

the intestinal flu, and I was so sick.

I went out to dinner, andI got a bowl of bean soup.

I took one teaspoon of it; Icouldn't touch another thing,

I couldn't eat anything,I mean, I was just dead.

I got home and I took that little dropper,

and oil of oregano,

and I dropped eight dropsinto some water, drank it.

The next day, I was completely healed

and I was ravenously hungry,

and we had some used,

some leftover shepherd's pie,and I ate that for breakfast.

- And you were good to go.

- Good to go, and notone trace of problem.

- Wow.

- And I just brag on that stuff.

If you've never heard about it,

boy, it is the greatest,and it doesn't hurt you.

But we've got all thesechemicals, then we--

How comes there's so much cancer?

I think on that,

I think chemicals are inour cleaning supplies,

body lotions, even our medications.

In an effort to detoxify their lives,

many people are turning whatare called essential oils.

Our health reporters Lorie Johnson

has got a report on that.

They're using these natural plant extracts

to take care of theirhomes and their health.

Here's Lorie.

- [Lorie] Like millions of Americans,

Sarah Hillburn struggledwith emotional issues

that led to physical ones.

- That I had gotten to the point

where my anxiety and depression was

keeping me from sleeping at night.

I would spend several days out of the week

just being awake the entire night,

being awake the entire day.

- [Lorie] Instead ofseeking a prescription

for Ambien or Lunesta, sheturned to lavender oil.

- I can honestly say thatessential oils saved my life.

- [Lorie] Putting the oil in a vaporizer

next to her bed helped herbegin getting more rest,

and, in turn, feeling happier.

- I diffused the lavenderusually by itself,

just because it's very calming

and it smells really good,and it makes me sleepy.

- [Lorie] Sarah also found other benefits.

She puts coolingpeppermint oil on her feet

when she's feeling overheated,

and credits rose oil forher flawless complexion.

Oils extracted fromplants have been used for

medicinal purposes for centuries,but just in recent years,

essential oils haveexploded in popularity.

In his best-selling book,

The Healing Power of Essential Oils,

Dr. Eric Zielinskiexplains how to use dozens

of these natural extracts.

- You know, the Bible saysthe leaves of the trees

are for the healing of the nations.

I can think of no othersubstance on the planet

that epitomizes that like essential oils.

- [Lorie] Essential oilscome from distilling

parts of plants, like the root,

bark, flowers, and leaves.

- When you inhale citrusessential oil specifically,

like orange, neroli,bergamot, lime, and lemon,

it's been shown clinicallyto help decrease anxiety,

decrease depression, and boost your mood.

A lot of research being done

with cinnamon and bloodpressure balancing,

so whether someone'sdiabetic, someone's obese,

there's a lot of things you could do.

- [Lorie] Even many pills wetake mimic what's in nature.

Aspirin, for example, ismodeled after willow bark,

which people used forcenturies as a pain reliever.

- So next time your son ordaughter, your grandson,

your granddaughter gets a fever,

you can apply some dilutedpeppermint or orange oil

on his or her back, andyou'll see the fever go down.

Next time you get a sore throat,

you could gargle with a little bit

of myrrh essential oil and water.

Next time you get a headache,

you can apply some pain relieving oils

like frankincense or copaiba.

- [Lorie] And benefits go beyond

relying on the medicine cabinet.

Dr. Zielinski and his wife,Sabrina, use essential oils

instead of store boughtsynthetics throughout their home,

from body lotion, todeodorant, and beyond.

More people who areconcerned about the chemicals

in household cleaners arechoosing essential oils

because they clean naturally.

Sabrina makes her own laundrydetergent using ylang ylang.

No chemicals, and about 20bucks to wash a 150 loads.

- So when you're thinking about

not just your kids, butyour animals as well,

it's really important to choose

the right things when you're cleaning.

- [Lorie] That includesmixtures for dusting,

cleaning glass, granite,and even tougher jobs.

- But what about, like,your all-purpose cleaner?

What about, you know, my stove?

Is this really gonna work on the stove?


Usually it has an orange, aclove, a cinnamon, a eucalyptus.

It smells amazing, I mean,wait till you smell this.

You're gonna be like, wow,that smells like Thanksgiving.

- [Lorie] Mmmm! In just minutes,

you can whip up hand sanitizer.

- All you need is a two-ounceglass, spritzer bottle,

10 drops of essentialoil, my favorite is lemon,

then you need 10 drops of witch hazel,

10 drops of a grain alcohol,

and then you fill therest of the bottle up

with either purified ordistilled water, shake, and go.

- [Lorie] Since essentialoils are highly concentrated,

it's best to dilute them using

what's known as a carrier oil,

like jojoba, and watch out for fakes.

- It is absolutely necessary to

only use pure essential oils.

What most people don't recognize is

what a lot of thesemanufacturers are doing

are synthetically addingdifferent chemicals

to essential oils, and to other compounds,

to make them smell sweeter,

and that's where you get yourplugins from, your aerosols,

and they've been linkedto a number of diseases.

Neurotoxicity, cancer, we're talking

Alzheimer's and dementia.

- [Lorie] He recommends organicoils indigenously sourced

with a batch report showingthey're the real deal.

So these days, Americansincreasingly turn to natural,

wonderful-smellingessential oils for healing,

personal care, and around the house.

Lorie Johnson, CBN News.

- Boy, are you aware of those things?

- I am.

- Are you?- I am.

- Well you're ahead of the game.

- Well, I don't use as manyas they've talked about.

I haven't read all of that,but I do use thieves oil.

My little granddaughterand I both have allergies,

and she gets kind of croupy in the winter,

so I spray some on the bottom of her feet,

and I diffuse it in her bedroom, and--

- Really, well what kind of oil is--

- It's called thieves oil.

I don't really know--- Fleas?

Thieves, like a thief inthe night, like thieves oil.

Thief. Thief oil.- And then,

I'm also a big lavender fan,

just 'cause I like the smell. (laughs)

- Well, lavender's beautiful.

I mean, there really are somelovely fragrances, you know.

I have those little aerosolsthat you plug into the wall.

I guess the doctor's sayingthat's not good for you.

- Well, those, yes.

- I gotta listen to Lorie about it.

Come to my house and fix all those things.

I don't want them in my house anymore.

Okay, Terry, what's next?

- Well, coming up, herhusband had a stroke,

and then doctors gaveher the really bad news.

- [Cathy] He said hardly anybody

makes it in a stroke like this.

He's had the worst strokeyou could ever have.

- [Terry] Hear how this man was healed

after being given impossibleodds, when we come back.

(uplifting music)

We are in the first days ofour Pray For American campaign,

and we're beginning thisevent with a week's worth

of special chapel events,here on our campus.

Yesterday, our guest wasformer ORU President,

Dr. Mark Rutland, andwe were praying for you,

our CBN partners, take a look.

- We're here to pray.

When you have something in your hand,

would you take those now?

Today, we're announcing the sufficiency

of Jesus Christ in everyone of these situations.

Father God, thank you foryour unfolding mercies.

And Lord, we speak to thebrokenness of our land,

in hatred, in anger, in angst, in worry.

Touch this nation with healing.

- Those prayer requests I was handed

by the person as I camein the door, it moved me.

It moved me, and I thought,these people are facing stuff.

We can say, yes, I see this, it's real,

I'm facing it, I'm dealing with it.

A marital problem, a wayward child,

a disease, an affliction,financial issues, I see them all.

Then somebody'll say, yeah, but how do you

remain calm in the face of those?

Because I also see the Lord,and he's high and lifted up.

When he blesses you, he is good,

and he is God and he is holy.

When you cannot see the blessing,

he is still good, andhe's God, and he's holy.

We must hold on to that.

- It was a remarkable message.

We'd like you to continue to pray

alongside of us each dayas we pray for America.

Just head to at noon eastern,

and join the livestreamof our chapel service.

Today's speaker will be Gordon Robertson.

If you want us to pray for you,

give us a call at 1-800-700-7000.

We'll send you this packet free of charge.

Write your prayer requeston it, on the mailer,

send it back, or you can let us know

what's on your heart by going to

You're gonna get this sticker as well.

Let's pray for America.

You know, I think whenwe put these on our cars,

it's just a reminder andan encouragement to people

as they drive around us,behind us, wherever they are,

to do that, so weencourage you to do that.

Well, shortly after StevenAnderson had a stroke,

doctors said he had one ofthe worst strokes imaginable.

In fact, they told his wife, Cathy,

that he had 12 hours to live.

But despite that bad report,Cathy refused to give up hope.

And here's how it helpedsave her husband's life.

(somber music)

- [Announcer] Easter morning, 2009.

The worship team at FamilyLife Church in Newburg, Oregon,

was doing a last runthrough before the service.

53-year-old worshipleader and guitar player,

Steven Anderson, saidhe wasn't feeling well.

His wife, Cathy, was in the choir.

- He asked the choir, pray for me.

Something's not right, I have a headache.

So I thought, well that's kinda strange.

So we prayed for him, and then I noticed,

as he was sitting there, hestarted kind of wobbling,

and he was trying to play his guitar,

and his fingers weren'tdoing what they should.

- [Announcer] Then momentslater, Steven collapsed.

Someone called 9-1-1, as Cathyand others ran to his side.

- [Cathy] Shock.

You know, shock.

So I started praying.

- [Announcer] By the timethe rescue squad arrived,

Steven was drifting inand out of consciousness.

- The ambulance guysturned to me and they said,

okay, we're gonna get him in right away.

He's had a stroke.

- [Announcer] They took him to

Providence Newburg Medical Center,

where he was put on life support.

Cathy, along with the pastor'swife, arrived moments later.

Not only had Stevensuffered a massive stroke,

spinal fluid was leaking into his skull,

adding pressure to his brain.

It was a deadly combination.

- The doctor came out, and he said,

this isn't gonna be easy for you, I know,

but I gotta tell you he's probably

not gonna make it withinthe next 12 hours.

Not hardly anybody makesit in a stroke like this.

He's had the worst strokeyou could ever have.

I talked to the Lord, and I said,

you know, not another one, Lord.

This can't happen.

- [Announcer] Years before,

Cathy had lost herfirst husband to cancer.

- So I knew this was not the time to fear,

but to put my trust in God.

So I had to take authority right away,

and I just walked up and down the hall,

and I started speaking the word of God,

and I said, no, Steve, you willlive, and you will not die.

- [Announcer] Steven was stabilized

and taken to St. Vincent MedicalCenter in nearby Portland.

There, doctors inserted a shunt

to help drain the spinalfluid off his brain.

Cathy was told the firsthours were critical,

but the odds were not in his favor.

- Another doctor came in and said,

we just don't know ifhe's gonna make it or not,

and so we don't wannagive you any false hope.

- [Announcer] Back atchurch, people prayed

as friends and familygathered at the hospital.

- We would all grab hands, and pray,

and there was like almost100 of us out there.

It was just unbelievable.

And then, we would comeagainst every negative thing

that they would tell us, and we'd say,

okay, these are thefacts, we hear the facts,

we hear what they're saying,

but we're gonna hang ontoGod's word, because it's truth.

- [Announcer] After 24 hours,

Steven was still alive, but in a coma.

Doctors told Cathy they didn't know

whether or not he would ever wake up.

Even if he did, he'd likely need

nursing care for the rest of his life.

- They said they didn'tgive him much hope at all,

but one doctor came inand he says, you know?

We never say never until the end.

And he said, we're gonna keep believing,

and we're gonna justkeep doing what we can do

to see if he comes out of this.

- [Announcer] Cathy wouldhave to cling to that hope.

- I didn't have any fearof him being paralyzed,

or never being able totalk again, or whatever.

I guess God just gave me thatfaith to just keep believing.

- [Announcer] Cathy rarelyleft her husband's side,

playing recorded scripture

and praise music around the clock.

And finally, after six weeks,

Steven began to show signsthat he was conscious.

- I wasn't gonna let the devilsteal this husband from me,

and, whatever it took, I mean,

it was really important to me, you know.

And so, I just knewthat I had to be strong,

and had to be strong forhim, and he'd take my hand,

and squeeze it, and I'd squeeze it back.

- [Announcer] Steven beganshowing more signs of awareness,

speaking, and answering questions.

Cathy remembers one morning,

when a nurse came into his room.

- And he said, I want you toknow, that this is a miracle.

He should not be here right now.

And I go, I know!

I know, this is totally God.

- [Announcer] Steven wouldspend another six weeks

in rehab before he finally went home.

- The next memory that

I know is mine and not just a photograph,

is checking out of the last hospital.

- [Announcer] It took over a year,

but Steven completelyrecovered from his stroke.

Today, he's back to leadingworship and playing his guitar.

(strums on guitar)

- And even though it was a miracle,

that he's alive and doingas well as he is today,

it was a process, I callit a healing miracle.

It didn't just happen overnight.

- I was checked out.

I was gone.

And it was simply God who lifted me.

Not only did the stroke occurin an atmosphere of praise,

but I was surrounded bythat, praise and worship,

during recovery with the people

that were coming to the hospital,

and I believe God has honored that,

because he was glorified evenin the midst of all this.

- And I think some people, they give up,

and they think, oh, it's taking too long,

and they listen to the doctors,

and they don't see it through with just,

no, come on, let's persevere,let's just keep praying,

let's resist the devil, let'sgo, let's take care of this,

you know, and let God raiseit up to be a mighty miracle.

- We believe in the power of prayer.

It moves mountains.

It makes a difference.

It changes things.

And so, we are committed to pray with you

for the needs that you allhave sent in this week.

Pat, I have one here wheresomeone's saying that,

"I could walk again," leftside, paralyzed by a stroke.

Somebody else saying,"I need complete healing

"of kidneys so my husbandcan get off of dialysis."

Someone praying for, "safety,guidance, and blessing

"for sons going off tocollege," and another saying,

"that my pregnantdaughter has a full-term,

"healthy pregnancy and baby."

And you have some too.

- Yeah, you know, Markwas talking here yesterday

about the seriousness ofthese prayer requests.

I mean, they're not justlittle things like a headache.

I mean, here's somebody who's,

heal a friend who was burned over

90% of his body from an accident.

Somebody says, "I'm aboutto lose my current job,

"I need work, I need a job."

Somebody said, "that righteous leaders

"would be elected inthe upcoming election."

I think that's a prayer weought to pray for our nation.

"Pray that I'll bedelivered from addiction

"to alcohol and tobacco."

So these are just someof the prayer requests.

We're getting thousands.

Do you seem them here?

If I could get a--

You see all those thousands of

prayer requests that come in?

This is our--

We're surrounded by prayer right now.

We're seeing miracles in terms of

this hurricane in relation to this area.

God is just doing amiracle, even as we speak.

He will do miracles.

We saw a miracle of thatman who had a killing stroke

that was so bad, leakingfluid, leaking into his spine,

and so, terrible, but God is able.

Now look, you see, God created everything.

He made man and women in his image.

He has created human beings.

He's created the moon, thestars, the sky, everything.

He says, I am the one who is your healer.

You know, I am healer.

That's part of his name, you know.

I am healer.

And he will be the provider,he will be the victor,

he will be the healer.

Now, we're going to pray together,

and we're gonna pray for you.

Now, what is the need?

Let's pray right now.

Father, we pray for this nation.

Lord, we said we weregonna pray for America,

and we're praying for thisnation, and for the world.

The world is in crisis, Lord.

There's wars, and rumors of wars.

There are revolutions going on.

There's killing, andbloodshed, and mayhem,

and hatred.

God, we ask for the peace of Jerusalem,

the peace of the Lord to come upon us,

and we ask for our nation, thatwe might have godly leaders,

that you would give wisdom to the

electorate in this upcoming election,

and that we might have anation of godly leaders.

And we pray for godly men and women

to take positions of power.

Now those who asked for prayer,we have thousands, Lord,

who are crying out to you, but Lord,

with you it's nothing, 'cause you're God.

And we speak the word in relation

to these needs in the name of Jesus,

be made whole,

touch them,

and we thank you, Lord.

For what you're doing, we praise you,

Lord, in Jesus' name.

We thank you, in your holy name of Jesus.

We thank you.

Now, Terry, God's giving you something.

- There's someone--

You have dissension in your family.

I'm not talking about marital dissension;

I'm talking about your whole family.

It's just a, almost likea spirit of dissension,

that's come amongst all of you.

God is removing that because of

your prayers and your faithfulness.

Your family's going toonce again be unified,

be whole, be loving toward each other.

Stand on the rock of thatpromise to you personally,

and continue to pray in Jesus' name.

- Somebody's got a lung fungus.

I mean, I don't know ifyou've got, you know,

tropical birds around, parrotsthat are causing this thing,

but you ought to get rid of them.

But God is healing you right now.

Put your hand on your chest.

In the name of Jesus, take a deep breath.

You are made whole in Jesus' name.

Father, now we ask forthe anointing of the Lord.

May it be upon us.

May it be upon our children.

May it be upon this nation.

May the anointing of theLord be here in Jesus' name.

Amen.- Amen.

- And, amen.

Okay, now, if you want a prayer request,

we ask you to, you can call or write,

and Terry showed you somethingthat has been sent out.

You can fill it out and send it in,

but, again, it's 1-800-700-7000.

It's easy to remember.

800 gets you into the toll free area,

and it's 700-7000, so justcall, write, whatever.

All right.

- Well, coming up, a dadfollows in his son's footsteps,

all the way to film school.

- [Chris] We have our disagreements

every once in a while,artistic differences,

but we make a pretty good team.

God has placed thesedesires in our hearts,

to work together.

- [Terry] Chris andCaleb Wood, after this.

(exciting music)

- Welcome back to the 700 Club.

A troubling warning, thethreat of terrorism has grown

since 9-11, that's according to members

of a U.S. government commission

that investigated theSeptember 11th attacks.

The commission says violent extremism

has spread substantially since 2001,

despite costly U.S.military action overseas.

But current U.S. officials are

offering a more positive assessment.

Secretary of state, MikePompeo, said in a statement

that as the efforts toeradicate terrorism continue,

the U.S. is making great strides.

And there is growing optimism on

the economic front in America.

Small business isbooming, according to the

National Federation ofIndependent Business.

Small business optimism jumpedto a record high in August.

This comes as President Trump has pushed

for tax cuts and deregulation efforts.

The result: more sales,hiring, and investments.

The optimism for small business index

broke the previous record set during the

second year of Ronald Reagan'spresidency in the 1980s.

Well, you can always getthe latest from CBN News

by going to our website at

Pat and Terry will be back with more

of the 700 Club right after this.

(uplifting music)

- Well you're watching the 700 Club,

and we're so happy tohave you in our audience.

Thank you for being with us.

Let me tell you now aboutChris and Caleb Wood.

They are father and son, andthey also share a passion

for storytelling through film.

Even though they live in different states,

they're able to work on films together

through, you guessedit, Regent University.

Take a look.

- [Announcer] Watchingmovies isn't just something

Chris Wood and his son,Caleb, do for entertainment.

It's about learning moreabout the art of storytelling.

- Actually, we're oneof the few that actually

sit through the entire credits.

And we'll sit there and we'll say,

how about we do it different?

- [Announcer] It's that passion that led

both of them to enroll inRegent University's Film School.

For Chris, it wasn't hisfirst time at Regent.

He put his dream of working in

theater on hold to become a lawyer.

- My undergraduate was in theater.

My parents felt that I probably needed

to have some other form of income,

so they encouraged me to study law.

- [Announcer] When it cameto going to law school,

Chris chose Regent.

- I was accepted at four of the

five major schools in the country,

but Regent called to me,because of what it stood for,

and because of the Christian background.

And there was just a difference,

it was just an air, a feeling,in and amongst the faculty.

- [Announcer] While practicing law,

Chris stayed active in local theater,

often taking Caleb with him.

In time, they worked together on

a number of stage productions.

- Being able to be a partof that shared experience

between actor, performer,director, to the audience,

they leave with, like,this full experience

that's just been created for them.

That was just really, really cool.

- [Announcer] It was no surprise

that Caleb decided topursue a career in film,

neither was his decision to attend Regent.

- When I first visited Regent,

they took the time to seeme, to get to know me,

and say that, we're about relationship,

we're about connection, becausethat's what God's about,

having this personalrelationship with Christ.

We need to walk that out,not just in our craft,

but in our connectingwith different people.

So that just struck a chord with me.

- We knew that the principlesthat I learned in law school,

were probably gonna be the same principles

just from a different perspective,

if it's in theater or film.

And that's when I decided, wait a second,

if we're gonna keep this team together,

I need to sharpen my skills also.

- [Announcer] Followingin his son's footsteps,

Chris enrolled as a part-time student

in Regent's online master'sprogram in film production.

With Caleb as directorand Chris as producer,

they worked on severalfilm projects together,

despite being hundreds of miles apart.

- He's someone I can count on,

and he's always been that to me,

whether it's been theater,film, or just as Dad,

so Producer Dad justseemed like the right fit.

- [Announcer] Caleb's senior year,

Chris came to campus towork on Caleb's thesis film.

- We have our disagreementsevery once in a while,

artistic differences, butwe make a pretty good team.

- [Announcer] Calebgraduated in May, 2017,

with his Bachelor's in Film Directing,

and Chris wasn't far behind,

graduating with his master's in December.

They're excited to get to work

on their productioncompany, Lone Tree Films,

and other projects tofulfill God's bigger purpose.

- I feel that Regentreally has equipped me

and will equip anybody that's out there

to do the task that needs to be done.

- You're, like, learning, okay,

this is the ways that I can incorporate

redemptive storytelling,Christian aspects,

into filmmaking withoutforcing Scripture on someone,

but take a Scriptural foundation.

Say, all right, how can our characters,

how can our stories reflect this?

How can we reach an unreached people?

- I feel with confidence God has

placed these desires in our hearts,

to work together, andmake stories for Christ.

- I'm pleased to report thatU.S. Newsroom report has

just named Regent University as one of the

primary universities in the nation.

I forget the exact statistics, but

looking at faculty,

curriculum, the numbersof people enrolled,

et cetera, et cetera, andthe number who graduate,

it's up in the top tier of allthe universities in America.

- Yeah, well, I do know, one of the things

that they talked about in that piece was

the relationship betweenprofessors and students.

And that's really a reality of Regent.

- Oh, they love them.

Well, anyhow, the school,the number is 866-910-7615,

and at Regent University,you can get a Master of Arts

in film and television,among other things.

We have about 150different specialties now,

including the fact that NSA,the National Security Agency,

has just named Regent a Centerof Educational Excellence.

It's only 4% of theuniversities in America

that have that designation.

- Wow, that's awesome.

- Cybersecurity degreesin cybersecurity, okay.

That number, you saw it onyour screen, you saw it.

All right, what else?

- Well, still ahead, we've got

Your Questions And Honest Answers.

Janet asks, "Why do somepeople get totally healed

"of depression, and some don't?"

Pat weighs in on that andmuch more, so don't go away.

(uplifting music)

Well, it's time for yourquestions and some honest answers.

Pat, this first one comes from Janet,

who says, "Why is it somepeople get totally healed

"of depression and some don't?

"I feel like my family is the only family

"going through things.

"We are so dysfunctional."

- Well, dysfunctional and depression

are two different things.

I don't know what you're talking about.

But depression is a clinical thing.

You know, it's not just emotional.

I know people say, well, you get over it,

I mean, you know, suck itup, and all that kinda stuff.

But there is a huge chemicalimbalance causing depression,

and you need, you know,

a blood workup,

you need somebody to checkyour glands and all that.

And I don't--

You say, why do some people get healed?

Well, you pray for some.

A certain amount of fresh air and exercise

will take care of depression.

In others it's more serious.

So, all I can say is that they're

different strokes for different folks,

and then, like, a doctor says,

well how come I don'tget healed of cancer?

Well, he's got a numberof treatments for you,

and God has a number of treatments

for people with depression.

It isn't just one cure fixes all.

- Okay, this is a viewer who says,

"Dear Pat, I am at a crossroads.

"I want to know when Jesussaid, 'It is finished!'

"were all of our sins removed so God

"no longer sees our wretchedness?

"Or is everything nakedto the eyes of God?"

- When Jesus said, "It's finished,"

he was talking about his work on Earth.

That was what was finished.

He had given himself.

He lived a perfect life,he lived a sinless life,

he did the will of the Father,

and the final will of theFather was to offer himself

as a sacrifice for all mankind.

So, when he was on the cross being killed,

his work was over.

That was it.

Now, you're bringing thatall down to yourself.

Well, does that mean that allyour sins are taken care of,

and so forth, well yes and no.

He is the perfect sacrificefor all of our sins,

if we receive him, but thatdoes not mean that your life

is perfected until you avail yourself

the opportunity of being obedient to him.

And I think the biggest thing is that we,

as Christians, need to obey him.

He said, this commandment I gave you,

he didn't to grieve us,but you love one another.

That's for starters, all right?

- Okay, this is William, who says,

"I have the opportunity to buy out

"my siblings' portion ofmy mom and dad's home.

"Everyone is fine with me doing this.

"I want to do it for sentimental reasons,

"but I also wonder if it would be wiser

"to invest my money and continue renting.

"Can you advise me which way seems wiser?"

- Oh, I don't have a clue,

unless I know all of your situation.

It depends on the valueof the real estate,

and you're gonna buy out your siblings

to get the family home.

Is it gonna be worth something?

It'll be something you'll have

to spend a lot of money on to maintaining,

and if that's the case,it'd be better probably

to invest your money

in some interest bearing instrument.

I don't know until you get itall laid out in front of me.

I can't give you an answer on television.

All right.

- Okay, this is Virginia, who says,

"When you give your heart tothe Lord, and you backslide,

"are you saved duringthat backslidden time?

"If I were to die beingbackslidden, would I go to heaven?

"When I rededicated my life to the Lord,

"did I get re-saved or was I saved

"all this time but just backslidden?

"How do I know that myrepentance was genuine

"and that I really am saved?"

- Well, I think it'slike, you get adopted,

are you adopted because you tell

your adopted parents, "I hate you"?

No, you're still adopted,you're still part of the family,

and I think in terms ofsalvation, you're still saved,

but you fall away, and the Lord

reaches out and brings you back.

But I don't know specifically in

your case what it's all about.

- Well, and we're, in weeks to come,

about to present yourteaching on blessing.

You lose the blessing, don't you,

when you're in that backslidden?

- You lose the blessing, and, you know,

in terms of miracles, if you have odd

against another when you're praying,

you will not find thatyou're having miracles.

You know, we pray abouthurricanes and we expect miracles.

We pray for people to behealed and we expect miracles.

But if, you know, yourprayers will get cut off

if you're sinning against God,

but that's not losing your salvation.

You know, the Psalmist said,

"Restore unto me the joyof my salvation, and,

quote, "take not yourHoly Spirit from me."

The Holy Spirit was with David even though

he committed adultery and hadthe woman's husband killed.

All right?

- Okay, this is a viewer who says,

"My husband was unfaithful

"the first three years of our marriage.

"He confessed this, and I forgave.

"We moved to a new town,

"and I thought he was being transparent.

"I just went to clean out our email

"and found explicitemails from multiple women

"in the spam folder.

"They were unopened, however.

"Should I trust him?

"He seems different from when he cheated,

"and I don't want to leavehim or take the kids.

"We are Christian andI can forgive anything.

"Could sins he hid be thereason we've struggled?"

- My young producer came to me and said,

are you aware of what goes on?

I said, no, I don't doall that spam stuff.

Well, the truth is that these porno sites

are loading up the spamboxes with all these

salacious invitationsfrom supposedly women.

- [Terry] They're not legit.

- And they're not legit,and it's all fake,

and so the fact that this a spam folder

that your husband's getting, forget it.

I mean, just, if you'regonna erase them, erase them,

but don't let that tear up your marriage,

because this is all--

It is a scam, and your husband

is not involved with those women.

Well, today's Power Minute isfrom the Book of Lamentations.

"Through the Lord's mercieswe are not consumed,

"because His compassions fail not.

"They are new every morning;great is Your faithfulness."

That's all the time we've got.

Thanks for being with us.

We'll see you tomorrow.



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