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Rick Perry on Cabinet Bible Study and President Trump's Leadership: 'It Starts at the Top' 

Rick Perry on Cabinet Bible Study and President Trump's Leadership: 'It Starts at the Top'  Read Transcript

- If you'll bow yourheads I'll do the prayer.

- [Narrator] Faith ondisplay at the highest level.

- Oh God our father...

- [Narrator] This recent cabinet meeting

with Secretary of State MikePompeo leading in prayer,

and it's not just here or for the cameras.

- There are a number of men and women

on the cabinet

who have bible studyevery Wednesday morning...

- [Narrator] Energy secretaryRick Perry is a regular.

- Number one it gives us an opportunity

to see each other

outside of our normal work environment,

but it's also sending a message

that this administration bases its

life experiences on that biblical values.

- The bible study isled by Ralph Drollinger

of Capitol Ministries.

Along with Party Secretaries Mike Pompeo,

Betsy DeVos and Ben Carson,

all attend.

UN Ambassador Nikki Haley

and Attorney General JeffSessions also take part.

- [Narrator] And Vice President Pence

goes when he can any week

President Trump gets a copyof Drollinger's teaching.

- I really admire the president.

- [Narrator] Perry givesTrump a lot of credit

for his leadership.

- [Perry] Well it starts and stops

from the standpoint of this is a president

that not afraid to stand up

and say hey I'm not perfect,

but I know the guy that is perfect

and I'm trying to followthose instructions.

And that's a really good place to start

from my perspective.

- [Narrator] When itcomes to the naysayers,

Perry poses this question.

- Always ask peoplewho're sometimes critical

when I was the governor of Texas

about actions that we might have taken,

and I said

you know I try to beinstructed biblically,

and which one of the tencommandments do you not like?

- [Narrator] It's onethat's hard to answer.

- Help us to maintain the honor...

- [Narrator] And when you seethe fruits of their labor,

- All that which we ask in the name

of our great friend and master of men.


- [Narrator] Equally hard to criticize.

In Washington,

Jenna Browder,

CBN News.

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