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Studio 5: Unbroken

Studio 5: September 12, 2018 - Get a behind-the-scenes look at the film Unbroken: Path to Redemption. Angelina Jolie looks at the life of Olympian and World War II veteran Louis Zamperini. And NFL quarterback Nick Foles talks about his faith ... ... Read Transcript

(upbeat theme music)

- [Efrem Graham] And welcome to Studio 5.

We've got lots to get to,

so let's fire up the countdown clock

and begin our look atthe top five headlines

in the world of upliftingentertainment news.

At number five.

- [Cicely Tyson] I guess thegood Lord is with me today.


I wonder why the Lordisn't with us every day.

It would be so nice if He was.

(audience laughing)

- [Efrem] At 93, the Academy is honoring

actress Cicely Tysonwith an honorary Oscar.

- When I read a script,either my skin tingles

or my stomach churns.

- [Efrem] With productions like

The Autobiography of Miss Jane Pittman,

Sounder, The Marva CollinsStory, and The Trip to Bountiful.

- I've never done a job just for money.

I could not do anything thatwould not enhance humanity.

- [Efrem] Tyson has a Tony, two Emmys,

and a Presidential Medal of Freedom.

She's now the first black woman

to receive an honorary Oscar.

♪ This is my story ♪

♪ Tra-la-la-La ♪

♪ This is my song ♪

- [Efrem] At number four.

♪ That's how he keeps you in cycles ♪

♪ Cycles. ♪

- [Efrem] JonathanMcReynolds' Make Room project

is riding the Billboard Top 10 charts

months after its release,

and he's dropping some newexclusive music to Studio 5.

♪ I gotta make a sincere effort to be ♪

♪ All that you call me to be ♪

- [Efrem] It's called Try,

and it comes as Jonathantravels the country

on his Make Room tour.

♪ So I'm gonna try ♪

♪ Try, try, try, try ♪

♪ See, I'm gonna try ♪

- We have started the countdown,

and now it's time to check out

what's new and inspiringat the box office.

Studio 5 had exclusive access

to the set of Unbroken: Pathto Redemption during filming.

Here's your first look.

- [Actress] If you'regoing to train for London,

let's do it right.

Just go nice and easy.

See if you can make it all the way around.

- You think you can runa four seven mile again?

- I wouldn't be doing this if I didn't.

I don't run to run, I run to win.

- [Efrem] Louis Zamerini'sreal life story...

- [Director] That's perfect,moving on. Nice job guys.

- [Efrem] Is made for the movies.

He was an Olympic distance runner,

a World War II veteran, anda surviving prisoner of war.

- You will never escape me.

Wherever you go, I will find you.

- Are you sleeping well?

Are you having any nightsweats or nightmares?

- I just thought I'd beable to forget everything.

I want to go home.

- There is no home.

- [Efrem] His storyreturns to the big screen

in Unbroken: Path to Redemption.

A long awaited followup to

Angelina Jolie's 2014epic war drama, Unbroken.

- We have nighttime sky, right?

- [Efrem] Harold Crump directs this film

alongside producer Matthew Baer

who worked with Jolie on the first film.

- The first film was ahorrific, tragic story

of his fight for his life.

And this second film is hisstruggle to save his soul.

- There's nobody more inspirational

than Louis Zamperini, especiallyas portrayed in the film

with all of the terriblethings that he goes through.

- When I was a kid, I lived near Torrence.

- Are you kidding me?

- You still have the scars

from where those runners spiked you?

- Yeah, they got me pretty good.

- And that?

- A Jap did that one.

- [Efrem] This chapterintroduces audiences

to Louis' Cynthia.- Hey, would you like to..

- Yeah (laughs.)

What took you so long to ask?

- The war is over, but are we seeing

a war play out on screenin this family's life?

- Oh, yes we are.

- Yeah, absolutely.

I mean he physically left prison,

but he's very much in prison in his head,

and it causes a lot of strugglebetween the two of them.

- Yeah. What's nice about this too

is that oftentimes you'll see war movies,

and then they try and,

it's very important to showto show the human element

of war films so that people can relate

to the experience that, let's be honest,

most of us will not ever have,

or have not ever had.

What's nice about this movie,

is that it's a humanexperience that we've all had,

in some form or capacity.

- They said that we were at war,

but it didn't feel like war.

Not to me.

It wasn't until I wasstationed in San Diego.

One day this hospitalship comes steaming in.

They were carrying all these guys,

missing legs, you know, arms, they were

were all torn up, blind, burnt.

You know, that's when thewar became real to me.

- Luke, how would youdescribe this chapter

of your dad's life andseeing it on the screen?

- This is the climax of thestory of my father's life.

All that he went throughbefore with the athletics,

and the Olympics, and the life raft,

and the prison camp.

The climax is when, afterhim spiraling out of control

with post-traumatic stress disorder,

that he's able to come to faith

on that evening in October in 1949.

It changed his life.

It is the climactic partof his entire story.

- With vintage cars, likethis pretty red Ford,

the stage is set for the 1940's.

A young Louis Zamperiniand his wife Cynthia

are coming here to the tentyou see in the distance

to hear from a young evangelist

who has not quite made a name for himself

on the national scene.

- I do not believe that any man,

that any man can solvethe problems of life,

- [Efrem] Evangelist Billy Graham,

whose grandson, Will,portrays him in the film.

- I believe that God isstill healing hearts.

I believe that God isstill transforming lives.

- You feel like if you closeyour eyes and don't look,

you really think you'relistening to Billy Graham.

- That's the way it waswhen we first met with him.

That was what Haroldand I spoke about was...

- We watched a screen testand Matt couldn't believe

he sounds exactly likehis dad, or grandpa, yeah.

- It was just fantastic.

- But there's a lifeline.

Just reach out.

(dramatic music)

- I knew the story from Unbroken.

I knew the story frommy granddaddy's tales.

So I know the story pretty well,

and I've seen the movie,and every time I see it,

I've seen it aboutthree or four times now,

every time I see it, I'm crying.

- [Efrem] That camp meeting also began

a lasting relationship.

- They had a great friendship.

It lasted a whole lifetime,two lifetimes really.

But it just, we're grateful how God

brought these two men together.

- Unbroken is in Americantheaters September 14th.

Still ahead.

- [Angelina Jolie] But justfor, when it is wide...

- [Efrem] Film makerAngelina Jolie sits down

to talk about the making ofher Louis Zamerini story.

- Welcome back to Studio 5.

The countdown of the best headlines

in uplifting entertainmentnews continues now.

At number three.

(dramatic music)

The Sight and Sound Theater experience

comes to a theater near you.

- You are going to become

someone very important someday, Moses.

- You don't know who I am.

- No, you don't know who you are.

- [Efrem] It's the Moses production,

and it's hitting the bigscreen for three nights

beginning September 13th.

- [Male Voice] Moses, deliverthy people out of bondage

and into the land of promise.

- [Efrem] At number two.

♪ Our life is betterwith you in it, in it. ♪

♪ Hey, ten hundred waysthat I can spend it. ♪

- [Efrem] That's a track from Even More,

a new album from the gifted

pop soul singer and songwriter, MAJOR.

That's capital m-a-j-o-r.

That also puts him out front.

After many year of producing music

for a long list of others.

- I learned that on the way there,

you serve in the space thatyou ultimately want to conquer.

And so I had no problem, you know,

serving other people's dreams.

♪ I just want to be honest. ♪

♪ I just want to be honest ♪

♪ With all my thoughts around ♪

♪ I may let you down. ♪

- [Efrem] Major is his real name,

and he's a man of faithwho grew up in Houston

in a blended family with 13 children.

- It's amazing, but I'm notsurprised that it's manifesting

because I put in the work for it.

- And we'll get to the number one headline

in the countdown in just a bit.

We've given you a first look

at Unbroken: Path to Redemption.

It is a long awaitedfollowup to Angelina Jolie's

epic war drama, Unbroken.

Zamperini died just fivemonths before its release.

Our conversation with Angelina Jolie

about her film is thisweek's Studio 5 Sit Down.

- I've got good news and bad news.

(dramatic music)

Hello mother, father, thisis your Louis talking.

This will be the first time in two years

that you will have heard my voice.

I am now in turn in aTokyo prisoner of war camp,

and I'm being treated aswell as can be expected

under war time conditions.

- Mr. Zamperini lived to be 97.

I'm really curious, he had an amazing life

before, during and after the war.

In telling his story, how do you decide

that this is the phase we need to see.

- Well what we did was, we tried to,

when you learn about hislife and you read the book,

you see his life is about a few things.

It's about, of course, the little boy that

doesn't think he's worth anything,

and is in very bad behavior

and smoking, and drinking, and stealing,

and he's watching his mother pray

and not understanding it.

It's about the athlete and the man

who's encouraged by his brother

and becomes an athlete.

In the end, it's abouta soldier and a man.

And through all of this journey,

it's a man that in the end of his life,

he is able to understandhis mother's prayer,

to understand his brotherand be more like his brother

in encouraging of other men,

and he is able to come to terms

with this relationship to hisfellow man and forgiveness.

So, that's what Louis' story is.

So what we tried to do is,the themes of Louis' story,

we would put into this verydramatic period of his life

but make sure that all ofthe themes were present.

- If I can take it, I can make it.

- Precisely.

- My brother, Pete, used to say that

he used to think that I could do anything.

Used to think that I was better than I am.

- And I really think youdid a great job of that.

Especially I noticed, there are moments

when we're seeing people pray.

I know that Christians know his story

because of his conversionat a Billy Graham crusade,

but how important was faithlong before that happened?

- I think that's what wetried to get into the film.

We wanted to make surethat people understand,

it's not that you suddenly realize

there's something beyond you in the world.

That man is not alone issomething that we wanted to say

from early on in theraft, in the prison camps,

that there's this, whatever your faith,

there's something there, andwhether you choose to see it

is your choice.

And when you come to it,and when you feel it,

it is there for you.

And so it was very important to us

that sometimes in the mother praying,

sometimes in the sunrise,

there's always this, whatwe would refer to as,

the light in the film.

- You, at least from my observations,

of interviews with you and him together,

you guys had an amazing friendship.

I'm really curious, how did knowing him

and doing this film change you?

- It made me,

it made me a better person,

made me more,

it reminded me, itinspired, re-inspired me

and my faith in the human spirit

and in the power of brotherhood and love

and family and faithand all of these things

that are what we often,

many people don't lean on enough in life,

and we often lose hope and forget

that this is there.

And Louis' story, I think and we hope,

when people walk out of the theater,

they hold their self a little higher

and they face their next challenge

with a little more strength.

(dramatic music)

- Come on.

- And Angelina Jolie remains busy.

She's at work right nowon Disney's Maleficent 2.

And she's starring in ComeAway with David Oyelowo.

On this year's BET BlackGirls Rock Celebration,

pop icon and philanthropist,Janet Jackson,

shares how she stepped out of the shadow

of her famous family and herlegendary brother, Michael,

to chart her own course.

She's been acting, dancing and singing,

and making us smile sinceshe was just seven years old.

And her latest musicrelease is calling on us all

to join her, get up and dance.

As we take a look at why, Made for Now,

is What's Playing in My Ear.

♪ Don't stop, and celebrate the feelin' ♪

♪ Go up, if you're livin' for the moment ♪

♪ Come on, baby, ♪

♪ Don't stop, causetheir ain't no ceilin's ♪

♪ Go up ♪

♪ Love is in the rhythm now, we're ♪

♪ Dancin' with a whole new feelin' ♪

♪ Love is on the way to fill you up ♪

♪ We're made for now ♪

- [Efrem] Up next.

- Just thinking, my greatest achievement

was giving my life to Christ,my relationship to Christ.

- [Efrem] NFL starquarterback, Nick Foles,

talks faith and overcoming the odds.

God always has a plan,you just gotta trust it.

- Welcome back to Studio 5.

We have made it to the final headline

in this week's countdown

of uplifting entertainment headlines.

At number one.

- The devil's didn't save me, padre.

A couple atomic bombs did that.

(choir music)

- You're Louis Zamperini, aren't you?

- [Efrem] The powerful faithstory of Louis Zamperini

opens in American theaters this week.

- Thank you.

- For what?

- For preserving the freeworld for silly girls like me.

- [Efrem] Unbroken: Pathto Redemption shares

the Zameperini love story.

And Maddalena Ischialereturns to this film

in the role of Zamperini's mom.

How important do you think his mom's role

was in his life to thisstrength that we see?

- I get emotional.

It's so important.

I know that because Iremember when we shot

the first movie, Angie told me,

she wanted to visit him at the hospital.

Then she brought a computer and showed him

the rough cut that we had,

and she told me, you know, Maddalena,

the last words were for the momma.

She was talking, he was constantlytalking about his momma.

His mother was so importantin his life because

she was the one believing in him

when nobody else, where theywere kind of losing faith.

- That's a great final headlinein this week's countdown.

So are you ready for some football?

The NFL season is in full swing,

and we now make our way to Philly

to meet with Eagle's quarterback

and Super Bowl MVP Nick Foles,

for this week's Faith on the Field.

The impressive NFL careerof Philadelphia Eagle's

quarterback, Nick Foles,has been a wild ride.

From backup to starter, to Super Bowl MVP.

- No matter what, I justwant to play without fear

and that's a win.

- [Efrem] After startingquarterback Carson Wentz

suffered an injury, Fole stepped up

to take the Eagle's to their first ever

Super Bowl Championship.

- I had an opportunity tobe a part of a great team,

and win a Super Bowl.

It doesn't seem real, but you'reholding a Super Bowl ring,

but it's not everything.

- [Efrem] As a man offaith, this Super Bowl MVP

makes sure his focus is onsomething greater than football.

- Many people win awardsor even with the Super Bowl

that say, I feel likethere should be more,

but there's not.

And I'm holding my daughter,then I go hoist a trophy,

and I'm just thinking,

my greatest achievement wasgiving my life to Christ

and my relationship to Christ.

This isn't going to fulfill me.

I've already beenfulfilled because of that.

- [Efrem] At the start of the 2018 season,

Eagles have hopes of a Super Bowl repeat.

- The Eagles fans want us togo out there and play well,

we want to play well.

Though 2017 and theSuper Bowl were something

that we'll always remember,

that we'll always be grateful for,

it'll live forever inPhiladelphia Eagle history,

you know, life goes on.

And that's just sort of how this sport is.

It's a humbling sport.

- [Efrem] With CarsonWentz getting healthy,

the starting QB role inPhilly is up for grabs.

And the MVP champ'sstarting job is in question.

- I think the biggestchallenge this off-season

with going through that was honestly,

a month after the Super Bowlwhen the Eagles came out

and basically put me on the trade box,

and said, hey, if you guysoffer up two first-round picks,

we'll be open to trading Nick.

And then you think,well I can be a starter,

I've proven that.

And then you get sort of distracted.

But that's where staying rooted in Christ,

going through it, trusting Him,

but struggling, likethere's times I struggle,

and then just being ready,

getting the heart ready to goback to Philly to be a backup.

- [Efrem] Regardless, off the field,

he'll continue to be astrong, spiritual leader

for his teammates.

- Life's meant to be lived in fellowship.

To be lived in one another.

For me, a relationship with Christ,

that's a relationship,it's not a religion,

it's not rules.

It's living in the moment, andyou're just grateful for it.

- [Efrem] No matter where this Eagle lands

in the 2018 season.

- [Nick] God always has aplan, you just gotta trust it.

- And Fole's has written a book.

It is titled, Believe It:My Journey of Success,

Failure, and Overcoming Odds.

It's available right now,wherever books are sold.

And still to come.

The author of No OpportunityWasted, Joseph Walker,

helps you to write the exciting script

for your own Unbroken story.

- And welcome back to Studio 5.

When words fail, pictures don't.

So let's take a quick look right now

at this week's Studio 5 Snap Shot.

John Legend makes history,

taking home this Emmy Sunday

from the Creative Arts Emmy Awards

for his producing role inJesus Christ Superstar:

Live in Concert.

♪ I wanna see, I wanna see my God ♪

- [Efrem] Making Legend one ofthe youngest EGOT recipients,

meaning he's earned Emmy,Grammy, Oscar, and Tony awards.

He's also the first AfricanAmerican man to snag that honor,

and our Studio 5 Snap Shot.

And with that Snap Shot,we are almost out of time

for this episode of Studio 5.

So here's a look right now

at what we're workingto bring you next week.

♪ You're love neverfails, it never gives up ♪

♪ It never runs out on me ♪

- [Efrem] Singer AnthonyEvans is now an author.

And he's paying a visit to Studio 5

to talk about Unexpected Places,

Thoughts on God, Faith,and Finding Your Voice.

♪ Higher than the mountains that I face ♪

- Join us for that one,and lots more next week.

As for the final word for this show,

I'd like to remind you ofthe life of Louis Zamperini.

He was an Olympian, a World War II hero,

a husband, a father, and a grandfather

whose amazing life storybecame a best-selling book

and now two movies.

Guess what?

There are some big thingsthat you are supposed

to be doing as well.

You may be wondering,how do I get started?

So we're giving the final word

to the author of No OpportunityWasted, Joseph Walker.

- As a season, for vision to manifest,

the Bible says it is for a season.

Vision is for a specific time.

Everybody has a vision,everybody has something

that's inside of them that's huge.

But nobody wants to actuallyexecute it in that right time.

We are born to solve a problem.

The book opens up with that.

You know, there's a problem in the Earth,

God allows us this privilegeto occupy space in the Earth

to solve a problem.

Once we understand that, thenwe realize we're stewards

of our time in the earth.

Life is a stewardship, right?

So you don't want to just occupy oxygen

and just exist.

You want to live withpurpose, and on purpose.

Now is the moment.

I think God gives us abook like this to say,

I'm speaking to you, tell you,

this is your now moment.

This is that season where the rest of you

can be the best of you.

You really can get up andmanifest all those things

that can happen in your life.

- Did you hear that?

The rest of you can be the best of you.

That is a great final wordfor this edition of Studio 5.

Thank you so much forwatching this week's look

at inspiring and upliftingentertainment headlines.

Until next time, make time,to uplift someone else.



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