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Faith Nation: September 12, 2018

Faith Nation: September 12, 2018 Read Transcript

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- Hurricane Florence inches ever closer

to the Carolina coast.

Welcome to Faith Nation,I'm Jenna Browder.

- And I'm John Jessup.

The National Weather Service is warning

this could be the storm of a lifetime.

- President Trump is inclose contact with FEMA

and state governors to make sure

people in the areas thatcould be affected are safe.

- CBN News White HouseCorrespondent Ben Kennedy

has more on those effortsfrom the North Lawn.


- Well John and Jenna,President Trump says

his team is ready for Hurricane Florence.

He declared states of emergency

for North and South Carolinaalong with Virginia.

This as more than a millionpeople continue to evacuate

ahead of this storm.

Boarding up and packing to go.

The category four stormis barreling towards

the Carolinas, set to hit the coast

late Thursday or early Friday.

Overnight HurricaneFlorence shifted a bit,

putting landfall closer to Wilmington.

- We're fully prepared, food, medical,

everything you can imagine, we are ready.

But despite that, bad things can happen

when you're talkingabout a storm this size.

- [Ben] The storm isshaping up to be a monster,

packing 130 mile an hour winds,rainfall up to 40 inches,

and a storm surge thatcould be catastrophic

along the coast.

- Florence is a large hurricane,tropical storm force winds

extend 175 miles from the center.

And hurricane force winds now extend

70 miles from the center.

- We need our message out that this is

a very dangerous storm, it's gonna impact

many of our citizens in multiple states.

- [Ben] Evacuations are still underway

in areas along the Southeast coast.

Highways are bumper to bumper traffic,

as people race to get out of town.

- I need to reemphasize,this is a dangerous storm.

We ask that you heed thewarnings, today's the day.

- And despite a mandatory evacuation,

some in the area saythey plan to ride it out,

take their chances, butthe White House, FEMA,

and state leaders, say look,it is just not a good idea.

And hope people reconsiderand get out now.

John, Jenna.

- Well, WeatherBell chiefforecaster Joe Bastardi

has been tracking the storm.

Joe, we've seen Florence take

a little bit of a Southward shift,

still a lot of people wary and watchful.

Where do you expect,and when do you expect

Florence to make landfall?

- Well, I expect it tobe around Cape De Fear

noon on Friday.

It's gonna slow down asit comes to the coast

tomorrow afternoon, tomorrow night.

Hurricane conditions will develop

on the North Carolina coast, though,

by late in the afternoon tomorrow,

and then just continue Fridayon into Saturday morning,

because what this is gonnado is it's gonna drift

Southwestward acrossCape De Fear, and then

probably move Southwestwardalong or just off

the South Carolina coast, all the way down

to around Georgetown, whichmeans that that entire area

from Cape Lookout, North Carolina

to about Georgetown in South Carolina,

we don't have Charleston andSavannah out of the woods.

As a matter of fact, thismorning I was thinking

it was going to go all the way down there,

and I'm concerned it is.

The focus of the storm,though, the worst part of this,

the place where this is theequivalent of Harvey or Katrina

for those people living there,

in other words, aboutas bad as you can get,

is that area from Cape Lookout

all the way down to aboutGeorgetown, South Carolina,

which would include theGrand Strand on Myrtle Beach.

I expect this feature, thisstorm, to do something unusual,

which is come down furtherSouthwest and then turn West

after going by Myrtle Beach,

so that the front part ofthe storm in Myrtle Beach,

the wind's blowing from the Northwest,

but then as the storm moves by,

it shifts into theNortheast and then the East,

and that's when the realproblems could begin

as far as surge goes.

- I'm not sure about evacuation orders.

Do you know if folks in those areas

have been given a mandatory evacuation,

and for those who had to stay behind

because they had noother way of getting out,

what practical tips would you give

for those living in the storm's wake?

Well I don't ever give advice on that.

If it were me, I'd get out of there.

But what I do is I tryto describe the weather

as accurate as possible, and by that,

I assume people will have the sense

to make the correct decision with this.

The thing I'm trying to stress

is that this is not threehours and it's gone.

This is a two-day siegein a lot of places.

And if you get stuck, there's no one

that can come and get you.

That's all there is to it.

And you know, you don'thave that data often.

I mean, you have hurricanesgo through there,

and there's a three to six-hour crescendo

of wind and rain, and it gets very bad,

but then they're gone,and this is not the case.

- Joe, speaking of which,this storm has been described

as the storm of a lifetime.

I think it's been rated alreadyto have 83-foot high waves,

and it's been already described,

even before it makes landfall,

as perhaps costing around170 billion dollars,

making it the costlieststorm in American history.

- This storm, it's verystrong, very impressive,

but it's nothing that nature,naturally, wouldn't produce.

The problem is that it's goingto move so slow, like Harvey,

a different reason forwhy it's moving slow,

but it is gonna moveslow, and because of that,

the length of time andthe strength of the storm

being on top of the waterrather than 75 miles inland,

this will cause this to be worse,

and in some of these areas,when you total it all up,

it'll be the worst storm they've ever had.

- Okay, well Joe Bastardi,Chief Forecaster at WeatherBell,

thank you so much for your time.

We're gonna have to leave it there.

- Alright, well thank you for having me.

And Erik Rosales has made it

down to the North Carolinacoast, he joins us now.

Erik, North Carolina is expected

to get hit pretty hard here.

Are people there taking it seriously?

What's your sense?

Well yeah, some of the peopleare taking it seriously,

but others say that they doplan to ride out the storm,

which is just crazy.

I spoke to a number ofofficers, and they tell me

that what they're tellingthe people is, okay,

if you're not going to leavewith the mandatory evacuation,

then you need to let usknow about your next of kin.

And that is a very serious message

that law enforcement isputting out right now.

I'm over in WrightsvilleBeach, Norht Carolina,

and as you can see, thewind is starting to pick up,

and so are the waves,

but nothing like thewaves under the hurricane,

as John, as he mentioned,

we're talking about 80-foot high waves,

and we're expecting a swellof about 40 inches or so,

that it's gonna be making its way

here onto the coast line.

So yeah, it's definitelya very serious situation.

When we drove around this city,

only residents and the news media

are being allowed inside the city,

but I tell you what,it's like a ghost town.

You start to see all thehouses all boarded up,

one after another.

Everyone had messages of just,please, Hurricane Florence,

don't do your damage, or,leave us, Hurricane Florence,

or, Hurricane Flo, you must go away!

It's just amazing, the people here,

they're hoping for the best,

but they are planning for the worst.


- Eric, have you been talking to pastors?

I wonder how they'repreparing for the storm.

- Yeah, we did speak to anumber of local pastors,

and they tell us thatthey have volunteer groups

that are getting together,they have volunteer groups

that are gonna be running kitchens,

they have volunteer groups with chainsaws,

they have others thatare just gonna be there

trying to pray with the people,

help the people get through this tragedy.

The preparations areunder way, but they say,

until the storm actuallycomes and does its damage,

that's when they're gonnabe able to see their work,

and they're gonna be thehands and feet of Jesus

here in the community ofNorth and South Carolina.

- Yeah, Eric, it looks so beautiful

where you're standing right there.

Can you see any of theeffects of the storm so far?

What's kind of the scene?

- As of nothing yet.

Yeah, I mean, it does,

it feels like Chamber of Commerce weather.

It's about 90 degrees right now,

the humidity is somewhatdissipated because of the wind,

but you can start to see theouter bands of the clouds.

But the storm, I guess,is, as I mentioned,

is still about 400miles off the coastline,

so it's just gonna continue to grow

and get a lot stronger, and people here

need to heed the warning and move on.

When we were coming down here,

we did see a number of people

going in the opposite direction,

and the biggest problemthat we're having right now

is just finding gas.

We had to stop at aboutfive different locations

just to be able to findgas, and gas is running out,

and some of the cars arealready being stranded

on the side of the road.

But a lot of people areheeding the warning,

but some are planning tostay and stick it out.

- Alright, Erik Rosales, inWrightsville, North Carolina.

Thank you, Erik.

- Thanks Erik.

Well, a new book portrayingthe Trump presidency

just came out, and is already

one of the best-selling books of the year.

"Fear" by veteran journalist Bob Woodward

sold more than 750,000 copies Tuesday.

The book's publisher callsit a cultural phenomenon.

Bookseller Barnes & Noble says

"Fear" is the fastest-sellingbook it's seen in three years.

The book isn't just sellingwell hear in America,

it's also currentlytopping charts in Canada,

Germany, and the United Kingdom.

- And the White Houseis pushing back hard,

calling the book a work of fiction.

And now one of Woodward'sformer colleagues

at The Washington Postis also speaking out.

I sat down with RonaldKessler earlier today,

who called the book a hit job.

You know, I actually sat nextto Woodward and Bernstein

during Watergate at The Washington Post,

and so every now and then Iwould hear their conversations

about the piece they were writing,

and they would discuss their sources,

and I was very impressed by what they did.

They did an outstanding job on Watergate.

But now this latest book

is something that is totally different.

In this book, "Fear,"there is not one mention

of any actual accomplishmentby President Trump.

There's no reference to deregulation,

to the soar in the stockmarket, to the jump in the GDP,

to getting rid of ISIS,

to the record low black unemployment rate,

not one mention of any accomplishment.

This shows you that this

obviously not only was not objective,

but it was a hit job.

The only thing thatcomes close to any hint

that Trump has done anythingworthwhile for this country

in this book is onesentence in a 448-page book,

which says that Trump himself touted

the unemployment rate in a speech.

So it's really astonishing

that Woodward wouldclaim to be non-partisan,

would claim that thisis an objective book,

and would be so obviouslywithout any shame

about doing a book that doesn't even refer

to the accomplishments of the President.

- Yeah.

Right off the top, we get this impression

of just the chaos that'sin the Trump White House.

Woodward, he uses wordslike "nervous breakdown,"

and then he tells a storyabout how President Trump

called it the Popularist Movement

instead of the Populist Movement,

really making him look kind of silly.

What are your thoughts on this

and just how the bookopens from the get-go?

- Yeah.

Well, there are certainly plenty of things

that Trump has done that feed

the narrative that he's erratic,

and certainly the White House is chaotic,

but in the end, you wannasee what the result is,

what is going on?

And the job of the Presidentis to achieve results,

and if he does or does not,then you wanna address that,

and Woodward does not dothat at all in the book.

You know, I don't doubt

that many of the quotesare accurate, but so what?

When Woodward says on TV

that this White House is disfunctional,

and that Trump is totallyremoved from reality,

all you have to do is look at your TV

when Trump is in a cabinet meeting

or giving a press conference and see

that, of course, he is in command.

He's in command of facts,he's in command of issues,

all you have to do isbelieve your own eyes

to see that the Woodwardtake is totally untrue.

- Do you think this book hurts or helps

Bob Woodward's credibility?

- I, you know, like everythingelse in this country today,

everything is polarized,I think the people

who think that Trump is the devil

will think that Woodward isa hero, others will disagree.

I don't think it's gonnamove the needle very much.

Trump does issue these tweetsthat are very unsettling,

some people have a real idea in real time

about how he operates, theydon't need to read the book.

So I don't think there'llbe any real impact.

- And the President does love Twitter.

He's reacted on Twitter tothis book, calling it a scam,

saying, "The author usesevery trick in the book

"to demean and belittle.

"I wish the people couldsee the real facts."

(light techno music)

- [John] Well, andMissouri's midterm election

may depend on whether BrettKavanaugh is confirmed

as a Justice of the Supreme Court.

- Americans are prettydivided in their support

of the President's nomineefor the Supreme Court.

A new poll from CNN finds 38% of people

want to see Judge BrettKavanaugh confirmed,

while 39% do not.

Those findings tend tofollow along party lines.

One thing that Americans,for the most part, agree on

is how the SenateJudiciary Committee handled

Judge Kavanaugh's confirmationhearing last week.

45% disapprove of how thehearings were handled,

while only 34% approved.

- Well, Jenna, and Kavanaugh's critics

have their sights set on won Republicans

whose vote they think they can sway.

They've launched a Crowdfunding campaign

to raise money for an opponent to run

against Maine Senator Susan Collins

if she supports his nomination.

The Be A Hero campaign hasraised over a million dollars

to keep Kavanaugh off the Supreme Court,

where he could potentiallycast a deciding vote

to overturn Roe v. Wade.

The spokesperson for Collins,

whose office has receivedharassing messages,

says the bribery, says bribery, rather,

will not work or play afactor in Collins' decision.

- Well, Kavanaugh's potential confirmation

could have an impacton a close Senate race

in the upcoming midterm elections.

- That's right, Jenna.

As Capital Hill correspondentAbigail Robertson reports,

voters in Missouri are waiting to see

if current Senator Claire McCaskill

votes in favor of thepresident's Supreme Court pick.

- The Missouri Senate race

is one of the toughest to win in 2018,

and voters are focused on a major issue

that could spell trouble

for Democratic incumbentSenator Claire McCaskill:

confirming Judge Brett Kavanaugh.

- I think if she votesagainst the Trump nominee,

I think it'll be enough that,

if the Republicans getorganized and get back together,

they can defeat her.

- [Abigail] President Trump won Missouri

by almost 20 points in 2016.

Congresswoman Ann Wagnersays many in her state

supported Trump because of thePresident's potential impact

on the court system.

- It's huge.

You know, there are a lotof voters that I talked to,

especially in my districtduring the last election,

some of them voted for Donald Trump

specifically because of the Court,

not just the Supreme Court,but what he would be able to do

to impact the federal bench also.

- [Abigail] McCaskillhasn't publicly announced

her stance on Kavanaugh.

while she voted against

Justice Neil Gorsuch's confirmation,

she tells CBN news she's voted in favor

of 68% of the President's picks,

and tries to work withher Republican colleagues

in Washington.

- That's what people really want.

They want us to quityelling at each other,

and they wanna start working together.

And I've got a lot of proof points

that that's exactly thekind of Senator I've been,

and I'm hopeful that that will be enough.

- [Abigail] Her Republican opponent,

Missouri Attorney General Josh Hawley,

a former clerk for ChiefJustice John Roberts,

says he thinks the mostimportant vote a Senator casts

is for a Supreme Court Justice.

- Senator McCaskill needs

to be leading her party on this issue.

She should be out therechallenging Democrats

to support Kavanaugh,and she should pledge

to support him right now.

- [Abigail] One priority facing Hawley

is trying to repair and unitea state Republican party

that struggled since the May resignation

of governor Eric Greitens,

over reports of affairs and misconduct.

Hawley and McCaskill will face off

in a series of debatesbefore the November election,

and both parties see thisas a critical Senate seat

to win in 2018.

Reporting from St. Louis,Abigail Robertson, CBN News.

- Thanks, Abby.

The Pope is calling for Catholic officials

from around the world to come together

to discuss sexual abuse revelations

that have been plaguing the Church.

The four-day meeting is setto take place in February.

In an unprecedented move,it'll bring together

the presidents of everybishop's conference,

totalling more than 100.

The Vatican says the leaders will focus on

"the protection of minors."

Today's announcement comes as criticism

over how the Catholic Church has handled

sexual abuse cases continues to grow.

(light pop music)

- [Jenna] How OperationBlessing is working

to bring clean drinking water

to an area devastated by ahurricane over a year ago.

- Welcome back.

President Trump is being criticized

for comments he madeabout the federal response

to Hurricane Maria lastyear in Puerto Rico.

- I think that Puerto Rico wasan incredible unsung success.

- The President made those comments

while discussing HurricaneFlorence preparations

with FEMA officials late Tuesday,

but many have been critical

of how the Federal Governmenthandled the situation

in Puerto Rico last September.

Nearly 3,000 people died there

as a result of Hurricane Maria,

though for months theFederal Government claimed

that number to be less than 100.

The Governor of Puerto Rico responded

to the President's "unsung success" quote

by calling for extendingfederal aid to the area,

saying infrastructure there was devastated

by last year's storm, andmany are still struggling.

- One major issue stillplaguing Puerto Rico

is clean drinking water, butas Heather Sells reports,

an unlikely partnership isworking to solve that problem.

- [Heather] Last September,

Hurricane Maria's 150 mile an hour winds

led to widespread flooding,knocked out power,

and left millions of Puerto Ricans

without clean drinking water.

- You saw a devastationthat was like a war zone.

- [Heather] Union leader Randi Weingarten

of the American Federation of Teachers

visited just three weeks after Maria,

not knowing how involved she might become

or who might work with herto help ease the suffering.

- Bottled water was sellingfor up to 50 dollars a case

in the local stores formonths after the storm.

- [Heather] Like Weingarten,

Bill Horan also witnessed thestorm's devastating effects.

Horan worked for Operation Blessing,

founded by CBN's Pat Robertson.

In many ways, the twoorganizations are polar opposites.

Weingarten champions liberal causes,

and counts Hillary Clintonas a long-time friend.

Operation Blessing

is an Evangelicalhumanitarian organization,

with a number of Conservativefriends and donors.

One thing, however, broughtHoran and Weingarten together:

concern for Puerto Rico

and a friendship with SanJuan's mayor, Carmen Yulin Cruz.

- It was literally like a blessing,

because we met with the mayor

literally several hoursbefore I left on Sunday.

- Randi said, what can we do in the US

to help you open those schools?

The mayor said, we couldopen without electricity,

we could open withoutfans and without lights,

but we cannot open without safe water.

- And she said, "And this guy,"

and she pointed to Bill Horanfrom Operation Blessing,

and she said, "And this guy can show you

"the things that would work here."

- [Heather] Within a week,the AFT and Operation Blessing

started Operation Agua.

The plan: deliver 100,000 water filters

to as many people in schools as possible.

Weingarten remembers a frankconversation with Horan

before the official launch.

- And I said to him, you know who I am,

and I know who you are,

and when we hear on Twitter or Facebook

or, you know, other snarky comments

about how dare you work with each other

given the ideological differences,

I said to him, Bill, I'm in.

What say you?

And Bill said, I'm in.

Since Hurricane Maria, Operation Blessing

has been distributing water filters

in community centers like thisone all across Puerto Rico.

The AFT has raised almosttwo million dollars

to ship close to 80,000Kohler water filters.

Each public school has been able to open,

and Operation Agua wants more.

It plans to meet its goal of100,000 filters by October.

Here's why it matters:

contaminated drinking wateris a long-time problem here.

Before the storm, bad management

combined with geography issues

led to a water supplyin frequent violation

of federal standards.

After Maria, power outagesvirtually prevented

water treatment, makingit easy for Puerto Ricans

to get sick from drinking their own water.

- If they don't haveaccess to drinking water,

safe sources of water,they will get infected

with bacteria, which was the case here

and in many other communities.

- [Heather] Thanks toOperation Agua's filters,

close to 400,000 peoplenow have clean water

in their homes or schools,and by bringing together

Operation Blessing and the AFT,

there's proof that peoplecan put aside differences

for the sake of a greater good.

- Working with them has been a joy.

We've had a lot of complimentsfrom our colleagues,

other Christian NGOs.

- We need to ensurethat people understand,

you can find common groundin the caring of people,

and I think that thatstory is as important

as what we have jointly delivered

to the people of Puerto Rico.

- [Heather] Reporting in Puerto Rico,

Heather Sells, CBN News.

- What a great message: despiteideological differences,

the common concern for humanitybringing people together.

- Yeah, coming together.

Alright, well that doesit for Faith Nation.

- We'll see you again tomorrow.

(inspirational music)


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