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Israel's Miracle: 'Becoming One People United with One Vision'

Israel's Miracle: 'Becoming One People United with One Vision' Read Transcript

- [Scott] Natan Sharanskyhas been connecting

Jewish people to Israel for 50 years.

There was a time, however, he didn't see

anything good about his heritage.

- No Jewish institutions existed,

no Jewish culture, no synagogue,

(gun bangs)

- [Scott] That changed in 1967,

when Israel defeated thearmies of Egypt, Syria,

and Jordan in the Six Day War,

reuniting Jerusalem underIsraeli sovereignty.

- [Scott] It also marked a time Sharansky,

and other Soviet Jews, began their search

for what it meant to be Jewish.

- Would the Soviet Unionallow you to emigrate?

- It was impossible.

- [Scott] As an advocate for human rights

and the Zionist movement,Sharansky also became known

as a refusenik, a Jew whowas refused permission

to leave the Soviet Unionand emigrate to Israel.

- Sentenced to 14 years, he served nine,

largely for spreading truthabout human rights abuses

in the Soviet Union.

Now I understand when you were in prison,

that one of the thingsthat strengthened you

was the Book of Psalms.

- And when I go throughthe valley of death,

fear no evil, because you are with me.

- Were you a believer in God before this?

- You still have the old?

- Yeah, it's always in there.

- Now, that's it?

- Yeah, that's it.

- [Scott] Sharansky and his wife, Avital,

were married one day before his arrest.

She then led the charge for his release.

- [Scott] His struggle played a major role

in the fall of the Iron Curtain,

which opened the door for two million Jews

to leave the Soviet Union.

Years later, Sharanskyheaded the Jewish Agency,

the organization that bringsnew immigrants to Israel.

- When you hear your enemies threaten,

and they're going topush you into the sea,

and destroy this state of Israel,

how do you respond to that?

- And when you look backthrough the history,

and you see where Israel is now,

how do you fee about your country?

- Scott Ross for CBN in Jerusalem.

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