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News on The 700 Club: September 13, 2018

As seen on “The 700 Club,” Sept 13.: Read Transcript

- [Pat] Welcome to The 700 Club.

Ladies and gentlemen,we've had an amazing thing.

Hurricane Florence has continued,

to storm trackers and they say,

what is the deal?

Well, here is what it looks like,

and the weather forecaster said,

"The hurricane's pathis," 'quote,' bizarre."

You know, we prayed and I,

you know, look at that.

It came in here

at the point of aiming toward TideWater,

and then it went downthat way away from us,

and we asked the Lordto take it out of here,

and he did.

We haven't had a,

it's like a shield thatGod has put around us,

but it's called, bizarre.

And here is what theheadline in the paper says.

"Storm's path takes odd turn,"

there's the storm's path takes odd turn,

well, the odd turn and bizarreis because you and I prayed,

and it's not hitting, this area,

I mean, we'll have some storm stuff out

there in the Atlantic.

- [Terry] Well, there'llstill be coastal stuff.

- [Pat] Yeah, but.

- [Terry] Coastal damage.

- [Pat] Those big heavy windsare not hitting our area

and but, look at that,

it said, "It's bizarre."

Why, because God's people prayed.

And that's what happened.

I mean, this is a miracle,ladies and gentleman.

You know, this area here used to be,

it was called hurricane alley.

And when, back in just the beginning,

way back in 1961,

that hurricane was stopped in its tracked.

Went back down, and we'vehad a hand of protection

over this area since.

And when we party Goddoes miracles, Terry.

- [Terry] Well continueto pray for the Carolina's

because more than 10 million people

are in the hurricane's path,

with many still scramblingto get out of its way.

CBN's Jenna Browder brings our coverage.

- It's the calm before the storm,

Hurricane Florence isclosing in on the Carolina's,

as more than 10 millionpeople brace for the worst.

- [Storm Hunter] Temperaturedue point, west feed.

- Storm hunters flyingnear the eye of the storm.

- We're just trying to make it so you

have a more accurate prediction.

- [Jenna] Space station imagesshow its size and scope,

80 miles across and packing110 miles per hour winds.

Florence has now been downgraded to a category two,

but experts say don't let that fool you.

It still has a huge windfield of more than 400 miles,

and the potential to dumpmassive amounts of rain.

- Here, you can see thefuture path of Florence,

coming in to the coast of North Carolina

as a category two on theSaffir-Simpson scale,

then weakening rapidly,

but will be a slow mover

and once it moves inland the huge threat

for some devastating flooding.

So, rain fall amounts herecould exceed 20 inches,

perhaps getting up to 40 inchesover the next few days here

and the rain will lead tosignificant river flooding

and that will continuefor perhaps over a week.

- [Jenna] Meantime, timeis running out to evacuate.

At Fort Bragg in North Carolina,

the 82nd Combat AviationBrigade is moving out.

The military base now astaging site for FEMA.

- [FEMA Personnel] Please leave now.

- [Jenna] Down in MyrtleBeach, South Carolina,

hospitals are racing to evacuate patients.

- We're trying to get everybody out

and as such we're shuttingthe hospital down.

- There's no backing down onthe magnitude of this storm

in relation to where it's gonna hit.

- [Jenna] The system couldbring a deadly storm surge.

A 13 foot wall of water in some areas.

With a one two punch ofup to 40 inches of rain.

- So it's a big powerfulAtlantic hurricane coming right

into North Carolina initially,

and then we have to see whether it wants

to turn back to the Southwestand hug the coastal all

the way down to Charlestonbefore finally making

its way inland.

- First responders, lawenforcement, and FEMA,

and they're all ready.

- [Jenna] President Trumpissued this warning.

- Get out of its way.

Don't play games with it.

- Down at this school in the Raleigh area,

students worship as the storm nears

and pray for another down grade.

On the coast,

some residents are still scrambling

to make last minute preparations,

CBN's Erik Rosale is

in Wrightsville Beach,North Carolina, with more.

- [Erik] Time is runningout to evacuate safely,

and emotions are running high.

- This beautiful beach here,

I just can't imaginewhat it's gonna be like

when we come back.

It's in God's hand and we don't know,

we don't know why thingshappen, but they do.

And we can't control any of that.

- Here is WrightsvilleBeach, North Carolina,

it is definitely thecalm before the storm.

The sun is out,

the wind is blowing a bit,

but it's definitely not theweather that you'd predict

with a category three hurricanejust a few hundred miles

off the shoreline.

A number of people have heeded the warning

and have packed up theirbelongings and headed off

but some are deciding the stay.

- We're all boarded up.

Yeah, the shutters are shutand plywood on the windows,

and we're, and battened down,

and we got enough for over a week,

water and what not.

- [Erik] So you're actuallygonna ride it out in your home?

- Oh yeah, yeah we are, yeah.

- We're expecting a number of supplies

that will be used by our volunteers

to kind of assist the victims of the storm

in the aftermath.

- [Erik] Churches andfaith based organizations

are gathering supplies to help care

for those who will be displaced after

the massive storm leaves its mark.

- We have a number of feeding units

which are capable offeeding 10's of thousand

people a day.

We can have laundry units which also help

with some of the immediateneeds of the storm.

We also have volunteersstanding ready with chainsaws

and other equipment to help.

- [Erik] Others turned to social media

and held live prayer sessions,

asking God to 'cause HurricaneFlorence to lose strength.

- Before it was over with,

we had about 1600 people that were part,

have been a part of praying with us

about Hurricane Florence.

- Those prayers havedefinitely been answered

as the hurricane hasgone form a category four

to a three and now to a two,

but Pat, as some of theforecasters have mentioned,

we still looking at 100plus mile per hour winds,

and inland flooding thatcould be up to 40 inches

in some places.

- Erik, they're expectingdevastating rains

and floods on the coast,

and they're talking aboutthat those inland waterways

and the Shoan River and all that.

How are they preparing for it?

- Well, I tell you what,

lots of sandbags there that we saw.

Did see a number of sandbags,

and you can see a number ofthe crews here behind me.

These are electricity crews,

they're gonna be able to go out

at a moment's notice.

We were staying in the hotel

with a bunch of rescue,

search and rescue units,

and they actually have already taken off

and they're setting upin different areas around

the Carolinas, just so that they can

be able to be there to help the people.

- How long is this gonna go on,

do the people say down there what,

are they looking for there to,

or a few hours,

what are the talking about?

- No, no, no, I mean,

we're actually talking aboutat least a couple of days,

I mean with the high pressure system

that's just to the North of the storm.

That's just creating the storm,

it's just gonna continueto sit over the Carolina's

and just continue to drop rain.

That's where we're gonnaget the 40 inches plus

of rain, so.

We're definitely gonna beheeding the warning ourselves.

We're gonna go a little bit more inland,

but then we're gonna be retreating back,

possibly to Charlotte area.

- Well, Erik, thank you for covering.

We'll look forwardeagerly to your reports.

But we have an Operation Blessing,

it's already on at staginglocations and ready to roll,

when the storm passes.

Anthony Loyd, with Operation Blessing's

Domestic Disaster Relief is joining us.

Anthony, good to see you.

- Good morning, Doctor Robertson.

Great to be here.

- What's Operation'sBlessing's doing right now?

- Well, Operation Blessing,

our mission is to show God's love

to those that are in need

so we've staged out of harms way,

and we're ready to move into the area

when conditions are right,

and we can adjust as the storm,

as you know, changes its characteristics.

- [Pat] What kind of aids

is Operation Blessinggonna give to people?

- [Anthony] Right way,we're prepared to set up

and provide hot meals for responders,

and then the volunteers as they come in

and certainly those that need, you know,

our prayers and the,

what we bring, the hot meals.

- [Pat] So you've got hot meals,

you've got water,

you got blankets,

what you, any shelter for the people?

- [Anthony] Well, we workmore with individuals

to get them ready forwhen conditions allow

us to help them clean their houses out

and move back in

and that sometimes is a little bit longer

then the immediate response

'cause those are the first responders

and we help them as well.

- Well, now, how long,

I mean the long term recovery, I mean,

I think in a lot of these storms,

the biggest problem is power outages

because trees fall off

and it take's,

how long's it take toget electricity back on?

- It depends but we musteran army of volunteers,

that's our specialty.

And we use volunteers,

they come to us.

We pray with them,

we prepare them and they go out.

They really effect thehearts of those that've had

their power out or atree down or whatever,

so that's what we do.

- What about the guys with chainsaws

and things like thatto get rid of logs and?

- [Anthony] We can do that,

yes, sir, and it's also,

some of the volunteershave their own equipment

but we'll work with partners on scene

and build you know, an army,

and it just depends on what's going on.

- How big is the army?

- [Anthony] It can, it can,

it can really ramp up to beyond hundreds

up into the thousands.

- [Pat] Thousands of people volunteering?

- [Anthony] Yes, sir.

- [Pat] And you're in charge of that?

- [Anthony] I'm the new director.

- The new director?

Well, I'm glad you're with us,

Anthony Loyd of Operation Blessing,

and folks if you want toparticipate in helping

this disaster relief, we'vegot a telephone number,

1-800-700-7000, or you cansend something to,

but just OperationBlessing Disaster Relief,

because with what's buildingout in the Atlantic,

and what also coming out of the Pacific,

it looks like this storm,Florence, is not gonna be

the first one, and Anthony,thank you for what you're doing.

- Thank you.- God Bless you.


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