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The 700 Club - September 13, 2018

One man’s 25-foot fall and a face-first landing results in severe brain trauma. Witness the complete recovery on today’s 700 Club. Read Transcript

- [Announcer] The followingprogram is sponsored by CBN.

- [Efrem] Coming up.

- Before you knew it, we heard a bang.

- [Efrem] A 25-foot fall.

- [Hunter] Dude, Seth, are you all right?

- [Efrem] And a face-first landing.

- My first thought was that he was dead.

- [Efrem] Doctors saidhis brain was sheared.

- [Nate] There was the thoughtthat he might not make it.

- [Efrem] Now see himmake a complete recovery.

- And that was amazing.

- [Efrem] On today's 700 Club.

(dramatic orchestral music)

- Well, welcome to The 700 Club.

Ladies and gentlemen,we've had an amazing thing.

Hurricane Florence hascontinued to, storm trackers,

and they say, what is the deal?

Well, here is what it looks like.

And the weather forecast has said

the hurricane's path is, quote, bizarre.

We prayed, and look at that.

It came in here

at that point of aiming toward Tidewater.

And then it went downthat way away from us.

And we asked the Lord to takeit out of here, and He did.

We haven't had, it's like a shield

that God has put around us.

But it's called bizarre.

And here is what theheadline in the paper says.

Storm's path takes odd turn.

There is the, storm's path takes odd turn.

Well, the odd turn and bizarreis because you and I prayed.

And it's not hitting this area.

Maybe we'll have some stormstuff out there in the Atlantic.

- Well, there'll still be coastal stuff.

- Yeah, but--- Coastal damage, but--

- Those big, heavy windsare not hitting our area.

But look at that.

It said it's bizarre.


Because God's people prayed.

And that's what happened.

I mean, this is America,ladies and gentlemen.

This area here used to be, itwas called Hurricane Alley.

And back in just thebeginning, way back in 1961,

that hurricane was stopped inits tracks, went back down.

And we've had the hand ofprotection over this area since.

And when we pray, God does miracles.

Terry?- Well, continue to pray

for the Carolinas, because more than

10 million people arein the hurricane's path,

with many still scramblingto get out of its way.

CBN's Jenna Browder brings our coverage.

- It's the calm before the storm.

Hurricane Florence isclosing in on the Carolinas

as more than 10 millionpeople brace for the worst.

(plane engine roaring)

- Temperature, dew point, wind speed.

- [Jenna] Storm hunters flyingnear the eye of the storm.

- We're just trying to make it

so you have a more accurate prediction.

- [Jenna] Space Station imagesshow its size and scope,

80 miles across and packing110-mile-per-hour winds.

Florence has now beendowngraded to a Category 2.

But experts say, don't let that fool you.

It still has a huge windfield of more than 400 miles

and the potential to dumpmassive amounts of rain.

- Here, too, the future path of Florence

coming into the coast of North Carolina

as a Category 2 on theSaffir-Simpson scale,

then weakening rapidly,but it'll be a slow mover.

And once it moves inland, the huge threat

for some devastating flooding.

So, rainfall amounts herecould exceed 20 inches,

perhaps getting up to 40 inchesover the next few days here.

And the rain will lead tosignificant river flooding,

and that will continuefor perhaps over a week.

- [Jenna] Meantime, timeis running out to evacuate.

(blades whirring)

At Fort Bragg in North Carolina,

the 82nd Combat AviationBrigade is moving out,

the military base now astaging site for FEMA.

- [Policeman] Please leave now.

- [Jenna] And in MyrtleBeach, South Carolina,

hospitals are racing to evacuate patients.

- We're trying to get everybody out

and, as such, we'reshutting the hospital down.

- There's no backing down onthe magnitude of the storm

in relation to where it's gonna hit.

- [Jenna] The system couldbring a deadly storm surge,

a 13-foot wall of water in some areas,

with a one-two punch ofup to 40 inches of rain.

- So it's a big, powerfulAtlantic hurricane

coming right into NorthCarolina initially.

And then we have to see whether

it wants to turn back to Southwest

and hug the coast all the way down

to Charleston before finallymaking its way inland.

- First responders, law enforcement,

and FEMA, and they're all ready.

- [Jenna] President Trumpissued this warning.

- Get out of its way.

Don't play games with it.

- [Jenna] Then at thisschool in the Raleigh area.

♪ In the eye of the storm ♪

- Students worship as the storm nears

and pray for another downgrade.

On the coast, some residentsare still scrambling

to make last-minute preparations.

CBN's Erik Rosales isin Wrightsville Beach,

North Carolina, with more.

- [Erik] Time is runningout to evacuate safely.

(saw buzzing)

And emotions are running high.

- This beautiful beach here, I just,

you can't imagine what it'sgonna be like when we come back.

It's in God's hand, and wedon't know why things happen,

but they do, and we can'tcontrol any of that.

- Here in WrightsvilleBeach, North Carolina,

it is definitely thecalm before the storm.

The sun is out.

The wind is blowing a bit,but it's definitely not

the weather that you'd predictwith a Category 3 hurricane

just a few hundredmiles off the shoreline.

A number of people have heeded the warning

and have packed up theirbelongings and headed off,

but some are deciding to stay.

- We're all boarded up.

Got the shutters shut andplywood on the windows,

and we're gonna batten down, and we've got

enough for over a week, water and whatnot.

- [Erik] So you're actuallygonna ride it out in your home?

- Oh, yeah.

Yeah, we are, yeah.

- We're expecting a number of supplies

that will be used by ourvolunteers to kind of assist

the victims of thestorm and the aftermath.

- [Erik] Churches andfaith-based organizations

are gathering supplies tohelp care for those who will

be displaced after themassive storm leaves its mark.

- We have a number of feeding units,

which are capable of feedingtens of thousand people a day.

We can have laundry units, which also help

with some of the immediateneeds of the storm.

We also have volunteers standing ready

with chainsaws andother equipment to help.

- [Erik] Others turned to social media

and held live prayer sessions asking God

to cause HurricaneFlorence to lose strength.

- Before it was over with,had about 1,600 people

that have been a part of praying

with us about Hurricane Florence.

- Those prayers havedefinitely been answered,

as the hurricane hasgone from a Category 4

to a three, and now to a two.

But Pat, as some of theforecasters have mentioned,

we're still looking at ahundred-plus-mile-per-hour winds

and inland flooding that could be

up to 40 inches in some places.

- Oh, Erik, they're expecting devastating

rains and floods on the coast.

And they're talking about that,

those inland waterways inthe Chowan River and all.

How are they preparing for it?

- Well, I tell you what, lotsof sandbags there that we saw.

Did see a number of sandbags.

And you can see a number ofthe crews here behind me.

These are electricity crews.

They're gonna be able to goout at a moment's notice.

We were staying in the hotel with a bunch

of search-and-rescueunits, and they actually

have already taken off,and they're setting up

in different areas aroundthe Carolinas just so that

they can be able to bethere to help the people.

- How long is this gonna go on?

Do the people say down there,

are they looking for a dayor two, or a few hours?

Or what are they talking about?

- [Erik] No, no, no.

I mean, we're actually talking

about at least a couple a days.

I mean, with the high-pressure system

that's just to the north of the storm,

that's just creating this storm.

It's just gonna continue to sit

over the Carolinas andjust continue to drop rain.

That's where we're gonna getthe 40-inches-plus of rain.

So we're definitely gonna beheeding the warning ourselves.

We're gonna go a little bit more inland,

but then we're gonna be retreating

back possibly to Charlotte area.

- Well Erik, thank you for covering.

We'll look forwardeagerly to your reports.

But we have an Operation Blessing.

It's already on its staging locations

and ready to roll when the storm passes.

Anthony Lloyd with Operation Blessing's

domestic disaster relief has joined us.

Anthony, good to see you.

- Good morning, Dr. Robertson.

It's great to be here.

- Tell me what OperationBlessing's doing right now.

- Well, Operation Blessing, our mission

is to show God's love tothose that are in need.

So we've staged out ofharm's way, and we're ready

to move into the areawhen conditions are right.

And we can adjust as the storm,

as you know, changes its characteristics.

- [Pat] What kind of aid is

Operation Blessing gonna give to people?

- [Anthony] Right away,we're prepared to set up

and provide hot meals for responders

and then the volunteers as they come in,

and certainly those that need our prayers

and what we bring, the hot meals.

- [Pat] But you've got hot meals,

you've got water, you've got blanket?

I mean, what do you, anyshelter for the people?

- [Anthony] Well, we workmore with individuals

to get 'em ready forwhen conditions allow us

to help 'em clean theirhouses out and move back in.

And that sometimes is a little bit

longer than the immediate response,

'cause those are the first responders.

And we help them, as well.

- Well, now, I mean,the long-term recovery.

I mean, I think in a lotta these storms,

the biggest problem is power outages,

because trees fall and it takes,

how long does it take toget electricity back on?

- It depends.

But we muster an army of volunteers.

That's our specialty.

And we use volunteers.

They come to us.

We pray with them, weprepare 'em, and they go out,

and they really affect thehearts of those that have had

their power out or atree down or whatever.

So that's what we do.

- We've got guys with chainsaws

and things like that to get rid of--

- We can do that, yes, sir.

And it's also, some of the volunteers

have their own equipment, but we'll work

with partners on-scene and build an army.

And it just depends on what's going on.

- How big is the army?

- It can really rampup to beyond hundreds,

up into the thousands, it just--

- [Pat] Thousands of people volunteering?

- [Anthony] Yes, sir.

- [Pat] And you're in charge of that?

- [Anthony] I'm the new director.

- The new. (laughs)(Anthony laughs)

Well, I'm glad you're with us.

Anthony Lloyd of Operation Blessing.

And folks, if you wannaparticipate in helping

this disaster relief, we'vegot a telephone number.


Or you can send something to

But just, OperationBlessing Disaster Relief.

Because with what'sbuilding out in the Atlantic

and what's also coming on the Pacific,

it looks like this storm, Florence,

is not gonna be the first one.

And Anthony, thank youfor what you're doing.

- Thank you.- God bless you.

All right, Terry?

- Well, coming up, the new movie

on the life of war hero Louis Zamperini

that takes up where AngelinaJolie's film left off.

- He physically left prison, but he's very

much in prison in his head, and--

- Yeah.

- It causes a lot of strugglebetween the two of them.

- [Terry] Efrem Grahamtakes us behind the scenes

of Unbroken: Path toRedemption after this.

(uplifting orchestral music)

(dramatic orchestral music)

- Well, you can wringyour hands if you want

to about the quality of the movies,

'cause there's some pretty nasty

stuff out there, but there's a new movie.

It's a film about Louis Zamperini.

And it focused on the horrors he endured

as a prisoner of war in Japan.

It ended with his emotional homecoming.

And now comes the rest of his story.

The new film is gonna be out tomorrow.

It explores Louis' struggleto overcome that horrible

experience and the faiththat finally saved him.

Efrem Graham has this look at a movie

called Unbroken: Faith to Redemption.

- You're gonna train forLondon, you have to do it right.

Just go nice and easy.

See if you can make it all the way around.

(dramatic orchestral music)

- You think you can run a 4:07 mile again?

- I wouldn't be doing this if I didn't.

I don't run to run.

I run to win.

- [Efrem] Louis Zamperini'sreal-life story.

- Cut, perfect, moving on.

Nice job, guys, thank you.

- [Efrem] Is made for the movies.

He was an Olympic distance runner,

a World War II veteran, anda surviving prisoner of war.

- You will never escape me.

Wherever you go, I will find you.

(dramatic orchestral music)

- Are you sleeping well?

You having any night sweats or nightmares?

- I just thought I'd beable to forget everything.

I wanna go home.

- There is no home.

- [Efrem] His storyreturns to the big screen

in Unbroken: Path to Redemption,

a long-awaited follow-upto Angelina Jolie's

2014 epic war drama, Unbroken.

- Be a nighttime sky.

- Yeah.- Right?

- [Efrem] Harold Cronk directs this film

alongside producer Matthew Baer,

who worked with Jolie on the first film.

- The first film was a horrific,

tragic story of his fight for his life.

And the second film is hisstruggle to save his soul.

- There's nobody more inspirational

than Lou Zamperini, especiallyas portrayed in the film,

with all of the terriblethings that he goes through.

- When I was a kid, I lived near Torrance.

- Are you kidding me?

- You still have the scars

from where those runners spiked you?

- Yeah, they got me pretty good.

- And that?

- A Jap did that one.

- [Efrem] This chapter introduces

audiences to Louis' Cynthia.

- Hey, would you like to--

- Yes. (laughs)

What took you so long to ask?

- The war is over, but are we seeing

a war play out on screenin this family's life?

- Oh yes, we are, sir.- Yeah, absolutely.

I mean--- Yes, yes, yes.

- He physically left prison, but he's very

much in prison in his head, and--

- Yeah.

- It causes a lot of strugglebetween the two of them.

- Yeah, yeah.

What's nice about this,too, is that oftentimes,

you'll see war movies,and then they try and,

it's very important toshow the human element

of war films so that people can relate

to the experience that, let's be honest,

most of us will neverhave or have never had.

What's nice about this movie is that

it's a human experience that we've all had

in some form or some capacity.

- He said that we were at war,

you know, but it didn't feel like war.

Not to me.

It wasn't until I wasstationed in San Diego.

One day, this hospitalship comes steaming in.

They were carrying all theseguys missing legs and arms.

They were all torn up, blind, burnt.

You know, that's when thewar became real to me.

- Luke, how would youdescribe this chapter

of your dad's life andseeing it on the screen?

- This is the climax of thestory of my father's life.

All that he went through before

with the athletics and the Olympics

and the life raft and the prison camp,

the climax is when, afterhim spiraling out of control

with post-traumatic stress disorder,

that he's able to come to faith

on that evening in Octoberof 1949 and changed his life.

It is the climactic partof his entire story.

- With vintage cars likethis pretty, red Ford,

the stage is set for the 1940s.

A young Lou Zamperini and his wife Cynthia

are coming here to the tentyou see in the distance

to hear from a youngevangelist who has not quite

made a name for himselfon the national scene.

- I do not believe that any man,

that any man can solvethe problems of life.

- [Efrem] Evangelist Billy Graham,

whose grandson Willportrays him in the film.

- I believe that God isstill healing hearts.

I believe that God isstill transforming lives.

- I feel like if you closeyour eyes and don't look,

you really think you'relistening to Billy Graham.

- That's the way it waswhen we first met with him.

That was what Harold and I spoke about,

was, it sounds just like him.

- We watched his screen test,and Matt couldn't believe it.

He sounds exactly like his dad.

Or grandpa, yeah.- Yeah, it was just fantastic.

- But there's a lifeline.

(uplifting orchestral music)

Just reach out.

- I knew the story from Unbroken.

I knew the story frommy granddaddy's tales.

So I know the story pretty well.

And I've seen the movie,and every time I see it,

and I've seen it aboutthree or four times now,

every time I see it, I'm crying.

- [Efrem] That camp meeting also

began a lasting relationship.

- They had a great friendship.

Lasted a whole lifetime,two lifetimes, really.

But it's just, we're grateful of how God

brought these two men together.

- [Efrem] Efrem Graham,CBN News, Los Angeles.

- Well, it's amazing story.

And what Louis Zamperini went through

in that Russian, I mean, that Japanese

concentration camp is beyond belief.

That one sadistic guard that kept

beating him with these belts.

I mean, it's horrible.

But this is called Unbroken:Faith to Redemption.

It opens tomorrow in theaters everywhere,

and you can find out where toget tickets at

I hope you go, and I hope you see it,

and I hope you're blessed by it.


- Well, up next, a young man takes

a flying leap off one buildingonto the roof of another.

- Before you knew it, we heard a bang.

- [Hunter] Jumped the roof,literally fell 14 feet.

- We knew it was very serious.

There was the thoughtthat he might not make it.

- [Terry] Watch what happens next,

and see how this man receives a miracle.

(bright orchestral music)

(uplifting orchestral music)

Well, all week long, CBN staffhas been meeting every day

to pray for America andfor the individual prayer

requests that so many of you, our partners

and viewers have sent into us.

And in yesterday's chapel, Gordon led us.

Take a look.

- Let us avoid looking at these

natural disasters as judgment,

and let's start lookingon them as an opportunity.

And we need to have themind of Christ to say,

these are opportunities for the

glory of the Lord to be revealed.

What can we do as Christians

to get alongside of that thought?

We've got to turn back to God.

And that turning begins with me,

that my conduct of life,my conduct of prayer,

my conduct of belief iswhat God is looking for.

And we stand before Him,and we pray for America

that America could be restored,

that righteousness would come.

When storms threaten, we would stand up

to that storm and rebukeit in Jesus' name.

- Yeah.- Amen.

- When we see evil, we call it

for what it is, and wesay, not in our land.

And that is up to you and me.

- Powerful message.

You can watch these each day with us.

You can join with us.

You're invited to join ustoday as we pray for America.

All you have to do is log on to,

that's at noon Eastern time,

for the live stream of our chapel service.

We would love for you to join us.

- Well, our next story is an incredible

testimony to the power of prayer.

After Seth Alfaro took aflying leap off a building,

doctors told his parentsthat Seth might die.

He survived the 20-footfall, but later an MRI showed

that Seth had sufferedsomething called brain shearing,

and his parents were told hemight never be normal again.

- [Narrator] It had been anunusually warm February day

in Grand Rapids, Michigan,when Nate Wybenga

and some friends wentskateboarding downtown.

- Before I knew it, Seth was like,

"Hey, I'm gonna climb ontop of this building."

And then another oneof my friends, Hunter,

also was like, "Hey, I'llgo up there with ya."

- [Narrator] Seth Alfaroand another friend

wanted to catch the sunset,but when they got to the top,

Seth decided to jump downto the adjacent building,

an abandoned, empty auto shop.

- And before you knew it, we heard a bang.

And then Hunter was screamingat the top of his lungs.

- [Hunter] This dude literally jumped

off there and he's down 14 feet.

Dude, Seth, are you all right?

- [Narrator] Nate and theothers broke into the shop

to find Seth lying on the floor

unconscious and fighting for breath.

- [Hunter] Jumped the roof,literally fell 14 feet.

- We knew it was very serious.

There was the thoughtthat he might not make it.

(sirens wailing)

- [Narrator] They called911, and Seth was taken

to Spectrum Health Centerin critical condition.

Soon after, his parents,Christopher and Christine,

were met by a policeofficer at their home.

(tense music)

- Then the first thing she said was,

"Seth Alfaro had a bad accident."

And my first thought was that he was dead.

- [Narrator] They rushed to the ER,

where a trauma doctortold them what happened.

- He told us that hehad fallen about 25 feet

and that he had bleeding in the brain.

They had already done a CAT scan.

They hadn't been able toget any response from him.

I said, "Could he die from this?"

And he said, "Yes, he could."

- [Narrator] Doctors alsosaid if he did survive,

the odds were against a full recovery.

Seth was sedated andput in a cold, dark room

to try to reduce theswelling on the brain.

- They said, "There's nothing we can do

"for the damage that'sdone from the fall."

They said, "Our job now is to keep

"the swelling down to keep him alive."

(somber music)

And I just put my head down

and I said, "Lord, you gotta help me.

"I can't do this."

- That's all we did, was pray nonstop.

I mean, nonstop.

If I paced the room, it was just

prayers after prayers after prayers.

- [Narrator] Over the next several days,

Christine's sister kept friends

and family updated on Facebook.

- I like to think of it as this wave

of faith that just held us up.

And it was like, immediatelyeverybody jumped on a miracle.

- It was some of thoseposts, some of those prayers,

you didn't feel like you were alone.

You just felt like youwere surrounded by prayer.

- [Narrator] Eventually,doctors felt Seth would survive.

Now the family prayed for a full recovery.

- I did worry for sure about what--

- What kinda life he would have.

- What kinda life he'll have.

How much of Seth, will weever really see Seth again?

- I know.

(melancholy music)

- [Narrator] A week later,the swelling had gone

down enough for doctors to do an MRI.

The results showedextensive brain shearing.

- We heard shearing.

That's all I heard.

He didn't say anything else.

I knew, okay, now we're lookingat the worst-case scenario.

- [Narrator] Dr. Sam Ho explains.

- Well, shearing is almostlike you're a sandpaper.

You shear.

So, the brain torsion and so on,

so the mental functionis not gonna be good.

You're affecting the speech.

You're affecting the processing.

People with this type ofpicture generally don't do well.

- [Narrator] Doctors toldChris and Christine they should

start looking at long-termcare facilities for their son.

Still, the family continuedasking God for a miracle.

- We're not a people of despair.

And so it was important to us as a family

to just rest in what, all things work

for the good of those that love

and serve Him and called to His plan.

That was the mentality.

- [Narrator] Doctors startedbringing Seth out of sedation,

looking for any signs of healing.

- First began with him kinda having slits,

just barely, he'd open his eyes.

We're like, "Hey Seth, how are you doing?"

And then he'd close his eyes.

- [Narrator] As each day passed,

they brought with them new signs of hope.

- He was reaching for some of us.

His nephews, he put his arm around 'em.

When I was sitting on his bed,

he grabbed me and hugged me.

And that was amazing.

- [Narrator] After twoweeks, Seth was transferred

to the Mary Free Bed rehab center.

His progress was so rapid,his doctors couldn't keep up.

- The physical therapist was like,

"I don't even know how to plan for him.

"I'll see him one day, makea plan for the next day.

"I get there the next day,he's already passed it."

- To be able to recover in such

a fast pace itself is already amazing.

But to the extent of how he recovered

and the way that herecovered, it's incredible.

(uplifting music)

- [Narrator] On March 30th, 2017,

only six-and-a-halfweeks after his accident,

Seth walked up the steps to his home

on his way to a full recovery.

- They expected me to be at Mary Free Bed,

at the rehabilitation center,for 10 weeks at least,

and then go on to assisted care living.

And I left in four weeks and was

jogging out of the hospital.

Prayer does so much more thanyou could ever even imagine.

I just thank God every day, like,

oh my goodness, thank you, you know?

- [Narrator] Today, Seth has no residual

issues from the fall, only a renewed

faith in the one who saved him.

- God knew when He healed Seth,

He was also answeringhundreds of thousands

of people's prayers, because He knew

then what would come of it later

and how many people Hecould reach through it.

And that's amazing.

- That was the other part of the miracle,

was the body of believerssurrounding, herding family

and surrounding us with prayersto get us through this time.

And that's the thing I'm thankful for.

- God is a miracle.

And it's, I don't know, I justkeep saying I'm so blessed.

But it was nothing I did.

That was all God.

- Phew, what a testimony.

What a miracle.

- [Terry] Wow.

- Phew, folks, we're now surrounded

here in the studio by thousandsof people who are praying.

This has been a week of prayer.

We've been asking prayer,we're praying for a miracle,

praying for the elections,praying for our leaders.

And we're seeing miracles.

Now, people have written and said,

would you please prayspecifically for these needs?

Now, there're some serious things.

Two grandsons both have drug addiction.

And this grandmother said, pray for them.

Somebody has ovariancancer, and they said,

would you please pray for thatovarian cancer to be healed?

Somebody is to be healed

from 15 years of foot pain from gout.

- Wow, 15 years.

- Oh, dear me.

All right.

Pray for the safety of God's protection

of the Trump and Pence families.

And that's something wereally need to pray for.

You have some.

- Yes, I do, here's someonesaying that my two sons

be healed of retinitis pigmentosa,

an inherited cause of blindness.

Someone else asking for asuccessful full knee replacement

for my fractured and collapsed right knee.

Someone else saying, I needa financial breakthrough.

I'm unable to work.

I need disability to be approved.

And then, comfort and hopefor my 96-year-old mother,

just widowed after 74years of marriage, wow.

- We're gonna join hands.

Please join with us, wherever you are.

We'll hold these before theLord, thousands of others.

Lord, we hold before you theprayer requests of your people.

Lord, there are people whoare suffering and hurting.

We just showed the testimony of Seth.

Lord, you did a miracle.

That boy should neverhave been able to walk

and run and play a normal life.

But you touched him.

You did what the doctorscouldn't possibly do.

Nobody, a human, could'vefixed that, but you did it.

And Lord, there are people who have

conditions that only God can heal.

But we're so grateful that you

are the God who heals our diseases.

You are the God who sets us free.

You are the Jehovah-jireh, our victory

and our triumph and our provider.

And Lord, we come beforeyou, and we hold before you

your promises, and we testifythat you are God Almighty.

And there's no one onHeaven and Earth like you.

And Lord, we come beforeyou as your children.

And we plead in the nameof Jesus for a miracle.

And we ask you in the name ofJesus that you might answer

the prayers of your peoplewho've expressed them.

In Jesus' name.

Terry, what do you have?

- Yeah, there's someone, youhave such hope right now,

because you watch that story of the boy

who fell that distance and was healed.

You've had a fall anda jarring to your jaw

that has totally putyour jaw out of shape.

It's changed your life.

God is healing that for you.

And that jaw joint is going to come

back into its proper alignment.

You'll be able to eat and speak clearly.

- Somebody, you've had something,

I don't know, in your breastbone.

It's like something jammed into it

and hurt it and brokeit, and you just reach up

and touch your chest in the name of Jesus.

And those bones are coming together,

and you're going to be completely healed.

In Jesus' name.

Thank you, Terry, you have something else?

- Someone else burning, burning, burning

on the soles of both of your feet.

That's stopping for younow as Jesus heals you.

- And Lord, we do pray for a miracle.

We ask in this election coming up,

Lord, may people give us theelection of righteous leaders.

We ask for godly leaders in this nation.

We ask for the will ofGod to be done in America.

Lord, if your people whoare called by your name

will humble themselves andpray and seek your face,

that then you'll hear from Heaven,

and you'll forgive theirsin and heal their land.

Our land needs healing.

And we pray, Lord, inthis election coming up

that you might take charge of this nation.

It's yours.

Take it, Lord, please.


- [Terry] Amen.

- Amen.


Wherever you are, as the Lord has given

you an answer, please give us a call.


And if you need prayer requests,

we're still available fortaking your prayer requests.

It's so easy.

It's, or you can just dial,

it's a toll-free number, 1-800-700-7000.


- Well, still ahead, he went from leading

the Seahawks offense to co-hosting

a radio show on Seattle's airwaves.

But don't call him a diehard fan.

- [Brock] We can be passionate,and we should be passionate.

But if you're obsessed,you better check yourself.

- [Terry] Sports radio hostand ESPN analyst Brock Huard

is coming up later on today's show.

(upbeat music)

(dramatic orchestral music)

- Welcome back to The 700 Club.

Well, liberal activistsin Maine are pushing

to derail Judge Brett Kavanaugh'sSupreme Court nomination.

Two groups, the Maine People's Alliance

and Mainers for Accountable Leadership,

have teamed up to push pro-choice

Republican senator Susan Collinsto vote against Kavanaugh.

They've raised over a million dollars

and are threatening to remove her

from office if she votes infavor of his appointment.

In a statement to Newsmax, Collins says

their efforts wouldnot influence her vote.

Well, the American Centerfor Law and Justice

has delivered an oral presentation

before the United Nations this week

urging them to help freeAmerican pastor Andrew Brunson.

For nearly two years now, Brunson has been

in prison for Turkey becauseof his Christian faith.

Last month, the Turkish court denied

an appeal to release the pastor.

Now the ALCJ is pleading for his release,

claiming Turkey is violating not only

its obligations under the UN Charter,

but its own Turkish Constitution.

The State Department is alsoworking to bring Brunson home.

You can always get thelatest from CBN News

by going to our website at

Pat and Terry will be back with more

of The 700 Club right after this.

(triumphant orchestral music)

(dramatic orchestral music)

- Well, thousands of fans cheered

for Brock Huard when he was the

quarterback for the Washington Huskies,

and then later the Seattle Seahawks.

Well, now those fans and many more

listen to him everymorning on ESPN Radio 710.

Brock sat down with CBN's Tom Buehring,

and the two talked about how sports

can bring a city together and much more.

Take a look.

(intense music)

- Well, welcome to Seattle.

And a typical morning rushhour heading in downtown.

Frustrating for all of us,but if you're a morning

radio show host, yougot a captive audience.

We're gonna go in and talk with one.

Brock Huard, former NFL quarterback

and host of sports talk radio.

- [Announcer] Now here's Brock and Salk.

- [Tom] Your experience as a quarterback

of the Washington Huskies,the Seahawks, the Colts,

what was the best thingit drew out of you?

- Yeah, I think college football

and professional football,and from the positive end,

the ability to connect with people.

And I'm in the media business,

where my job is toconnect with an audience,

with fans, with coaches,the NFL, and college.

Looking back in the foundation it laid

is the ability to reallyconnect with others.

- [Mike] Brock, it's hugenews what's happening

in sports here all in Seattle.

- With your psychology degree,

how often do you rely on that?

- My greatest weakness asa player was overthinking.

(chuckles) It's so much ofwhat's going on between our ears.

It was one of my great challenges

as a player to turn that off.

I think it's one of theassets doing the job I do,

that curiosity to overanalyze.

It's what sports radio is about.

So yeah, God used oneof my vulnerabilities

as a player and my hardwiringto really be an asset

and a strength of minein my future career.

- All right, Dr. Huard, whatfuels sports talk radio?

- Relationship.

I was paired eight years ago with someone

that couldn't be any moredifferent in every way.

And the two of us had to findrelationship and make it work.

So what fuels sports radiofor me is a relationship,

the relationship with my co-host,

my producers, with an audience,with the doors that open

when I'm pumping gasand a complete stranger

comes up and says, how's Titus doing?

My seven-year-old son. (chuckles)

I don't know them, but theyhave relationship with me

through the medium of sports radio.

- What do you thinkaudiences want from you?

- Authenticity.

That's what they want.

They want it to be real.

And in eight years, we havenever pre-programmed takes.

I'll try to argue this side,

and you be the contrarian on that side.

So we find things that we authentically

are passionate about,we feel strongly about,

and we dig into those conversations.

(chuckles) I don't think there's any way

you can cover theMariners and the Seahawks

and the Huskies and the trials

and tribulations that theygo through without natural

back-and-forth and tensionin our differences.

They're quick to anger.

- 'Kay, is Bob the same way?- Yeah, they've got

a bit of a temperament.

I don't think he's burningthe bridges quite the same.

- [Tom] Brock, what makesthe Seattle fan base unique?

- It's a really educated fan base.

You've got an IT world that's blowing up,

a uniquely diversified population.

That Seattle market,you better be on point,

'cause they'll call yourbluff if you're not.

- The local team wins.

It unites a state, let alone a city.

How genuine can thatsense of community be?

- Great question.

And it's tested when you lose,not when you win. (laughs)

And rolling through 2012 and into 2013

in the Super Bowl and backto 2014, it was unbelievable.

There was a mania.

There's very few things from a community

that bring a civic senseon the same page together.

But when a little adversity hits,

we do realize how strong or how (laughs)

disingenuous those connection points

can be in that level of fandom.

- There's always gonna be a draw, though.

As long as sports continues to be--

- An idol?

I was just chatting withone of my kids about this.

I said, "Isn't it amazing,we read these old testaments,

"and we're like, man,what were they thinking?"

How are you following some pole?

How can you build up some set of rocks?

And you look at the idols that they had,

and then you realize, how can you just

paint your faces and get tattoos?

And you schedule all your life around

these eight Sundays orthese six Saturdays.

It's everything in your life.

Where's that line that you're walking

between something that you love

and you're passionateabout, which is awesome,

and where it becomes an idol?

- You travel nationally as afootball game analyst for ESPN.

You see the extremes of a fan commitment.

How much is too much?

Where does it fit?

- So, where is the linebetween obsession and passion?

And again, I think all of us need

men in our lives that are walking

alongside of us to checkus and to question it.

Does it come before your wife?

Is it coming before your kids?

Is it coming before your church?

Is it becoming before your Savior?

Then your relationship in that faith

with your Savior and your maker first.

Your family better besecond 'cause they endure.

The game won't, the players won't,

the teams won't, the sport won't.

We can be passionate, andwe should be passionate.

But if you're obsessed,you better check yourself.

(dramatic music)

Well, this is the city we love, huh?

- Absolutely.

Gotta tell you, I alsolove how you intersect

faith and sports to impactanother demographic.

You're catching audiences at a time

of contemplation with a podcast.

- I'm thankful and privilegedthat my Bonneville,

my work has opened thisdoor, and that people

can be driving and tune in to it.

But man, has God placed amazing people

with amazing storiesthat have shaped my life.

And that's what Above &Beyond is aiming to do.

- Who is Jesus Christ to Brock Huard?

- (chuckles) He's everything.

He's everything.

Because without relationship with Him,

talking about connection and genuine

and authentic and relationship,

and without Him, none of it's real.

It doesn't take tragedyto always bring that out.

It doesn't take sportsto always bring that out.

It takes that trust to bring that out.

Without His authenticity,without His life,

without His blood,without His saving grace,

without Him, there reallyisn't genuine relationship.

- Wow, a guy who's really got his--

- [Pat] It's amazing.

- Got his act togetherand knows who he is.

- Remarkable guy, yeah.

- Tremendous.

Well, still ahead, we've got your email.

Daniel says, do we get a brand-new

body when we get to Heaven?

Or will we be given a brand-newbody when Jesus comes back?

Your questions with somehonest answers coming up.

(bright music)

- A little girl namedDulce was bullied at school

not just by her classmates,but by her teacher.

That's because Dulce wasborn with a crossed eye.

And her parents couldn't afford to have

any surgery to fix Dulce's crossed eye.

- [Narrator] Nine-year-old Dulce left

school last year for two reasons.

First, her crossed eyes made it

difficult to focus and learn.

Second, the kids and evenher teacher bullied her,

like the time she told allof the children except Dulce

to come dressed for theclass photo the next day.

(speaking in a foreign language)

- [Translator] Her teachertold Dulce to stay home.

She told me the school yearwas over, but it wasn't.

(speaking in a foreign language)

- [Translator] So we felt like we had

to take her out of that school.

- [Narrator] Dulce wasborn with strabismus,

and as she grew, her condition got worse.

(speaking in a foreign language)

- [Translator] I remember that one day

she grabbed a mirror andshe said, "Mom, I am ugly."

- [Narrator] Dulce broke down and cried

as she remembered lookingin the mirror that day.

(speaking in a foreign language)

- [Translator] It brokemy heart, and I said,

"God, why is this happening to her?"

Then she said, "Dad, will you have

"money to fix my eyes this year?"

That made me feel worse because

I knew I could never afford that.

- [Narrator] WhenOperation Blessing learned

about Dulce's condition,we arranged for her

to receive free surgery torepair the muscles in her eyes.

Two months later, we went to visit her,

and Dulce's eyes were improving nicely.

- [Translator] Watching her now getting

dressed for pictures and even looking

at herself in the mirrormakes us so excited and happy.

- [Narrator] Dulcerecently started attending

a new school and is doing things

she could never do before,like ride her bike.

- [Translator] I cry grateful tears

as I think about whatOperation Blessing has done.

- Gracias.

- Isn't it wonderful thatyou can change a life?

There're about sevenbillion people on the earth.

We can't fix 'em all.

But you can do it one person at a time,

one at a time, then hundreds.

And in terms of CBN, interms of faith, it's hundreds

and hundreds of millionsthat have come to the Lord.

But like little Dulce,God bless that child.

Her life was gonna be ruined,

but you were able to intervene.

And you say, well how'd I do it?

Well, it took you 65 cents a day to do it.

And all of us working togethercan make something happen.

Now, what we wanna do is, if you call us,

we wanna let you to have Power for Life.

And this is a teachingthat we do that is special

that we make available to you.

Those who do PledgeExpress, and Pledge Express,

for those of you, you tell your

bank to just authorize$20 a month to go to CBN.

We'll give you the address, and it's easy.

And you don't have to worryabout writing a check.

It's just automatic.

And it saves us money, it saves you money.

And we'll give you thisPower for Life every month.

You get a special teaching.


- Absolutely.

Well, time for some email.

We've got your questions.

We wanna give you some honest answers.

Pat, this first one comesfrom Daniel, who says:

Hi Pat, do we get a brand-newbody when we get to Heaven?

Or will we be given a brand-newbody when Jesus comes back?

- (laughs) I think when we getto Heaven, we go as a spirit.

And the spirit, you live forever.

And He said, this is the dayyou'll be with me in paradise.

But we talk about theresurrection of the dead.

And so those who die atthe sea, those who are

alive won't precede those who have died.

And He comes back.

We're gonna have a body like His body.

And what's it like?

Well, the Apostle Paul said,I can't tell you exactly,

but just take a little grain of wheat

and figure out what happens when it falls

in the ground and dies, and out of that

comes this glorious stalk of wheat.

And it'll be kinda like that.

But we don't know exactlywhat it's gonna be.

But the answer to your question is,

you get the body when He comes back again.

- Okay, this is D.J.,who says: Please help me.

My brother is a firm believer

in the word of God and Jesus Christ.

However, he's been suddenly depressed

and is fearful of losing his salvation.

He feels as though God has left him

because he has sinned in the past.

He is a good man with abusiness who's struggling

with even getting outof bed in the morning.

He faithfully reads his Bible,

but only finds Scripturethat confirms condemnation.

He is crippled by fear.

Aside from prayers, how can we

help someone whom we love so much?

- Oh, all right, perfect love casts

out of fear, for fear has torment.

That's what the Bible says.

So, let me tell youwhat's happened to him.

He is concerned about himself.

You know, a lot of the problemswe have psychologically

are because we are concerned about us.

I am afraid I will not do that because,

what's gonna happen to myself-image and so forth?

What that brother needs to do is go out

and see some people who are suffering.

So somebody said, I was complaining

'cause I didn't have any shoes

until I met somebody thatdidn't have any feet.

You need to get out of yourself,

I mean, and go see somebody else.

The Bible is clear.

He says, having your conscience cleansed

from dead work that youmight serve the living God.

God wants your conscience cleared.

He will forgive you, has forgiven you

in the sea of his forgetfulness.

Your sins are forgivenbecause you believe in Jesus.

But the idea is, let's help somebody else.

Let's get our eyes on somebodyelse and away from ourself.

But this self-absorption iswhat's causing this problem.


- Okay, this is Karah, who says:

I'm a new viewer of The 700 Club,

and my husband and I have been trying

to conceive for close to a year.

I have PCOS, and so that adds to the

difficulty of becoming pregnant.

All around me, I see others that seem

to have little or no issuewith getting pregnant.

Although I'm genuinely elated for them,

I find myself questioning the Lord

when and if it will ever be my time.

I know that's not right toquestion the Lord's will.

What are things I can do to help

remind me to patientand trust in His timing?

- I think the thing you can do is relax.

You know, it's amazing, ithappens quite frequently,

though, when a couple adopts a child,

then all of a suddenthe wife gets pregnant.

Because, I don't know, there'ssomething, they just relax.

I think when you're all tense,

it probably has somethingto do with the hormones

and the ovarian cycleand all the rest of it.

But you might also, there's some of these

fertility clinics that, there might be

some blockage, something that's hindering.

And you can have yourhusband's sperm tested

and your own ability to conceive tested.

And maybe they can dosomething for ya, I think.

But the big thing is,I think you just relax

in the Lord and startpraising Him, all right?

- This is a viewer whosays: A member of my family

says we're under grace, not the law.

She says only confession of sin,

not obedience, is necessary for salvation.

She says we are sinnersand will continue to sin.

She says nothing we can dowill ever affect our salvation

because our eternal security is based

on what Jesus did, not what we do.

I feel like she's overemphasizing grace

and downplaying our role in salvation.

If this was your loved one,what would you tell her?

- Well, I'd take her tothe point in the Bible

that says that those who claim just

what that woman is claiming, Paul said,

quote, their condemnationis just, you know?

Well, it's a distortion.

If you know the Lord, youare obedient to His command.

If you love me, you willkeep my commandments,

and my commandments are not grievous.

But there's no question that God,

when he transforms our lives,we begin to live for Him

and our lives begin toreflect His commandments.

He puts His law in our heart,

and we begin to obey naturally.

But if you're not doingit, I mean, you are just

imposing yourself on the Bible,and that is totally wrong.

It just is.

Because if we love God,we will obey His commands.

Well, Today's Power Minute is from Psalm.

The Lord bestows favor and honor.

No good thing does He withhold

from those who walk uprightly.

For Terry and all of us,this is Pat Robertson.

Thank you so much for beingwith us, and may God bless you.


(bright music)


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