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CBN's Erik Rosales on How NC Residents Are Preparing for Florence's Impact

CBN's Erik Rosales on How NC Residents Are Preparing for Florence's Impact Read Transcript

- Those prayers havedefinitely been answered

as the hurricane has gone froma category four to a three

and now to a two.

But, Pat, as some of theforecasters have mentioned,

we're still looking at 100plus mile per hour winds

and inland flooding that could up to

40 inches in some places.

- Erik, they're expectingdevastating rains

and floods on the coast.

And they're talking aboutthat those inland waterways,

and the Chowan River, and all.

How are they preparing for it?

- Well, I tell you what,

lots of sand bags there that we saw.

Did see a number of sandbags.

And you can see a number ofthe crews here behind me.

These are electricity crews.

They're gonna be able to goout at a moment's notice.

We were staying in the hotelwith a bunch of rescue,

search and rescue units,

and they actually have already taken off,

and they're setting up in different areas

around the Carolinas just so that

they can be able to bethere to help the people.

- How long's this gonna go on?

Do the people say?

Are they looking for a dayor two, or a few hours,

or what are they talking about?

- No, no, no.

I mean, we're actually talking about

at least a couple of days.

I mean, with the high pressure system

that's just to the North of the storm,

that's just creating this storm.

It's just gonna continueto sit over the Carolinas,

and just continue to drop rain.

That's where we're gonna getthe 40 inches plus of rain.

So, we're definitely gonna beheeding the warning ourselves.

We're gonna go a little bit more inland,

but then we're gonna be retreating back

possibly to Charlotte area.

- Well, Eric, thank you for covering.

We'll look forward tohearing your reports.


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