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700 Club Interactive - September 14, 2018

Wilbur Zook went a year with unexplained back and hip pain and no lasting relief. He finally turned to the only One he knew could heal him. Read Transcript

- [Gordon] The Bible comesto life through archeology.

- You read it in theBible. You dig in the dirt,

and there it is.

- [Gordon] Hidden relicsof the first capital

of ancient Israel are uncovered, plus

- [Female] They tell us only 1% make it.

- [Gordon] A marriage where both spouses

survived drug addiction.

- [Female] That's a miracle.

Two addicts getting clean.

- [Gordon] What turnedit around for this couple

- Everything that I haveto this day, I owe to God.

- [Gordon] On today's700 Club Interactive.

Well, welcome to the show.

If you think science andthe Bible don't go together,

consider this: Archeologists in Israel

are verifying Biblical history every day.

Chris Mitchell takes usto a dig that's uncovering

one of the most importantsites in the Old Testament.

- You're looking at theheart of Biblical Israel

along the route known asthe way of the Patriarchs.

This is ancient Shiloh, theplace where the Bible says

Joshua divided the PromisedLand between the twelve tribes,

and where the tabernacle of the Lord stood

for more than 300 years.

- [Scott] Welcome to ancient Shiloh.

This is the first capitalof ancient Israel,

and it's a sacred spotbecause the Mishkan was here,

the Tabernacle, where peoplecame to connect with God.

- Scott Stripling directsthe excavation here,

and along with dozens of volunteers,

they're digging into history.

- We're dealing with realpeople, real places, real events.

This is not mythology.

The coins that we excavated today,

we're talking aboutcoins of Herod the Great,

Pontius Pilate, Festus, Felix,

Agrippa the First, Agrippa the Second.

The Bible talks about these people.

We've got the image right there.

- [Chris] That imageincludes a fortified wall

built by the Canaanites.

They're finding a treasuretrove of artifacts

including coins, and 2,000pieces of pottery a day.

- Now this one was from yesterday.

It's been washed already.

So you see the same form,right out of the ground,

and yesterday.

And these are those handlesfrom the stone vessels.

Remember Jesus' first miracle at Cana,

they were stone jars full of water.

That's that ritual purityculture of the first century.

- [Chris] An archaeologistlooks at these shards

as a fine timepiece.

- Just like yourgreat-grandmother's pottery

is different from your potterythat you're using today.

And once we learn the pottery,

then we can use it as ourprimary means of dating.

- [Chris] Stripling saysliterally digging into the Bible

can change your life.

- You can read the Bible.

You can walk the Bible.

But the ultimate is to dig the Bible.

You know, when we actuallyget into the soil,

like these students from Lee University,

they're literally, it'sunder their fingernails,

and in their nose, andtheir mouth, and their ears.

And they're exposing this ancient culture.

It becomes one with you.

It's sorta like we came out of the soil,

and as we dig into the soil,

we connect with God and with each other

I think in a very important way.

- I love gettin' my hands dirty.

I love diggin' in the dirt.

It's my favorite thing.

- [Chris] People fromall ages man the dig,

with the main drivers beingstudents like Abigail.

- It's tiring and exhausting,but it's really rewarding.

It's exciting to find ancient things,

things that have been laying in the dirt,

just waiting for us,for thousands of years.

- [Chris] She says the Biblecomes alive in the dirt.

- I read the Bible totallydifferently than I did

before I came here.

And when I read theBible, I know the places.

I know what's going on.

I understand it more deeply,

especially where previousarcheologists have claimed

that the archeology disproves the Bible.

When we dig here, we findthat everything matches.

You read it in the Bible.

You dig in the dirt, and there it is.

- Archeology doesn't set outto prove or disprove the Bible.

What we want to do it toilluminate the Biblical text,

the background of the text.

So to set it in a real-world culture,

to what we call verisimilitude.

So we get an ancient literary description.

Now we have a materialculture that matches that.

Chris, you're sitting where Samuel and Eli

and Hannah and these peoplethat we have read about.

They came just like us, needing answers,

needing to connect withGod, needing forgiveness.

- [Chris] He says they dig into the past,

and find lessons for the present.

- One of the faith lessons forus is that God is the potter,

and we're the clay.

And even if our lives are broken,

like these vessels are,

God told Jeremiah after Hetold him to go to Shiloh

and see what He had done.

He told him to go to the potter's house,

and look at a flawed vessel,

and see how the potterputs it back on the wheel,

and works out the imperfections.

So my faith lesson is this:

That yes, we're imperfect,but if we'll allow God,

He wants to put us on His potter's wheel,

and He wants to make us a vessel of honor.

- [Chris] Stripling oftencites Psalm 102 that says,

"O Zion, your servantstake delight in its stones

and favor its dust."

- Ultimately, Chris, if the Bible is true,

then the God of the Bible

has a moral claim on our lives.

And as we establish theveracity of the Biblical text,

I hope that everyone watchingwill just think about that,

that God loves us,

and He has a moral claim on our lives.

- [Chris] Chris Mitchell, CBN News,

Shiloh, Biblical Samaria.

- It's amazing that everyday, or every week it seems,

there's new archeologicalevidence coming out of Israel,

showing the history of the Bible,

that the places described in the Bible,

the people describedin the Bible, are real.

It's wonderful.

Well CBN International is helping

teach children in Africa about Jesus.

Recently, a Superbook team, ina remote village in Senegal,

hosted a special celebration.

Children shared what they'velearned in their club.

They sang and danced withSuperbook character Gizmo,

and watched the episode of Jonah.

At the end, more than half the children

invited Jesus into their hearts.

Even the chief of thevillage, a Muslim man,

came to thank CBN for the partnership.

And that is a wonderful thing.

Yeah, what a great thingSuperbook is doing.

You can be a part of it justby joining the Superbook Club.

Well new research shows coffee

may boost chances for a longer life.

In a study published by theJournal of American Medicine,

it's their internal medicine journal,

out of nearly half amillion British adults,

coffee drinkers had a slightly lower risk

of death over 10 years.

Even for those who downat least eight cups a day.

Well overall, coffee drinkers were about

10 to 15% less likely to dieduring the decade of research.

However, and this is a big however,

the study didn't includewhether if you add

sugar or cream to your coffee.

Does that make a difference?

And so, there'll have tobe another study on that.

But if you're drinkingcoffee, have another cup.

The Bible talks aboutthe sins of the father

being passed down to thethird and fourth generation.

Well as it turns out, medicalscience backs this up.

It's called epigenics.

And as Lori Johnsonexplains, it can also show us

how to break these generational curses.

- Thanks to these new DNA home test kits,

you can learn all about your genes

and various health issues justby filling one of these tubes

with saliva and sending it to the lab.

While those results may reveal a lot,

they don't always tell the whole story.

Expert doctor Michael Roizenof the Cleveland Clinic

compares epigenetics to a light switch.

Our behavior can silenceour genes or activate them.

- Which of your genes are on or not

are, to a large degree, yourchoices by things you do.

So, is epigenetics important?


- [Lori] Our DNA is made up of genes.

Our behavior, such as whatwe eat, smoke, even think,

dispatch markers to the top of our DNA,

which tell our genes to turn on or off.

- So if you're stressedand not managing it,

you're going to turn certain genes on

that cause inflammation.

- [Lori] Even pregnant mothers

can affect their baby's genes,

such as those that retain fat.

- If you don't get enoughfood during pregnancy,

your body, the baby'sbody if you will, says,

"Hey! I'm going to comeout to an environment

"that's sparse in food,

"so I'm gonna turn on the genes

"that allow me to save food,"

and be, if you will, very efficient.

That means when you eatfood after you're born,

you're going to gain a lot more weight.

- The reverse is also true.

Even if a female isunhealthy before pregnancy,

she can turn thingsaround for her offspring,

if she adopts a healthierlifestyle while she's pregnant.

The new field of epigenetics began in 2003

here at Duke University.

Dr. Randy Jirtle proved DNA is not destiny

with his landmark Agouti Mouse Study.

The mice carried the Agouti gene,

causing obesity, diabetes, and jaundice.

But when Jirtle fed pregnantfemales lots of vitamins,

her offspring ended upthin, healthy, and brown.

- I feel like we've madea contribution to science

that will be there literally forever.

- [Lori] Doctor Jirtlecompares epigenetics

to programming a computer.

- The deterministic partin our system is the DNA.

That's the stable part.

The free will part comesin through the software

that tells that deterministicsystem how to work.

We are, in effect, aprogrammable computer.

That's how we were made.

- [Lori] And the behaviorof both parents can alter

their child's gene expression,

and sometimes these changes stick.

- You can see that, in effect,

what God I think was telling us is that,

"This is the way you're made,

"and if you mess with your system,

"you're not going toalter the genome so much,

"but you're gonna alter your programs."

And those since they're not totally erased

necessarily from generation to generation

as they go through the egg and the sperm,

can literally give rise to problems

in the next generation and thefollowing and the following

out to four and five generations.

- [Lori] As epigenetic research proceeds,

scientists hope topinpoint how specific areas

of the genome are affected.

Still, one thing's for certain:

Lifestyle choices canbring out the best or worst

in our DNA across multiple generations.

- That is an amazing story,

and it backs up what the Bible says.

The Bible says the sins of the fathers

will be visited on the children

to the third or fourth generation.

But here's the good news:

Righteousness goes fora thousand generations.

So your behavior will changeand be a determining factor

in the generations that follow you.

That is wonderful news.

And it's also very scarynews at the same time.

Well up next: A husband and wife

who were married to drugs.

- I was a full-blown heroin addict.

- We were both shooting up.

Meth makes you not care at all.

- [Gordon] Only 1% of marriages make it

with both spouses drug-addicted.

See how this couple beatthe odds when we come back.

(gentle techno music)

- Drug addiction ravaged thelives of Steve and Melissa Ray.

Steve started with pain pills,

and that quickly escalated to heroin.

Melissa was hooked afterher first shot of meth.

The day they met, theywere both shooting up.

And later, when they married,

no one believed it would last.

- [Steve] Imagine amarriage with both spouses

surviving drug addiction.

- [Melissa] They told us only 1% make it.

And by the grace of God, we have.

- I'm Steve Ray, and I know redemption.

- I'm Melissa Ray, and I know hope.

I grew up in a dysfunctional family.

My dad was a raging alcoholic,and he abused my mom.

They divorced when Iwas in the sixth grade.

I started drinking, Ieven started doing cocaine

in 9th, 10th grade.

And I quit high school and Igot married at 17 in Vegas,

and that lasted three months.

(motorcycle engine revving)

- By the time I was 16 years old,

I was a licensed AMAprofessional Motocross racer.

And it's a very technical sport.

One little mishap here,one little turn there

can put you in grave danger.

It is a rollercoaster ride, andit is a parallel to my life.

I started runnin' aroundwith different people.

Even into the marijuana, Inoticed it really started

changing the personthat I wanted to become.

- [Narrator] In 2001, thecycle of drinking and marriage

continued for Melissa.

- I met my second husband when I was 21,

in a bar, drinking.

We got married.

I had my beautiful son.

We just kept drinkingthroughout our whole marriage.

Mine escalated; Icouldn't stop in the end.

And it ended in a divorce after 14 years.

- My first maritalrelationship, it was adulterous.

She was married.

She divorced her husbandand we ended up together.

I knew from day one it was doomed.

A year of marriage we were divorced.

I met my second wife.

We had a baby and she wasdropped at six months old.

It gave her brain damage,and I have disabled daughter

and I'm workin' for $6 an hour.

Going through that was one ofthe worst times of my life.

- The end my second marriage,our divorce and everything,

it about killed me.

And I obviously didn't cope with it well.

My pain was so deep, deep, deep.

I was drinking.

I met a guy that said, "Hey,you wanna do some meth?"

And I tried it, and I was hooked.

- After my second marriage,I ended up with another girl,

and there was constantinfidelities on her side.

Everything just startedsnowballing out of control.

I started with pain pills.

The addiction became worse.

Within four months, I wasa full-blown heroin addict.

I was in and out of jail,ended up living under a bridge

and wherever I could land.

It was such a cold, dark time in my life.

I had lost all hope.

- When I met Steve in 2007,

I found somebody stronger that I was.

- It was on the 4th of July.

Her boyfriend's brother asksme if I wanted to go party,

so we showed up, and out walked Melissa.

And I just was in awe ofhow beautiful she was.

- And we were both shooting up.

I felt like I'd lost my son

'cause he didn't want to talk to me.

There was nothing left to live for.

And so I just medicated.

Meth makes you not care at all.

- I was so high out of my mind

I didn't know what to do,

so I ended up in jail.

In that cell by myself,I realized I wanted

to give myself to God.

I fell to my knees, and Iasked God's forgiveness.

God put a picture into my heart

of what my life was goingto turn into with Melissa.

- [Narrator] In 2010,with Steve now out of jail

and growing in his new-found faith,

both he and Melissaconfronted their addictions.

- We got married, and we had

Steve I mean he told me aboutthe vision that God gave him.

So every time I would try to find drugs,

he wouldn't go with me.

I hit my rock bottom.

I begged God to please, pleasetake this addiction from me.

And He did.

And the next morning, I had no cravings.

Nothing ever since.

And it's been almost six years.

So God is amazing.

- It was May 2010, a beautiful sunny day,

and I followed my dogout all the way across

into a cemetery.

I ended up at the statue of Jesus,

fell to my knees, cried and prayed

and begged God to change my life.

Please take this addiction away.

Everything started coming together.

I put addiction behindme, and I was moving on.

- I thank Him every day foreverything He's done for us.

Because that's a miracle.

Two addicts gettingclean and sober together,

and staying together.

After 30 years of addiction,I thought there was no hope

for me at all.

- Everything that I haveto this day I owe to God.

Because I could not stayclean and sober two days

without God's help.

Not until I went through allthe things that I went through,

and God entered my life,

did I really ever understand or know

what love really even meant.

- God is my everything.

He saved me from the pit of hell.

God has made me into a new person.

He's the father I neverhad, and I can trust Him.

I finally realized that somebody loves me,

and it's Him, our Father in heaven.

I can do anything with Him at my side.

- You can realize that same thing.

You can realize, finallyrealize that somebody loves you.

And He loves you infinitely.

And He loves you so much Hewas willing to die for you.

When you get that deep into your heart,

when you understandthat God did everything.

He came down from heaven.

He lived a sinless life sothat we wouldn't have to,

and He took that, Hetook that as a sacrifice

on a cross for you and me so that

we could be with him for all eternity.

He never intended anyone to be addicted.

He never intended anyoneto be far from Him.

We're the ones that took that choice.

We're the ones that went down that path.

But He's the one that says,

"I can turn everything around.

"I can make all things new again."

Now for Steve and Melissa,you look at their lives,

and you go, "There's alot of problems there."

And whether it's growing upin an abusive environment,

or being an extreme risk-taker,

or you know you start adding it all up,

the number of relationships,

the number of marriages,the number of things

that were broken.

God turned all of that around for them.

And He can do the same thing for you.

You don't have to look at life and say,

"It's hopeless.

"There can never be anything good

"that comes out of me."

You can't go too far from Him.

You can't be too dead for a resurrection.

What does it take?

What do you have to do to get this?

To get hope back into your life?

To get love back into your life?

Well, it's really simple. You ask for it.

And just as Melissa asked for it,

just as Steve asked forit, you have to ask for it.

And in that asking, thereneeds to be a surrender.

It's not by your willanymore; it's by His.

It's by His ability thatyou come through it,

that you make it through.

If you want this, if you wanna do this,

don't change the channel.

Don't let another daygo by where you wonder,

"You know, where's the end?

"How do I get out of this?"

Take this step now.You've seen the results.

You can have the same thing,if you follow the same path.

And it's real simple.

All you have to do is bowyour head, and pray with me.

And we'll let Jesus do all the rest.

Pray now. Bow your head. Close your eyes.

And say, "Jesus." Say it out loud. Jesus.

I come to you and I see the things

that you've done for other people.

And Jesus, I want that for me.

I want you, I want you in my life,

in my heart.

So Jesus, I open the door,

and I ask that you come in.

I ask that you forgiveme of all the things

that I've done wrong.

I ask that you change me and make me new,

and give me a new heart,

a new spirit, a new understanding.

And Jesus, if you do this for me,

I want to follow youall the days of my life.

Hear my prayer. Answer my prayer today,

for I ask it in Jesus' name.

Father, for those who just prayed,

I ask for a baptism in your love.

I ask that you break anychain of addiction over them,

that you set them freefrom any compulsion now.

In Jesus' name, be with them.

Encourage them now, forI ask you, in Jesus name.

Amen, and amen.

Who the Son sets free is free indeed.

That's what the Biblesays, so rejoice in it,

and let somebody knowthat you just prayed,

you just asked Jesus tocome into your heart.

The number's on the screen 1-800-700-7000.

When you call, we'vegot somethin' for you.

It's a absolutely free packet.

There's no financial obligation at all.

It's called The New Day.

In there is a CD teaching:

What do you do now? How doyou live the Christian life?

What do Christians believe?

All free. Phone call's free. Do it now.


Well coming up an activesenior gets sidelined

with back and hip pain.

- It took me extra time toget in and out of the car.

There's a lot of things thatyou just used to do normally

and automatically all ofa sudden become a problem.

- See how he finally kicksthe pain, after this.

Well one day, Wilbur Zookwas an active senior.

Had no problems getting around.

The next day, he woke upwith excruciating pain

that hindered his every movement.

For a year, Wilbur soughtmedical relief from the pain,

but nothing worked.

And then remembered somethinghe'd seen on the 700 Club.

- [Narrator] In 2015 inKalamazoo, Michigan, Wilbur Zook

was enjoying life asa healthy 83-year-old.

Then one day, he woke up with intense pain

in his back and hip.

- The first thought was, I think if

I take a little pain medication,

it'll go away because that'sthe way I've always lived.

It seemed like it wasalways something temporary.

- [Narrator] But the pain persisted,

and Wilbur soon foundhimself unable to move

without using a cane.

- It was takin' awaysome of my independence.

I probably couldn't do all thethings that I've always done.

And so I'd have to readjustmy life to live with it.

Satan's a terrible guy.

He tries to convince you thatthis is normal, and it's not.

- [Narrator] Wilbur startedgoing to a chiropractor,

but the pain continued to nag him.

- There's a lot of things thatyou just used to do normally

and automatically all ofa sudden become a problem.

It took me extra time to get out of bed.

It took me extra time toget in and out of the car.

When you're used to movin', it's not good.

- [Narrator] Wilbur decidedto try physical therapy.

There he was diagnosedwith segmental dysfunction

and degeneration in his back and hip.

Though therapy helpedWilbur manage his pain,

the therapist said weekly treatments

were his only option for lasting relief.

- I may be this the rest of my life.

And I wasn't happy with that at all.

- [Narrator] It was thenthat Wilbur, a pastor's son,

recalled something hehad learned long ago.

- Then I did remember a 700 Club program

where this guy got on there,

and he explained how God healed him.

And it was that he went through

and dug out healing scriptures,

and every morning, he would pray over them

and ask for healing and thenthank the Lord for his healing.

And then I said, "I know God can heal me.

"Why am I not going to Him first?"

- [Narrator] Wilbur spentthe next month meditating

on healing scriptures,

and believe in God for complete healing.

- By his stripes, I am healed.

And I was believing.

I said, "It's time to believe it."

I think I started outasking God for forgiveness

for not believing His word

that He would touch my heart.

Excuse me.

- [Narrator] Then, onthe 30th day of prayer,

- I got up that morning, and my cane

was still settin' beside my bed.

And could stand up withoutany pain, without the cane.

I started praisin' the Lord.

My hands went up in the air,

and I couldn't stop it.

It was somethin' that God had done for me,

and I want to acknowledge His presence.

- [Narrator] Wilbur told everyone he could

about the goodness he experiencedin the Lord's healing.

- Where's your cane? I said,"I don't need it anymore.

"God healed me last night."

He said, "How'd that happen?"

And I had to tell him, you know,

that it came because I trustedGod, that His Word is true.

- [Narrator] Today,Wilbur is still pain-free.

He no longer needs a cane,

as he stays active in his community.

And is even planning hiswedding with his fiance Trudy.

- I read healing scriptures every morning.

So, and that's kept me healthy.

And my doctor says I'mthe healthiest 85-year-old

she's ever seen.

So it's been a good lesson for me to learn

that you do everything you canwith man's ideas and stuff,

but it's really God thathas the real answers.

- And God has the answers for you.

You just have to do what Wilbur did.

If you need prayer, we're here for ya.

All you have to do is call us.

Here's a verse:

"Humble yourselves, therefore,

"under the mighty hand of Godso that at the proper time

"He may exalt you."

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