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Faith Nation: September 13, 2018

Faith Nation: September 13, 2018 Read Transcript

(bright music)

- And welcome to FaithNation, I'm Jenna Browder.

- And I'm John Jessup.

Hurricane Florence isnow a category two storm,

but it's still expected to bring

catastrophic floodingto the Southeast coast.

- The National Weather Service warns

rainfall could reach historic levels.

Ben Kennedy has more.

- Well John and Jenna, Hurricane Florence

is building in the Atlantic,

a storm of a lifetime described by many,

as it inches closer to the Carolina coast.

FEMA, state leaders, and President Trump

are warning people to evacuatenow while they still can.

- [Firefighter] Leave as soon as possible.

- [Ben] Time has nearlyrun out to leave town

as Hurricane Florence bearsdown on the Carolina coast.

- Your time is running out.

The ocean is gonna startrising along the coast.

- I'm going a little bitfurther inland just to be safe.

- [Ben] Florence has weakenedto a category 2 hurricane,

packing 110 mile per hour winds.

- Just because the wind speeds came down,

the intensity of thisstorm came down to a cat 2,

please do not let your guard down.

- [Ben] Satellite images reveal

the sheer size of this storm,

which is turning 500 miles wide.

The monster system isset to bring storm surges

and record rainfall.

- This storm is a significant event.

- [Ben] Florence willhit, strike, and linger

for up to three days, dumpingup to 40 inches of rain.

- Get out of its way,don't play games with it.

It's called Mother Nature.

You never know, but we know.

- Now, FEMA calls the storm

a Mike Tyson punch to the East coast.

People who have decidedto stay ride it out

despite a mandatory evacuation

are being told to not write off the storm

just because it was downgraded.

It's literally one mile an hour away

from a category 3, andthe fact that this storm

is going to stall carrieslife-threatening potential.

Ben Kennedy, CBN News, Washington.

- All right, thank you Ben.

You know, it's worthpointing out, as well,

Sandy, when she hit back in2012, she was a category 1.

- That's right.

- This is a category 2.

- All right, well Erik Rosales

is in Lumberton, North Carolina.

Erik what are you seeing asthe storm inches closer there?

- Well, how you doing there guys?

Yeah, I'm in Lumberton,North Carolina, that is,

only about 70 miles off thecoast from Myrtle Beach,

and behind me is Lumberton High School,

and serving as a shelter,it's one of four shelters

in the area here at Robertson County,

and about 1200 people currently right now

are staying in these shelters.

Many of them still rememberjust a few years ago

Hurricane Matthew, where it left

this entire area devastated.

It was literally underwater.

And we're joined with Leon Locklear.

- [Leon] Leon Locklear.

- Yes sir, and Leon, youactually are a native here

of Robertson County, and talk to me

a little bit about thishurricane coming here,

and what's on your mind?

- Well, first andforemost, it's being safe.

That's the main thing shouldbe on everybody's mind,

is just being safe, just being safe.

- You lived throughthe previous hurricane,

Hurricane Matthew, tell me about that one.

- Yes, I lived through Hurricane Matthew.

It was devastating, but theunderstanding that I get,

this one is supposed to bemuch worser than Matthew,

so we are looking for the best.

- Now, you decided tocome here at the shelter

and wait it out here?

- No, I'm waitin' on some friends

to get home.- Okay.

- And so I just came to the shelter,

this is my first time being at a shelter,

and I just wanted tosee what it looks like,

and I say, well, hey, and I walked inside,

and I said, told the girls, I said,

it's a blessing that people,or the state, or whatever,

has a place like this for people to go to.

- That's one thing I noticed,

is North Carolinans and SouthCarolinans helping each other.

- Yes, yes, yes, we'rein dire need of help,

but we just help each otheras best as we know how.

We see a friend in need, just do the best,

try to help 'em out of that need.

And that's a blessing rightthere, just to help people.

- Do the hands and feet of Jesus.

Well thank you so much, Leon,

and best of luck to you and your family.

But again, yeah, just anumber of people are here,

they're decided to wait it out,

some 1200 people are actually staying

inside the shelters right now,

and that's only expectedto continue to grow.

John, Jenna.

- Alright, Erik Rosales inLumberton, North Carolina.

Erik, thank you.

- Thanks, Eric.

Well, here in the nation's capital,

as the push continues to get

Judge Brett Kavanaughconfirmed to the Supreme Court

before the start of itsnext session in October,

opponents of the President'snominee are working

to prevent thatconfirmation from happening.

Capital Hill correspondentAbigail Robertson has more.

Abby, what are some ofthe tactics being used

in opposition to Kavanaugh?

- Well, they are certainlyfulfilling their promise

to do everything they canto derail this nomination.

Just a few hours ago, it came out

that Senator Diane Feinstein,

the senior Democrat onthe Judiciary Committee,

referred a secret letter thatvery few people have seen

to the FBI that allegedlyinvolves an incident

of possible sexual misconduct

between Judge Kavanaugh and a woman

when they were both in high school.

Now, Feinstein has had thisletter since the summer,

and announced an hourafter a Committee vote

was set on Judge Kavanaugh

that she was sending itto the FBI to review.

The White House respondedalmost immediately,

saying Kavanaugh has been inpublic service for 25 years,

and has been thoroughly andrepeatedly vetted by the FBI

because he's held manyhighly sensitive roles,

so they believe this is justan eleventh-hour attempt

to delay his confirmation.

- Abby, this confirmation process

has seemed particularly partisan.

Compared to some in the past, I mean,

it just doesn't seem likewe've seen this before.

- Yeah, no, we have not.

And not even Justice Gorsuch,

who came before the samepeople as Kavanaugh,

saw this intense of aconfirmation process.

Yesterday, ChairmanGrassley's office announced

Democrats from the Judiciary Committee

submitted 1,278 writtenquestions for the record

that Judge Kavanaugh has torespond to, which totals more

than all prior SupremeCourt nominees combined.

To give you an idea of howunprecedented this number is,

Justice Gorsuch had to answer 324

after his hearing not even two years ago,

and that was a highlyunusual number at the,

just a high number at the time.

So this takes it to a whole new level.

And even current Justiceslike Ruth Bader Ginsburg

are denouncing the hyper-partisanship

around this nomination.

Take a look at what she said this week.

- The way it was, was right.

The way it is, is wrong.

That's the way it should be,

instead of what it's become,

which is a highly partisan show.

- And many of the Justices

that are sitting on the bench right now,

they were confirmed 90-0 or 95-5,

so we really have moved intosome hyper-partisan times

when it comes to SupremeCourt nominations.

- Abby, before it canget to that floor vote,

any idea when theCommittee vote will happen?

- Yes.

As of now, the Committee is set

to vote at 1:45 PM next Thursday

on whether or not they'llsend Judge Kavanaugh

to the full Senate with afavorable recommendation,

and Chairman Grassley'soffice said today that,

while he has not seen theletter that we learned about,

there is no plan to changethe Committee's consideration

of Judge Kavanaugh's nomination,

so we're still on track to see

that vote happen next Thursday.

- Abigail Robertson on Capital Hill.

Thanks, Abby.

- Thank you.

- Pope Francis and theVatican are working to address

sexual abuse reportsthat have been plaguing

the Catholic Church.

Amber Strong has a look atthe efforts inside the Church,

and some tips parents canuse to keep their kids safe.

- That's right.

Today, several Americanbishops traveled to the Vatican

to meet with Pope Francis

regarding the ongoing sexabuse issues in the Church,

and the Archbishop ofWashington, Cardinal Wuerl,

was not among them.

However, according to aspokesperson for Wuerl,

he will submit hisresignation to Pope Francis

in coming days.

All of this comes after scrutiny

over Wuerl's handling ofseveral predatory priests

during his time over thedioceses of Pittsburgh.

Today I spoke with sex abuseexpert Donna Rice Hughes

about the ongoing issues in the church.

Hughes recently traveled to the Vatican

to speak with the Popeconcerning this very issue.

Take a look.

Donna, can you talk to us a little bit

about what came of that meeting?

- Absolutely.

Just this past year,

there was the World Congress

on Defending Child Dignityin the Digital World,

and we met at the Vaticanand at the University there,

and there were about 150world leaders gathered,

and our goal was to meet

for the four days that we were there

to look at the issues,to hear from experts,

researchers, doctors,scientists, clergy, et cetera,

on the global issue of sexualexploitation and abuse,

not just in the digital world,

but also in the physical world,

and to develop a strategicplan for all nations to follow,

and that's what we did.

And that plan is ongoing,and we're looking at

the role of governments andthe role of law enforcement,

and the role of education,the role of research,

the role of the Church, andwhat everyone needs to be doing,

because it's gonna take allof us to address these issues,

but to turn the tide.

And I have to say that,in the Declaration of Rome

that we presented out ofconference to Pope Francis,

it's very powerful, it's online,

and I had the opportunityto actually meet the Pope.

And one of the things that I said to him

as I saw all of these people coming to him

and asking for blessing and prayer,

is I said, I'm praying for you,for wisdom and for courage,

and for strength, andhe thanked me and said,

thank you, I need that.

And I just want to sharethat with the audience,

because I think at this timeof great turmoil in the Church,

when even his papacy isbeing called into question,

and his integrity, thathe and all the leadership

need our prayer.

I'm convinced that they are serious

about dealing with these issues,

but these are generational issues,

and it takes a while to clean house.

- Speaking of all leadership,we know from statistics

that this is not solely aCatholic Church problem,

it's a church problem,it's a human problem.

It's a problem happening inhomes across this country.

What can parents lookfor, what are the signs

that they can point out and know

that something is notright with their child?

- Well the first thing that I would say

is parents really need to knowand understand their children

and have regular conversations with them,

starting at a very early age,

I mean, three and four yearsold, maybe even younger,

about what's appropriatetouch and what's not.

This is very important.

And then, of course, as they get older,

those conversations need to continue

so that they're buildingan atmosphere of trust

so that if anything doeshappen with that child

that makes them feel uncomfortable,

and that's what the parent needs to say,

if any adult or even another child

does something that makesyou feel uncomfortable,

or touches you in oneof your private areas,

then you need to come to me

so that that child doesn't feel shamed.

And that's one of the biggest things

that keeps children silent,is they feel shamed,

often times the abuser, in a sense,

emotionally blackmails them into silence,

telling them that they'vebeen a bad girl or a bad boy,

and that they'll tell their parents

or hurt their parentsif they say anything,

and so parents just need to be aware, too,

that no child is immune,

and that 30 to 40% of thesexual abuse and exploitation

happens within, by a family member,

and about 15% by someone thatthe family knows and trusts.

And I always say, you cannotdetect a disguised predator.

- Now, Pope Francis is also convening

a larger gathering ofbishops from around the globe

to discuss these very issues.

That meeting will take placein February of next year.

Amber Strong, CBN News, Washington.

(light techno music)

- [John] The latest on the work being done

to free an American pastorimprisoned in Turkey.

Welcome back.

You're looking at a live lookfrom the Frying Pan Ocean

from Cape Fear in North Carolina.

Coming up in a bit, we'llshow you the work being done

ahead of Hurricane Florence tohelp after the storm passes.

- Alright, well new signs showthe US economy is booming.

A recent report findssmall business optimism

at the highest rate in nearly 45 years.

The National Federationof Independent Business

says the rate jumped to 108.8 last month.

The previous record was 108, set in 1983.

Meanwhile, the US CensusBureau is reporting

middle class income is up.

Average Americans madea record-high income

of just over 61,000 dollars in 2017.

Alright, and we apologize,

we'll work on getting thatinterview up and going

and have that for you.

The American Center for Law and Justice

is urging the United Nations

to help free Americanpastor Andrew Brunson.

The ACLJ made a presentationto the UN this week

on his behalf.

Brunson has been imprisoned in Turkey

for nearly two years becauseof his Christian faith.

Last month a Turkishcourt denied an appeal

to release the pastor.

The ACLJ says Turkey is violating

not only its obligationsunder the UN charter,

but its own constitution.

Well, Pastor Brunsonremains under house arrest,

awaiting a hearing in October.

- That's right, Jenna.

Jennifer Wishon recentlyspoke with someone

with a firsthand account ofwhat the pastor has been facing.

- A court room designed

to make Pastor Brunson feel defeated,

bogus witnesses bribed by the prosecution,

and the power of forgiveness:an eyewitness takes us

inside Pastor Brunson'spersecution in Turkey.

- The court used to be a basketball court,

or some kind of sports court,

that has been turned into a court room

right next to a very large prison.

And away up front there are three judges

on a raised dais, and verylow is Pastor Andrew Brunson,

witnesses for the prosecution,and Pastor Brunson's lawyer.

There're over 500 chairs between him

and the area where observers like me

and his wife are allowed to seat.

- [Jennifer] Kristina Arriaga

of the US Commission onInternational Religious Liberty

attended Pastor Brunson'smost recent hearing.

Seated beside his wife Norine,she watched in disbelief.

- Because Pastor Brunson cannotsee very well from far away,

any time he looks back towards his wife,

she stands up and putsher hand over her heart

so he knows he's not alone.

Pastor Brunson sat there while he heard

former church members, peopleprobably that he baptized,

people that he had teawith, testify against him,

and the judge at one point turned to him,

around noontime, and asked Andrew Brunson

to speak for himself.

And he said, my faithteaches me to forgive,

so I forgive those whojust testified against me.

There was a chill in the room.

I know his wife, who wasgraceful and extremely strong,

probably found it to be a natural answer,

but I was stunned and movedto tears when he said that.

- Why would his church members,

people that he was intimatewith, testify against him?

- I imagine these people wereunder tremendous pressure

to keep their jobs or feed their families.

We don't know what kind ofthreats they were under.

- [Jennifer] Brunson has been transferred

from prison to house arrest,

but Arriaga fears that puts him at risk.

- But he's in a terriblydangerous situation,

because the Brunsons areportrayed in the Turkish press

as people who are againstthe state of Turkey,

and I have great fearsthere's gonna be an increase

of incitement to violence against him,

and no one will be ableto stop someone, a mob,

that tries to go and kill him.

- [Jennifer] Armed with sanctions

and the power to withholdF-35 fighter jets

Turkey wants to purchase, US officials

from the White House to Congress continue

to pressure Turkey'spresident, Recep Erdoğan,

to release Brunson.

His next hearing is October 12th.

Jennifer Wishon, CBN News.

(light techno music)

- [John] When we come back,

how Operation Blessing is preparing

to help those hardest hitby Hurricane Florence.

Welcome back.

A tragic incident betweena Dallas police officer

and a young worship leaderleft one person dead

in a community longing for answers.

Amber Strong brings us that story.

(gospel music)

- Friends of Botheam Jean arelooking to God for strength.

- And so Father, in thissituation, this tragic situation,

we ask for justice.

- While community leaders want action,

after a tragic shooting involvinga Dallas police officer.

- We long for answers, andwe're demanding for justice.

- Officer Amber Geigeradmits to shooting John,

a 26-year-old worship leader,

after mistakenly entering his apartment,

thinking it was her own.

Geiger now faces manslaughtercharges in the shooting.

According to the arrest warrant,

Geiger yelled verbalcommands, fired two shots,

striking John once.

She then called dispatch,turned on the lights,

and noticed she was inthe wrong apartment.

- The grand jury will be able to look

at all aspects of this case,

which will include anything

from murder, manslaughter,or what have you.

- [Amber] Jessica Berry, who says

she regularly sat next to John

at the Dallas West Church of Christ

tells CBN news she's strugglingto make sense of it all.

- [Jessica] We can't believethat he's gone so suddenly,

and the way that he left this Earth.

- [Amber] Berry creditsJean for helping her learn

the true meaning of worship.

- [Jessica] There wasn't a songthat he sung half-heartedly.

He believed in connectingwith God during worship.

- [Amber] Berry says Jeanwould always be the first one

to step up and lead.

Now, she says it's her turn to step up.

- [Jessica] The situationwill not go away,

it will not become stale.

(gospel a capella music)

Because Botham would not want that.

If this happened to anyone else,and Botham was still alive,

he would still be talkin' about it.

- [Amber] Amber Strong,CBN News, Washington.

- Such a sad story.

- Yeah, it's just awful.

- Well, Hurricane Florencehas yet to make landfall

on the Carolina Coast,but Operation Blessing

is already making plans to help those

in the path of the storm.

- That's right, Jenna.

Heather Sells reports on howOB is preparing to move in

into the hardest hit areasas soon as Florence passes.

- Disaster relief groupslike Operation Blessing

are positioning themselves

up and down the East Coast right now,

waiting to get more of a senseof where Florence will land.

- We'll hold some back herein the Virginia Beach area,

if it's highly impacted here,

and we'll pre-deploy somewherein Southeastern Virginia.

We haven't chosen a place yet.

- Virginia Beach-based Operation Blessing

is one of a number offaith-based humanitarian groups

watching Florenceclosely and getting ready

to help those most in need.

It plans to serve meals to volunteers

and provide everything fromemergency relief supplies

to construction tools for rebuilding.

Mercy Chefs spent Tuesday

loading two of its mobile kitchens,

each of which can produceup to 15,000 meals a day.

- That's our goal, is to be onsite

within eight hours of a disaster,

and feed these incrediblydedicated men and women

that give so much totheir local communities.

- Mercy chefs is preparing to serve meals

to first responders and those in shelters

in its home town area inHampton Roads, Virginia,

as well as North Carolina.

- Mercy Chefs is usedto running to the fight.

We always run where the greatest need is.

We're sort of a little backon our heels this time,

because the fight's coming to us.

- [Heather] Other faith-basedgroups like World Vision,

Samaritan's Purse, and Convoy of Hope

spent Tuesday loadingsupplies and sending trucks

to states where Florencemay hit, and then unload.

Some areas are getting readyfor two feet of rain or more.

The challenge right now:positioning resources

in the most strategic locations.

Florence is so wide, andthe surge over the weekend

could be so great, thedisaster relief groups

are still waiting to make final decisions.

- You wanna put those folks in a place

where you kind of catch the falling knife.

You don't want 'em tobe victims in the storm,

but you want 'em to be able

to get into the high-impactareas as quickly as possible.

- [Heather] Still, all eyesare on North Carolina for now.

Florence is expectedto slam the coast there

harder than any hurricane since 1954.

Heather Sells, CBN News.

- Jenna, you know, organizationslike Operation Blessing

and Mercy Chef, they do really great work.

- It's incredible to see.

- Yeah.

- So necessary.

- And we'll be thinking of all the people

who are in the storm's path.

Thanks for joining us!


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