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'Jesus Will Bring Us Through It': NC Churches Move into Action as Florence Makes Landfall

'Jesus Will Bring Us Through It': NC Churches Move into Action as Florence Makes Landfall Read Transcript

(waves crashing)

- [Erik Rosales] Hurricane Florence,

making its slow and ominous approach.

The giant storm, some 500 miles across,

already flooding coastal streets.

While the bands of rain haven't yet

reached inland cities and towns,

the preparation continues.

- Our main focus right now is make sure

everyone is prepared.

They have the supplies that they need,

water, flashlights, the basic necessities,

just to make it through the storm.

- [Erik Rosales] Thischurch pastor in Lumberton,

North Carolina, used towork as an electrician.

He's now using those talents to help

his church members keep the lights on.

- And I never realizedthat God would be able to

use those skills alongwith sharing the gospel

and making disciples.

And God has brought the two together,

and He's been able to use that skillset.

- He's pretty incredible,

and he's a great friend of ours as well,

and we know we can always count on him.

- Many Carolinans decided to wait out

the storm together inside shelters.

I'm in front of Lumberton High School.

It's one of four shelters in the area.

Inside, some 300 peoplehoping that they'll have

a home to come back to.

- I just thank God we're here and

pray to God will bringus through the storm.

- For me, I'm scared of the storm,

but when I'm serving a man called Jesus,

I know He'll bring us through it.

- It's our five loavesof bread and two fish,

and before long we're feeding thousands.

- [Erik Rosales] Meanwhile,leaders of other churches

are planning to hand out food and supplies

to whoever needs it.

- We had a meeting this pastweek with our deacon board,

and they all agreed todo it again this year.

So we'll do is transformthis building here

into a center of distribution.

- [Erik Rosales] Althoughtheir faith is tested,

people are keeping Jesusclose to their heart.

- God will take care of me,

even if I lose everythingagain it doesn't matter,

God's gonna bring it back. He does.

- [Erik Rosales] Atremendous amount of faith

is being shown here in the Carolinas.

Erik Rosales, CBN News.


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